The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 41: Money in the Bank

At Melina and Nitro's house, Mrs. Dumas, Mrs. Copeland and Mrs. Guerrero and her daughters Shaul, Sherilyn and Kaylee Marie were helping Melina bring the food out to the beach for Shawn and Lita's WWWR (Worldwide Wrestling Wedding Reception) as dubbed by all three members of DX. Lita loved the title but she didn't love the reception Shawn gave her band when he saw them coming towards him.

"He laughed at Lita's band?" Vicky asked Melina who was filling her in on the latest newlywed drama down at the beach.

"He thought they were vagrants, he thought they were homeless people, he even offered them food and a place to stay," Melina explained and the mothers all started laughing, "Lita felt so bad, she didn't even see the humor in the whole thing, you should have seen Shawn's face when he found out who they were,"

"I bet Edge is rubbing it in," Mrs. Dumas said giving Judy a wary look as the four women left to head back to the drama now known as All My Wrestling Children.

"Could you blame him? Shawn singing lead in Lita's punk rock band? How absurd!" Judy exclaimed.

"I think it's cute!" Melina argued, "Lita's gonna love having Shawn sing her own song to her,"

"What's the name of the song is he going to sing again?" Vicky Guerrero asked.

"When I Get You Alone, she sang it on WWE Originals a few years ago," Melina answered and the ladies cooed amorously, "And Shawn knows how that feels, he's been trying to get Lita alone since they fell in love,"

The four women thought over the last few days and what a rollercoaster they had been getting Shawn and Lita to that little church in Tijuana.

"When I get married I want it to be to a guy like Shawn Michaels," Shaul said dreamily and Sherilyn agreed, Kaylee Marie wasn't so big on HBK, she was more into John Cena like Charlene.

"Someone who takes care of you when everyone else has turned their back on you," Sherilyn said.

"Someone who loves you even though your not the mother of his children," Vicky Guerrero added.

"Someone who has over $10 million dollars in the bank," Mrs. Copeland said, "Oh wait, that's my son Edge,"

Mrs. Dumas rolled her eyes and The Guerreros laughed, Melina furrowed her brow in confusion, "Edge has $10 million dollars in the bank?" he asked Edge's mom.

"He sure does, where do you think Jericho came up with the name Money In the Bank? It was from my baby's fabulous bank account," Judy said proudly.

"But if Edge has over $10 million dollars in the bank, why did he ask Vince McMahon to give Lita's dad $1 million dollars to walk Lita down the isle at their wedding? Why didn't he just pay him the $1 million dollars himself?" Melina asked and Vicky and Lita's mom looked at Judy for an answer but she didn't have one.

"I don't know," she said confused herself now, "I should ask him,"

Melina frowned, it seemed that Edge had been a little creative where his bank account was concerned and his mother had believed him.

"And I thought Stephanie's pregnancy was the last bit of drama to come out today," she sighed, "The drama continues!" she said as Judy marched over to her son who was still laughing at Shawn for thinking The Luchagors were beggars.

"Shut up Adam!" Shawn yelled as The Luchagors set up getting ready to perform the song for Lita from Shawn, the white robed red-head was still thinking how this was going to sound.

"Shawn you don't have to sing if you don't want to, I mean this is my band, not Garth Brooks," Lita said and Shawn titled his cowboy hat to one side and smiled.

"I want to sing to my beautiful bride and I'm going to sing this song you wrote, now granted, I can't sing - but I love you and I want you to know how much even if I end up embarrassing myself in front of the world and all my friends and family," Shawn said and Jeff Hardy applauded him.

"That is so romantic, my brother never would have done that," he said and Matt Hardy scowled at his younger brother.

"Shouldn't you be judging the Diva Dance Off right about now?" Matt asked mockingly and Jeff rolled his eyes as the Divas continued to argue over who got to go out with him first.

"I think they're still warming up," Jeff said finding the whole thing really sad but still he couldn't help but feel like a jock instead of a nerd for once, "Now I know how John Cena feels, wait why am I happy about that?" he thought scratching his chin.

"Excuse me ladies, I'm about to sing to my lovely new wife and I would like you to stop fighting, stop pulling each other's hair out and listen, thank you," Shawn said taking off his cowboy hat and coat, handing both to his best man who was going red with embarrassment already.

"Shawn you can't sing don't do this, do the Diva Dance Off instead, show Lita your love through the power of dance, that's where you really shine!" Hunter begged his best friend in the whole world but HBK wouldn't hear it, he got up on the stage The Kliq had erected for HBK and The Luchagors, Shawn took the microphone in his hand and everyone broke into applause and chants of "HBK! HBK! HBK!"

Lita felt so good just seeing him up there with her band who had abandoned her when she became a Christian and now her Christian husband was singing with them to her even though he couldn't sing; to Lita, that was her idea of romance and a declaration of his unconditional love for her.

The familiar riff hit and the fans went crazy but the frenzy died down when the music suddenly died and The Luchagors looked around to see what happened, then they saw the guitarist from Alter Bridge holding the lead to the speakers in his hand, Alter Bridge were pissed that they weren't singing at Shawn and Lita's wedding as promised by the Rated R Superstar and they were stopping The Showstoppa's showstopping performance before it even got started.

"Edge what is going on here, why did you invite the poor man's Creed to play at Big L's wedding?" Shane asked Edge who scowled in defense of his favorite band, Shawn was scowling too but for a different reason.

"Her name's not Big L, its Big Red, in fact its sweetheart, isn't that right sweetheart?" Shawn said to his new wife who was blushing like nobody's business; his sweetheart she obviously was.

"Edge tell your stupid band to get off the stage so Shawn can sing to me," Lita told Edge who pulled his hair behind his ears in a rage and was about to demonstrate when his mother slapped him around the head.

"Ow mom what the Hell?" Edge asked turning around bewildered by his mother's actions.

"How much money do you have left in the bank son?" Judy asked her baby boy who frowned looking nervous all of a sudden.

"I don't know about $8,000," Edge said and both Lita and Judy gasped.

"What happened to the $10 million dollars you had saved up?" Judy asked beside herself, "You said you weren't gonna touch that money until you raised a family!"

"I decided to destroy a dynasty instead," Edge replied and his mother frowned confused so Edge explained further, "I gave the money to Shawn so he could sue The McMahons and take over ownership of the WWE and still have enough money left over to look after my lovely lady Lita, his children and the one Lita's gonna give him," Edge replied and everyone turned to the Rated R Superstar astonished by what he just disclosed, most of all Matt and Jeff Hardy.

"You gave Lita and Shawn all your money?" Matt said coming over to his arch enemy with an admiration he lost a long time ago for his old friend.

Edge nodded, "I believe in love I believe that Shawn loves Lita and I believe that it will be worth the matches I'll have to have to earn that money back to see her happy," he said and Hunter shook his hand.

"You know we could afford to sue that rich bastard ourselves, you really care about what happens to Lita don't you?" Hunter asked Edge impressed with his generosity.

Edge looked over at his ex-fiancé, "I always have and I always will, but I know she's better off in your hands now, take care of my Rated R Red Head," Edge said to Hunter and Chyna who nodded that they would and from that moment on the WWE Superstars and TNA wrestlers had a new respect for Edge and his Big Red Heart, that was except his mom who was disgusted by his gullibility.

"How are you going to get that money back Adam? By putting yourself through more tables, ladders and chairs for the rest of your career? You keep going down this path and your not gonna live to see 60!" Judy complained worried about her son's future but Edge put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a squeeze.

"That's the life of a WWE Superstar mom, we live on the edge and I wouldn't have it any other way, have faith mom, after all I've got ATM on my side," Edge reassured her but that was easier said than done.

"What about after ATM disband? God said He's going to turn them back to normal this Sunday, that means no more miraculous healing, truth telling abilities or anointing, what then Adam what then?" His mother panicked and Edge looked at Trish who as usual was the calm, cool and collected voice of reason when everyone else was freaking out.

"Hebrews 11:1 says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" and verse 6 says, "without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that he is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him," Have faith Mrs. Copeland and you will see that blessings that are on your son's life because of the size of his heart and the faith therein,"

"What the Hell does that mean?" Judy exclaimed dropping the all the fish and rice on the sand much to Vicky and Lita's mom's annoyance.

"It means he's never gonna be broke okay? Gees!" Mrs. Dumas said picking up the fish.

"He's blessed Judy, Edge is gonna be fine," Vicky Guerrero said and gave Judy a kiss on the cheek, "Now, who wants substitute wedding cake?"

"Me, me, me!" Carla McCool yelled along with her friends Charlene, Cassidy and LC who ran over to Mrs. Eddie Guerrero who was holding a cake loaded with strawberries and cream ready for all to enjoy, it was one of 5 cakes Vicky had prepared with her daughters in celebration of Shawn and Lita's wedding.

"Wait Shawn and Lita have to cut it first, come on guys get over here!" Mrs. Dumas called to her daughter and son-in-law. Judy looked at her son who pulled her close and smiled at her reassuringly.

"I can't believe you gave them everything you had," she said still dazed by her son's actions, Edge glanced over at Shawn and Lita who were about to cut the first of their 5 wedding cakes with all their friends, family and fans watching.

"All the money in the world couldn't buy love like that mom," Edge said and Judy wiped a tear from her eye and they hugged, "I'm gonna be okay you'll see, don't worry about me,"

Judy nodded through her tears, she knew he was going to be okay deep down inside she just needed a little more faith in her Rated R Superstar and his Big Red Heart.

Stephanie McMahon wiped her eyes with one of Jericho's handkerchiefs after watching a little over on the side of the beach after Trish demanded she not come near food for the rest of the night, "If I gave away all my money would you still be with me?" she asked the Ayatollah of Rock N'Rolla.

"No," Jericho replied and Stephanie laughed, "I'm just being honest," Jericho said in his own defense and Stephanie nodded rubbing her rounding stomach, "I love money and I won't live without it, that's who am I am and I'm proud of it,"

"I know you are baby, that's what I love about you," she said and they kissed on the sand while Shawn and Lita kissed with their mouth full of wedding cake, everyone rejoiced in their love eager for the music to begin so they could watch Shawn declare his love for Lita by singing to her very badly and the Divas could win Jeff Hardy's heart and burn off the calories from the fabulous cake they were all devouring at the same-time, all except the Billion Dollar Princess of course who had eaten quite enough cake already and wasn't desperate to eat anymore for a while.

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