The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 34: There's No Place Like Home Part 4

AJ Styles' House, 2am:

Lita paced back and forth waiting for Shawn to come down and finish their conversation, she didn't remember what they were talking about before his pants split but she sure missed the sound of his voice.

She grabbed AJ Styles who was about to take a drink when Shelton Benjamin snatched it out of his hand and wagged his finger at him.

"You don't drink AJ what's wrong with you?" Lita asked the Kliq candidate, "What's going on up there, is Shawn okay?"

"Lita please don't be mad at me," AJ started anxiously and Nitro, Carlito and Randy Orton came over to listen in on the conversation that was causing Lita's hair to flare up.

"Shut your mouth AJ," Randy said to the TNA star firmly, "Lita don't worry it will be okay," he said turning to Lita and squeezing her arm gently and Lita squeezed his arm back but not so gently and Randy winced in pain.

"Why don't you tell me what happened and I'll decide if its gonna be okay or not?" she said firmly her grip burning into Randy's arm causing AJ, Shelton, Carlito and Nitro to wince. Edge abruptly seperated them looking at Lita with great disapproval.

"That is not how you're supposed to treat the man who is responsible for bringing you and Shawn together," he admonished his ex-fiance still hammered from all the booze he'd been drinking all night and Lita turned away from his stinking breath along with the others, "This is how you treat him," Edge continued and he Speared Orton into AJ's stereo system stopping the Christian music and causing Trish's lips to curl in anger. She pulled Edge off of AJ and called Lita over to her.

"Don't take your anger out on Orton like this crazy mutha-canucka, Randy's only doing his job," Trish explained and the Anointed one grabbed her warming hair in frustration.

"What are you talking about Stratus, I wanna know what's happening to the most important man in my life right now!" she said and the stereo started to shake along with everything else that wasn't nailed down in AJ's house and Sting looked over at Kurt Angle who looked over at Rocky for an explanation.

"What's going on?" the Wrestling Machine asked The Great One who gulped in response telling Kurt that whatever was going on wasn't good for anyone in the house right now.

"I think we should evacuate the guests before things get out of control," Rocky whispered to Trish who nodded and signalled for everyone's attention.

"Okay listen up everybody, Shawn and Lita need some time alone so everybody over to Marianne and Marjorie's house where this crazy Christian batchelor party will continue," she said and everyone looked at Lita who was cooling off in gratitude to Trish and Rocky for getting them out of her way, whatever was wrong with her other half was her business now and nobody else's as Hunter, Big Kev, Razor and Sean were about to find out.

Upstairs in AJ's room:

Shawn lay deflated on his bed while Hunter sang to him, or more accurately to his crotch. HBK was getting impatient and kicked his best friend irritably.

"Lita said no kicking!" Hunter admonished him.

"Well stop because whatever you're doing is not working," Shawn replied.

"The only thing that's not working is your dick and if my sweet little Hurricane Aurora has shown me anything, its that music heals all wounds," Hunter said and Shawn frowned as Hunter continued to sing 'Rock You Like A Hurricane' to his crotch.

"Ro-Ro blew half of the country away in the last two months, that's not exactly romantic," Shawn replied bewildered by his best friend's logic and Big Kev rolled his eyes.

"Is it still just lying there?" he asked Shawn blatantly and Shawn nodded, his friends had encircled him around AJ's bed observing his crotch for movement since there hadn't been any since his wardrobe malfunctioned. Lil Michael was limp and as much as he tried HBK couldn't get it to move at all and his friends had tried everything from singing to it (Hunter), to yelling at it (Razor), Big Kev even went as far as to blow on it and XPac suggested one of them SUCK IT back to life to which Hunter responded by Spinebustering him into AJ's carpet stating that Shawn didn't swing that way and if he ever did it would be in The Game's direction, Sean was still nursing the bruise on his back and HBK was starting to give up.

"Its hopeless you guys, I'm never gonna be able to perform my spousal duties after the wedding, I might as well get Lita up here and tell her the marriage is off," Shawn sighed and suddenly AJ's bedroom door swung shut and the Kliq jumped up and saw Chyna standing with Melina the Miraculous who had her eyes covered so she couldn't see the half naked sexy South Texan laid back on AJ's bed.

"It's just us, I finally convinced Miss Priss USA to come in," Chyna said wrestling Melina over to the bed but the Latina struggled against the 9th Wonder of the World not wanting to see Lita's man naked and piss her husband off in the process since Nitro was already jealous of every man that looked her way, knowing that she was in a room with the Kliq and a half naked Shawn Michaels would push Nitro off the edge. It suddenly occurred to Melina that she was about to say no to healing someone and that meant she would lose her miraculous healing abilities before Jeff Hardy came back to life and ATM was disbanded forever so she relented.

"Surely if there was one person on Earth who deserved to be healed before ATM closed up shop its you Shawn," the Miraculous One said behind closed eyes and the Kliq guided her towards the exposed Showstoppa enthusiastically, "But Nitro would never forgive me!" she hesitated and Shawn laughed.

"Forgiveness is a two way street Mel and if you can forgive that mink wearing Ken doll for hitting on everything that walks, he can forgive you for healing Lil Michael, now make with the miracle Melina, I've got a woman waiting on me and I don't want to be around these closet cases one minute more than I have to," HBK said humorously but the Kliq took offense to his statement and slinked away from the bed to the floor and watched as Melina drew nearer to the Heartbreak Kid's half-naked body. She didn't see his golden skin, his pulsating chest or even his daring blue grey eyes, all she felt was the hot hard hands of Anointed Amy pressing onto her arms and escorting her out of the room along with Chyna and Hunter, Kevin, Scotty and Sean who followed after them. Lita closed AJ's bedroom door and turned to the man of the hour, she tiptoed over to the bed and dropped to her knees.

"Ah," Shawn gasped as the warm hot breath from Lita's mouth brought Lil Michael back to life, "Melina you really are miraculous," he breathed blissfully reaching down between his legs to pat Melina's head thankfully but the hot strands felt familiar and he couldn't believe what he saw when he opened his eyes, "Lita!" he gasped in horror.

"What you think I'd let Melina get anywhere near your special little guy?" Lita asked offended and leaning over Shawn's lap gazing up into his eyes which were dazzled by both her boldness and her beauty, "And by the way, you're not so little, but you are a special guy Shawn," she said sweetly and smiled at Shawn who was relieved he wasn't impotent and that Lita was here instead of Melina. Lita stood suspended as Shawn disappeared underneath her ruby red swing dress, as the red material slowly slid down her sides Lita got hot, real hot, in fact, she was too hot to touch and Shawn flew out from under her and sat back on AJ's bed shaking out his burning hand.

"You get nothing tonight," he said remembering the Cataclysmic Reaction that Trish said would be caused if they touched each other before the wedding, "I'll make it up to you tomorrow," he said pulling Hunter's big white sweater down and he reached out to her, Lita closed her hot hands in his and they cooled down instantly but she had broken out into a sweat and couldn't stand up straight. Shawn laid her down on AJ's bed and stood back watching as Lita's body writhed seemingly of its own will, something was happening, she was having somekind of reaction to him. But all I did was touch her hands, Shawn thought to himself in shock and he smiled thinking what would happen when he made love to her, this is going to be the most amazing sex I've ever had, he said to himself. He breath suddenly caught in his throat as Lita's red dress hitched up a little. Shawn panicked and turned away lest he give into temptation, he listened to her panting, her body erupting with pleasure as she called his name, she was thrilled by the idea of making love to him for real and not just in some teenage fantasy.

"Shawn," she breathed aimlessly.

"I'm right here baby," he replied softly trying to stop himself from turning around, Lita was on fire and he didn't want to catch it.

"I can feel you inside me, you light me up!" she breathed and Shawn lost his breath as he imagined himself beside her and it hardened him much to his annoyance.

"I'm sorry you had to come up here otherwise you wouldn't be turning me on so much right now," he sighed wrenched with desire, "I want you so bad Lita I don't know if I can wait until after the wedding,"

Suddenly the room went quiet and Shawn turned around to see Lita sitting on the side of the bed with her head down and her hands clasped; she was praying, she didn't want to have sex before the wedding either, Shawn came over and sat next to her.

"Are you okay Big Red?" he asked her tenderly stroking her shoulder with a lingering finger cooling her hot skin off, Lita turned to him and saw that she was not the only one in need of sex as Shawn's face was warm and his heartbeat had accelerated, he was ten seconds away from jumping her and she knew it. She pulled her hair behind her ear and exhaled deeply putting all ideas about sex out of her head.

"I came this close to ruining everything just then, but I pulled back because I want you more than I want sex, I hope you're up to the challenge," Lita said amorously and Shawn nodded reassuringly and pinched her nose and playfully put it in his pocket.

"You know I am Lita," he replied confidently and Lita smiled.

"I just had to make sure, that's why I had Trish send everyone to Marianne and Marjorie's house, I want us to be lock and key, there's no-one else I care about as much as you Shawn, do you feel the same way about me?" Lita asked hopefully and Shawn hesitated.

"I love my children more than life itself, if I said that I loved you as much I would be lying," he said honestly and Lita nodded.

"I guess I've still got some big shoes to fill," she said thinking about Rebecca lying back on AJ's bed looking through the window at the night sky counting down the hours til they headed back to Tijuana for the wrestling wedding of the decade, "Rebecca was the mother of your children and she loved them very much, Cameron and Cheyenne will never love me the way they love her and I wouldn't want them to," she said and turned to Shawn who was listening intently hoping that Lita was going to be realistic about life as a Michaels, she reached out for his hand and he gave it to her gladly with a shy smile, "but I hope you can love me with enough to let me try and love them as much as I love you," she said honestly.

Shawn choked back tears a few escaped which Lita wiped away from his face then she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed the exposed muscle there, Shawn gazed at the night sky looking at the stars counting each one of them as a witness to the moment Lita became his wife in spirit while Hunter, Chyna, Hall, Nash and Sean would have to wait on the otherside of that door until morning because he was going to soak up as much of this wonderful woman's love as he could before the wedding day madness began and their first and only date would be officially over.

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