Love Under The Moonlight

Chapter 11

The pair was so busy with each other that they didn't hear the knock on their door. However, just as they pulled apart, the knock was repeated a bit louder. The two looked up towards the sound then with a groan they separated, Sam letting Dean get to his feet and walk away. He heard the entrance door opening.

"Hey, Julia!" Dean greeted happily. "Not that I'm not glad to see you, but what are you doing here?"

"What, can't I see my wittle boys?" Julia asked in a cooing voice.

"Don't you dare…" Dean's threat was cut off by a loud giggle then the girl's lighter footsteps started towards the sleeping quarter; Sam carefully stood up to greet her.

Julia stepped into the room, revealing at last her true form. Her small hands were tucked into the pocket of her light jeans, her flowery top covered with a black leather jacket. Sam smiled at the petite, 5'5" tall form in front of him; the two men easily towered over her with their more than 6 feet heights, but this small girl emanated such a strange aura of power that beside her they felt like small kids around their mothers. Her smooth, round face was framed by long, straight, black hair. As she looked up at Sam, the boy was a bit taken aback by the pair of dark, forest-green pools of wisdom. Her elegantly curved lips revealed perfect, white teeth with a bright smile.

"Hey, sweetie" Julia greeted the boy. Sam stepped closer then, taking Julia by surprise, he swept her up in a big hug. When she was put back down, the boy laughed at the shock on her innocent face. Julia snapped out of her stupor and chuckled, too.

"Wait" she frowned suddenly and stared at Sam with a wondering frown. Soon her eyes widened and she smiled again. "You can see now?"

"Perfectly" Sam nodded, getting another hug in answer. When they separated, the boy noticed Dean leaning against the doorway, a knowing smirk on his face.

"Well," Julia spoke up "since now we're in the mood of shocking each other, I have a tiny surprise for Sam." The two men looked at each other in surprise than back at Julia, who gazed at Dean expectantly. The addressed man held up his hands and disappeared into the kitchen. As soon as he did it, Julia pulled out a piece of paper and a smaller pen from his jacket pocket and scribbled something onto it. Giving it to Sam, the boy saw numbers.

"A phone number?" he asked a bit confused.

"If there are some problems or you need something" Julia explained, "don't hesitate to call me! Let it be day or night, you call me if you need me, okay?"

"Okay, thank you" Sam put the note away with a grateful smile. At that moment Dean came back from the kitchen with a cup of coffee in his hands that he gave to Sam. Forgetting everything around him, Sam pressed a shy kiss on the man's full lips; the magic, though, was broken by a gasp.

"No way" Julia breathed in shock. "And when did you plan to tell me this?" she raised her voice a little, directing his playful, but scolding gaze towards Dean. Sam choked back a laugh and hid a smirk behind his cup seeing the small girl looking at Dean like that with her hands on her hips.

"Hold your horses, Julia!" Dean defended hurriedly. "It just happened before you came here. We… I didn't even have the time to process it."

"We" Sam whispered embarrassed, blush coloring his cheeks just under his eyes. Julia's gaze softened seeing that then her face broke into a wide smile.

"Come on, you need to tell me everything!" she exclaimed. "Every little detail."

As the night was setting in, it found Sam sitting on his bed in the motel room, freshly showered and dressed in his pajama. He was gazing at the steam oozing out from the bathroom under the door, indicating that Dean was dead-set to use up all the remaining hot water. Julia had already left, promising a few more visits, just to check up on them. Sam smiled, as he briefly went through their day.

Dean had proceeded to tell the events of the previous night, with Sam filling the story out with some details. Both of them had seen the rage in Julia's eyes when she'd learned what happened to Sam, but she'd controlled her anger. To help her calm down, the boys had invited the girl for a lunch. After their meals they'd told her about their first date and the kiss from this morning.

"I'm so happy for you, guys" Julia had hugged the pair happily. "Especially for you, sweetie" she'd added, ruffling Sam's hair. The rest of the afternoon had been filled with small talks, mostly between Dean and Julia, since the two had known each other for a longer time. During their chat, Sam had been playing with the small note that Julia had given him, before putting it into his pocket. When the moon had risen to the surface of the horizon, Julia had decided to leave them alone.

Sam was pulled out of his musing by the opening of the door. Looking up his jaw dropped slightly at the sight. Dean was dressed in sweatpants and the T-shirt was in his hands, ready to be put on. Some water was dripping down his chest towards the six-pack of the abdomen. The motel room's light darted its beams on his tanned skin, dusting it with golden powder. The drops of the water were glinting like tiny diamonds rolling down the firm muscles.

All of a sudden a grey haze covered the godly sight and it snapped Sam out of his drooling session. Realizing the T-shirt on Dean and the smirk on that oh-so-handsome face, Sam turned away with a dark blush creeping onto his cheeks. Feeling something funny on his chin, he touched it: looks like the drooling session turned out to be literal. He quickly wiped the small stream away, his embarrassment accompanied by Dean's amused chuckle. Just as he finished, calloused fingertips guided his face back around and full, soft lips pressed lightly on his. Sam closed his eyes and answered almost instinctively, because he would always recognize these lips from anywhere.

When Dean pulled away, he saw the boy's dreamy look and smile, which brought out another smirk, this one's satisfied. He caressed the brown locks then stepped to his bed and lay down under the covers. When he stilled with a relieved sigh, finding the right spot, he noticed that Sam came back down to Earth and was looking at him uncertainly.

"What's wrong?" he asked quietly. Sam bit his lower lip shyly and shook his head.

"Just nervous" the boy whispered.

"Why?" Dean asked confused. "You shouldn't be."

Sam worried his lip for a few moments then with a deep breath he stood up. Dean relaxed back into his bed, but after a second he jumped from surprise, when his covers were lifted up and warmth settled into his side.

"'Cause of this" Sam mumbled, as he nestled into the man's arms, burying his face into the strong shoulder. Dean pulled him in tightly and laid his cheek on the silky locks, both of them letting out a pleasing sigh. They were lying there, enjoying each other's presence for long minutes, when Sam had a sudden idea.

"Dean" he whispered, pulling his head away a little.

"Hm?" Sam snorted at the sleepy hum.

"Dean?" he tried again a bit louder. Dean huffed but turned his face fully towards Sam's.

"Yes?" he asked. Sam, though, just leaned forward and pressed a sweet kiss onto the man's lips. Pulling away the boy just smiled expectantly, waiting for his companion to do something. Dean cupped the angelic face and kissed those luscious, thin lips, but this time as Sam answered, Dean lightly licked the fuller lower lip, sucking it into his mouth, beckoning the boy his wish. Sam's heart started pounding loudly from anxious excitement and at the man's next lick on his mouth he caressed the soft tongue with his own. With a light smack they separated and Sam grinned at Dean, a bit tipsy from pleasure.

"God, you're beautiful" the man whispered, his gaze glued to the slightly swollen lips of Sam, who just gave him a drunken smile and chuckled. Dean dove back in and this time he gently thrust into the boy's mouth. Sam's hand rose to the man's cheek, caressing the skin with his thumb. Their tongue caressed each other, just getting to know the feeling then Dean pulled away. "I love you so much" Dean breathed with a nip to Sam's chin.

However, the boy went rigid in his arms. Thinking that he hurt Sam somehow, Dean pulled back and looked at him worriedly. Sam's eyes were wide from surprise, but it slowly melted into uncertainty then sadness and guilt.

"What's wrong?" Dean whispered a bit panicked.

"I just…" Sam bit his lip nervously. "Just… can't…" Sam examined his face, eyes rapidly moving across Dean's features. Dean seemed to be surprised, but shaking that off an understanding smile lifted the edges of his mouth.

"I see" Dean breathed. "Do you feel any attraction?" he asked curiously. Sam started nodding without hesitation, but so fast, the man was glad they were lying or it would have fallen off his neck. He stopped the boy with a hand on the slightly flushed cheek and leaned closer. "It's perfect for me. I said it because I mean it. I'm not expecting you to mean it so soon; I just don't want you to push me away."

"Never" Sam replied hastily. "I just need some time…"

"I have all the time in the world" Dean cut the boy off and leaned in to kiss the boy again. He wrapped his arm lying under Sam's head around the boy's shoulders, pulling him closer. Sam fisted the man's T-shirt, snaking his free arm around the man's chest. After a mildly mind-blowing kiss, they exchanged a few tender ones, lips smacking lightly on lips then Sam buried his head into Dean's shoulder with a happy hum.

"Heaven…" he murmured sleepily. "'M in Heaven… My heart beats… Hardly speak…"

Dean snickered quietly as he recognized the song Sam tried to sing, without much success. The boy was already snoring, but Dean started to hum the melody into Sam's ear, who began smiling in his sleep. Dean memorized the song for better use, since it seemed that Sam liked it. He fell asleep with Sam in his arms, just as he finished the last tunes of the song.

A few days went by the motel room, filled with light and happiness. The boys took their time to get to know each other and the new sensations brought to them by this step in their fresh relationship. Shy kisses were tenderly passed between them in the day, more sensual ones fired up the nights with some passion. Sam was sleeping in Dean's bed from now on, cocooned in the tight embrace of the strong arms. Some mornings he was woken by a gentle kiss or just even breaths on the back of his neck, Dean enveloping him from behind.

Since Dean heard Sam singing that song, the man couldn't drive it out of his mind. It was very familiar to him, but there were other versions of it and Dean wanted to find the correct one. One day his prayers were answered: as he was waking up, he heard Sam in the kitchen area moving about, humming the beginning tunes of the song. Dean had his back to the door, so he could just listen to it. An adoring smile came to his face when Sam hesitantly started singing. His voice was unsure and shaky, but mostly in-tune, helping Dean to memorize the exact tune of the song the boy liked. He wanted to search for it on the internet and the opportunity came when he went out to a food run. Running into an Internet Café he hurried inside to a computer and searched for the song. He left with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Hey, Sammy!" Dean spoke one afternoon. "You want to come to the store with me?"

"Of course" Sam smiled and jumped up quickly. He dressed and put his shoes on. He was standing next to Dean in ten seconds.

"Someone's eager" Dean teased with a smirk, but Sam just kissed him and stepped out of the room, the man walking behind him. On their way to the mall Dean nervously took his hands in and out of his jacket pocket, uncertain about his move. Sam, though, quickly made the decision for him, when he slipped his hand into Dean's warmer one. The man blushed slightly at being busted, but he shyly laced their fingers together. Sam just beamed at him happily and moved to the side a bit, getting closer to Dean. After a few minutes of walking they arrived at the store.

"Why don't you take a look around?" Dean turned to Sam as they stepped in. "We'll meet at the cashier."

"You don't mind?" Sam asked with a grin. He bounced on his feet a little bit at the thought of getting something for himself. Dean kissed him as an answer and Sam reciprocated the pressure happily. As they separated, both of them sent a longing look towards each other before going towards different directions.

Dean was going through the whole store, searching and getting the basic supplies for them, checking on Sam from to time. The boy was just browsing through the goods, not really deciding or even knowing what he wanted. After half an hour Dean had everything he wanted and walked to the only free cashier. It was a weekday and the afternoon rush wasn't in yet. Dean looked around but couldn't see Sam anywhere. Just as he started packing up his purchases on the line, he spotted Sam in the candy area, eyeing the gummy worms hungrily. Dean smiled at the boy; he was just so damn cute with that childish gleam in his hazel eyes!

When he finished packing up his stuff and began waiting for it to be cashed up, he turned back to watch Sam, but his face fell from the sight.

Sam was standing in the same spot awkwardly shuffling on his feet. Dean could see from the boy's profile that he was worrying his lip nervously. His eyes were glued to the candies on the shelves, not daring to look up. His whole body was shaking. All this because of the guy standing next to him, gazing at Sam with a wolfish leer.

Dean tensed up at that, but decided to observe the scene. The guy was a hair's breadth away from Sam, who looked very uncomfortable with the situation. Dean saw the thin lips move slightly as Sam mumbled something and tried to snag a pack of candy from the shelf, but the guy caught his hand. How dare he… Dean's breath became heavy from anger and he clenched his fist painfully, almost drawing blood from his palm. And what was Sam doing? Was that a blush on his cheek?

Dean saw redness creep into his vision, but he controlled himself. It seemed like Sam tried to tug on his trapped hand, but it wasn't clearly visible. And then Dean's mind was filled with adrenaline: the guy stepped closer to Sam, bringing his face into the boy's personal space!

"Excuse me!" Dean muttered to the cashier and stalked towards the pair. As he got closer, he caught a sliver of the conversation:

"Let me go, please!" Sam.

"But why? A beauty like you shouldn't be out here alone." The guy's dead. It was Dean's privilege to call Sam 'beauty'!

"I told you I'm here with someone." Sam's answer was shaky from fear. That was when Dean reached them.

"Sam!" he called out firmly. The boy snapped his head around with a brief relief on his face, but that turned into terror with just one look on Dean's face. Sam quickly turned to him, finally managing to snatch his hand away from the guy's clutch. "I thought I said that we'll meet at the cashier." Dean's voice was too composed; Sam instantly recognized the calm before the storm.

"I-I c-can explain…" Sam stuttered out quietly, but the narrowing emeralds shut him up. The boy lowered his eyes and started to go towards the cashier, who was looking at them a bit worriedly, but a tight hold stopped his departure.

"You dare to say a word or even look up from the floor" Dean whispered angrily in his ear, "you are going to regret it till the day you will die. Understand?"

Sam winced at the tightening hold on his bicep; he even felt Dean's nails dig into his skin through the shirt. His breathing increased in speed a bit, but he nodded. Dean then let him go and Sam could feel the lightning of the emerald storm-clouds struck into the middle of his back until he reached the cashier.

"Are you okay?" the girl asked quietly, but Sam didn't utter a word or looked up at her, just like Dean ordered him to do.

Dean was glaring at the guy's back, who scurried away frightened after Dean exchanged a few words with him. The man turned back and started towards the cashier. The silence surrounding them was cold and tense. Dean was pleased to see Sam's obedience, because the boy was looking at the floor and didn't even wince when Dean grabbed his arm and led him out of the store after paying for his stuff. He hurried down the streets, Sam keeping up the pace, barely seeing the houses flying past them.

Suddenly Dean halted in front of a small building then stepped in with Sam still in his grip. Inside he led the boy further away from the entrance.

"Stay here!" he ordered. "Don't move!" Sam nodded slightly and Dean left him there. After a few minutes the man came back and grabbed him again, pulling him out of the building. The boy wasn't sure, but was that a deep chuckle he heard from behind him? He didn't look up, in fear of Dean's reaction.

Soon they arrived at their motel and Dean angrily wedged the key into the lock, opening the door to their room. Sam was pulled inside then Dean slammed the door shut so hard, the boy was scared it will fall off his hinges. He gulped and started shaking harder now; he was in big trouble!

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