The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 4: Meet Me in Louis Vuitton

Back at Melina and Nitro's crib:

Nitro opened the door of his bedroom and didn't see Melina or Maria there but he noticed the bathroom door was ajar and two women's voices were coming from it so he walked towards it.

"Yo Mel I got something to ask - whoa sorry oh gees!" Nitro blushed as he saw his wife having a bath with Maria, "I'm so sorry Maria I thought . . . I mean okay I'll talk to you later honey bye,"

Melina laughed at how embarrassed her husband was over seeing her in the bathtub with Maria, it was a blessing that he was nothing like John Cena who would have jumped in with them, "I'll be out in awhile baby I'm just blessing our unborn children,"

"How long do you think that'll take?" Nitro said trying to get the image of Maria naked with her hair tied back out of his head.

Melina laid Maria back so she was completely immersed in the water with her eyes closed, her skin clean with no trace of make up on her face; it was like a baptism only Melina was using her Divine healing powers through the Holy Spirit, a living, breathing spirit that filled the bathroom to cleanse Maria's soul.

"You gonna be much longer baby?" Nitro asked getting hot and bothered as the steam from the bathroom warmed him up even more making him take his shirt off.

"As long as it takes baby, Maria's been through a lot of heartache her baby can't feel any of that or she'll be in for a very difficult pregnancy," Melina answered.

"But baby do you have to be in the bathtub with her, I don't think the Holy Spirit would mind if you wore a bikini or something," Nitro said and Melina laughed, "What's so funny?" Nitro asked waving his hands in front of his face furiously trying to cool off.

"All you men ever think about is sex, that's why you won't come in here and watch this demonstration of my miraculous healing powers," Melina said and Nitro got offended.

"No baby the reason I won't come in there is because I don't really think it's appropriate for me to see Maria completely naked," Nitro defended himself.

"But it's alright to drool over Ashley Massaro's Playboy photos right?" Melina said.

"I wasn't drooling over them I was just discussing them!" Nitro said offended and Maria got irritated, this whole conversation was disturbing her concentration and Melina noticed she was getting a little distressed.

"You want me to tell him to wait downstairs mama?" Melina asked massaging Maria's shoulders making the fiery brunette relax and she began to slide back down into the water but before she immersed herself completely she turned to Melina and nodded to the door.

"Tell him to come in so he can watch," she said with a naughty smirk and Melina shook her head pushing her damp raven curls out of her face so Maria could see her eyes.

"I'm not having sex with you, I'm not Mickie James, I like men Maria and I know you do too you're just having a rough time that's all but it will get better I promise!" Melina pleaded but Maria just smiled and kissed her aggressively, Melina finally got away from her and screamed her head off at which point Nitro came back into the bathroom only to wish he never left in the first place because what he saw was the hottest HLA he'd ever seen.

Melina wondered what on Earth her husband was doing just standing there while Maria wrestled with her in the bathtub trying to kiss her again, "Why aren't you getting her off me?" Melina screamed incredulous at her husband's attitude and it got worse: Nitro left the bathroom, came back and had a chair with him which he then sat on and watched Maria try to get Melina to kiss her.

"Don't fight it honey let her get out all her aggression, let's go Maria whooo!" Nitro said cheering Maria on while Melina wished she had never left Florida to come home and deal with this nonsense and hoped that Dumas and Stratus were on their way here soon, preferably with St. Michaels whose kiss could turn even the gayest of women straight.

"ARGH!" Krystal and Shelton screamed as they came into see what all the commotion was telling LAX to stay downstairs while they checked it out and not to steal anything, "Melina what are you doing?" Shelton asked his mouth dropping in disbelief, "You're a lesbian? Say it ain't so mama say it ain't so?"

"It ain't so, Krystal get her off me!" Melina cried covering herself the best she could while Shelton argued with Nitro for just watching his wife get assaulted, his defense being that it was just a little Hot Lesbian Action.

"Are you telling me you don't find this arousing?" Nitro asked Shelton who handed Krystal a big towel to cover up Melina with while he pulled Maria into a bathrobe and carried her into the bedroom.

"No I don't, she's pregnant for Heaven's sake and so is your wife, how could be so perverted you're a Christian man?" Shelton asked disgusted with Nitro's behavior and the other half of MNM shrugged.

"It was just for fun, Cena was over a while ago and we were talking about Ashley Massaro's Playboy spread -" Shelton cut Nitro off.

"Hold up you were reading Playboy?" Shelton asked horrified and Nitro shrugged.

"Yeah so?" he said not seeing what the problem was.

"What do you mean yeah so? Don't you know what the Bible says about pornography? Jesus said that a man that looks at another woman with lust in his heart has already committed adultery!" Shelton explained.

"Where does it say that?" Nitro frowned not recognizing the Scripture much to Shelton's horror.

"Matthew 5:28, now you've betrayed your wife by looking at another, the spirit of lust is running wild on you Nitro and now you're gonna have an affair!" Shelton said angrily and Nitro baulked.

"No I'm not I love my wife, hey baby you know I would never cheat on you right?" Nitro called to his wife as Krystal tried to calm her down, Melina had never experienced HLA before and she didn't like it one bit.

"Of course I know you would never cheat on me Johnny, Maria's messed up and she needs help I think we better call Trish and Lita and tell them what happened," Melina said getting dressed with Krystal shielding her from Shelton's eyes.

"Okay-okay but first I told LAX I'd figure out a way to get CM Punk out of prison and the idea I came up with was to make Cena's bullet wounds disappear," Nitro said and Shelton and Krystal looked at each other puzzled.

"Disappear?" Melina said drying her hair and trying to get dressed at the same time, Krystal helped her by pinning her hair up for her, "You mean I should make it look like Punk never shot him?"

"Exactly, there would be no evidence to convict him of attempted murder and Punk and Maria could be boyfriend and girlfriend again, maybe they could be more than that," Nitro said enthusiastically and Melina's face brightened.

"Oooh I love the way your mind works!" she said impressed then her face caved, "But I can't do it," she said regretfully pulling on her over-the-knee socks as Krystal fixed her hair.

"What do you mean you can't do it?" Nitro asked confused thinking it was the perfect solution to Maria's problems.

"I can't do it because I would be re-writing history; Punk shot Cena and he should pay for his crime, you know I want Maria to be with him but he shot someone Johnny, he can't get away with that so Maria has someone to help raise her child," Melina explained.

"But you're the one whose always going on about how important it is for a child to have two parents," Nitro argued.

"Yes but not at the expense of the law, Maria will be fine she's not going to be helpless, she has all of us after all right guys?" Melina said to Shelton and Krystal who nodded.

"Right," Shelton and Krystal both said and Nitro sighed.

"Sorry baby but I won't use the gift God gave me so Punk can get out of prison, as far as I'm concerned crime does not pay and you can tell LAX to talk to me if they've got a problem with that," Melina said straightening out her skirt and Nitro nodded.

"You okay?" he asked Melina coming over to her and putting his arms around her.

"What were you and Maria doing in there anyway, washing each other's hair?" Krystal asked trying to inject some humor into a very awkward situation; Krystal and Shelton had just come over for lunch they weren't expecting to have to stop Maria from sexually assaulting Melina.

"I was trying to protect her baby because when the mother is broken hearted the baby feels it and it can cause irregular childbirth and stuff like that," Melina explained.

"So why did you get in the bath tub with her?" Shelton asked rubbing Maria's back trying to calm her down as she lay on Melina and Nitro's bed wrapped in a huge white towel trembling and looking scared.

"Because I have to perform the cleansing in the water like a Pastor would a baptism," Melina answered reflecting on the last half hour, "Something must have happened when Johnny came in because she jumped out of her meditative state and started coming onto me like really aggressively, you know I've never been into girls Marshall," Melina explained and Krystal shook her head saying that she wasn't either, "But I never thought being a lesbian was really a bad thing until now, what came over Maria was not of God but of the devil and I have got to get to it out of her before she loses another baby,"

The room went deftly quiet at those words and they all looked over at Maria worriedly; Melina meant no offense she was right to be concerned because judging by the look on Maria's face she was far from okay. Her usually sweet and warm glow had disappeared into a type of scowl turning her ivory completion grey and she didn't look like a babe of the year candidate anymore. Something was wrong that much they all knew but as far as Shelton Benjamin was concerned it was all Nitro's fault, he had broken God's law and unleashed a demon not like the ones ATM faced in the past but one more pleasing to the eye known in biblical terms as the Whore of Babylon and Maria had been her first victim.

Louis Vuitton-Beverly Hills: 295 N. Rodeo Drive, 3pm:

Jericho and The Rock were waiting for Stephanie McMahon to arrive and were surprised to find out that she was meeting them here, The Rock was under the impression that she and her family were going to buy toys for Aurora, and so were Dominic, Shaul, Sherilyn and Kaylee Marie who had come along for the spree.

"Is this a joke?" The Rock asked Y2J who was checking out a Louis Vuitton speaker, "Stephanie's isn't seriously thinking of shopping for her baby girl here is she? There isn't a toy in sight,"

"That's not true, I could play with this all night," Jericho said picking up a Louis Vuitton fender guitar and playing one of his songs. A sales clerk came over to him and told him to stop much to his anger, "Excuse me? Don't tell me what to do junior I actually matter so get out of my way before I smack you around the head!"

"Jericho don't talk to him like that what's the matter with you?" came the unimpressed voice of Torrie Wilson who was carrying a brand new Louis Vuitton carry on handbag, "I come here all the time and I'd like to keep it that way so behave yourself,"

"Whatever," Jericho said and went back to his guitar playing while The Rock and Torrie Wilson exchanged hugs.

"Can I see your new bag Torrie?" Shaul, Eddy Guerrero's first child said.

"Sure," Torrie said taking the expensive new bag off her shoulder, Shaul opened it up and examined the lining.

"It's real!" she said and her younger sister Sherilyn slapped her head thinking how dumb her older sister was and nudged Dominic.

"What do you see in her?" she asked him and he blushed.

"Keep quiet!" he said under his breath but everyone heard him.

"Seriously Dom, Shaul's stupid, she things that M&Ms are fattening and junk food is bad for you, why would you want to hang around a girl who thinks like that?" Kaylee Marie asked and Rocky shushed them.

"Guys we've got company, why don't you give Ms. Wilson her bag back now sweetie?" Rocky asked Shaul who did and Torrie smiled at her sweetly while Dominic, Sherylin and Kaylee Marie debated something and The Rock sighed, "What are you three going on about now?" he said wishing they'd be quiet for a second, they were always talking about someone or something they had no business discussing.

"We were just wondering why Torrie's still single that's all, you called her Ms. Wilson, shouldn't she be Mrs. Wilson by now?" Sherylin asked and Dominic and Kaylee Marie nodded.

"That's it I'm calling your parents - Rey, Vicky come here and get these nosy kids The Rock's had enough!" The Rock called to Rey Mysterio and Vicky Guerrero who were checking out the sunglasses and hats over in the accessories section of the massive boutique and there was still no sign of Stephanie and the rest of the McMahon family.

"Rocky its fine, I think they're cute," Torrie said calmly, "In fact, I've been wondering the same thing lately, do you think you could hook me up with anybody?"

The Rock laughed, "You need The Rock to hook you up? Torrie I suggest you take off those huge sunglasses so you can see straight, you're gorgeous ask anyone in this store if they'll go out with you and The Rock guarantees they'll say yes, g'head give it a shot,"

"But I don't want anybody, I want a husband," Torrie said, "I'm sick of dating, every guy I see expects me to take my clothes off after the check arrives,"

"Maybe you should have thought of that before you did Playboy 2 times in a row," The Rock said and the children laughed and made bunny ears with their hands recognizing the Playboy reference and Torrie laughed at how cute they were.

"I just want what you have, aren't I allowed to be happily married like everyone else in the WWE?" Torrie said regretfully and The Rock looked at her like she was crazy.

"In the past year and a half, Shawn Michaels wife has been shot dead by police, Jericho and Chyna have broken up Hunter and Stephanie's marriage, Vicky's lost Eddy and Jericho's lost his mind, apart from Vince and myself, the only person in the WWE who's happily married is Melina and she's only been with Nitro for a month, get real Torrie no-one's better off because they've got a wedding ring on their finger, love is too complicated to wrap a gold band around, as you know," The Rock said referring to Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson's divorce and Torrie started to cry and The Rock pulled her into a hug which she needed badly, "Okay-okay mama, let the Rock give you a break, who do you see yourself with on the WWE roster?"

Shaul handed the Playboy cover girl a Louis Vuitton tissue from her pocket and Torrie took it saying thank you.

"What about Randy Orton, he's single and cute!" Kaylee Marie said and Dominic rolled his eyes.

"He's alright," Dominic said dismissing Orton as a contender, he still hadn't forgiven the Legend Killer for saying Uncle Eddy was in Hell last year, to him Randy Orton was still a no good sonofabitch and he figured Torrie could do better.

"What about Uncle Shawn?" he suggested and Torrie's eyes lit up.

"Yes he's perfect, do you think you could put the word out that I'm still interested?" she asked The Rock jumping up and down and The People's Champ jumped up and down with her.

"No," he said after awhile and Torrie frowned and stopped jumping and stared at The Rock confused, "He's already spoken for sorry you're better off with Orton,"

"No!" Dominic said adamantly, "She can do much better than the Legend Killer, I think Torrie and Uncle Shawn would be a great match don't you sis?" Dominic asked his baby sister who had crawled into Torrie's Louis Vuitton carry on thinking it was a really cool place to hide since it was so big, "Hey where's Aaliyah?" Dominic said looking around not knowing where Aaliyah was after she had climbed into the bag and started to play inside it.

"Aaliyah get out of there, that bag costs more than Vince's last haircut," The Rock said fishing the little mamacita out but Torrie, who couldn't care less about her latest piece of luxury luggage, pulled him to one side leaving Aaliyah to entertain herself inside the leather maze.

"Whose the lucky lady Shawn's hooking up with?" she asked jealously and The Rock wasn't sure if she was able to function as a rational human being right now so he kept his mouth shut.

"All I'm saying is you're better off going out with someone whose standards aren't as high as HBK's, I mean sure Rebecca went crazy but it was with love, she was a Christian and the mother of his children, you're just a good-looking whore with fake tits, can I go now?" The Rock said and Torrie laughed and slapped The Rock around the face.

"I was just leaving," she said and picked up her bag with Aaliyah still inside and left the store.

"Hey come back Rey-Rey's kid is in there!" The Rock said and the same sales clerk that told Jericho to be quiet was now telling him the same thing, "Put a sock in it jabroni and call security, Torrie's kidnapped Aaliyah Mysterio!" he yelled and Rey-Rey heard him and ran towards the exit where Torrie was still standing.

"Stop!" he yelled but when he got to the entrance Vince, Shane, Linda and Stephanie McMahon were just making their entrance and blocked his path, "Torrie's got my children!" he told them and they shrugged not caring much about anyone else's problems right now.

"Shouldn't you be leaving for San Diego right now?" Shane told him patronizingly, "We've got a house show at 7,"

"I'm still injured asshole I won't be back until this summer, if I don't sign with TNA that is," Rey said furious that they were blocking the entrance preventing him from getting to Torrie Wilson as she strutted down the avenue like a movie star.

"She's staying at the Wilshire, we'll catch her before she goes to LAX," Vicky said bringing her children with her and pushing past Stephanie rudely, "Excuse me some of us still care about what happens to their children," she said giving the billion dollar princess a dark look before running after Torrie Wilson with Rey and the rest of the children. The Rock was about to leave also but Vince wouldn't let him get by either.

"Wait don't you want to see what we bought for precious little Aurora Rose?" he said his black eyes widening with mischief.

"This is gonna be good," The Rock said sarcastically, "I'll catch up with you guys!" he called to Rey and Vicky who ran after Ms. Wilson.

"Oh you're right about that, come here Mariah!" Shane called and The Rock noticed that there were a sea of people outside and a massive gathering of paparazzi like at a Hollywood premier. Emerging from the crowd was none other than the multi-time Grammy award-winning Mariah Carey complete with entourage and sparkling white teeth.

"Hello," she said to the People's Champ who raised a People's Eyebrow.

"What in God's name is she doing here?" The Rock asked not liking where this was going.

"Is that anyway to talk to Aurora Rose's own personal vocal coach?" Linda McMahon said.

"She's gonna teach Aurora Rose to sing!" Stephanie said excitedly.

"Aurora can't even talk how the Hell's she gonna sing?" The Rock said confused.

"She can talk among other amazing things and when she recognizes her favorite singer's voice she's gonna wanna sound just like her, when we get in touch with Charlotte we'll tell her to come down here so Aurora and Mariah can spend some time together. Aurora will be so excited to see her she'll never do a naughty thing against the McMahon family ever again, so Hunter and I can get divorced without America freezing over, being flooded or swept away by a hurricane," Stephanie explained and The Rock looked between Jericho and Stephanie wondering who was truly the craziest out of them both.

"So what do you say Rocky, wanna stay for the show?" Shane O'Mac asked slapping Rocky on the arm disingenuously as The People's Champ called Charlotte's cell-phone and told her where they were.

"They're on their way," he said trying not to laugh, "let the madness begin," The Rock said closing his cell phone and kissing Mariah's hand and the diva giggled childishly pretty much like the ice princess whose arrival The McMahons were eagerly anticipating thinking they had Hurricane Aurora right in the palm of their hands, some people never learn.

Charlotte, North Carolina, 3pm:

Homecoming was a long ways away but the homecoming queen was just crowned by thousands of North Carolinians as Lita came to town not to stay but to meet up with some old friends. The welcome North Carolina gave her was refreshing and most appreciated. NC had forgotten the love triangle that had torn her life apart and were very appreciative of her efforts in the war on terror in Iraq. There were banners, flowers, American, Canadian, Puerto Rican flags and screaming fans everywhere as the Predator 108 docked and Lita, her mom, Trish, Carlito, Shawn, Hunter and Chyna arrived to meet Ric Flair and the Hardy Boyz. As far as they were concerned, Lita had proven herself a true American in every sense of the word and was welcome in Charlotte with arms wide open: not bad for a Wednesday afternoon, in the distance they all saw the reason for the all the "Whooos", Ric Flair was waving furiously at them and on either side of him where Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Shawn frowned at Hunter, "Ric's hair is green, Jeff must have gotten busy with the hair dye again," he said and Hunter rolled his eyes flicking his honey blond locks arrogantly.

"If it ain't broke don't fix it right babe?" he said to Chyna who looked at her hair and rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"Blond is so over Hunter, you should get your hair dyed too," she said and Shawn laughed, "What?"

"Nothing it's just that Hunter is more likely to walk up and down Charlotte butt naked then change his hair color,"

Shawn answered and Chyna noticed that HBK was blond too, at least sometimes.

"You're right you're fine just the way you are Hunter, something's should never change," she said noticing how Shawn's hair flickered between copper gold and autumn red and his eyes changed between warm brown and ocean blue-grey, "Still channeling Lita's spirit I see," she said and Shawn nodded.

"It never stops we're eternal soul mates remember?" Shawn reminded Chyna as they strolled through the crowd waving at fans and signing as many autographs as they could.

"I remember, Lita's pretty hot isn't she?" Chyna said blowing kisses to the fans who hadn't forgotten her at all.

"What are you talking about Joanie?" Shawn asked wondering why she was talking about Lita so much.

"Nothing its just that if I were a widower and I was good looking, funny, intelligent, an accomplished wrestler and father of two beautiful children, I'd want a woman to share a bed with you who knew what to do in the bedroom and not lay there frozen like a deer in headlights," Joanie replied and Shawn burst out laughing knowing she was talking about Stephanie McMahon.

"I hear you," Shawn said and Hunter nodded.

"You'd think she'd know what I like by now," he said reflecting on his sex life with his ex-wife and Joanie squeezed his butt.

"Don't worry I haven't forgotten a thing," she said suggestively and Hunter's face lit up with mischief.

"Do you guys mind if we stay behind and Christen Vince's brand new motor yacht?" he asked everyone and Shawn yanked him by his ear and dragged him through the crowd waving at all the DX fans, "So that's a no?" Hunter said as Shawn dragged him towards the green haired Flair and the green eyed Jeff Hardy who was leaning on his black haired brother Matt.

"Hey boys sorry we're late, bad weather and all you been here long?" Shawn asked them as Matt hugged Lita's mom and Flair kissed Trish's hand.

"Whooo!" he said and Carlito rolled his eyes thinking the green dye had seeped through to his brain.

"Yeah whooo," he said sarcastically pulling Trish away from him.

"Thanks," she said wrapping her arms around him, "we need to get to a TV,"

"Why is Passions on?" Chyna said clapping her hands enthusiastically and Hunter started to panic hoping he hadn't missed it.

"No Passions is not on, but The McMahons are and you guys won't believe who with," Trish replied smiling.

"I already know who they're with," Carlito bragged and Trish squeezed his beautiful lips together and hushed him.

"Let's go Naitch," Shawn said waving goodbye to all the fans and Ric Flair led the way to his limousine where inside they watched Mariah Carey's performance at Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive with Special Guests The McMahons.

"Is that Mariah Carey?" Matt Hardy frowned chugging his water down staring at the LCD screen.

"Rocky looks like he's about to wet himself," Shawn observed, "What is she doing there?"

"You're about to find out," Trish said watching eagerly as Charlotte, Dan, her parents, Carla, LC and Aurora Rose entered the over-priced boutique.

Live from Louis Vuitton, Mariah Carey began to serenade Aurora Rose who started crying loudly as the diva sang Music Box as Stephanie McMahon requested.

"Why is she crying she loves this song?" Linda asked her daughter confused as Aurora screamed the place down.

Stephanie told Mariah to keep going but the diva was struggling to hear herself sing Aurora was screaming so loud, eventually she asked Stephanie if she should check if Aurora was sick noticing how cold the young child's skin was and Stephanie told her to keep singing, but the more Mariah sang the louder Aurora cried until people started to leave and the store manager told the camera men to kill the feed and cancel the show.

"No keep going she's fine she's just playing up, she loves you she really does!" Stephanie argued and picked up her daughter, "Come on baby sing with Mariah!" she encouraged her but Aurora sneezed snot all over her mother's face and started crying even louder.

"Oh my God!" Mariah Carey cried as Louis Vuitton started to ice over, "I'm outta here you need to get that child to a hospital!" she said skating out of the store with her entourage leaving the McMahons confounded.

"Why is she so upset?" Vince asked, "The toy store's still open I say we take her there right now!"

LC had taken all she could and kicked Mr. McMahon in the shins.

"Lisa stop that!" Charlotte rebuked her sister, "I think we better leave," she said taking her adoptive sister by the hand and escorting her to the door but LC pulled away from her and ran up to the camera man.

"Are we still live?" she asked him and he nodded, then she recognized who the camera man was, "David?" she said and Carla came over to him too.

"You recognized me?" David said gratefully, "I got this gig because of the work I did with you guys at Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, GA; E! said I had a knack for capturing the moment,"

"Good for you nerd-linger, just keep the camera rolling okay?" LC told him and he nodded as she and Carla looked into the camera, "Dad I need you to bail me out of prison because I'm about to kill Stephanie McMahon," she said.

"And I'm gonna help her," Carla said.

"Aurora is so missing you right now she's gonna freeze herself to death!" LC cried, "I've got an idea how to keep her amused until you get here but get your hands out of mommy's sweater and get here now!"

Carla motioned to Jericho to play The Game by Motorhead and the Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla refused insisting on playing Fozzy until The Rock threatened to throw him through the window and he quickly changed his mind.

"Time to play the game," LC said grabbing Mariah's microphone and Aurora stopped crying as the familiar music thundered through the speakers, "TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!" LC roared and Aurora started smiling, "MUHAHAHAHA," LC laughed in tune with the music and Aurora started to laugh with her. As Jericho played guitar, Dan played drums and Charlotte played bass, the ice started to melt and people entered the store to hear Triple H's theme tune live from Louis Vuitton courtesy of Lisa Cornelius Helmsley and Carla B. Cool.

It's all about the game and how you play it
All about control and if you can take it
All about your debt and if you can pay it
It's all about pain and who's gonna make it

I am the game and you don't wanna play me
I am control, no way you can shake me
I am heavy debts, no way you can pay me
I am the pain and I know you can't take me

Look over your shoulder, ready to run
Like a flaming pitch from a smokin gun
I am the game and I make the rules
So move on out and you can die on your foot
Try to figure out what my move's gonna be
Come on over, sucker, why don't you ask me?
Don't you forget there's a price you can pay
Cause I am the game and I want to play...

Jericho ripped through the bridge to great applause to Stephanie McMahon's horror and the whole store was moshing as were the people listening outside. The show was a hit and it was all because of her husband, his daughters and their great taste in music.

"Wow who is that little girl with the blond hair and hazel eyes?" Mariah Carey asked her manager wrapped in her Chinchilla coat inside her stretch limo.

"According to USA Today she's Triple H's little girl from a previous relationship with his ex-girlfriend Chyna," he answered and Mariah nodded.

"I see the resemblance, maybe its time I had a little girl you know pass on the talent like he did," she thought nodding her head to LC's vocalings.

"Would you like to go back inside and meet her?" he asked as the song drew to a close, "Maybe you could teach her to sing instead of that other one with the cold temperature?"

"No I think she's already in good hands, let's go," Mariah replied and pulled out while the spectators and media applauded Lisa, her friends and family.

"That was for you Daddy, now get your horny ass over here and sign these divorce papers quick! " LC said into the camera David kept on her capturing the whole performance.

"No!" Stephanie cried into the camera, "I'm your true love, stay with me!" she said scaring Hunter, Chyna and everyone else half to death, except Trish who remained cool, calm and collected like her other half.

LC bit the billion dollar princess' hand and Stephanie yelped in pain dropping Aurora in the process, everyone screamed in horror as Aurora fell luckily LC was right there to catch her and everyone booed Stephanie's careless behavior.

"Stephanie McMahon just dropped her eight month old daughter!" a media reporter yelled and suddenly the billion dollar princess was surrounded by a forest of angry news reporters.

"On second thoughts Daddy, stay where you are I don't think you'll have any problems getting a divorce now," LC said relieved and Aurora waved at the camera bringing a tear to Hunter's eye which Chyna kissed away.

"Those were tears of joy baby," Hunter said with a smile as the show ended and went to E! News headlines, the first of which was 'McMahon drops baby while shopping at Louis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive.'

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