Love Under The Moonlight

Chapter 10

The next morning found Sam stretching on his bed, waking up with a happy smile. He chuckled quietly, as the events from the night came to him. He couldn't believe he had danced! With Dean! He wondered what had happened on the party in the next room. It was dead quiet now. And judging by the soft snores, Dean was dead tired. Sam couldn't help but smile at that. The man had been so sweet at night, but Sam had felt a hidden passion in him, just waiting to burst out. Strangely, Sam hadn't been scared of that feeling, he had been enjoying it. And maybe he had wanted it to burst out.

But he was glad it hadn't, because who knows what would have happened then? Sam didn't want to revert back to the weak period just as he was starting to get his bearings together. And Dean would be guilty as hell, if something unforgivable had occurred that night.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud groan from the other bed. Turning towards the sound Sam could make out Dean, who was starting to wake up and move. After a sigh the man spoke up:

"Mornin', Sam."

"Morning, Dean" Sam replied with a soft snort and he sat up. As he scrubbed the sleep out of his eyes, he heard Dean getting up.

"Hey, Sam" the man started. "Why don't we go out for dinner tonight?"

Sam laughed a little at the question.

"You asking me for a date?" he snickered teasingly.


"Fine by me" Sam replied seriously.

"Alright" the smile was evident in Dean's voice. "I'm gonna go get some breakfast. I'll be back soon."

"Okay" with that Dean disappeared from the motel room with a shut of the door. Sam carefully got up and started to get dressed. He just finished when Dean came back with bags that emanated delicious, mouth-watering aromas. Their day went by uneventful, both of them being anxious about the approaching dinner. Sam hoped that his poor vision won't be a hindrance to him, but he knew Dean will help with anything.

All too soon, the time came for their departure. Dean told Sam that they're not going to some fancy place, just to the diner a few houses down the street from the motel. He helped the boy to put on an appropriate attire: a pair of dark jeans, a red T-shirt and a white shirt, unbuttoned. Sam slowly managed to get his trainers on and they left the room. After Dean locked the door, he laid Sam's hand on his forearm and cautiously started to lead him to the diner. On the way Sam bit his lip in worry and nervousness. Dean tried some small talk but all of them ended in awkward silence. Fortunately they arrived at the diner soon.

"Dean" Sam halted at the entrance door.

"What's wrong?" Dean immediately started to panic. Is Sam sick? Or just doesn't want him? He dismissed the latter one right away.

"I'm scared" Sam whispered. "Everyone's gonna know that I'm practically blind." The boy felt his eyes tear up from helplessness that surrounded his heart. Dean seeing that pulled him into a hug. The man felt the tremble of the precious boy in his arms and coldness dripping down his neck.

"Shhh" he shushed Sam. "It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay, Sammy. You'll see."

They stood there for a minute, Sam soaking up the strength that Dean emanated and Dean giving all of it to Sam. Then Sam pulled away, wiping his eyes and getting his breathing under control, while Dean rubbed his back comfortingly. When the boy regulated himself, he nodded at Dean, who led him into the diner.

The soft music of the place faded away by the chatters at the tables. Dean guided Sam to a booth in the back of the diner.

"Where would you like to sit?" he asked.

"Is it a booth or a table?" Sam questioned hesitantly.


"Then beside you" Sam blushed at his words and quickly corrected himself: "I-if you don't mind…"

"Of course not" Dean beamed at the answer. His heart was dancing with joy that Sam wanted to sit next to him, even if it was for his help. "Inside or outside?"

"Inside" Sam replied without pause. The two of them took their seats, Dean sitting in the front, protecting Sam from the others. The boy was sitting at the wall, leaning onto the back of the seat.

"So, what would you like to eat?" Dean asked picking up the menu.

"Dunno" Sam shrugged, picking at the napkin before him. "Something lighter, not too much grease."

At this moment arrived a waitress.

"Hi" the petite brunette greeted. "I'm Sherry and I'm gonna be your waitress tonight. What can I get for you?"

"Hi" Dean smiled at the girl, who blushed slightly, but controlled herself. "I would like a cheeseburger with some fries and… Would you like some salad?" he turned to Sam.

"Is there a chicken salad?" the boy asked shyly, looking at the general direction of the menu in Dean's hand and missing by an inch. Sherry noticed that but didn't say a word.

"Yes, there is."

"Then I would like that."

"Any drinks?" Sherry asked.

"I'd like a beer" Dean replied.

"And a glass of coke for me, please" Sam joined in, looking into the face of the waitress with a shaky smile. Sherry noticed the tight grip that the boy had on his companion's free hand under the table.

"Alright" the girl jotted down the orders. "I'll bring them to you shortly." With that she turned away from the table and walked behind the counters to deliver the orders to the cook. When she turned back to wait for the food, she saw the pair as the older one wrapped an arm around the younger man's shoulders and was rocking him back and forth. That was when she noticed the slight shake of the younger one's body. He was… crying!

Sherry's heart broke at the sad sight. Poor boy had probably gone through some pretty bad stuff to break down like this. He seemed to have a strong will, so his situation must be really hard for him. Sherry had a guess that it has something to do with his eyes. Now the boy pulled away from his companion, who tenderly wiped down the tears from the innocent face and pressed a kiss onto one of the flushed cheeks. She couldn't observe them further, because the bell dinged behind her, signing that the food was ready.

The two of them just got themselves together when the girl arrived at their booth with the food.

"Here" she spoke with a gentle smile. "A cheeseburger with fries and a chicken salad" she put the meals in front of them. "And the beer and the coke." With that she hurried away to get the drinks, returning in a minute. "Enjoy your meal!"

Sam heard the distraction in the girl's voice and it made him laugh out a bit. Sherry blushed but chuckled herself then left the table. Getting back behind the counter, she returned to her entertainment: watching two lovebirds interact on a date, possibly the first date.

Dean got the fork from Sam's plate and started to feed the boy, who blushed at the attention but smiled gratefully. The boy felt his insecurities go away and he chuckled every time Dean pressed a kiss on his cheek, which happened after every second bite.

"You should eat, too" he said just before another mouthful.

"Sorry" Dean smiled bashfully, "I just enjoy myself."

"It's okay, me too" Sam reciprocated the smile brightly. "But I need a drink anyway."

Dean gave Sam the coke and started on his food. Sam sipped on his drink, reveling in the weight of Dean's arm around his waist.

"Hmm, this is delicious!" Dean exclaimed with a moan. Sam felt for the plate and sneaked a French fry from it. He closed his eyes from pleasure, when he popped it in his mouth.

"This is really good" he agreed, earning a greasy kiss on his cheek for that. "Yuck" Sam laughed out loud, as he wiped the grease stain from his skin. Dean joined in his laugh then finished his meal. Picking up the fork he helped Sam to finish his then waved for Sherry.

The girl jumped when the older one looked at her and hurried to them with a blush.

"What can I help?" she asked.

"Enjoy the show?" Dean teased knowingly, causing the girl's face to darken.

"Dean!" Sam exclaimed, shocked by the question.

"Yeah, Sammy?" the man asked innocently. Sam just shook his head in disbelief.

"I'm really sorry" he said to Sherry a bit embarrassed.

"It's okay" Sherry waved dismissively. "So, what can I help?"

"Do you have pie?" Dean asked.

"Yes" Sherry agreed earnestly. "And the best thing: they're all home-made by volunteering older ladies." Dean's eyes widened like a kid's when they get into a store that has free candy. He started bouncing on his seat happily.

"Which one's the best? The most delicious?"

"Well" the girl smiled at the childish behavior and saw that Sam had an adoring grin on his face, "the most famous one is our cherry pie. Do you want to try it? Everyone says they're heavenly."

"Can we have some, Sammy?" Dean asked turning to Sam. The boy frowned a bit, but smiled: for a moment there, he clearly saw Dean's face, full of childish hope, emerald irises glinting from happiness.

"Of course, Dean" he replied with a laugh. "Who am I to stop you?"

Dean let out a quieter cry of joy and pressed a kiss on Sam's cheek.

"Would you calm down?" Sam laughed, but let the man hug him.

"Alright" Sherry spoke up, "I'll bring you two slices."

"Make it three! Pretty please!" Dean said quickly. Sherry just nodded with a laugh and turned to get the dessert.

"What's gotten into you?" Sam asked curiously.

"Sorry" Dean blushed as his earlier behavior registered in his mind. "I just really love pie."

Soon the three slices arrived. Dean picked up the fork right away and dug into it. After the first bite, he moaned loudly, his eyes rolling back from pleasure.

"This is the best pie I've ever had" he exclaimed.

"Dean!" Sam slapped the man's arm. "We're in public."

"But it's pie!" Dean argued then got a little on his fork and held it out to Sam. "Here, try it!"

Sam rolled his eyes, but accepted the bite. He couldn't help but let out a small moan, as the sweetness of the sugary crust and the sour taste of the cherry completed each other perfectly, leaving a bittersweet aftertaste, when he swallowed the bite down.

"I think I understand your obsession now" he breathed out still in awe. Dean hummed his agreement and the two of them ate the delicious dessert, enjoying every bit of it.

As the sky bled into navy blue and the lamps on the streets lightened up one by one, Dean waved for Sherry to pay the bill. He gave her a nice tip and stood up, helping Sam out of the booth. They said goodbye to the girl and left the building.

"Sam, wait" Dean spoke just as they started down on the street. "I left my phone in there. Could you wait here?"

Sam looked around fearfully, his vision worse because of the darkness, but nodded.

"Just hurry."

Dean pressed a kiss to his cheek and ran back to the diner. As Sam waited there, he heard a loud chortle across the streets. It came from a bunch of drunk people. Sam prayed to a higher power to make them go away. But he had no such luck.

As the voices got closer, Sam recognized on the wavering tones that these were teenagers. Sam crossed his arms in front of his chest, his body trembling from fear. He's helpless against them now, more so than usual, thanks to the darkness. He tried to feel for the wall, but it was a bad move. A loud cackle from behind alerted him that the teenagers spotted him. He tried to turn around, but couldn't see a thing.

"Who the hell is this?" a guy exclaimed with a bit of slur.

"Leave me alone, please" Sam said to the gang fearfully, but his words were answered by another laugh.

"What?" came the mocking voice of the same guy. "You're scared of the younglings?"

Sam felt his heart quicken at that and his eyes started stinging, but not just from helpless tears.

"Oh, look! A cry-baby!" the mockery was answered by another loud chortle. All of a sudden someone shoved him hard, sending him to the ground hard. Sam put his hand out to break the fall and he grazed the skin on his palm.

"Hey! Leave him alone, you bastards!" a female scream tore through the scornful laughs of the group. Sam just lay on the ground shaking from fear. He heard the clicking of high-heels coming their way and stop next to him. "What did he do to you for you to hurt him?"

"He's just a pathetic wimp" the guy answered. "I just had some fun."

"You wouldn't be such a big guy, if he would fight back! I bet you would be scared shitless, you pathetic excuse of a living being!"

"Ooh, big words for a little girl" the guy laughed drunkenly. "And that weak freak wouldn't fight back. He's just a worthless piece of-"

The guy's words were cut off by a snarl and Sam heard the thud of a body against the wall. At the same time a small hand laid on his shoulder, making him jump and whimper from fear.

"Shh" the female voice shushed him "it's me, Sherry."

"You wanna finish that sentence?" came a growl from behind them as Sherry helped Sam to sit up. It was Dean.

"Let me go, you son of a-" that one was cut off by the sound of flesh hitting flesh and the cry of the guy.

"How dare you to hurt him?" Dean snarled, pinning the guy back to the wall. "How dare you even think about dirtying that pure boy with your filthy paw? I should tear your head off and shove it up your ass, you filthy little maggot!"

"Let me go, you crazy bastard!" Dean heard the fear in the guy's voice and smirked inwardly in triumph.

"How would you like it if I scratched your eyes out with my nails?" he muttered menacingly. "Then you would know what that innocent boy felt, when you started mocking him. If I ever see you touch MY boyfriend again, I'm gonna tear you apart bit by bit." A whimper escaped the guy at that. "You don't want to mess with me, pal" Dean said. He knew the guy was too drunk and scared out of his wits to remember the whole thing correctly, so he let his eyes flash in amber. "I can eat you easily in one piece."

"Dean" Sam cried out pleadingly, holding his hand out towards the man. Dean immediately shoved the guy to the ground.

"I recommend you to get out of here, wet-pants" he mocked the boy, smelling the bitter stench of urine on him. The guy scurried away as quick as he could, his buddies following him just as fast. Dean turned to Sam and took a hold of his outstretched hand, helping him off the ground.

Sherry watched in shock and awe, how the raging, animalistic man morphed into the sweetest guy in the world in a blink of an eye. His touch was gentle and reassuring as he held the terrified boy in his arms.

"Thank you, Sherry" she broke out of his stupor at the deep, kind voice. She stood up and dusted herself.

"Don't mention it" she answered with a smile. "I couldn't let them hurt some innocent guy. Being drunk out of their asses is no excuse."

"Let's go back to the room!" Dean murmured into Sam's ear, who nodded with a whimper. As he tried to fist the man's shirt, he hissed from the pain flaring up in his hand. Dean caught it right away and let out an angry growl, seeing the blood welling up in the graze. Sam's answering, scared whine broke his heart and Sherry's, too. "It's okay, I'm not mad at you" he whispered, nuzzling the brown locks. They started to walk back to the motel, Sherry tagging along, refusing to leave their sides, until she knew Sam's okay.

They reached the motel quickly and Dean opened their door, escorting Sam in. He helped the boy to sit down and caressed the trembling back.

"Stay here with Sherry!" Dean murmured, but Sam started whimpering fearfully, looking at the man with huge, frightened eyes. "Shh, I'm just gonna make something for you, so you can relax, okay? I'll be in the kitchen. I'm not gonna leave you." With that Dean pressed a kiss on Sam's forehead then left the sleeping quarter. Sherry sat down onto the bed beside Sam and started stroking the boy's back and hair to help him calm down.

"It's okay now" she spoke in a gentle voice. "It's over. You're okay."

"I was so scared" Sam breathed shakily.

"I know" she replied. "You were helpless, I know."

"How did you…" Sam looked at her shocked.

"Know that you have a physical disadvantage?" Sherry asked and Sam looked away ashamed by himself. "When you tried to look at the menu, you're eyes were looking to the right by an inch. But I'm not one to judge, so I did like I hadn't seen anything."

"It's just temporary " Sam explained. "It's better now, but at night it gets worse."

"What happened?" Sherry asked concerned.

"We got into an accident" came Dean's voice from the doorway. "Car-crash."

"I'm sorry" Sherry lowered her eyes embarrassed. Dean just smiled at her and crouched down in front of Sam.

"Drink this!" he said, raising a smaller cup to the boy's mouth. Sam obeyed, his trembling hands rose to get a hold of the cup, one of them laying on Dean's hand. When he finished, Dean put the cup onto the nightstand and helped the boy to lie down. "Try to sleep!" he whispered, stroking the dear face, hazel eyes looking at him with so much trust that filled Dean's heart with love. Shortly Sam fell into a blissful sleep.

"What did you give him?" Sherry asked quietly.

"A special herbal tea that I learned from my adoptive Mom" Dean answered. "It calms you down right after you drank it. I don't know how, but it's effective."

"It's good that you're here for him" Sherry said with a smile. Dean reciprocated it and then turned back to watch his angel in his peaceful sleep.

Dean was lying on his bed the next morning, waiting for Sam to wake up from the tea he gave to the boy. Meanwhile, he watched the TV on a low volume, almost mute, but he heard it perfectly, thanks to his enhanced hearing. He was keeping his eyes on Sam, though, watching the boy's every move, inhale and exhale. Sam's already had some nightmares, making him cry out, but Dean was there to sooth him in a second. Sherry had left ten minutes after Sam had fallen asleep the previous night, to Dean's firm insistence, of course. If he hadn't practically sent her away, she would have stayed for the whole night.

Dean looked at Sam, who was lying on his side, facing Dean. His face was smooth, the frown lines disappeared at last, his breathing eased up from the harsh panting caused by his nightmares. The shakes left his body not too long ago, letting the poor boy sleep in peace. It amazed Dean how such a beautiful creature can exist on this not so perfect world. Sam was gorgeous, kind, funny, innocent… He was the most perfect being in Dean's eyes! He was an angel in his opinion: pure, shy, full of love… Dean didn't notice the dreamy smile creep onto his face, but he did notice the hazel orbs peeking out from behind the brown curtain of locks.

Dean blushed a little and turned his head away timidly. He heard the rustling of the sheets and soon Sam was standing beside his bed, his hand on the nightstand guiding him there. Dean quickly scooted over, letting the boy lie next to him. Sam carefully sat down and nestled into Dean's side, leaning his head on Dean's strong shoulder. The man tenderly wrapped an arm around him and pulled the boy in tightly. Sam shyly started to draw tiny little eights on the other's chest, thinking about his next move, getting his courage together.

"What is it, Sammy?" Dean asked quietly, worried by Sam's silence.

"I'm your boyfriend?" Sam asked bashfully. Dean's brow furrowed from confusion. How did this came up? Then he remembered: yesterday in his madness he said that Sam is his boyfriend. Dean felt his face heat up at the accidental confession.

"Do you want to be?" he asked instead.

Sam lifted his head up and looked at Dean's hazy face. With his free hand he caressed Dean's cheek then cupped it, his thumb landing on the full lower lip. With a sudden decision he leaned forward.

Dean's eyes widened at the touch of soft, shy lips on his for a moment then he closed them, answering the small pressure with his own. Sam slowly pulled away and let out a happy little sigh. As he opened his eyes, the blur gradually dissipated, letting through the handsome face of the man. Sam gasped in surprise and bit his lip nervously, waiting for the blur to return, but nothing happened.

"What is it?" Dean asked worriedly. Sam just grinned happily and kissed the man's full, pink lips a little more firmly. Dean understood his message instantly: Sam can see perfectly again.

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