Love Under The Moonlight


The choir of crickets filled the house, as they gave their serenade to the stars above them on the dark sky. Bobby went upstairs to check on his son as usual and he found him already sleeping. Sam was covered completely, just his head peeking out from under his blanket. Bobby gently ran his fingers through the brown tresses and left the room to go to bed.

Sam waited for the muffled thud of his father's bedroom door and just then did he dare to open his eyes. He remained motionless, though, until he heard the first snores indicating that the man had fallen asleep. Sam sat up quickly, revealing his fully clothed body, and got his fully packed duffel bag from under the bed. Taking it on his back, he stepped to the window and looked out onto the front yard, seemingly waiting for something. When he caught movement, he hurried to his door and silently opened it, but the old wood decided to try and give him away: it creaked as loud as it could. Sam froze in his place, listening to any sounds of his father, but a louder snort was the only sign that the noise penetrated the man's dreams.

Sam tiptoed out into the hallway and to Bobby's door. As he opened it without a sound and stepped in, he fished out an envelope from his jacket pocket. Kneeling next to the bed, he placed the envelope onto the nightstand and gazed at his father's peaceful face. His heart ached that he had to cause this good man more pain, but he needed to do this. He pressed a kiss onto the man's cheek and left the room as silently as a little mouse.

As he stepped out of the house, he wiped the tears of goodbye from his face and made his way into the front yard with determination. He stopped in the middle, the decreasing moon's light shining down on him, as he searched the darker parts of the area. What his eyes landed on made them widen to the size of saucers.

A giant, ebony-black wolf was sitting in front of him, staring at him intently. When Sam didn't move from his place, the wolf stood up and slowly walked closer. Reaching the boy, deep forest-green eyes looked at him, the pupils narrowed slightly from the moonlight. Sam gulped as the animal got in front of him and waited for it to attack. The wolf didn't have to tilt his head back much, since it reached Sam's chest. And the boy was over 6 foot! This wolf was huge! Sam realized then that this animal was not a normal one.

"J-Julia?" he stuttered out shocked. The wolf started panting happily, its mouth opening to an almost smile. Sam hesitantly reached out and buried his fingers in the thick fur on the animal's neck. It was so soft and silky that he couldn't help but start petting the wolf. When he scratched its ears, the wolf let out a pleasing growl that made the boy smile. "So this is the big secret?" he asked and Julia nodded.

The wolf carefully stood up trying not to scare the boy, and walked back to the middle of the yard. Sam hadn't even realized he'd backed up to the wall of the house, he was so stunned and a bit scared from the animal. He followed Julia and when she stopped and looked back at him, he just raised an eyebrow questioningly. Julia glanced at the house then back at the boy. Sam understood her and nodded.

Julia walked behind him and nosed his legs apart. Sam obeyed confused about her behavior. When his legs were far enough apart, Julia lay down and crawled between them on her stomach. As the middle of her torso reached the boy's legs, she stood up so abruptly that Sam gasped, when he was lifted off his feet. He quickly grabbed the fur on Julia's neck, causing his body to stretch out on the wolf's back. Julia turned her head back to check on him and waited patiently. Sam straightened up and sent a sad look back to the house, saying his farewell like that.

He turned forwards and lay down on the wolf's back, wrapping his arms around Julia's neck and grasping the fur tightly, but not tight enough to accidentally hurt her. Julia let out a questioning groan and Sam took a deep breath. His answer was only a nod.

Julia started moving towards the fence, her speed increasing step by step. When she got to the fence, she leaped up high, her body flying at least a foot above the white wooden planks. Sam closed his eyes in fear when they sailed through the air, but Julia landed smoothly on the ground. When the boy looked up, Julia gained her full speed, blurring the world around them, and they sailed through the trees of the near forest, disappearing into the night.

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