The Last Adventure of ATM: Heaven on Earth

Chapter 46: ATM 4 Life

McMahon-Helmsley Compound, Greenwich, Connecticut, 5pm:

Hunter hugged his best friend to his side and smiled up at the huge McMahon-Helmsley Compound which he, Shawn, the Kliq and the kids had spent the last few hours redecorating.

"Isn't it just beautiful?" Hunter said and Shawn frowned looking at the pile of McMahon memorabilia they had moved out of Vince's former home.

"It's a pile of crap Hunter," he said bemused.

"You don't understand Shawn, you don't know how long I've wanted to do this. Now, thanks to you and God, I Hunter Hurst Helmsley finally get to kick Vince and his crap out of his own house!" Hunter cheered jumping up and down with Shawn while the Kliq applauded. Shawn was more interested in what was going to go into the house now that they had stripped it of all McMahon possessions and he wanted to know what Hunter had in mind.

"You know since we agreed to share the McMahon-Helmsley Compound," Shawn started and Hunter interrupted him.

"Uh-uh-uh, that's the Assassin's House of Heartbreak and Extreme Torture," he corrected Shawn and the Kliq laughed and laughed at the expression on HBK's face at the name Hunter had given his new building.

"Can you think of a name less demonic? I mean I am a Christian now, you can't just give it a sick sounding name it has to mean something," Shawn explained and Hunter slipped his arm off Shawn's shoulder and slapped himself in the head.

"I got one!" Cameron cried out raising his hand and jumping up and down, "How about St. Michaels House of Love?" he said and LC snickered.

"How about the Helmsleys' House of Shut the Hell Up?" Hunter replied and Shawn made a motion like he was gonna slap Hunter but the Cerebral Assassin hid behind Chyna.

"It has to be a place everybody wants to go," Shawn argued and everyone thought about it.

"I got it!" Hunter announced and everyone looked at him, "Lita's Box," he replied and Shawn stared a black hole into him, "What? You said make it a place everyone wanted to go," he reasoned and Shawn threw him into the huge fountain in Vince McMahon's Palatial Gardens.

"I got it!" Shawn announced dusting off his hands for a job well done, "The Sandbox,"

"I like it," Hunter said coming out from behind his girlfriend, "But I'd much rather play in Lita's sandbox if you know what I mean," he added and Shawn slapped him around the head.

"So that's what we're gonna call the McMahon-Helmsley Complex from now on and anyone who doesn't like it, well Hunter and I have just got two words for ya," Chyna said.

"NOT IN FRONT OF THE KIDS!" Shawn cried and the Kliq instantly gagged their mouths to stop the infamous two words from coming out.

Cheyenne frowned, "Daddy that was six words," she said and Shawn mussed up her hair which she promptly fixed.

"Hush buttercup," he told his baby girl with a smile then he thought about Lita, they had only been apart 3 hours and he missed her already, "Hey baby," he said after dialing her number on his cell-phone, "What'cha doing?" he asked amorously, "Are you thinking about me, cause I'm thinking about you,"

"Oh I'm thinking about you alright. I'm thinking about kicking your ass!" came the gruff response of Adam "Edge" Copeland who was staring at HBK from across the lawn while everyone including Carlito who was standing next to Edge's mom cracked up, "What the Hell is wrong with you Shawn?" Edge demanded furious, "wasn't this channeling Lita's spirit thing supposed to end when you married my ex-girlfriend last week?"

"But I called Lita's cell, this is her cell-phone number she gave it to me before she left with Trish and Melina for California!" Shawn explained gesturing to the new number Lita had put into his cell-phone. Edge looked at the number and shook his head and Shawn realized that his Big Red Sweetheart had just ribbed him.

"Hello?" Lita answered when her cell-phone rang.

"Shawn called the number you gave him," Hunter told her quietly so Shawn didn't hear him, "he totally made a jackass out of himself,"

"So the rib went off without a hitch, excellent work Helmsley, I think the two of us are gonna get along just fine," Lita said nodding to Trish and Melina who knew the cell number she had given her husband was Edge's and not hers and they took bets on how long it would take Shawn to figure it out.

"3 hours not bad," Trish said and Melina frowned.

"I was out by 4 hours, who would have thought Shawn couldn't go less than 7 hours without calling you," she said as the three girls packed up her things at her house in Santa Monica, she was going to spend some-time with Maria in Chi Town while Cena was on the road.

"I owe you one Hunter, that was the best rib yet," Lita said rubbing her pregnant stomach with laughter and Shawn grew suspicious when he saw Hunter making rude gestures with his mouth down the receiver of his cell phone; there was only one person he would do that to and he had her initial tattooed around her wedding finger.

Hunter turned and saw Shawn glaring at him, "Uh-oh gotta go," he said and hung up on Lita and shoving the cell phone into his front pocket.

"Oh hi Shawn, did you find out what happened with Lita's number?" Hunter asked innocently but Shawn wasn't buying.

"Give me your cell," he told Hunter in no uncertain terms and Hunter shook his head and wagged his finger in his best friend's face.

"This is my cell-phone Shawn, if you want one go buy your own, just because we're co-owners of the WWE doesn't mean we have to share everything, like that band you use to tie your hair back with, you borrowed it in 2005, I'd like it back sometime I can't keep flicking my hair back everytime it gets in my face!" Hunter said hiding behind Chyna again.

"Give me your cell, then I'll give you your stupid hair band back," Shawn said and Cheyenne reached into Hunter pants pocket and pulled out the phone leaving Hunter horrified, now he had no phone and his hair was falling into his eyes again.

"Your daughter just sexually harassed me!" Hunter exclaimed and everyone laughed.

"Hello?" Lita said answering her cell phone for the second time.

"Mommy is that you?" Cheyenne said down the phone and Melina and Trish jumped at the hostile voice of Triple H who was yelling at Cheyenne.

"I want compensation for what your little girl just did!" Hunter screeched at Shawn who ignored him, "She violated me Shawn, you all saw it!"

Trish and Melina laughed and so did everyone in Greenwich, Lita fell silent on the other end of her cell trying to get over the fact that she was legally the maternal guardian of Cameron and Cheyenne Michaels and wiped a tear from her eye that had fallen when Cheyenne called her mommy.

"How's Daddy Chey?" Lita replied a little choked up but still smiling even though her throat was hoarse with tears.

Cheyenne looked over at her father who was trying not to laugh at how cute his little girl was on the phone and ignored Hunter at the same-time.

"He's fine but Uncle Hunter wants to sue me for sexy harris mint," she replied and Lita frowned.

"What's a sexy harris mint?" she asked Trish who shrugged.

"Maybe it's a new breath mint, you know Hunter could definitely use one of those a day, his breath is terrible," Melina said and Lita laughed.

"Is Daddy mad at me Chey?" Lita asked Cheyenne who looked up at her Dad who was smiling down at her from above.

"Tell Mommy Daddy loves her too much to be mad at her," Shawn whispered in Cheyenne's ear and the little girl yawned.

"Sorry Daddy that's just too many words," she replied and handed her Dad Hunter's cell phone with a yawn and decided to go to Aurora who was sleeping in the Hummer limousine and take a nap with her but Hunter blocked her path to the former owner of the mansion's luxury vehicle.

"Oh no you're not going anywhere until I get my compensation you monster!" Hunter said firmly protecting himself from a further "assault" and Cheyenne started pulling her hair band from her ponytail.

"Here it's all I've got," she said handing the pink band to him and he took it begrudgingly.

"It's pink," he complained turning his nose up at the girly hair band.

"I ain't got nuthin else!" Cheyenne replied.

"Okay fine I'll take it, I guess I could drop the charges, but you put one hand on me Cheyenne Michaels and I call the cops," Hunter replied tying back his hair.

Gees Uncle Hunter you really do need a sexy harris mint," she said scrunching up her nose in disgust and ran into The Sandbox leaving Uncle Hunter to figure it out for himself.

"Does my breath smell or something?" he asked everyone and everyone looked at the ground or did something random.

"Oh look at the time, I guess we better be getting back to Orlando boys," Kevin Nash said to Scott Hall and Sean Waltman.

"I thought you guys were staying for the inaugural DX Rules party tonight?" Hunter asked them and they remembered that they were.

"Then I guess we better get back to . . . um, helping Edge and Carlito with the guest list," Scotty replied and the Kliq dragged a bemused Edge and Carlito into the huge Compound now unrecognizable to anyone with the last name 'McMahon'. Hunter looked over at his girlfriend who he trusted would give him an honest answer.

"Baby does my breath smell?" he said coming up to her and she turned away from him in disgust.

"Urgh! Gees Hunter have you been brushing your teeth with a toilet brush?" she asked him holding her nose and Hunter scratched his head.

"No," he replied and took another sip of his water, "My breath doesn't usually smell bad, what's going on?" he wondered taking another sip. Eventually he spat the water out and checked the bottle, "Urgh what is this, it tastes like dog water?"

When he heard laughter coming from inside the Hummer limousine he realized it was dog water and started heading towards the culprit.

"He fell for it, he's been drinking that water the whole time we've been here, he didn't have a clue it was from your dog's water dish," Shawn told Lita from inside the car next to a sleeping Aurora Rose and Cheyenne who was laughing along with Trish and Lita at the rib Shawn had designed since they left Jamaica.

"SHAWN!" Hunter roared and HBK laughed despite himself.

"Busted!" Cheyenne cried out.

"Okay I'm toast, pray for me," Shawn asked his wife.

"I always do," Lita replied with a warm smile.

"I love you, see you soon," Shawn said and ran from Hunter and into the house that McMahon built leaving their daughters to sleep in the leather warmth of Vince's Hummer limousine or as it would soon be known as the DX Machine.

"You guys ready to roll?" Cameron said from the front seat and Cheyenne frowned.

"Cam-Cam you can't drive, you too small," she said closing her eyes and fell asleep and Cameron pouted looking at how far his feet were from the steering wheel.

"One day I'll be able to drive and I'll be the man of the house," he said to himself with a deep sigh and kissed LC who was sitting on his left.

"I love you too Sexy Boy," LC said and Carla and Charlene smiled to each other.

"Uncle Rey and Aunt Vicky are here, let's try and keep Dominic and Shaul away from each other until they're sixteen and married," Charlene said to Carla who nodded as Charlene jumped out of the limousine looking wearily at the disgraced couple that everyone was gonna be keeping an eye on.

Back in California Lita smiled to herself and caressed her stomach fondly, "Your mom is a very happy lady," she whispered to her unborn child. Trish and Melina heard her feeling mixed emotions but hugged her all the same, while Lita and Shawn may have been on top of the world, Trish and Melina's was about to come crashing down.

"Melina are you okay?" Lita asked Melina as the Latina crouched over in pain holding her pregnant stomach.

"I think you better pray for me guys, I don't think this is gonna be an easy pregnancy for me and Johnny," Melina said and Lita and Trish looked at each other concerned.

"Do you think it has something to do with the match between Randy and Nitro for your managerial services?" Lita asked Melina as she and Trish eased the hurting mother onto her bed.

"Melina nodded, "Funny isn't it? You're marriage and your baby are blessed and mine is cursed," she said and Lita shook her head.

"You're not cursed Melina," Lita said confidently rubbing her best friend's stomach tenderly, "You're just stressing out over Nitro but everything's gonna work out you'll see,"

Trish nodded and Melina smiled and the baby started to turn and she screamed in pain. Trish consoled her pressing a damp cloth to her head while Lita held her own pregnant stomach where her baby was growing peacefully inside her and she wondered if Melina was right, maybe she was blessed and Melina was cursed. The Chimallis necklace Shawn, Rebecca and their children had given her last year was really itching her but she was too consumed with her own thoughts to remove it. But how can that be, how can Melina be cursed? Lita wondered then something started to come back to her No way, it can't be that's crazy she thought and came back to her natural self and together with Trish in the room that Nitro and Melina shared they all prayed that whatever was disturbing Melina's pregnancy would pass.

Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA, 5:30pm

Inside the arena Shelton Benjamin was preparing for his Number One Contendership match against Jeff Hardy and stopped to talk to Torrie Wilson who was pacing back and forth nervously, he knew something was up when she wasn't applying her make up like all the other Divas.

"Wanna talk about it mama?" he said warmly and the Boise beauty stopped and looked at the former IC Champ.

"I'm worried about this match between Randy and Johnny, I have a really bad feeling something's gonna go wrong," she replied and Shelton frowned confused.

"What do you mean?" he asked and Torrie touched her stomach where anxiety was growing.

"I don't think this match should go ahead, I've never had any problems until this morning when I woke up and Randy wasn't on the other side of the bed like he usually is, my stomach started to turn and it hurt so much," Torrie explained.

"You slept with Randy Orton?" Shelton asked and Torrie nodded and Shelton's heart sank, "Oh boy, when did you see him last?"

"On the phone with John Cena talking about how he was gonna beat up Nitro so bad he was gonna end his career," Torrie replied and Shelton started to worry.

"That ain't good, where is he now?" Shelton asked concerned and Torrie started to cry.

"I don't know, I'm worried Shelton I need to tell Shawn and Hunter to call the match off," she cried and Shelton looked down at his white wrestling boots and Torrie knew something was up, "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I don't think DX are gonna do that Torrie, Shawn wants this match to go ahead so you can get with Randy and move on, he really doesn't like Johnny Nitro after what he did with Ashley and Brooke, Randy winning the match would be a punishment for Nitro's insensitive behavior," Shelton replied and Torrie gasped.

"But Shawn is the whole reason we got together in the first place!" she replied in shock and Shelton shrugged.

"After everything Rebecca and Big Sexy put him through Shawn's not real keen on infidelity. promiscuity or any of the above, plus I think he's grown a soft spot for Randy since he baptised him in Florida," Shelton explained.

"Oh great, now God's favorite wrestler turned co-owner wants this match to go ahead, I guess there's nothing I can do," Torrie sighed.

"He just wants what's best for Melina, but that doesn't mean Hunter feels the same way maybe you could ask him to call off the match," Shelton said and Torrie's eyes beamed.

"You know what Shelley, that's a great idea!" she replied enthusiastically and Shelton sighed.

"I hate it when you call me that!" he replied in frustration.

"But you are so cute you're like a girlfriend, you always know exactly what to say just like Trish and Lita, speaking of girlfriends - hey Stephanie!" Torrie hollered to the former Women's Champion heading in their direction with DX, The Kliq, The Rock, Y2J and Jeff and Matt Hardy flew in seconds later and Shelton locked eyes with the Rainbow Warrior who he would be wrestling against for the most important title of his highly regarded career.

"Trying to get some advice from Torrie on how not to get your butt kicked?" Jeff asked cockily and Shelton smirked.

"I don't need advice, I already know I'm gonna win this match, HBK has total faith in me, don't cha Kliq buddy?" Shelton asked his mentor who nodded assuringly.

"That's right Shelton, that WWE Championship would look real good around your waist," he said and Hunter nodded in agreement and Jeff frowned in despair.

"Hey how come ya'll ain't got any faith in the Charismatic Enigma?" he complained discouraged.

"I have a responsibility to Shelton, he's a Kliq candidate," Shawn explained.

"And if I win my match tonight, I'm in the Kliq right Shawn?" Shelton asked excitedly and Shawn nodded while Jeff eyed Hunter annoyed.

"And I suppose you're on Shelton's side as well since y'all are co-owners of the WWE and all?" he asked Hunter who shook his head and hugged Jeff reassuringly.

"I'll be supporting you loudly in the back Jeffrey Nero, you can always count on me to be there for you," Hunter replied warmly and he gave Jeff a kiss which Shawn promptly cut short.

"Okay that's enough encouragement you're scaring Jeffrey!" he snapped at The Game who frowned confused.

"But you said I had to be more encouraging of our younger Superstars," he complained.

"Yeah I said encouraging not molesting," Shawn replied and Hunter apologized to Jeff who looked at this brother who averted his eyes and pretended not to see or hear anything.

"I gotta say for the first time I'm thankful I'm on Smackdown," he said looking Hunter up and down questioningly.

"And you accused my daughter of molesting you?" Shawn asked the co-owner of the WWE.

"I didn't say molest I said sexual harassment and she DID sexually harass me!" Hunter corrected him and Jericho pulled the pretty pink hair band out of Hunter hair and looked at it laughing.

"Well I can see she compensated you," he said and everyone laughed and Hunter snatched the pretty pink hair band back and re-tied his ponytail much to Jeff Hardy's concern.

"Can I come back to Smackdown with you? I'm scared Matt, don't leave me alone with him!" Jeff cried and Matt hugged his brother lovingly to him.

"Jeffrey Nero, you have my total support and Lita's too, right Shawn?" Hunter said.

"Oh absolutely," HBK replied and Jeff felt a little better about himself, "now are you two gonna tear it up out there and give the fans something to remember?" Shawn asked Shelton and Jeffrey who jumped up and down assuring Shawn that they would, "Alright now GO GET 'EM!" Shawn roared and Jeff and Shelton headed for the guerilla position.

"Um Shawn, their match isn't for another hour," Hunter reminded his best friend and co-owner of the WWE.

"Oh, okay guys my bad go to your locker rooms," Shawn told the competitors who rolled their eyes at Shawn before heading for their locker rooms thinking while Shawn was the heart of DX, Hunter was definitely the brains.

"Hunter, I need to ask you something," Torrie asked the co-owner of the WWE.

"Not now Torrie I'm busy," Hunter replied bluntly Torrie frowned.

"But you're not doing anything," she said confused.

"Exactly," The Game replied and Stephanie slapped her ex-husband on the arm.

"Listen Chairman of the Broads, Torrie is an employee of the WWE and she has something important to ask you now listen and stop wishing Lita was still a slut,"

she told Hunter and Shawn looked over at his blond best friend offended.

"Hey!" he snapped and Torrie calmed him down with a gentle tug of his arm which Chyna saw and didn't like and gave the former Playboy Covergirl a warning glare.

"Hands off the merchandize Wilson," she said firmly and Torrie gulped taking her hand off Shawn's arm as quickly as she put it on.

"Nevermind those two lovebirds Hunter," she said to The Game who was laughing at how easily intimidated Torrie was by his girlfriend, "I want to talk to you about this match Randy and Johnny Nitro are going to have for Melina's managerial services," Torrie said.

"What about it?" Hunter asked.

"I want you to cancel it," Torrie said and Shawn gasped in shock.

"Cancel it? Why I'm really looking forward to that match, do you want to give Randy Orton your managerial services?" Shawn asked Torrie and the Boise beauty shook her head.

"No I've got a feeling something real bad is gonna happen Shawn, I think Nitro and Randy might kill each other," Torrie explained and Shawn covered his mouth in shock.

"Why do you think that honey?" he asked Torrie concerned.

"She's just worried that Melina's gonna get a little too close to Randy that's all, Torrie everything's gonna be fine, Melina's not interested in Randy you've got nothing to worry about," Stephanie assured her as Shawn started to think about it.

"This match will prove how important Melina is to him so it has to go ahead," he added, "no matter who wins, you win overall because you get to go home with the Legend Killer,"

Torrie nodded, "I never thought of it like that," she said with a smile, "Okay nevermind forget I said anything Hunter, go back to thinking about Lita's boobs," Torrie said humorously and Hunter did exactly that much to Shawn's annoyance but before he tuned up the band, The Rock spun him around and Shawn rolled his eyes.

"Man you guys are just non-stop, do you know they've been doing that since we left the airport?" HBK asked Hunter who looked Rocky and Jericho up and down begrudgingly.

"I know and it ain't make no sense," Hunter replied.

"Neither did that sentence," Jericho replied.

"Don't you just love him Rocky?" Stephanie said holding her fiancé lovingly much to Hunter's dislike, "Love rules all," she declared then a bolt of pain shot through her stomach and she keeled over on the ground startling everyone especially HBK and Triple H who flew down to her side.

"Stephanie!" Jericho cried holding her head up off the floor.

"What happened Steph are you okay?" Hunter said frantically holding her face in her hands while Shawn went to get the EMTs.

Stephanie wailed and clutched her pregnant stomach, "Oh my God it's the baby, the baby's in distress!" she panicked, "call an ambulance!" she cried to Hunter who did just that flicking open his cell-phone and quickly dialing 911.

"Hold on sweetie, you're gonna be okay," Chyna said combing Stephanie's raven curls with her hand tenderly but Torrie wasn't so sure everything was gonna be okay.

"No Joanie, its not gonna be okay, Hunter you guys have to stop the match now!" she cried out to the owner of the WWE who frowned confused.

"Are you saying Randy and Nitro's match is causing Stephanie's baby to be in distress?"

"No not the match its got something to do with Nitro and Melina," Torrie replied and Hunter frowned not understanding what Torrie was talking about, then suddenly Lita burst through the door and ran down to the guerilla position where Shawn was talking to Nitro.

"Lita I thought you were in Santa Monica with Melina and Trish?" Torrie said as the red-head flew past them.

"Can't talk must stop match now!" Lita replied and Torrie nearly fainted.

"I knew it," she said holding her head feeling overwhelmed by everything that was going on and the Hardyz told her to take it easy.

"Baby something weird is going down where's Nitro?" Lita cried running up to her husband who was looking for Melina's other half himself, still he couldn't help but smile as his Big Red came flying into his arms then they gasped as Nitro and Randy started to fight before they even got through the curtain and Shawn tried to separate them but it was no use.

"Nitro Melina's in trouble you have to go with her to the hospital come on!" Lita yelled pulling Nitro away from Randy but Johnny wouldn't let Orton go.

"Something's wrong with Melina's baby?" Shawn asked in horror and Lita nodded and stroked his arm reassuringly even though she wasn't sure herself if everything was gonna be alright.

"It's the baby Johnny we have to go now!" Lita cried out and joined Shawn in trying to pull Nitro and Orton apart but it was no use they were really going at it, eventually Nitro knocked Shawn backwards and HBK just missed Lita by a hair.

"Are you okay?" he asked his pregnant wife who assured him that she was, but her eyes were on the two men brawling all the way down to the ring beating the living crap out of each other. Lita took Shawn's hand holding him back and he turned to her questioningly.

"I gotta get Nitro let me go!" he demanded but Lita shook her head.

"Melina was right, something's terribly wrong I don't think you can stop the match if you wanted to," she said and Shawn looked to the ring and held Lita close to him closing their unborn baby girl in between them realizing that Lita was right, something bad was just moments from happening and he didn't want his new family anywhere near Orton and Nitro right now.

"Come on let's go to the hospital, we'll be there for Melina and her unborn child even if Nitro isn't," he said and together Shawn and Lita followed after the ambulance that had come and taken Stephanie from the Arco Arena.

RAW Live:

JR: I don't like the look of this King.

KING: Randy Orton's got that demonic look in his eye.

JR: Oh my God, Randy Orton just RKO'd Johnny Nitro's head off!

KING: That is the most devastating RKO I have ever seen! Nitro isn't moving JR!

JR: We need to get someone out here for Johnny Nitro, we need to get the EMT's out here now!

Randy Orton stormed backstage where everyone was looking at him like he had just killed someone; the scary thing about it was that he had.

"Randy . . . what did you do?" Torrie Wilson said running over to Orton who had a dark look in his eye.

"I did what I always do, did you think I was gonna lose to Johnny Nitro?" Randy replied with no emotion whatsoever for the man being wheeled out on a stretcher by the EMTs that had come out to take Johnny Nitro to the hospital.

Torrie Wilson watched as Johnny's lifeless body was put into the ambulance headed for the hospital that Melina was just taken to moments ago.

"What the Hell was that Randy? You nearly killed Nitro with that RKO?" Shelton roared furiously with Jeff and Matt Hardy right behind him.

Randy Orton simply smiled, "Hey, I'm the Legend Killer now if you'll excuse me, I have to go claim my prize,"

Shelton and the Hardyz exchanged glances and Torrie couldn't believe what she just heard, "What prize? Melina's in the hospital worried sick about her unborn baby do you really think she's interested in giving you her managerial services after that?" she asked Randy outraged and Orton stared menacingly into the Idaho beauty's frightened face.

"It's none of your business but thank you for having sex with me, you're one Hell of a sweet lay," Randy replied and Torrie couldn't believe it, neither could Shelton, Matt or Jeff; Randy was apparently still in love with Melina and he wasn't the sweet boy Shawn Michaels had baptized in Florida anymore.

"It looks like the demon's back," Shelton said to Torrie who disagreed.

"No Randy's back to being who he's always been; a total asshole," she replied and ran to her locker room with tears of fury burning down her face.

"Torrie wait!" Matt Hardy called running after her while Jeff and Shelton headed to the guerilla position for their match.

"Suddenly I don't care about being the Number 1 Contender anymore," Jeff Hardy said somberly and Shelton nodded.

"Me neither, whad'ya say we go out there and give the fans something to take their mind off of what just happened?" Shelton suggested and Jeff shook Shelton's hand.

"I'm down with that, let's tear it up Shelton," he replied and flew through the curtain as his music blared through the speakers and the fans began to chant his name at the top of their lungs while Shelton prayed to Jesus at the top of his lungs thinking God took ATM's powers back way too soon as the holy powers of Anointed Amy, The Truth: Trish Stratus and Melina the Miraculous were desperately needed right now.

Back at The Sandbox:

Edge and Carlito watched in horror as the Legend Killer took out Johnny Nitro, Babs and Alison didn't know what to make of it.

"So is that real or is it just entertainment?" Babs asked Edge's mom and Judy looked over at her son's worried face knowing what just went down was not staged or worked and Johnny Nitro was seriously hurt.

"No Babs its real, its damn real," she said and her best friends covered their mouths realizing just how real what they had just seen was.

"But I thought you guys practiced all your moves so nobody got hurt?" Alison asked Carlito who had stopped cooking his Caribbean cuisine for the DX Rules party the minute Nitro's head smacked the mat with that RKO.

"We do practice everything chica," he replied somberly, "that wasn't a match,"

Babs and Alison looked at each other confused.

"It wasn't? Then what was it?" Alison asked him.

"It was an execution," Edge replied.

"You mean like a murder?" his mom asked getting more and more horrified by the minute.

"I agree with your son Mrs. Copeland, what happened in that ring was no accident, Orton took Nitro out," Carlito added.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Babs said covering her mouth and running to the fountain in the McMahon Palatial Gardens to throw up.

"I guess you better call of the party huh?" Edge's mom said rubbing her son's hand tenderly.

"Yeah no-one's gonna wanna party after that," Babs said coming back into the kitchen with Alison who got her some water and sat her down on a stool.

"Are you kidding mom? This is the WWE one bad apple doesn't spoil it for the rest of the bunch, I say the party goes ahead as planned, right Carlito?" Edge said to the cool one who nodded but the three women were horrified.

"Edge and Carlito are right ma'am," Scott Hall said and Nash and Waltman nodded, the women turned and saw other wrestlers beginning to arrive, "There's an old saying in the wrestling business and that's the show must go on, whatever happened between Randy and Nitro I'm sure the little squirt wouldn't want us balling over him all night long, ain't that right Naitch?" Kevin Nash asked Ric Flair who rolled in with MVP, Batista and Finlay.

"That's right Mrs. Copeland, or is that Miss. Copeland, whoooo!" Ric Flair howled and Edge's mom laughed in spite of herself and the Nature Boy started to dance with her.

"Guys did you hear about Torrie Wilson and Randy Orton?" Batista said to Edge and Carlito and they shook their heads that they hadn't, "They slept with each other at Shawn and Lita's reception party in Santa Monica and Randy Orton broke up with Torrie because he's in love with Melina again,"

Edge and Carlito nearly fell over, they couldn't believe it.

"After everything we did for Randy he's still caught up on Melina," Carlito sighed.

"He's baptized, Melina's married now, why would he do this?" Edge reasoned pulling at his long blond hair.

"Maybe he thought he had a chance," MVP argued, "I mean Melina and Nitro argued the whole time we were in Cali, they looked like they were gonna break up,"

Edge and Carlito nodded, it was true there was no denying how unhappy Melina had been since Nitro kissed those other Divas.

"But that still doesn't explain why Randy did this, he had Torrie, what more could a man want?" Carlito argued, "Unless he's in love with Melina, I kinda understand how that feels,"

Edge, MVP and Ric Flair looked over at Carlito concerned, "Why who are you in love with?" Naitch asked the cool one after handing Edge's mom a drink.

"Trish Stratus," Carlito replied and this time Edge did fall over luckily Christian was there to break his fall.

"Just like old times," Christian said and threw Edge off of him and into Carlito, "Get over it Carlito she's not worth it, you think The Rock's gonna walk out on his whole family to loose Trish to an amateur ring rat like you? I don't think so Holmes,"

Carlito picked up and apple and Christian ducked out of the room before he could spit it in his face, he swallowed it thinking that Captain Charisma was right, "Your eternal soul mate's got a point Edge, Trish ain't never gonna leave her true love for a mid card misfit like Carlito, I'm not cool,"

Edge, Flair and MVP gasped, "I can't believe you just said you're not cool!" Edge said.

"Yeah never EVER put yourself down for a girl!" MVP admonished the cool one.

"That's right Carlito, you are cool and don't ever say you're not," Edge's mom said and Babs and Alison agreed and Carlito smiled in spite of himself.

"Thanks guys that makes me feel a lot better about myself," he replied.

"Yeah now if only Randy Orton would get that message and move on once and for all," Ric Flair said, "I mean he's sleeping with Torrie Wilson, talk about seeing the glass half empty when the damn thing is overflowing whoooo!"

Everyone agreed and applauded the Nature Boy and his zest for life and wrestling but the celebration came to a halt when Randy Orton came through the door.

"You sonofabitch!" Edge barked at him pulling him into the kitchen where everyone had congregated.

"Well hello to you too," Randy replied offended and pushed Edge aggressively, "What the Hell's your problem man?"

"What's my problem, you took out Johnny Nitro he's in a freaking coma he might never wake up thanks to you and your stupid RKO!" Carlito snapped poking Orton in the chest.

"It was an accident Carlito," Randy said in his own defense.

"Save it Randy we all know what's really going on here," Batista said and Randy frowned at his old Evolution partner.

"So you've all been talking about me behind my back? I thought we were friends man?" he said offended.

"Wrestling is our life Randy, after this I wouldn't wanna get in the ring with you,"

Batista replied and Flair, Carlito and Edge all nodded in agreement, "You just killed your own career not to mention Melina's husband's, who knows how long Johnny's gonna be out for!"

Randy looked down, a tear fell from his eye at the mention of Melina's name then he looked back up so everyone could see his eyes, "It was an accident you guys, I'd never do anything to hurt Melina," he said honestly.

"That's because you're in love with her!" Edge snapped scaring his mom a bit who wasn't used to her son being angry unless Matt Hardy was in the room.

"I didn't see you getting so upset when Shawn stole Lita right from under your nose!" Randy retorted.

"Shawn and Lita are in love, you're in love with yourself. You're a selfish sonofabitch Randy Orton not even the Lord can change that," Edge said and Randy was hurt by his words shocked that Edge felt this way and judging by the look of everyone around the kitchen he wasn't alone.

"This is how ya'll feel about me? You don't think that I've changed?" Randy asked them and nobody replied, Randy held back the tears that wanted to fall and instead he swallowed them down and tapped into the rage that HBK had delivered him from a few weeks ago in Orlando, FL, "Then I've got three words for ya - "he said and before anyone could stop him he punctuated his sentence with an RKO to Ric Flair: "R-K-O!" he yelled proudly and just like that The Legend Killer was back and more deadlier than ever.

"Ric!" Torrie Wilson yelled running over to the Nature Boy as Randy fled the house and the RAW roster arrived horrified by what they had seen.

"He's crazy, Randy Orton's lost it, we gotta get ATM back together now!" Matt Hardy said and Edge and Carlito nodded.

"Are they still at the hospital with Stephanie?" Edge asked him and Matt nodded as Batista helped Ric up to one of the upstairs bedrooms in the huge compound.

"Shawn and Hunter are gonna flip when they find out what Randy did," Carlito said and Edge nodded.

"That's why we shouldn't tell them," Edge said and everyone looked at him like he was crazy. "Guys come on they're the co-owners of the WWE now, if they find out that Randy Orton RKO'd Ric Flair - a man they love like their own fathers, they'll fire him and make sure he never works in wrestling ever again!"

"Wait so you're feeling sorry for Randy Orton now? I thought you were mad at him?" MVP asked confused.

"I am but I also believe in forgiveness and I know that Shawn will be able to forgive Randy but Hunter will take a sledgehammer and bust his head wide open, that man knows no remorse. I think the most important thing is to make sure Randy stays out of trouble we gotta keep an eye on him," Edge argued.

"Without ATM, that's gonna be difficult," Carlito said and Edge nodded.

"I know but we've got to try, there is no ATM anymore we'll just have to do what we can with what we got," Edge said.

Meanwhile inside the DX Machine:

Aurora stop!

Carla, Cassidy, Brandon and Miss Taylor looked up with LC, Cameron and Cheyenne wondering where that voice was coming from as they woke up from their slumber in the back of the DX Machine.

"Hey God!" Cheyenne called out and Cameron looked at her like she was crazy.

Hello Cheyenne God replied and everyone fell to their knees knowing that the Voice belonged to the Almighty Father.

I have decided that now is the time for you to know what is going on with Aurora's powers, from now on I will be in control of her weather controlling abilities and no-one else. Because she is so powerful she'll need protection that is why I have appointed you Cheyenne as one of the new ATM.

"What?" Cameron cried out.

SILENCE! God roared and Cameron didn't say a word much to LC's dislike.

"You're gonna back down to God?" LC said disgusted by Cameron's reverence for the Lord.

"Um yah, he created the universe LC," Cameron reminded his rebellious girlfriend.

"My daddy is master of the universe God is just the dude that drew up the plans," LC replied and Cameron, Carla, Cassidy and Charlene gasped in shock while Brandon and Miss. Taylor laughed.

LC you are now the ARK - Aurora Rose's Keeper, that means that you are the only human she will listen to from now on. That means if I give you an instruction you follow it My child.

"She listens to me anyway," LC replied cockily.

Now all I need is for you to listen to Me and it will be all good.

"God said all good!" Cheyenne laughed.

"And what if I don't agree with what you've got to say?" LC said.

Oh you will My child especially when you find out what your father's got in store for you and Cameron Michaels.

"What's Uncle Hunter gonna do to me?" Cameron asked God.

SILENCE! God roared and Cameron quieted down again.

Now back to Cheyenne, I have given you the gift of Phenomenal strength, Cameron to you I have given the gift of wisdom. I know what you're thinking My son and the answer is simple: no-one will expect your three year-old sister to have Phenomenal strength since you are her older brother you be expected to be the stronger, so your wisdom will be your greatest attack I expect you to keep you and your friends out of trouble.

"Why don't you just put ATM together again?" Cassidy asked God.

Because Amy and Melina are pregnant and are in no condition to take on the devil right now.

"What about Trish?" Carla asked.

She'll have enough on her plate My dear that's why I need you to do this for me, there is trouble ahead. ATM have done so much for you, now its time for you to return the favor by listening to My commands. Go forth children and do the real King of Kings proud.

"God why is Randy Orton doing this?" Brandon asked.

Because the spirit of Cain has taken him over and it isn't finished yet.

God's Voice disappeared and Aurora was still angry.

"Go to sleep!" LC commanded and Aurora did just that, "Whad'ya know I am Aurora's Keeper," she bragged.

"What do you think God meant about the spirit of Cain not being done yet?" Miss. Taylor asked.

"Well if I remember correctly, Cain killed Abel because he was jealous of the offering he made to God," Brandon said.

"Randy Orton is just hosting the demon, he's innocent, I was there when Shawn baptized him," Miss. Taylor explained and Brandon realized she still had a soft spot for the Legend Killer.

"But why Randy?" Brandon thought scratching his head feeling sorry for the Legend Killer himself.

"I think it has something to do with the rule of the Firstborn," Cameron answered and everyone looked at him like he was an old ancient sage.

"What's the rule of the Firstborn?" LC asked him.

"Well there's a rule that the first offering is the most important one but if the offering is not special it becomes cursed and the firstborn is wiped out; that's what happened to Cain and Abel, to the Egyptians in the Book of Exodus, etc," Cameron explained.

"What's that got to do with Randy Orton?" Charlene asked.

"He was the first member of Evolution to become World Heavyweight Champion and he was the first to get kicked out. He is the first son in his family and he was the first Orton to get baptized. If he in fact does have the spirit of Cain then that jealousy has formed a curse which the devil has now used for evil," Cameron explained further and everyone gawked at HBK's son in amazement - everyone except LC of course.

"Great now not only are you a New Testament nerd, you're an Old Testament nerd too!" she complained.

"Daddy's gonna be so happy you smarter than he now Cam-Cam," Cheyenne said and Cameron never thought of ever being smarter than his own father.

"Your gift is very impressive Cameron just remember what God said, its to keep you out of trouble not get you into trouble," Brandon warned the confident young man.

"I hear you Brandon, I think it would be wise if we all went to bed," he said and everyone agreed and went into The Sandbox to get some much needed sleep and they weren't alone because the life of the party left when Ric Flair was dropped and nobody was in the partying mood after that.

The next day after the party was over and everyone had left The Sandbox, Shawn, Hunter, Lita, Stephanie and Chyna had returned to the place DX now called home. It had been a very stressful night which was turning into a longer morning for everyone in the wrestling world, especially for those who had watched RAW last night.

Shawn brought Lita back from the hospital intending to go to Charlotte with Ric Flair when he woke up to make sure he got home safe; after what Edge told him happened to the Nature Boy Shawn and Hunter decided that he shouldn't stay in their big mansion and went home to the comfort of his home in Charlotte so he didn't slip and hurt himself like Edge said he did last night.

Shawn woke up to find Lita up with his children talking about their Gifts from God while Hunter and Chyna stayed asleep with LC and Aurora Rose who according to Cam and Chey also had Gifts from God. He listened to what they said with a skeptical ear but when Cheyenne picked up Hunter to demonstrate her new Phenomenal strength he was convinced that his children had indeed been visited by the Holy Spirit last night. Hunter didn't take the news too well, Cheyenne dropping him on the floor probably had something to do with it and The Game resumed his case for harassment against the Phenomenal One stating that no pretty pink hair band was gonna get him to drop the case against her this time. Cameron told his father that it would be wise to ignore his best friend: HBK agreed and went back to sleep while Lita tried to understand what this had to do with Melina and Stephanie's pregnancy problems.

Trish stayed with Melina at the hospital with Rocky and Jericho who slept in the room with Nitro while Melina and Trish prayed all night long. It was then that it happened.

"What was that?" Trish said and looked to the door and Melina clutched her stomach in pain and screamed waking everyone in the hospital up. Rocky and Jericho looked out the door and tapped Rocky on the shoulder.

"Look it's your daughter," he said and Rocky came towards the small figure in the doorway and it was indeed his firstborn child.

"Simone what are you doing here?" he asked his daughter who turned and looked at the Canadian blond sitting next to the Mexican brunette.

"I should ask you the same question, I thought you might be cheating on mom so I thought I should come and check it out for myself, and here you are - with her," Simone spat hatefully.

Rocky sighed, "Simone you're too young to understand, let me take you home," he said and went to pick her up.

"Are you coming home too?" she asked her father and he paused.

"No I'm not," Rocky replied, "I'm in love with Trish and I'm staying here with her,"

Simone scowled, her face tightening with hate, "So be it," she spat and a wave a pain so severe ripped through Melina's body and she screamed so loud the doctors and nurses came in to see what was going on. They raced over to Melina and diagnosed her again but they couldn't find anything wrong with her to explain why she was in so much pain.

"What is it doctor?" Jericho asked but the doctor was unable to explain the reason for the pain.

"I don't know there's nothing wrong with her," the doctor replied, "there's no medical reason for Melina to be in such severe pain!"

"Medicine is no match for miracles doctor," came a familiar voice from outside the room and Rocky, Jericho and Trish turned to see Randy Orton standing in the doorway.

"Randy what's going on why is Melina in so much pain?" Trish asked him frantically.

"The question isn't why is Melina in so much pain Stratus," Randy answered, "The question is, why aren't you?"

"What?" Trish said confused thinking what she had to do with Melina being in so much pain.

"Before you, Lita and Melina lost your Gifts from God you said that there was a dispute in the Heavenlies over the new ATM, well you're the cause of that dispute Trish, because of you there's a curse on Melina's firstborn child," Randy replied and Trish looked at Randy like he was crazy.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she said shaking her head innocently.

"Oh that's right you're no longer The Truth: Trish Stratus, you're just a big fat liar like Shawn Michaels!" Randy spat menacingly coming towards the frightened former Diva, "Well I've already taken out Naitch and because you're a 7 time Women's Champion that makes you a Legend, and you know what that means don't you?" he said and before anyone could stop him Randy RKO'd Trish and ran out of the room before Rocky and Jericho could stop him. Simone flung her head back and let out a demonic laugh as Trish lay limp in Jericho's arms, The Rock ran over to his firstborn and shook her angrily.

"Tell me why you're doing this Simone, what has gotten into you?" he demanded.

"If you don't come home right now I'll get Randy to drop you where you stand," Simone said and Rocky felt his body shaking, something evil had taken over his daughter and he didn't know what it was but he didn't want to find out.

"Okay let's go," he said and took his daughter's hand and left with her leaving Trish passed out in Jericho's arms. The pain that had torn Melina's body up left and Nitro woke up out of his coma.

"Whoa, I feel like I've been hit with a truck," he said holding his head and Melina grabbed him squeezing him to life, "Mi hermana," he cooed over her shoulder, "I'm sorry I kissed Brooke and Ashley, please forgive me Melina I love you so much!"

"I know, I love you too baby," she said and kissed Nitro passionately while the doctor attended to the unconscious Trish Stratus.

"What happened to Trish?" Nitro asked as Melina searched her bag for her cell-phone and called Lita immediately.

"The same thing that happened to you baby," Melina said holding Trish's hand, "Lita? Something terrible has happened to Trish, what the Hell is ATM and where are they because we need them right now!"

"I don't know who ATM are Melina," Lita replied scratching at the Chimallis necklace that she had forgotten to take off before she fell asleep last night and Shawn's eyes popped open at the sound of those three letters and thought back to his wife's funeral, "This thing is scratching my neck," Lita said and pulled off the choker and saw something inscribed inside it and showed it to Shawn in shock, "Oh my God Mel, ATM is us!" she cried in shock as Shawn read the inscription.

"What are you talking about Amy?" Melina asked confused.

"Anointed Amy, Melina the Miraculous and The Truth: Trish Stratus - ATM 4 Life," he read and looked up at his wife in shock, "What does this mean?" he asked amazed and Lita reached over and picked up her Bible from the nightstand.

"It means we've got work to do, Mel I'm on my way," she said and kissed Shawn before picking up her handbag where her Tallit was folded up inside with her anointing oil and she headed for the door, she turned back and looked at her husband, "Are you coming St. Michaels?" she asked sweetly and Shawn's smile brightened at the name.

"Come on kids we've got some demons to kill!" he called said hoisting Cam and Chey over his shoulder, "Hunter get LC and Aurora ready," he called to his best friend and Hunter stuck his head out of his bedroom door and saw Shawn, Lita, Cam and Chey heading out of the house.

"Ready for what?" he asked groggily and he saw LC fully dressed with Aurora standing by the bedroom door.

"Ready to do what God called us to do Daddy," LC said and Hunter shook his head pulling on his shoes.

"Whatever," he said and together they followed Anointed Amy out the door to reunite the old and the new ATM and take down the forces of evil one more time.

"Now that's cool," Carlito said munching on an apple watching Lita, Shawn, Hunter and their children leave in the DX Machine through the kitchen window with Edge who hadn't slept at all last night.

"Yeah it is cool," Edge agreed, "Hey everybody wake up, ATM are back!" he cried and all the WWE and TNA wrestlers cheered, with ATM things are always looking up!

The End

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