Pumpkin King

Chapter 21

Sara wasn't from Magnolia. She was from a country just south of it. And there, from the moment you were born, your entire life was planned for you. What job you would have, who you'll marry, how many kids you'll have, all of it…except for Sara. She wasn't planned. Her parents had her without the government's consent. They were put on trial for that.

And executed.

But they spared her, the child. But only to live a life of shame. He was hated by everyone she met. Scorned by every living soul. She began to doubt her own existence. So she became a puppet. A tool to be used to meet an end. She wanted to be useful. It didn't matter what it was, she would do anything anyone asked of her. Just so long as she was useful.

But then she came. And she changed her life.

Sara only had rags to wear as she went from town to town looking for someone to help. She was usually left alone when she traveled, but sometimes, local boys would see her and beat her up. She learned to just take it and hope that they would stop soon.

That was what was happening when she appeared. They were kicking her on the ground, but then she came running at them with her arms flailing and tackled the boys off of her. They left screaming while the girl stood over her yelling at them. But then she leaned down to look at her.

"My name's Lucinda. What's yours?" She asked, looking her up and down.

It took her a moment to find her voice. She hadn't been asked her name in a long time. "S-Saraphina. Saraphina Dublou." She said weakly.

Lucinda smiled brightly. "Nice to meet you Sarap - Saraphy….How about I just call you Sara?" She asked with a scrunched face.

Sara sat there dumbfounded. No one had ever given her a nickname before.

Lucinda looked confused at her silence. "Hello?" She asked, waving a hand in front of her face. "Are you okay?"

Sara had to resist the urge to cry. Someone was actually showing her kindness.

"I-I'm…fine." She finally managed to say.

Lucinda looked at her dubiously. "If you says so." Then she looked at her clothes and the bruises and cuts and dirt on her skin. "But it doesn't look like you have anywhere to go." She looked thoughtful for a moment. "Hey, do you want to come travel with me?" She asked suddenly. "I'm looking for a home too."

Sara looked shocked. "B-But I'm useless." She said quietly. "Why would you want to be with someone that's useless?"

Lucinda didn't look happy with that answer. "Nobody's useless." She reached out and grabbed Sara's hand, forcing her to her feet. "Everyone has a purpose. And I'll beat up anyone who says otherwise!"

The way she said it almost made Sara start to believe she was meant to exist. But she was still hesitant.

But as Lucinda started dragging her down the road, she turned with a smile and said, "You know, you have a very nice voice. Ever think of taking up singing?"

This all came rushing back to Sara as she watched Jilo stand over the unconscious Erk. She had taken what Lucinda told her to heart that day. She practiced her singing every day. And later, she learned to use her magic the same way.

She had the sudden urge to smile. She often forgot it but…she was also a Pumpkin King wizard!

'In you and I, there's a new land, where Angels fly.'

Jilo frowned and looked up from Erk's unconscious form to see Sara standing in front of a doorway, her hands folded together and her eyes closed, her mouth open as she sang. "Maybe you Pumpkin King guys aren't so bright." He said, popping a shoulder. He grinned evilly. "This is hardly the place to be singing."

'My sanctuary, my sanctuary yeah. Where fears and lies melt away…music inside what's left of me, what's left of me now…' Sara looked passed Jilo, who started walking towards her, and at Erk. 'I watch you fast asleep. All I fear means nothing…'

With his back turned, Jilo couldn't see Erk's hand twitch slightly.

'So many up and downs. My heart's a battleground. I need true emotions, I need more affection than you know, I need true emotions.'

Warmth started flooding into Erk's body. His eyes suddenly sprang open and he took a gasping breath.

'You show me how to see. That nothing is whole. And nothing is broken…'

Energy surged through him and Erk felt stronger than he ever had. And he didn't feel any pain from the burns and bruises. He could hear a song. A beautiful song.

He jumped to his feet to see Jilo whirling around in surprise. And behind him was Sara. And she was singing. Erk smirked. He always wondered what her magic was. And now he knew. Her magic was in the song. She wasn't healing him, but she was blocking out his pain and giving him energy. She was letting him fight.

'In you and I there's a new land where angels fly.'

"Steam Engine." He shot forward with the sound of a train whistle.

But Jilo was quick. "Blasting Bomb!" A green sphere appeared in front of him and with a snap of his fingers, the sphere detonated, sending a blast of force directly at Erk. But the blast didn't stand a chance to the force Erk brought with him. It only slowed him for a second before he was going at full speed again and slamming right into the pale man.

'My sanctuary, my sanctuary yeah. Where fears and lies melt away.'

But instead of just hitting him, Erk grabbed his shoulders and dragged him to the ground, letting his momentum take them as Jilo's back was dragged against the street with enough force to leave a rut behind them. They kept on going until Erk slammed him into the building right next to the one Sara was in front of.

The gust of wind that they produced made Sara flinch and stop her song. She looked over at the pile of rubble that the two had made. She held her breath until the pile shifted slightly. She gasped and wasn't sure if she wanted to fight or run.

But then the rubble shifted more and Erk stumbled up. He was breathing heavily and he staggered with every step. Without the song, all the pain was rushing back to him. Adrenaline was the only thing keeping him on his feet.

"I-I think…we did it." He said heavily. He managed to reach Sara before falling backwards onto his back. "At least…I hope we did."

"Mr. Erk!" Sara shouted, as he dropped. She kneeled down next to him. "Are you alright?"

Erk groaned as he tried to sit up. "I could probably sleep for a few days straight. And you could probably fry an egg on some of the burns on me. But other than that I think I'm alright." He managed a grin. "At least I didn't break any bones this time."

Sara was about to sigh in relief when she heard more rubble being disturbed. She whirled around and Erk managed to lift himself up to look at the pile of rubble just as Jilo rose out of it.

His face was shrouded in darkness but it was very clear. He was very angry. He lifted one arm to look at the steady stream of dust that was falling out of the sleeve of his coat.

"You broke me…."

"W-What are you talking about?" Erk managed to say. He tried getting to his feet, but only managed with Sara's help.

Jilo took a step towards them, his head down and dust still pouring from his sleeve. "You. Broke. Me." His head shot up and a look of panicked rage filled his eyes. "Brokebrokebrokebrokebrokebrokebrokebrokebrokebrok e!"

He raised his arms and a giant glowing cylinder appeared above him. It had red lines running through it and the area around it was getting darker, as if it was sucking the light out of the air.

"I will destroy you all!"

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