The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 37: From Georgia with Love

Inside the church in Tijuana, Mexico around 8:30am:

Rey Mysterio hung up and turned to Vickie and Chavo Guerrero with a deep sigh, his close friends already knew what was up, they could hear Shawn's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Vince will be making a special appearance at their wedding right?" Vicky asked sewing the flower halo for Trish and Melina's bridesmaid's outfits.

"It's worse than you think, Madman McMahon has invited our fans to the wedding!" Rey exclaimed and Chavo and Vicky gasped in shock.

"But the church is so small there's no way all our fans are gonna fit, your kids and the Guerreros already invited all the Latino Nation, where are they all gonna go?" Chavo asked concerned preparing the Thirteen Gold Coins that Shawn was going to give to Lita at the wedding ceremony.

"Maybe they don't want to come inside the church, maybe they just want to see Shawn and Lita as they come out," Vicky Guerrero said and Chavo and Rey chuckled, "What?" Vicky wondered what was so funny.

"You haven't been on the road as long as we have Vicky, when our fans get excited there's no stopping them, they'll break down the church door if they can get a glimpse of Shawn and Lita getting married, remember how nuts they went over Eddie's death?" Rey-Rey explained to her.

"You're right, we have to do something, oh if only there was some way we could get the fans to respect Shawn and Lita's wishes," Vicky wondered rubbing her chin thoughtfully and Rey came up with an idea and called the distraught bridegroom back.

On board Delta flight 7685 from Atlanta, GA to Tijuana, MX. . . .

LC watched as her father's best friend paced back and forth raking his perfectly groomed hair viciously out of place much to his son's chagrin; Cameron had spent ages combing his father's hair and now it was all messed up again. She looked at her father recommending some tough love but Hunter wouldn't touch Shawn, he'd burn his fingers off if he did, Vince's latest shenanigans were the last straw and Shawn was on fire with rage.

"He's gonna burn this whole plane down if he doesn't calm down," Chyna warned her boyfriend who sighed caught between what to do now, he didn't know how to remedy the situation nothing he could say was gonna make Shawn see McMahon's antics as anything but child's play, when it came to love, Shawn didn't mess around and this wedding meant more to him than his job.

"That's it I'm quitting," Shawn said adamantly and the eyes of his friends and family widened with horror, "I mean it I can't work for a man who would exploit the sanctity of marriage like this, I guess you're on your own Hunter,"

"NO!" Hunter fell to his knees clinging at the hem of Shawn's pant leg and the Showstoppa looked at him like he was crazy, "I'll convert to Christianity if you stay!" Hunter said and Shawn laughed, now he knew he was crazy and tried to shake him off but Hunter wouldn't budge.

"You're serious aren't cha?" Shawn asked him and Hunter shook his head sincerely.

"I can't go on with DX without you Shawn, you're the missing piece in the puzzle, you complete me Shawn, you're oxygen to my lungs, nitrous to my tank and peanut butter to my jelly, please don't go, we'll figure something out Shawn - won't we guys?" Hunter said looking over at his fellow Kliq buddies and wrestling associates and snarled at them impatiently when they didn't say anything, "One of you numbskulls must have an idea of how we can get Shawn and Lita to the altar in one piece?" he insisted crushing Shawn's pant leg between his hands and Cheyenne wrenched him off angry that the tuxedo she and her brother had picked out was as much of a disaster as her father's hair now.

"Where's Jeff Hardy when you need him?" she sighed, the Charismatic Enigma would know how to keep her father looking good all day long.

"Come here sweetie," Shawn called to his little girl and she jumped into his arms as he tried to calm down, "I'm sorry I'm acting like a jackass, I just really wanted this day to be special you know sweetie?"

Cheyenne nodded, "I know Daddy, I want you to look special so when all those people show up in Tiana, Mexico you'll look good for the cameras," she said and Shawn seethed with rage.

"Cameron take you sister before I accidentally set fire to her dress," Shawn called to his son who took his sister over to where Carla, LC, Cassidy and Tristen were sitting, it was much cooler on their side of the plane.

"We gotta do something you guys, daddy ain't gonna make it through that service without causing Mr. McMahon some serious pain and bring damnation on himself and Lita too, their marriage will never recover!" Cameron said anxiously and LC growled enraged.

"And you know Mr. McMahon would love that, he'd like nothing better than for the old HBK to come out and prove once and for all that your father hasn't changed his life at all, that his Christian walk was just a big joke, well I say we show him who's boss, are you guys ready to lay the smacketh down on Mr. McMahon once and for all?" LC asked her friends and boyfriend who nodded adamantly including her baby sister who was sucking on her sterling silver rattle, "Then everybody give me a YEE-HAH!" LC demanded and Carla, Cameron, Cassidy and Tristen all went YEE-HAH and everyone turned their attention to the adorable children wondering what they were up to because when those guys got together something amazing always happened and today would be no different.

"Yee-hah!" Aurora Rose said after taking her rattle out of her mouth and everyone cheered in amazement as Hunter's baby girl said her first word.

"Did you hear that daddy? Aurora's first word is 'Yee-hah!'" Cheyenne said to her Uncle but Hunter wasn't impressed at all and wagged his finger at Hurricane Aurora annoyed.

"I told you sweetie I don't want you taking after these weird cowboy kids and their chap-wearing daddy, say "SUCK IT"" Hunter insisted and Aurora stone faced him, "I said say SUCK IT Aurora, now!" Hunter said again but Aurora didn't respond.

"I'll help her dad," LC said and whispered a word that sounded like SUCK into Ro-Ro's ear, "What do you say now Ro-Ro?" LC asked her baby sister.

"Oh my God Hunter did you just tell Aurora to swear?" Shawn said getting off the phone with Rey Mysterio horrified by the F bomb his god daughter just dropped.

"No Shawn it was all a misunderstanding right LC?" Hunter said not wanting to make his Christian brother any angrier than he was already.

LC shrugged, "It was?" she asked innocently and Hunter gave her a dark look, "Oh right you want me to lie, I see," LC looked down at her baby sister and wagged her finger the way Hunter did, "I said say SUCK IT Aurora not F**K IT, you watch your mouth young lady!"

Everyone gasped and Chyna and the children tried to stop from laughing as Ro-Ro said F**K IT over and over again and Shawn held his head in disbelief.

"If ever there were grounds for Stephanie McMahon to get full custody of Aurora Rose you just discovered it," he said to his best man and Hunter shrugged and started to see the humor in it that everyone else aboard the Delta 7685 was.

"I think the fact that Steph's a McMahon pretty much disqualifies her from all rights to Aurora Rose, those people are certifiably nuts," he replied and Shawn smiled in spite of himself, "Did Rey-Rey have anything positive to say about what's going down now that Vince has invited all of our fans to your wedding?"

"Yeah as a matter of fact he did, he reminded me what happened back at Chris Jericho's apartment in L.A yesterday, this wedding is going to go ahead without a hitch and I'll tell you why," Shawn said and he shared Rey-Rey's idea for getting back at Vince McMahon once and for all with the other side of DeGeneration X.

Aboard Delta flight 885 from Atlanta, GA to Tijuana, MX . . .

Trish and Melina stared in awe as Matt Hardy added the finishing touches to Lita's hair, she looked like a miracle it was hard to believe that this beauty was the same woman who had gotten down and dirty with Edge on live TV last year.

"Well guys what do you think?" Matt Hardy asked the angelic duo who was gaping at the Anointed one with their mouths open, Lita had taken their breath away and Matt Hardy smiled, "I'll take that as good," he said and Lita smiled back at him and squeezed his hand lovingly.

"Thanks for being here with me," she said warmly, "I wouldn't want anyone else to do this,"

Matt Hardy nodded, "It's my pleasure Amy, Shawn's a great guy; Jeff knew it all along, he's gonna be super hyped that I had the balls to ante up and walk you down the isle to your true love,"

"Wait til you see the dress her mother had made for her," Trish said as Melina stroked her hair wondering what they were gonna look like standing next to the most beautiful bride in the world in a few hours. She had seen the bridesmaid dresses Vicky had especially made for them and they were incredible but not as incredible as Lita's.

"If Shawn doesn't jump her bones at the altar it will be a miracle," Melina told Trish humorously and Trish hugged her baby sister in Christ lovingly.

"That's why Lita needs you to be her bridesmaid O Melina the Miraculous," she said and the angelic duo hugged each other watching Lita as Matt applied the finish touches to their hair.

"Wait Matt, we haven't seen what you're wearing to the wedding," Lita realized, "Leave those babes alone they look sensational already, go change I wanna see what you came up with for the happiest day of my life!" she said excitedly and Matt disappeared into the back of the plane and re-emerged wearing a black shirt and dress pants, but the coup de gras was the coat spray painted with Team Extreme and a mural of Jeff, Matt and Lita on the back. Lita was moved by the sentiment and started to cry, "Matt you look amazing," she wept overcome with emotion, "Come here and give Big Red a hug," she said and Matt squeezed Lita to his chest and twirled her around excitedly.

"You're getting married Amy, you're gonna be Mrs. HBK!" he said starting to get the picture all the fans were getting right now on the flight over to Tijuana and through the Internet forums.

"Yep she's gonna be an official DeGenerate, in both name and nature," Trish said humorously and Melina slapped her on the arm.

"And I can't wait to say "I do" and then have the pleasure of kissing Shawn Michaels in front of the people I love the most," Lita said looking at Trish and Melina, "You guys have been the best friends I've ever had, next to Matt, Jeff and the Edgemeister. This would never have happened without you, its gonna be hard after Jeffrey comes back to life and we all go back to normal,"

Trish and Melina nodded wiping a tear from their eyes, "It's been a wild ride hasn't it chicas?" Melina said emotionally.

"You guys are talking like it's over, we're still ATM until Sunday people now get excited about it!" Trish cried out and Lita and Melina cried out in joy saying "Halleluiah!" at the top of their voices in celebration of love made in Heaven about to pour out on all the Earth into the human bodies of Shawn and Lita. Only The Truth knew that this was only the start of what was to be an incredible adventure for the Anointed one and her beloved St. Michaels but she'd tell them about that after the wedding, it was going to be the greatest wedding gift of all.

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