Pumpkin King

Chapter 60

Rosemary tried to block out everything around her. The seal around her would offer a small amount of protection, but there was still something scratching at the back of her head. Something just felt…off.

She trusted her guildmates to protect her while she readied her magic. Bertrand knew how to handle this sort of situation. It would take time, more than usual since she was so drained from maintaining Valmagus's seal for so long, but so long as the enemy was kept away from her, she would manage to pull it off.

Her magic flowed from her body to the circle. It was only a trickle at first, like a small stream, but the longer she continued the flow, the more magic she started producing for it. She couldn't put all of her power into it, most of it had to remain maintaining the seal on the Valmagus.

As concentrated as she was, snippets of the battle would work their way into her head. A shout here. A grunt there. A blood curdling scream almost made her lose her concentration, but she never opened her eyes to see what was going on. It might have been cold of her to think, but if one of her guildmates perished, there was nothing she could do for them. Their lives, her life as well, meant nothing so long as the Valmagus was kept locked away.

She was distracted by that strange feeling again. It gnawed at her like a dog with a bone. It would be risky for her to try, but it would be even worse if this feeling kept distracting her. She extended her senses. She could feel everything that was going on around her. Sara was still guarding Lucinda and Julio, her entire body was filled with a mixture of fear and anticipation. Bertrand and Corwin stood near the door. They weren't fighting. Aside from the fog, Bertrand wasn't using any magic. Tamashi and her zombies sent a chill up her spine. The girl's magic just wasn't natural to her. It didn't fell right. But she had Jekyll in her grasp so she had to put that feeling aside.

Then her senses found Reese and Taboo. Her stomach churned and threatened to force its way up. She swallowed it down. Taboo was corrupted to the core. Black magic fell off him in waves and with him lashing out as he was, it was making his magic act even more chaotic. It almost felt like he was a shadow trying to claw away from the light. She didn't know how Reese could stand it. Using her senses like this was just a trick she'd picked up. But Reese was the closest thing to an empath she had ever met. Being so close to someone like Taboo had be making him physically ill. She almost considered trying to seal a chunk of the dark wizard's power, but quickly scrapped the idea. She couldn't afford to waste even one drop of magic.

Then she found what was worrying her so much. It was hard to notice at first. It was a power that didn't stand out. It wasn't flashy or powerful. But it was there. It was like a fine, black mist. It couldn't harm anyone…but it could envelop anything and lead them to ruin.

Fear clutched her heart in an instant of understanding. She pulled her senses back in as quickly as she could and immediately went back to working on her seal. No more distractions. No more thinking. She knew why things felt off to her, why she was so tense. She hadn't picked up on it at first, but somewhere deep in her mind, she knew what wasn't right.

All she could do was work as fast as she could before all was lost.

The Valmagus was waking up.

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