Love Under The Moonlight

Chapter 3

"You don't have to come, but if you want to, we gladly wait for you!"

"Alright, I'm gonna think about it."

Sam was sitting on the couch, which was probably the safest place in the house, because no one can attack him from behind. His stalker scared him more and more; he got sick just thinking about almost shooting his best friend, Jessica Moore.

That day he completely broke down and took off into his bedroom. Jessica quickly followed him: the boy was crouching and crying in the corner. At last Jess got the truth out of him and let her friend cry out his worries on her shoulder. The girl tried to help him in everything.

At this moment Sam was invited out to a little friendly meeting. Jess, who had called him, understood if he doesn't go with them, but she tried to finally allure him out of the house; the boy hadn't left his home for days.

At last Sam decided to go to the meeting. As he backed out with the Impala and drove away, a few houses down, between two houses a figure peeked out. An evil grin started growing on his face. Showtime!

As the night was setting, Sam was driving home in a good mood, beating the rhythm of the radio's music with his fingers on the steering wheel. With a faint smile he parked into the garage and went into the house. As he was humming his favorite song, a crash resounded from the kitchen. He hurriedly got his gun out and quietly snuck to the entrance. Glancing in there though he didn't see anybody, just the pieces of a glass on the tiles and the open window, its curtains floating from the breeze blowing in from outside. Stepping in the room he thoroughly searched the room, his gun ready to shoot: no one anywhere. With a sigh he lowered his gun and put it on the counter. He cleaned the pieces and closed the window; the curtain fell into its place.

Suddenly Sam noticed a dark figure looming behind him in the window glass. However, before he could reach for his gun, the figure grabbed him: one arm held Sam's torso and arms down, the other hand pressed onto his mouth tightly. Sam fought his attacker fearfully, but the figure hadn't even budged.

"Shhh" the figure shushed his whimpering victim. Sam's fight decreased, but his chest was rising and falling in a rapid rhythm, as he gasped for air through his nose.

"That's it, my beautiful" upon hearing the gruff whisper Sam renewed his fight and cries: he got into the hands of his stalker.

"I said shut up" the figure growled; before Sam could react, the arm on his torso disappeared and a round, cold metal stabbed into his neck. The boy immediately froze then slackened his limbs, accepting defeat.

"You're gonna behave?" the figure whispered again. Sam nodded terrified. The barrel of the gun vanished and the arm returned around the boy's waist. With a deep chuckle the man rubbed his face into Sam's neck; the boy's head fell back on a strong shoulder and turned away by instinct, revealing the most vulnerable point of the human body: the pulse point. In that moment Sam felt like a submissive animal that bows before its dominant mate's will.

"I'm proud of you, my precious" the man murmured and breathed in Sam's maddening scent. The boy started sobbing frightened to death. What the hell is going on?

The man stroked his arm soothingly and shushed him rocking slowly. Sam swallowed then with great effort he calmed down. Then another whisper came from the guy; the man's cool breath tickled his right cheek:

"If you behave, you won't be harmed. Cooperation brings a person farther than fight. Remember it really well!"

The arm around Sam lifted again then he felt a sharp thing caress the skin on his neck. The boy whimpered in fright, but the man just hushed him:

"Shh, it won't hurt. Just a bee-sting, think of that! It's gonna be quick… Relax; it will hurt less like that…"

Sam knew that the man was right, so he obeyed as much as he could, but his shaking was uncontrollable. At that moment the needle – or at least Sam thought it was that – penetrated his neck slowly and carefully. As the tip broke its way through the cuticle and the fiber, strong pressure forced them open, which made him shout out and shut his eyes tightly. After long moments the needle stopped.

"Now don't move!" the man breathed and the pressure in Sam's neck increased, as the contents of the hypodermic needle broke loose in his body. He felt the tip slide out, but the pressure remained. Soon the feeling spread through his whole body, his vision blurred and his ears began ringing. His legs weakened, so the man wrapped an arm around his waist and started pulling him. Sam's every part of his body started to tingle then the world around him fell into darkness.

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