The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 43: The Sweetest Thing

Kingston, JA, Sunday morning, 6:43am

The beach was clear the air was warm and the sky was as blue as the Showstoppa's eyes, the greatest thing about spending the day in Jamaica to Lita was spending it with him. The man had never looked better which gave Lita all the more reason to justify what they were about to do.

"I think we're finally alone," Shawn said looking around and making sure the coast was clear and all the other Honeymooners had gone to bed, he pulled Lita towards him but she pushed him away and ran into the sparkling water knowing HBK would chase after her. She removed her Anointed gown and stood naked before him, her red hair draped over her shoulders her warm smile brightening up the already sun-soaked horizon of the beautiful island that was Jamaica.

"Wow," Shawn said amazed by what he was seeing, the truth was there were few things in his life he remembered being as beautiful as Lita was at this point in time, and that was saying something considering how beautiful Rebecca was and always would be to him. Now Lita was an additional part of the Michaels Family Portrait; as if God hadn't been good enough already, now Shawn had everything; a beautiful red-headed wife, two beautiful healthy children and thanks to Dixie Carter and Jerry Jarrett's legal maneuverings the co-founder of DX was now the official co-owner of the WWE: Life was sweet and judging from the way Lita was looking at him it was about to get even sweeter, so he took that opportunity to drop to his knees and thank the Good Lord for being so good to him.

"Let's go God boy I ain't got all day," Lita said humorously and Shawn got up to his feet after saying "Praise the Lord!" so loud the birds could hear it and took off, smirking he removed his cross and untied his ponytail and his hair fell loose about his shoulders. Lita almost fell over as he removed all clothing and stood naked before her, his sun-kissed skin was in serious need of some kissing and she had just the lips for the job. As he approached her she splashed water up on his face wetting his hair through and laughing nervously as he wrapped his arms around her pressing her naked body to his not taking his eyes off of her for a second, enjoying her amorous sighs as her breasts pressed up against his bare chest, her nipples hardening at the touch of his hot skin against them. Something started to happen to the water and Lita feared their romantic interlude was about to be cut short as the water started to rise up in great tides behind them.

"Oh no," she said looking down at the rising water while Shawn continued to kiss her breasts, he was enjoying himself too much to pay any attention to what was going on around him, "Why is my Righteous Indignation acting up I'm not angry right now?" Lita wondered confused then Shawn kissed her hungrily and everything that concerned her melted away in an instant and his smile sealed the deal; it wasn't her Righteous Indignation that was disturbing the water, it was him. "We don't need to have sex, just kiss me again," she said softly stroking his face as the water glistened on his razor sharp cheekbones a few droplets falling from his chin onto her breasts and his mouth curled up into a breathtaking smile showing that Shawn highly disagreed with that last statement.

"Oh we need to have sex Lita - right here, right now," Shawn said firmly and laid Lita down on the warm sand and made love to her moving in time with the waves as they splashed up over their hot naked bodies covering them from the eyes of the world. Their hearts raced as their passion rose up like a furnace and blocked out the sound of the tides crashing down all around them, Shawn didn't rush he took his time and drank in every part of Lita's pulsating body; her soft creamy skin, her warm hazel eyes, touching her and tasting her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, making sure there was nothing between them except the sensation of skin meeting skin rocking his hips back and forth, drawing himself into her and out of her one slow thrust at a time, keeping his eyes on the woman he loved making love to as her beautiful lips parted and his name escaped from her mouth.

"Shawn," Lita moaned.

"Yeah?" Shawn replied confidently pleased by his lady's satisfaction and what had to be his best sexual performance to date.

"I love you," Lita replied and Shawn rolled onto his back, or more accurately Lita flipped him onto his back and Shawn realized he was having sex with a luchador and tossing other wrestlers around came second nature to the former Women's Champion as Triple H had reminded Shawn on several occasions using Matt and Edge as examples. Lita sat up on him breaching her hips, letting Shawn slide up into her, arching her neck in ecstasy as he filled her up in a slow, pleasurable rhythm.

"Lita," Shawn moaned gripping her hips like a kid the first time on the merry-go-round.

"Yeah?" Lita replied confidently pleased by her man's satisfaction and what had to be her best sexual performance to date.

"I love you," Shawn said in a husky voice straining with desire fulfilled at last, it felt so good Lita couldn't stop smiling as Shawn put his hands on the upper part of her thighs holding onto them, it was like if he let go of her he would die and that thought scared Shawn, he wanted to feel more of what was inside, with his mouth, with his hands but he couldn't because she was on top and if she stopped now it would still be the best sex he'd ever had, "And there's something else," Shawn added but Lita didn't have to know what he was going to say as she continued to grind on him squeezing every inch of him and Shawn hit her sweet spot with each sensuous thrust writhing under her bucking hips, easing the pressure from deep inside his beautiful Big Red and slowing her all the way down til they stopped, enjoying being locked inside her as she looked at him with her simmering eyes convinced from the hot hands burning on her hips, the blood racing through Shawn's flushed red cheeks and the pretty eyelids fluttering with pre-orgasmic bliss that this was the best sex she ever had too.

"I know," Lita nodded her breath quick and fervent like Shawn's pace, his thrusts got deeper and deeper, she kissed his sweat-coated lips until her body couldn't take it anymore and their first Sex Celebration was regrettably over.

"Ah!" they gasped climaxing together and the moment was gone but they were happy with how well their first bout of love making went, Shawn hoped that they could go another round before breakfast, he wanted more, more, more like an orphan with an empty bowl and a hungry belly. The water finally settled but things were far from calm, for Mr. and Mrs. "Dumbass" Michaels getting up was not an option as they both lay on the sand flat on their backs looking up at the sky waiting for their heartbeats to return back to normal so they could talk to each other without sounding like complete idiots.

"That was awesome," Shawn said finding his voice after several minutes of silence his face buried in Lita's chest, his hot breath all over her and his hand circling her voluptuous breasts with great admiration.

"No this is awesome," Lita replied taking his hand away from her breasts and putting it on her shoulder, Shawn saw her green monster tattoo smiling at him and he knew all was well, he stroked the tattoo affectionately and the newlyweds embraced like two lovers in paradise, only unlike Adam and Eve, God was happy for them, "I'm so glad you're as good in my life as your are in bed, I was so scared you'd hit it and run," Lita confessed resting her head on his shoulder kissing his pierced heart tattoo and looking down at the heart on his right butt cheek wanting to kiss that one too. Then suddenly Lita felt a strange need to look down at her breasts, curiously she cupped them in her hands much to Shawn's pleasure figuring that something had just happened to them, "My breasts - they're real!" she exclaimed in amazement realizing what had happened inspecting them and feeling no silicone only her flesh, "You changed them with your Kiss of Life didn't you?" she asked HBK who nodded shyly like a teenage boy with a crush.

"Well you, Trish, Melina, Randy, Carlito and I are all gonna go back to normal sometime today I thought I might as well give us something to remind you how awesome God's been to us Anointed Amy," Shawn replied sweetly but Lita looked down; it was the last time she would be called that and that left a sadness in her heart. Shawn lifted her head and kissed Lita's lips tenderly holding her face up to meet his warm and loving gaze, his eyes were still burning bright with desire in the clear blue morning of their Honeymoon in Jamaica, "As for me loving you and leaving you, I can't even walk let alone run so I couldn't leave you if I wanted to," he said and Lita laughed, "I've never made love like that before, I've got a feeling our bed is gonna need a new headboard before we get out of this place,"

Lita gasped, "You wanna do it again?" she said amazed at Shawn's sexual appetite and he nodded, "Okay let me just get this starfish off my ass first, ouch!" she said pulling the crustacean off her and flicking it back into the water then Shawn hoisted Lita onto his lap and they resumed their love-making until the sun came up, the starfish got away unharmed.

Meanwhile somewhere between Jamaica and Florida . . .

Hunter looked down over the beach from the WWE jet he had "borrowed" from Vince and Shane while Chyna, LC, Carla and the Kliq slept in the back. Trish and Melina were with him and the rest of the wrestling world was in the back; TNA, WWE, ROH they all wanted to fly to Jamaica and since it was on Vince, the other side of DX saw no reason why they all couldn't come along.

"This trip is gonna cost my dad a fortune," Stephanie said and Hunter laughed: to him that made the trip even sweeter.

"All the more reason to do this my dear," he replied rubbing his hands together mischievously.

"As long as we don't disturb the lovebirds I ain't got no problem stealing Vince's jet or his credit card that paid for all our flights," JTG said from behind with Shad asleep on his shoulder.

"I have a problem with it and we're paying back every penny when we get back to America you guys," Trish said and everyone booed.

"You're such a goody-goody Trish," Mr. Kennedy complained.

"Yeah I can't wait til you go back to normal and all this Truth-telling stuff will finally stop," Chris Jericho added finishing off a bag of peanuts and licking the salt off his fingers. Trish sighed and Rocky kissed the top of her head smiling down at her from the seat behind, he knew how hard going back to normal was going to be for ATM, he had been there with them from the beginning. Melina had cried the whole flight over thinking about it and how being Miraculous had changed her for the better, now her relationship with Nitro was in jeopardy and she needed a miracle badly to pull through this relationship and wasn't eager to loose her Miraculous powers anytime soon.

"I don't wanna go back to normal," she wept, "I love being Melina the Miraculous!"

Trish put a gentle hand on Melina's shoulder understanding how hurt she was over this whole thing but also knowing that it was part of the agreement in exchange for bringing Jeff Hardy back to life, "Sweetie if we didn't agree to this Hunter would have gone to Hell, being a Christian is all about doing the stuff you don't want to do to save the lives of the people you love,"

Hunter touched his chest emotionally and everyone turned towards him wondering why he was being so melodramatic, "You love me that much? I always thought you guys hated me!" he asked the angelic duo touched by what they were giving up so he could live.

"Hunter it was you who knew Shawn and Lita would eventually get together, you saw the whole thing before any of us, you were so instrumental in them getting together, God used us to guide you and ultimately save you because the Earth needs people like you," Trish explained.

"I think I was afraid that if it turned out that Shawn was in love with another woman, his life would degenerate you know? I guess I never realized that Lita was no ordinary woman," Hunter said and Edge leaned over to their side of the jet and nodded.

"She's many things but ordinary is not one of them, I guarantee you Shawn is having the best sex of his life right now," he said and Matt Hardy scowled at him throwing a pillow at his old friend's unsuspecting face.

"That's all you ever think about Adam!" Matt yelled in irritation and Jeff Hardy smirked throwing Skittles into Ashley Massaro's waiting mouth.

"What do you expect man, he's named after the guy that got to bang Eve," Jeff said and everyone laughed including Edge's mom who had decided to come along before going back to Toronto which was still thinking Edge and Lita were getting married, she wasn't sure how to explain that Lita was now married to the guy that screwed Canada's beloved Bret Hart.

"Gees Edge I really wish you'd settle down already, there's more to life than Live Sex Celebrations my son," Judy Copeland said and Hunter, Cryme Tyme and the Kliq baulked at that statement.

"No there isn't!" they disagreed.

"Yes there is, come on Adam you must be tired of going from girl to girl now," Judy insisted and Edge thought aboot it.

"Maybe I'll meet someone in Jamaica, there are a lot of beautiful women in Jamaica," Edge said nodding his head and licking his lips lewdly and MVP, Mr. Kennedy and Ric Flair nodded along with him.

"I hear that brother, you know what we should start our own faction; me, the Dirtest Playa in the Game and you, the Rated R Superstar and Montell and Kendall - we could call ourselves The Playas Club cause we love the ladies and the ladies love us - whoooo!" Ric Flair cried and MVP, Mr. Kennedy and Edge all slapped hands agreeing that they should put the idea pass Teddy and Vicky when they got back to the States while Judy Copeland rolled her eyes and sank into her chair giving up on her son ever settling down.

"Don't give up on him Mrs. C," Trish said to Edge's mom, "It takes some of us a little longer to get out of the game for good,"

Judy furrowed her brow and looked up at Rocky who was fooling around with Y2J who had a hot pink bra on his head, the very one that Stephanie McMahon had spent the entire flight looking for and accused the Divas of stealing, "So are you saying you're still in the game Trish, that you're still a playa?" Judy asked the Canadian diva curiously and Trish nodded, "So Rocky isn't enough to stratisfy you?" she asked and Trish laughed.

"No he is enough to strastify me but he is for now, Judy there's more to life than finding the perfect man, sometimes all a woman needs to be happy is knowing Jesus loves her, Rocky, Carlito, Jericho, Christian I've slept with them all, but its only Jesus who ever gives me 100 percent Stratisfaction," Trish replied and Judy nodded understanding completely what she meant knowing that Edge and Trish had more in common than being from the same country.

"Say Nature Boy, make sure my son gets first dibs on all the girls you boys are gonna pick up on the road," she said to Ric Flair who came over to her, lifted her off her seat and danced with her merrily while Edge laughed thinking life on the road just got a lot more interesting now that he was gonna be rolling with Flair, Kennedy and Montell Vontavious Porter, not marrying Lita didn't seem like such a big deal anymore.

Jamaica, 12:43pm

The jet touched down and an hour later the wrestlers and friends had checked into the Jamaica Hilton where Cryme Tyme immediately began the search for the Anointed Couple, after asking a few wrestling fans in the area, Shad and JTG discovered the newlyweds hotel room and that they had been in there all day.

"Hmmm maybe we shouldn't disturb them," Jeff Hardy said as Hunter led the way to the penthouse suite and pounded on the door until someone answered.

"Hunter what are you doing, Shawn's gonna kick your ass lets go to the beach they'll meet us there!" XPac said pulling his old friend away from the door and escorting him back down to the hotel ground floor and altogether the Superstars exited out the hotel to the beach where of course Shawn and Lita still were several hours later, they hadn't quite made it back to their penthouse suite.

"Daddy?" Cameron called out running towards the familiar figure that was HBK who was sleeping on top of something, on closer inspection that something was Lita who had sunk into the sand beneath him and was trying to move but couldn't.

"Help!" she cried out and Melina and Trish pulled Cameron back but couldn't get to Cheyenne who knelt down by Lita who was sinking in the sand and pulled her out. The wrestlers gasped and Lita consciously covered herself with her hands but it wasn't her sandy naked body that everyone was gasping at, it was Cheyenne's incredible strength. Shawn stirred and opening his eyes and seeing his friends and family staring at his lovely new wife who was naked as the day she was born. He covered her with her Anointed gown from the King of Kings and saw his baby girl laughing and pointing at him hysterically.

"Daddy I can see your tinkle!" Cheyenne said and Shawn hid behind Lita who grinned at the familiar press of Shawn against her, it was something she would never get tired of feeling.

"Couldn't you guys go sight-seeing or something why are you honing in on me and Lita's honeymoon?" Shawn asked irritated looking particularly at Hunter.

"We only have one question then we'll go okay?" Chyna said holding Hunter back before Shawn kicked his ass.

"What?" Shawn asked.

"Are you pregnant?" Chyna asked Lita who looked at everyone tears burning down her face and Shawn looked down at her noticing the tears too. She pressed Cheyenne to her chest lovingly and nodded and Shawn felt his heart swell to the size of football field and tears started to burn the back of his eyes, he didn't even have to ask as Lita gave the First Lady of DX her answer.

"Yes I am," she said and everyone broke out in a round of applause and Cameron came over to his newest family member and Lita knelt down and he kissed her on the head.

"Congratulations Mom," he said and Lita hugged him and his little sister to her chest feeling the newborn baby swelling inside her. Hunter hugged Shawn then realized he was still naked and quickly gave him something to put on that he found on the beach, it was a moo-moo and it was so huge Viscera would have gotten lost in it.

"Hunter where did you get this from a beached whale?" Shawn said putting on the huge apparel.

"Hey I wore that while I was carrying Aurora!" Stephanie interjected and Shawn blew her a kiss and she ran over and hugged him and said congratulations, "Maybe I can give you some advice on raising young children since I have one of my own," she said tearfully and Shawn nodded and kissed Stephanie on the head bringing their decade long feud to a truce.

"Do you guys wanna know the sex?" Trish asked the Anointed Couple, "This is the last time I'll be able to use my Truth Telling abilities so use me while you still can,"

"Really?" Lita asked her best friend in Christ and Trish nodded embracing Melina who was still upset about going back to normal, Lita kissed her husband's hand and gave Shawn a warm smile, "Do you wanna know the sex?" she asked him and Shawn nodded, "Okay Truth, is it a boy or a girl?" the Anointed one asked The Truth: Trish Stratus.

"It's a girl," Trish said and Shawn knew instantly what he wanted to call her.

"I've got the perfect name for her," Shawn said squeezing Lita's hands lovingly looking at Cameron and Cheyenne who was still wrapped around her. Hunter wrapped his arms around all of them, then Trish and Melina wrapped their arms around him, then Randy, Carlito, Shelton, Nitro and everyone on the WWE roster came over and together the WWE Superstars, DX and ATM had one big group hug while Sting, Kurt Angle, and AJ Styles looked on with LAX and the rest of the TNA roster.

"So what are they gonna call her?" Kurt asked Sting who smiled to himself thinking of the only woman whose name would ever belong in the Michaels Family Portrait.

"Rebecca," Sting and AJ Styles said together and the TNA wrestlers cheered for the fallen TNA Knockout who was looking down from Heaven with Mother Hardy, Owen Hart and Eddy Guerrero with the King of Kings and the Almighty Father.

"I love happy endings," Jesus said wiping a tear from His eye.

"Are they going to go back to normal now?" Rebecca asked her Lord and Savior who shrugged.

"I don't know, ask Him," Jesus said pointing to the Throne Room where God was present.

"Father have ATM pleased You with their work on Earth?" Eddy Guerrero asked God.

Yes they have, at midnight tonight Amy Dumas, Trish Stratus and Melina the Miraculous will be back to normal, so will their Holy Helpers Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Carlito. Jeff Hardy will still have his gift because I think he's cool.

Rebecca smiled and asked God one more question, "Lord, will they live happily ever after?" she said referring to Shawn and Lita.

You're confusing Me with Shrek, this is not a fairy tale My child but don't worry for My Son is with them and He will always be with them until they die then they will be here with you.

Rebecca clapped her hands joyfully and sang "Halleluiah!" along with the other angels and seraphim, the sound flowed down through the Heavenlies to the Earth and filled the atmosphere around Jamaica which Jeff Hardy picked up on instantly having just left Heaven a few hours ago.

"I can't wait to go back to Heaven," he said an ran over the sparkling water which Heaven touched and danced on its surface much to the delight of the tourists and locals who always enjoyed the miraculous signs and wonders that came over the island every now and again, little did they know that they were surrounded by angelic beings who looked like wrestlers, who were as loved in Heaven as they were on Earth and were about to become like them once again.

"Okay we gotta celebrate Lita's little baby girl, I know - I'm a call Patrick and see what's happening at his club in the Blue Mountains!" JTG exclaimed flipping open his cell phone looking for the designer turned club-owner overnight Jamaican that hooked up with the WWE at the pre-Christmas party last year.

"Yeah tell him Shavonne and Latoya are having a baby," Shawn said wrapping his arms around Lita.

"That's nice Shawn but maybe we should just focus on your baby right now," Maria said and the Anointed Couple rolled her eyes at John Cena's pregnant girlfriend.

"Cena if you think you're gonna be WWE Champion and father to what is obviously going to be a mentally challenged child with no problems you've got another thing coming," HBK said to the WWE Champion who was now finally accepting fatherhood.

"Pray for me," Cena begged Shawn who smiled at him sincerely and gave him a wink.

"You got it partner," he said and together the WWE Superstars and TNA wrestlers made their way back to the hotel with the Anointed couple before heading for Dunn's River Falls for another classic party only this time instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ they were celebrating the births of an ex-miracle worker, an ex-girlfriend and a future mother of a baby girl called Rebecca.

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