The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 39: Touched by an Angel

The church was packed; eager faces were focused on the statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary around them, it was definitely a Roman Catholic Church. To start off with everyone was talking but now it was quiet, eerily quiet, everyone had reverence for the Lord, some because they knew that Shawn and Lita would have wanted that, some because they grew up in church and it was customary to be still in the presence of the Lord.

They were visitors in His house and they were about to watch two of His servants get married. Everybody rose to their feet to welcome Pastor Hagee who had flown in specially to perform the ceremony arriving pretty soon after George W. Bush who sat with Vicky and Chavo Guerrero on the groom's side along with LAX and the rest of the Latino Nation, the McCools, the Montenegros, Charlene, Britney and Sean sat with Miss. Taylor, LC and Carla on the bride's side while the Kliq gave Shawn and Hunter a little pep talk before Lita made her way down the isle. Cameron and Cheyenne brushed out their father's hair and dusted him down once more before taking a seat next to Chyna and LC who were laughing at Hunter who had started to eat Lita's cherry lip balm.

"Hunter will you stop eating Lita's lip balm?" Shawn said trying to get the little container away from his best man, "That stuff is so sweet I'm thinking I might kiss you and not the bride!"

Hunter raised his eyebrow suggestively and Shawn gave him a dark look as his best friend puckered up for him to kiss him, Shawn squeezed Hunter's lips between his fingers getting the sweet smelling balm on this tips unable to resist he put his fingers in his mouth, "Get away from me with that stuff!" Shawn said regaining his composure, there were only one pair of lips he was interested in tasting right now and they and the woman they belonged to would soon be coming his way.

Shawn turned as Hunter gasped looking down the isle and he saw Trish coming down and after her came Melina, then as everyone stood eager for the lady of the moment to arrive, Matt Hardy appeared dressed in the coolest jacket Shawn had ever seen and on his arm was the woman he was about to marry.

"Lord have mercy," Shawn said as Lita walked down the isle her hair split on either side in two bunches of big red curls and her wedding dress was the same color, a deep red with matching gloves and upon our head sat a daisy wreath and she wore it proudly looking like something out of My Chemical Romance video. The Texan's heart skipped a thousand beats as the beautiful woman he had admired from afar in secret for so long came closer and closer becoming more and more beautiful to him with every step she took, Matt finally reached him and Hunter who was already in tears much to Matt Hardy's surprise.

"Pull it up Trips, we're just getting started here," he said comforting the Cerebral Assassin and taking him over to his Kliq buddies and sat watching as Shawn took in the moment second to second.

"Hey," he said excitedly and Lita smiled excited herself.

"Hey," she said knowing Shawn wanted to tell her something she didn't know what but she got the impression he really liked the dress her mom had picked out for her.

"You look beautiful Lita," Shawn said taking her hand and giving it a warm squeeze which Lita reciprocated with a squeeze of her own.

"Call me Amy," she replied and Shawn smiled removing his cowboy hat and giving her a nod to show his respect for the lady, that floored Lita completely; she had never felt more special in her entire life and in front of her peers, friends and family, "Take it away Pastor," Shawn said to Pastor John Hagee who was shielding his eyes from the brightness of Lita's smile.

"You don't even need me to perform this ceremony, you two are obviously already married in spirit, this ceremony is just a ritual, as far as I'm concerned Shawn you've already taken this awesome woman of God to be your lawful wedded wife. And Lita, you've been wanting the right man for as long as you can remember and you found him in the arms of another, then God took her away and put you in her place because she was not his true love. I remember when Shawn and Rebecca used to come to my church and they would look like every other Christian couple, I wondered what was missing from that relationship, where was the spark, the fire that was supposed to ignite the marriage. When I saw you in that casket after you gave your life in the War Against Terror in South Baghdad, God had literally put you through the fire and transformed you from the brash, cocky arrogant Diva that Shawn Michaels used to be,"

"Easy Pastor," Shawn interjected and Hunter laughed along with the rest of the congregation.

"I know you're all man Shawn but you were out of your mind more than in your right mind and it took a life-changing experience - the birth of your first son, to turn that all around, Lita sacrificed her life for her country and became a true American hero in every sense of the world," Pastor Hagee turned to Lita and smiled, "Not only have you conquered stereotypes in wrestling, you've found what everyone is looking for: you found love," Pastor continued and then he looked over and smiled at Shawn, "Then love found you, you've found each other against all odds and it is my honor and privilege to marry you both right now here in this small church in Tijuana, Mexico today,"

Everyone got up cheering and hollering in celebration of the opening speech when Hunter told them all to shut up and wait until they said "I Do".

"Thank you best man," Pastor Hagee said and Hunter gave him an Evolution thumbs up and the Pastor continued.

"The rings please brother Matt and brother Hunter," he said and Matt and Hunter quickly gave Shawn and Lita the rings, "Now Shawn repeat after me, "With this ring I thee wed,"

"With this ring I thee wed," Shawn said to Lita and placed the ring on her finger.

"Now Lita repeat after me, "With this ring I thee wed," Pastor said and Lita repeated,

"With this ring I thee wed," she said to Shawn but she didn't put the ring on his finger, instead she showed him his hand and Shawn gasped when he saw the initial 'A' tattooed on his wedding finger.

"O my God how did that happen?" he asked amazed and Lita pointed to her lips,

"My cherry lip balm combined with your Kiss of Life when you sucked it off your finger and God put my initial there and removed Rebecca's," she explained and Shawn laughed joyously.

"Our God is an Awesome God," he said in gratitude for the Divine Tat. Pastor Hagee was very impressed he'd never seen anything like it in his 25 years of ministry, it was not a surprise to the congregation who had known what God was capable of after all the adventures they'd been through with Amy, Trish and Melina over the last year.

"Now repeat after me Shawn, "I Shawn," he said.

"I Shawn," Shawn repeated.

"Take thee Amy," Pastor said.

"Take thee Amy," Shawn repeated.

"To be my lawful wedded wife," Pastor said.

"To be my lawful wedded wife," Shawn said tears now falling down his face and Lita choked back her own feeling her heart swelling under her Big Red wedding dress.

"In sickness and in health," Pastor said.

"In sickness and . . . and . . ." Shawn struggled to get the last part of the vow out but it wouldn't come out, "In sickness and . . ." he tried again but it was no good; it was Rebecca, the memory of her dying came flooding back and Lita went immediately into compassion and stopped Pastor from going any further, she took Shawn by the hand and squeezed them lovingly in her own.

"I know you can't say that you'll love me in sickness and in health after everything you've been through this year, but I can love you after sickness and death take away everything you have. Whether it be your beauty, your wealth, your job, whatever you lose you'll always have my love to fall back on. I am your lawfully wedded wife and you are mine in the rich, the poor, the good and the bad, I love you Shawn Michaels, just keep smiling baby, look at me I can't stop smiling, don't loose yours again," Lita said every word from the bottom of her heart stunning Pastor to almost silence and the congregation were in tears.

"Shawn do you have anything more to add or can I decree the blessing so you can kiss this wonderful woman that God has given you?" Pastor asked HBK who was smiling like he was born again - again.

"Say it again I wanna hear it again!" Shawn said to Lita jumping up and down excitedly with her and everyone was jumping up and down along with them, they wanted to hear Lita cut the promo of her life one more time.

"I bet JR loved that," Melina said to Trish who nodded knowing that he did.

"Ya'll wanna here it one more time?" Lita asked everyone who responded with a rousing "YEAH!" in the small church, Lita loved it, she felt like a WWE Superstar again, "Um, no," Lita responded and everyone booed her and she laughed while Shawn told them to be quiet in respect of the House of the Lord.

"So if we're not going to hear the most wonderful vow ever from a woman to a man, let me close this awesome wedding ceremony by saying may the Lord bless you and keep you and by the power of the Holy Spirit I declare you both man and wife, Shawn Michaels you may now kiss the bride," Pastor Hagee said and Shawn wrapped his arms around Lita, drew her in tight and kissed her with passion and a love he never felt before that came from deep inside his soul and Lita felt it, she felt it so powerfully she left her feet and her red hair switched to blond coloring with HBK's who had turned into a red-head seconds after their lips touched. The church started to warm up and a sweet fragrance filled the sanctuary bringing everyone to their feet and they applauded Shawn and Lita as they kissed finally without Trish pulling them apart. They stopped kissing and looked over each other seeing themselves mirrored in each other's eyes their love in each other's eyes; they realized then and there that they had done it, the had gotten married and made their love official, then they turned to their friends and family and looked at all the happy faces rejoicing in their union under God, Trish and Melina came up to them and kissed them both, Hunter and the Kliq came up afterwards and gave Shawn a group hug while everyone continued to celebrate them.

"Hey that statue of Jesus is moving!" Shelton said pointing to the statue on the groom's side and Krystal noticed that the statue of the Virgin Mary was moving on the bride's side.

"Rebecca?" Shawn said looking closer and it was and she was crying.

"I just had to say congratulations in person and goodbye to my children," she said and Cameron and Cheyenne ran over to her hugging the statue in which she was appearing, "Don't worry guys you're in good hands," Rebecca said looking at Lita, "Come here darling the Lord wanted me to tell you something," she said and the blushing bride and her new husband came over to the divine apparition who frowned when they stood in front of her, "Did I say Shawn? No I didn't, take Cheyenne and Cameron back over there this is between us girls," she said and everyone laughed recognizing the attitude that made Rebecca oh so popular at parties but Shawn didn't budge.

"I wanna hear what you've got to say," Shawn said defiantly and Trish pulled Shawn back explaining that this was really a girl thing and told him to trust her.

"I hope you can put up with his stubbornness better than I did, I don't have anything to tell you, my Lord and Savior told me to touch your stomach," Rebecca told Lita who looked puzzled.

"Why?" she asked and Rebecca touched her stomach and Lita felt something move, "I felt something move, what did you do?" she asked startled by Rebecca's touch.

"I gave you the gift of fertility, good luck tomorrow night, if all goes well you'll be pregnant by Monday morning," Rebecca explained and Lita jumped for joy and ran up the isle grabbed Trish and Melina and they jumped up and down knowing what Rebecca had just imparted to their Anointed sister in Christ.

"What did you do?" Shawn asked Rebecca's spirit but the Virgin Mary was a statue now and Rebecca ascended Heaven leaving Shawn really curious and he ran back to Lita and waited for her to calm down before asking what had gotten her so happy.

"You know I feel kind of bad that my wife did something to get that kind of reaction out of her," Shawn told his best man who scratched his beard wondering what was going on with the statue of Jesus on the groom's side, it was moving, "I have to top that now, trust Rebecca to make my first night of love-making a competition," he said rolling his eyes as Hunter continued to stare at the statue of Jesus, "Hunter are you listening to me?"

"JESUS!" Hunter cried suddenly.

"Where?" Shawn said spinning around and there He was and everyone fell to their knees except Shawn who was in total awe of the King of Kings who came over to him, pressed His hand on Shawn's shoulder and said,

"Well done my son, well done," and disappeared leaving Shawn feeling more blessed than he had ever felt in his life and everyone got up of the ground and looked at the statue again but Jesus was long gone.

"Where'd he go?" MVP asked looking around for the King of Kings.

"Back home," Trish said coming over to the Heartbreak Kid, "Do you feel the power of the Holy Spirit in your body?" she asked him and Shawn looked at her figuring she knew what Rebecca had done to Lita.

"Yes I do," he replied his voice softened by the anointing the Son of God just put on him.

"Then relax, you're gonna be just fine," Trish said implicitly and gave HBK a wink before going back to the Big Red bride who had run all over the church a Congo line forming behind her as she celebrated her marriage and the wedding present God gave her and Shawn.

"Okay everybody out, time for cake, I took the liberty of ordering a ferry ride to Santa Monica, I think you guys will recognize it," Matt Hardy said and everybody poured out of the small church to the dock where a huge ferry painted metallic green and purple with DX, ATM and Team Xtreme tagged all over it. Shawn and Lita watched as their friends and family climbed all aboard the DX to the Extreme V.2, the first one having sunk yesterday in Ocean Beach, hopefully this one wouldn't suffer the same end as there was a lot of food and dessert to be eaten over at Melina and Nitro's house not to mention a big five tier wedding cake which the children and Stephanie intended to devour immediately.

Lita looked Shawn up and down, "Did I forget to tell you how sexy you look in your country and western wedding get up baby?" Lita said to her husband who pulled her into another soul shaking kiss, Lita was about to wrap her arms around him and draw him in to extend it when she felt the bouquet still hanging from her fingers.

"Throw it Lita!" Layla from Extreme Expose cried as all the Divas spotted it and started pushing and shoving each other to get it, Lita shook her head praying that they didn't take this as a reason to get married.

"Girls stop please this is just a superstition it doesn't mean you have to kill each other, the Whore of Babylon proved that we had to stick together, don't fall back into disgrace for a bunch of flowers, enjoy being single, be girls, have fun, I know I did!" she said and the Divas nodded embarrassed by their childish behavior.

"What happens when the groom throws the bouquet?" Shawn asked his Big Red wife who shrugged.

"I guess its never been done before," she said and handed Shawn the bouquet as he reached out to her hand, he saw Ashley looking down at her feet miserably while all the other girls shunned her, he prayed over the flowers and threw them in Ashley's direction while the other girls weren't looking and she caught them and her face lit up like a candelabra.

"I love you Shawn!" she cried and ran over to the DX to the Xtreme V.2 and got on board while Extreme Expose, Michelle McCool, Gillian Hall, Victoria, Torrie and Candice stomped their feet angrily on the sandy pavement wondering why Shawn hadn't thrown the beautiful bouquet to them.

"You're amazing," Lita said hugging Shawn loving looking up into his ocean blue eyes, his heart still swimming in the Holy Spirit.

"You have no idea," he said counting down the hours til he made love to his Big Red baby doll and brought Heaven down to Earth for both to enjoy all night long not knowing what joy was gonna come the morning after, the newlyweds kissed and ran aboard the ferry which everyone had Christened the Love Boat in honor of the bride and groom.

In Loving Memory of the Sensational Sherri Martel who passed away yesterday morning, RIP.

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