The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 31: There's No Place Like Home Part 1

Faith and Prayer Pentecostal Church, Atlanta, GA, 11pm

Marianne and Marjorie left the vibrant building after another soul-winning service at their local church and ran through the parking lot to the main road where David assured them Lita and Shawn were about to pull up in a WWE Production truck. They had to see it with their own eyes, the sisters had suspected that Shawn and Lita had eyes for each other at New Years but they never actually thought they would get together.

"David better not be blowing smoke up our skirts again," Marianne said to her sister who nodded flipping her cell phone shut and together they waited impatiently for the truck to go by like David said it would.

"Hey there they are!" Marjorie shouted out as the WWE Production truck with Shawn and Lita aboard blew past them, "Congratulations!" Marjorie called out and the truck stopped. The Anointed Couple got out and came over to the sisters who hadn't seen them since New Years but had heard all about the wedding from David and were hoping Lita would come home to Georgia and tell them if the rumor was true, it didn't take long for the girls to realize what was true and what wasn't as Shawn Michaels wrapped his arms around Lita squeezing her lovingly to his chest.

"Do you know your pants are missing?" Marjorie pointed out to the Showstoppa.

"Yes I do," Shawn replied and Lita chuckled.

"It's a long story," she explained.

"What you guys doing here, according to ya'll are getting married in the morning?" Marjorie asked them, Shawn was not happy that his personal life was still in the media at all.

"Does say where the wedding's taking place?" Shawn asked the sweet country girls and they both shook their head that it didn't and Shawn sighed in relief, "Good; we already got the entire West Coast coming, I don't think we could handle the South as-well,"

"Plus the entire Latino nation thanks to Kaylee Marie and Sherilyn Guerrero," Lita said spiritedly; she was glad everyone knew they were getting married, in fact she was glad picked up on the story, Saturday was going to be awesome and Shawn could see she was getting restless.

"We wanna be straight and upfront okay?" Marjorie said to Lita who pretended to be stuck up knowing what her young neighbor was going to ask her, "Mari and I wanna come to the wedding if that's okay with ya'll," she said simply and Lita pretended to think about it.

"I'll have to think about it," she said in a snotty way and HBK rolled his eyes and gave the two sisters a mouth-watering smile and told them they were both invited.

"Wear something pretty, like the smile ya'll are both wearing now," he said and Marianne and Marjorie jumped up and down hysterically and Lita nearly joined in when she remembered she was barely clothed and consciously hid behind her hands.

"Lita where's your top?" Marjorie asked the Xtreme Lucha diva.

"Did you and Shawn engaged in a little pre-marital sex in that big ass production truck?" Marianne asked and HBK blushed.

"We're fully engaged in the process of holding hands," he responded and Marianne and Marjorie cocked their heads to the side and sighed in admiration of their solid Christian beliefs.

"You're waiting until after you're married, that is so cool you guys what you're doing is rare," Marianne said fondly and her sister nodded.

"Lita you should be so proud of yourself, I mean here you are only a few hours away from marrying the man you fantasized about when you were our age and you haven't done the nasty yet, good for you babe!" Marjorie said giving Lita a thumbs up and Lita thanked her thinking the sex was going to be anything but nasty.

"Think of me and Shawn as a 60 minute Iron man match," she told her ever adoring fans, "Its gonna start of slow and it will slowly pick up the pace, then suddenly the pace will quicken and before you can say "You screwed Bret!" the sex will be over and we'll fall asleep in each others arms and wake up in a tangled heap on the floor sweaty, beat and completely satisfied, ain't that right Heartbreak Kid?" Lita asked her true love and Shawn raised his hand to his face thoughtfully and leaned to the side.

"I think it will be more like a Last Man Standing match," he replied and Lita looked at him curious as to what he meant and HBK explained as Marianne and Marjorie gasped that they were getting this exclusive up close and personal, "Now my Southern upbringing forbids me from being too graphic so ya'll girls are going to have to bare with me," Shawn took Lita by the hand and looked deeply into her eyes and said, "I can't tell you how hard it has been to not kiss you, now imagine when I do Lita, imagine what that's gonna be like; my lips on yours, anywhere and everywhere, for as long as I can stand I will kiss you and then you'll kiss me back, then I'll touch you, do you know what's gonna happen then? I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen then; everything you ever dreamed of,"

"OW!" Marianne and Marjorie howled as Lita's jaw hit the floor and Shawn gently picked it back up and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, the movement of his hands against her face sent a shiver down her spine, everything was right about this moment, at last Lita was in love with a man who was in love with the idea of making love to her anywhere and everywhere, in Shawn's own words.

A horn honked disturbing the romance between the controversial duo and Dixie Carter pulled up in the 18 wheeler causing Shawn to let out a huge sigh.

"I can't believe they caught up with us!" he frowned rubbing his face anxiously and turned to Lita with a yearning glance, "I really wanted to spend our last night as friends alone, after tonight you're gonna be an official Kliq chick and that means road trips, interventions and general mayhem, tonight could be the only quiet time we ever share!"

Lita smiled enthusiastically, "Sounds great!" she said with a mischevious glint in her eye then she realized HBK was serious, he really wanted to be alone, "Turn that frown upside down," she told him squeezing his cheeks together adoringly, "We've still got one hour before midnight, let's make the most of it and have us a old fashioned hootenanny,"

"Hootenanny?" Shawn said alarmed by the suggestion, "You mean with booze, broads and bad chicken?"

"Well we are talking about the Kliq here," Lita said, "It's not like we can have a late night Bible Study, let's give Hunter what he wants and then, it will be just me and you,"

Shawn wasn't impressed, "No, I'm not feeling it sweetheart, if Hunter wants to throw me a batchelor party he can throw one in my honor but I want us to finish our date now," Shawn insisted and Lita's stomach flip as he drew the proverbial line in the sand and closed the gap between them with a gentle pull on her hips.

"Well, I do owe you a lapdance," Lita said and Shawn choked on his own surprise as Lita curled her finger around a loose lock of his honey blond hair and yanked it playfully, "My house is just five minutes away, why don't you break the news to the Cerebral Assman and your other friends? I'll be waiting for you up in my room," she said softly and kissed HBK on the nose and Shawn watched as his true love headed home to sleep in her own bed for the last time and would soon be sleeping with him for the rest of her life, it was a fair trade.

"Did I hear Lita right? Are you bailing out on all your friends again so you and Lita can hold hands until the sun comes up?" Hunter asked his best friend coming over to the starry-eyed Showstoppa who only had time for one diva right now.

"I see girls, guys and a big ass truck, you don't need us Hunter, party in my honor, now if ya'll don't mind, I've got a date with Big Red," Shawn told his friends and family who looked on in disappointment as HBK ran to Lita's house eager to finish what her eyes had started in his ever-loving mind.

AJ Styles tapped Kevin Nash on the shoulder and reminded Big Sexy that his house was just a hop and a skip down the road, "I don't see why ya'll can't party it up right here in my home town," he said to Hunter and the rest of the WWE and John Cena turned to the former X Division Champion with disgust.

"Because that would be like sleeping with the enemy, we ain't friends AJ why would we party it up with the inferior promotion?" The WWE Champion said and Nash, Hall and Waltman got up in his face and The Champ backed down, luckily Hunter stepped in before he got his butt kicked by the nWo.

"Shawn thinks he's gonna get out of his batchelor party because he's a Christian right?" The Cerebral Assassin said and everyone nodded, "Well I say we make it real easy for him . . . we'll make it a Christian batchelor party,"

Trish sunk her head into Rocky's chest while Melina laughed thinking Hunter wasn't seriously going to throw a Christian themed batchelor party, "I don't think you understand what it means to be a Christian Hunter," Trish said pinching the bridge of her nose in distress, "In fact, I know you don't, if you start singing Amazing Grace ootside Lita's window and get Exteme Expose to dance along like a Gospel Choir - "

"Okay ladies after 3, 1-2-3 - #Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me," Hunter sang while instructing Extreme Expose to sing along with him while swinging their hips suggestively from side to side.

"Man that's hot!" MVP said.

"God help us," Sting said lowering his head in shame as Triple H got all the divas to sing along with Kelly Kelly, Brooke and Layla and encouraging them to strip down to their bra and panties at the same time.

"That's real holy ladies now all we need is water," Hunter said applauding the divas performance while some of the wrestlers shook their head in disbelief while Christians leaving Faith and Prayer church looked on curiousy recognizing the WWE Superstars and TNA wrestlers from TV.

"What on Earth do you need water for?" Melina asked in disbelief.

"For you to bless, then we can have a Holy Water Wet T-shirt Contest," Hunter explained and Trish and Melina exchanged glances thinking this was going to be the funniest batchelor party ever thrown by a heathen in honor of a Christian who was enjoying the last few hours of batchelorhood with his dreamgirl in her bedroom and Shawn was about to see a side of Lita he'd never seen before but he knew very well; the fangirl.

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