Pumpkin King

Chapter 57

In the Nightmare's End hideout, Rose was pacing at the far end of the room, away from the eyes of the others. She wanted blood. She wanted revenge. But Hyde was denying her that. Pumpkin King took so much from her in the past, but even now they still took more. She had to hold back her tears as images of Wave passed through her mind.

Griping her hands into tight fists, Rose looked over at the throne her Master sat on. His eyes were directed at the ceiling in a calm, almost peaceful gaze. There could be anything going through his head at the moment. But one thing she realized was that this was the moment to slip through and go get her revenge.

But she noticed something else. There was a tension in the room. Mostly directed at the woman named Emery. Bloodlust seeped through every pore on her body. The Steel Fist wizards in particular were wary of her. Her declaration of killing them all had gotten under their skin.

When Pumpkin King arrived and the fighting broke out, there was no telling what Emery would do. She could turn on them just as easily as she could bare her fangs at official guild wizards.

But Rose had no intention of being there when everything fell into chaos. She was going to get her revenge. Even if it costs her life.

Steeling her resolve, she silently left the room.

But after she left, Jilo eyed his Master. "Shouldn't we stop her?"

Hyde smiled, not taking his eyes off the ceiling. "No. Let her go. She became unstable after Wave's death. I can't rely on an unstable tool. Let's just hope that she takes a few with her before she follows her lover into the abyss."

Jilo grinned. "That's cold even by my standards. Which is why you sit in the big chair." Hyde could only let out a bellowing laugh at that.

Pumpkin King descended the stairs slowly and quietly, trying not to stumble and fall and the slick steps. Azusa was having the most difficulty. While her blindfold was thin enough for her to see through, it still impeded her ability to see. Making dark places particularly difficult for her.

She was lagging behind the group. Noticing this, Lorelai slowed her pace to join the newest member of the guild. "You okay?" She asked.

Azusa jumped at the sudden question. "Y-Yeah. I'm just not very good at walking in the dark." She admitted with an embarrassed blush.

Lorelai giggled. "It's alright. I understand. Here." He held Azusa's hand and started guiding her down the stairs. "It would be scary if we had to do this ourselves."

Azusa resisted a giggle. "Well I don't think you're alone. You've got Dante don't you?"

Lorelai smiled as she looked at her boyfriend, who was walking along side Erk ahead of them. "Yeah. I don't think I would have had the nerve to come here without him."

Just then, Azusa staggered on the wet steps and slipped backwards and landed on her butt. "Owie…" she muttered.

"Sing them to wonderland, Kaito."

It was barely a whisper, but Azusa perked up and looked at Lorelai. "Did you hear that?"

Lorelai raised an eyebrow. "Hear what?"

And then an ear ringing scream erupted from above them. But before anyone could see what was making it, a wave of pure sound hit the area around Lorelai and Azusa. The two girls covered their ears and screamed, only to have them being drowned out by the noise around them.

Jack and the others turned around quickly to see the girls and rushed back up the stairs towards them, Dante leading the pack. "Lorelai!" He shouted, extending a hand to her. The sound made his ears feel like they were bleeding but he kept going forward. He saw their mouths open in drowned out screams which only made him press harder forward.

But before he could reach them, the stairs beneath their feet began to crumble from the pure volume of noise. And with renewed screams, the two wizards fell as the ground fell out beneath them. They plummeted into the darkness below, their screams now echoing off the walls as the barrage of sound vanished and something dark dashed passed them from the ceiling and fell after them.

"No!" Dante yelled. He prepared to jump into the hole after them, but Erk and Crest restrained him.

"Don't!" Erk said, pulling him back. "We don't know what's down there."

"I can't just let them fall like that." He said, fighting his two friends. "I need to help her!"

With a growl, Crest picked up the smaller man and pulled him away. "Lorelai isn't so weak as to need you to hold her hand at all times." He hissed. "I understand that you love her, but you need to have some more faith in her strength."

Dante stopped fighting and just stared at the hole in dismay. He knew they were right. Lorelai could fight for herself. She was stronger than she gave herself credit for. She just…needed a push. Maybe this was the push she needed.

"If anything, we should worry about Azusa." Becky said, stepping forward. "She hasn't had any real training."

Erk rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "Well, she has power, that's for sure. I mean, you guys didn't see those villagers she petrified."

"He's right." Charlotte agree. She was worried as well, but there's nothing they could do for them now. "Though I'm not sure she can really control it yet…"

Jack turned back to start descending the stairs again. "They will be fine." He let out a chuckle. "Have more trust in your guildmates. This is lost before it even begins if we've lost all faith in them." Will, Crest, and Becky followed behind them. "For now, we keep going forward and hope that they find a way to follow us. Who knows, maybe they'll be able to hinder the enemy some way."

Stray pieces of crumbled stairs and stone fell around them as Lorelai and Azusa gathered their bearings. They were in a hallway that was barely lit by small lacrima hanging from the ceiling.

Turning to her friend, Lorelai helped Azusa to her feet. "You okay?"

Azusa rubbed her head gingerly. "I think so." She checked to make sure her blindfold was still secured before taking the proffered hand and standing up. "My ears are still ringing from that though."

Lorelai nodded in agreement. "Yeah." She looked around in confusion. "What was that?"

"That was Kaito." A tiny voice said.

The two wizards turned to see a small girl standing behind them. She was tiny, with pale skin and her turquoise hair done up in twin tails, like a doll. Her black dress fell to her knees and she wore a choker that formed an 'x'.

Azusa stepped backwards. "Who are you?"

The girl curtsied to them. "You may call me Angel." She told them, then she looked up with her emotionless eyes. "And I'm going to kill you now."

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