Pumpkin King

Chapter 35

Erk and Dante were screaming as they charged the Demon Horn members. Dante's gauntlets were raised and steam was pouring off Erk's body as he prepared for his magic.

"Hey Erk, how do you kill a snake?" Dante asked as they jumped over the stadium. They were both poised to strike Harlas where he sat, Dante with a fist aimed while Erk raised a leg for a powerful kick.

"Cut off its head!" Erk answered loudly. He brought his leg down in an arc just as Dante threw a bone shattering jab, both aiming for Harlas's head.

But the dark guild Master didn't even blink. And just before the two made contact, Milo jumped between them and used the shaft of his scythe to catch their blows.

The two glared at the blue haired boy as he grinned wickedly at them. "You must be stupid if you think we'd let you attack the Master like that."

Then the boys found themselves surrounded by the other members, Bligoro and Picksy on their right and Spindel and Sissy on their left. Will and Ulrich alone stood firmly in place, each at their Master's side.

But the two guild wizards had been expecting that. Dante smirked and grabbed Erk's shoulder. The brown haired boy grinned cheekily as steam began pouring off his body. Using Milo's scythe as a springboard, he jumped into the air, bringing Dante with him, and pointed at a spot on the ground. "Rail Change!"

A yellow magic circle appeared behind Harlas's chair and the two boys were pulled towards it before the Demon Horn wizards had a chance to retaliate. And the moment the hit the ground again, they dashed off with the sound of a train whistle towards Harlas. They screamed a battle cry as they charged at the dark master.

Harlas didn't even turn around in his chair. A burst of magic radiated from his body, which hit Erk with enough force to make him slow down slightly but not enough to make him stop.

"You boys are deeply mistaken." Harlas told them nonchalantly. "You seem to think I'm a snake. But I'm much worse than that." He raised a tightened fist into the air. "I'm a demon." He slammed his fist down on the arm of his chair. "House!"

The entire building shook. Dust rained down on them and the room quivered as if it were alive. But Erk was ignoring the distractions. He kept his eyes trained on the back of Harlas's chair as his magic kept them going forward. But to his surprise, as a pillar of stone pierced through the floor directly in his path. Dante flinched and almost let go of Erk's shoulder, but Erk didn't even blink. Without so much as pausing, he ran straight through the pillar, leaving it a pile of rubble behind him.

"Is that all you've go-o-oly shit!" More of the pillars burst through the ground in rapid succession, creating a row of barriers between them and Harlas as well as making obstacles all around the room.

"Turn! Turn! Turn!" Dante screamed in Erk's ear.

Bur Erk growled. "I'm a train, not a car. I can't just turn!" He let out a yell of defiance as they slammed into the pillars. And one by one, they smashed through them with ease. But it didn't take long for them to start slowing down. "It's gonna be close!" Erk screamed. They slowly came to stop as the pillars took away more and more of Erk's momentum until they came to a halt with only one pillar between them and Harlas.

The Demon Horn master smirked as he heard them stop. But then Dante leapt over the last pillar, his fists still wrapped in his gauntlets, ready to strike down on Harlas. "You're mine, asshole!"

But before he could get any closer, a large, blobby shape jumped between them.

"Bligoro no like you! Bligoro beat now!" The fat man yelled angrily. He opened his mouth wide and made to bite down on Dante's head. But instead he got a mouthful of gauntlet as the shaggy haired boy punched his fist into his mouth.

"You shouldn't talk with your mouth full." Dante said cockily. But his attitude quickly vanished as he heard a cracking sound. Looking at his gauntlets, he saw crack spreading from where Bligoro was biting.

"Oh boy!" Not liking the looks of that, Dante quickly pulled his hand out of the gauntlet just as Bligoro bit right through it, bit of dirt and clay sticking out of his mouth and he chewed contemplatively for a second before spitting the ruins of the gauntlet out.

"No good, no good. Bligoro tastes bad!"

"What do you expect? It's dirt!" Dante yelled at him in shock. He was keeping his uncovered hand behind his back, fearing that Bligoro would bite it off too.

The Demon Horn member just sniffed in Dante's direction and smiled. "Bligoro no miss next time. Bligoro take big chunk out of Bad Smelly's hide."

Dante went visibly green as his stomach churned. "Bad Smelly?" He gulped. "Why can't Erk be Bad Smelly?"

Bligoro pointed a finger at him. "Because he no smell bad. You smell like bad smelly dirt! Why? Why Bad Smelly smell so bad!?"

The question seemed to bolster Dante's courage. He suddenly smiled at him, his eyes hidden behind his shaggy bangs. "Well how else do you fool a bloodhound?" With a bit of concentration, Dante grunted and brown magic circle appeared behind him. His skin seemed to shimmer for a moment before what looked like a layer of dried dirt appeared on his skin, making him look like a clay figure. "In the old days, convicts would cover themselves in mud to throw their scent off hunting dogs when they escaped from jail. I figured the same tactic would work on someone who could sniff out people's memories." Dante explained, dust falling away from the corners of his mouth as he spoke. "But now that the cat's out of the bag, I'm not going to waste any more magic keeping it up." With those words, the dirt crust all over his body fell away, leaving Dante looking like a weight was just lifted off his shoulders.

Bligoro looked livid. "You-You no fool Bligoro! Bligoro smart! No Bad Smelly will outsmart Bligoro!" With a feral yell, the bigger man lunged at Dante.

Across the room, Erk was running away with Sissy hot on his heels. With all the stone pillars scattered everywhere, he couldn't find the room to make good use of Steam Engine. So he had to settle with running normally.

"Dammit, lady! Why can't you leave me alone?" Turning his head he saw two Sissies running after him with their arms outstretched. "No means no!"

He turned back around and ducked just in time to dodge a scythe that went slashing passed his head. But the surprise of the attack made him stumble and fall to the ground.

"Tch. Lucky." Milo said from atop a pillar he was standing on. His scythe was resting on his shoulder. "An inch to the left and you would've been mine."

Erk groaned as he sat up. When he fell, he accidentally rolled into the pillar next to the one Milo was standing on. Behind him, the two Sissies combined into one and watched as she licked her lips in anticipation.

"Stay out of this, Millie. The cutie's mine."

Milo reddened at the name and Erk instantly started laughing. "Millie?" He looked up at Milo. "She calls you Millie?" He busted out laughing as Milo's blushed even more.

"Cram it!" Milo shouted at him. Then he pointed his scythe at Sissy. "And I told you not to call me that, woman!"

Sissy gazed at her guildmate darkly. "Woman? Hmph. Someone isn't coming to my room tonight." Then she looked at Erk. "But that one…" She used her arms to puff her breasts out prominently and batted her eyelashes at him.

Under normal circumstances, Erk would have jumped at the chance to be with a pretty girl like her. But he knew what she was like inside. "Thanks, but no thanks." He said straight faced. "The only reason I'd let you anywhere near me is if I had a full-body containment suit and a cattle prod."

Milo had to choke back laughter at the comment but Sissy took a step back in surprise. "W-What? How rude!" She glared daggers at him. "I liked you more when you couldn't remember anything."

Erk just rolled his eyes as he reached up to his goggles and snapped the over his eyes. "I didn't like you at all." With a smirk he glanced at both his opponents, Sissy on the ground and Milo on the pillar. I can take em. He thought to himself. He smiled. As the familiar sound of his train whistle resounded around him.

While Erk and Dante were busy distracting everyone, Tamashi had all the time she needed to work her magic. Ribbons of purple smoke writhed through the air around her as the husks of thousands of spiders gathered around her. All few more moments and her army would be complete with no one the wiser. Except for one problem.

In front of her stood both Sir Pixelton and Spindel. The veil shrouding her face concealed her features, but Tamashi had no doubt she was watching her. Pixelton didn't even bother hiding his stare as he spun his cane.

"Now, now, my dear. Surely you didn't think we'd leave you to your own devices did you?" He flicked his cane to the ground and leaned forward, his eyes taking her in. "Such a lovely young lady. Don't you think?" He asked his partner.

But Spindel didn't say anything. She simply stared at the swarm of spiders gathered around Tamashi and made a clicking noise.

"Don't even try it." Tamashi said indignantly. "These babies are under my control now. There's nothing you can do to take them back."

Spindel made an angry clicking noise and hunched her body over. Picksy calmly took a step away from her. "Why don't you surrender quietly and we'll all go to the buffet table and have some breakfast?"

Tamashi didn't even bother answering. She just swung her arm forward and her spiders swarmed like a wave towards the two. Spindel just inhaled deeply before spitting out a thick white webbing around herself like a cocoon. Picksy wasn't so lucky. His eyes wide, he screamed as the swarm overtook him.

Tamashi smirked confidently. "One down."

"Do you really think so, my dear?"

The red haired girl gasped as she stared at the spot Pixelton had been standing. The spiders gad gathered like a small hill there…but something was strange.

Then, as she watched, a fierce wind began blowing the spiders to one spot. By the hundreds, they began disappearing until she could see him. Sir Pixelton was standing with a confident smile while he held his hat outwards. And it was into the hat that her spiders were disappearing. They were getting sucked in like it was a vacuum.

"I'm so sorry." He said with faux sympathy. Once all the spiders around him had been sucked up, he spun his hat with a flourish back onto his head. "But you'll need to try a bit harder if you wish to best Sir Pixelton!"

Tamashi ground her teeth together and called all her remaining spiders back to her. Once the last of them were back she watched Spindel tear through her own cocoon and step into the fresh air. She clacked in agitation towards her.

"…I knew that was going to be too easy."

Overlooking these match ups were Harlas, Will, and Ulrich. Peeko was nowhere to be seen. But Harlas didn't care about the crow. He was too focused on his guild members taking out the spies. "Dante Creed. Erk Travel. Tamashi Pyke. Soon, you will fall to your knees to my superior guild. He made a gripping motion. "And once I'm done with you, your precious Pumpkin King will be the next to fall."

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