Love Under The Moonlight

Chapter 5

The sunlight of the morning caressed Sam's shaking form, who watched the outside world sadly. The tingling evaporated from his arms; they were just aching from stiffness. His wrists remained unhurt thanks to the padding of the cuffs besides the light bruising.

Sam had been awake when the red rays of the sun were just peeking in through the window. The events from the previous night hadn't left him in peace. It was completely beyond him how his resistance had weakened towards his captor. How could he have been behaving so pathetic? He was begging like he was sent to his own execution, instead of fighting! However, these thoughts were thrown out of the window by that raging gaze that resided on a golden pedestal above the happenings.

A new memory then snuck into his mind: a broken, hopeless voice:

'I'm just so scared…'

That was followed by the same voice, but it radiated kindness and caring:

'I'm the last person, who wants to cause you any pain…'

Sam was absolutely confused. That hopelessness followed by the childish hope, then and even now just broke Sam's heart. So when the man hugged him and tried to calm him down desperately, the boy immediately felt his responsibility to soothe Dean. The gentleness afterwards made Sam's heart beg to believe the man's words, because it is right. And what could be that punishment that Dean dreaded? Sam heard that he would get it only if this whole fuss gets out of hand… Sam looked at his bindings. Dean doesn't want him to escape, so he has to hold him with force… And he doesn't want to do that, destroying his will this way… Maybe-?

Before he could weave the threads of his musings further, the bed next to him protested loudly against movements. Soon Dean tiptoed to Sam's bed, his gaze filled with concern. He quickly sat down on the edge of the mattress and reached out to take off the cuffs. He worked with gentle motions, but as soon as he moved the boy's arms, Sam objected with painful groans. Dean finished his work a bit hurriedly, but paid attention to the boy. He gently wiped away the fled tears from the flushed cheeks. He helped Sam sit up and he undid the knot on the cloth. Sam carefully moved his numb limbs, but from the increasing throbbing a sob broke out of him. Dean tenderly stroked his chestnut tresses then stood up.

"I'm gonna go get breakfast" he said changing from his pajamas. Sam, as soon as he realized what's happening, snatched his gaze away from the man, blushing furiously. He jumped when Dean joined him again on the bed.

"I'm going to lock the door" Dean continued holding eye contact with the startled boy. "Will you be okay alone?"

Sam got scared of the threat lingering in the background of the question and nodded trembling. Dean gave a nod, too, getting up he dropped a kiss on the boy's forehead and hurried away. He snatched up his keys, wallet and the key of the motel room then left the room. The click of the lock echoed between the walls like the bolt of a giant cage.

Sam collected himself with deep sighs, as the car, which was probably Dean's possession, drove away from the motel. He slowly stood up and stretched out. His arms were protesting harshly from the "exercise", his shoulders popped loudly as they loosened. He walked slowly to the white mini-fridge and got a bottle of mineral water. He washed down the desert in his throat with the cold liquid, although he grimaced from the sting that it revived caused by the carbonic acid.

As he turned back, his gaze landed on the cuffs lying on the bed and he involuntarily shivered. He discovered this strong urge, that said to sit down on the end of the bed and wait for Dean with his head bowed, showing his good manners. Sam shook his head hard: why is he starting to think like an obedient dog? Why doesn't he want and why does it hurt to disappoint his master… As soon as that ran through his head, he buried his fingers in his hair and shook his head even harder.

He tried to empty his mind so he could calm his distraught body then wiping away his desperate tears he took a seat on the bed. With a deep sigh he searched for the line of his morning musings to thread them further.

So: Dean doesn't want to give a certain punishment to Sam, but if this story gets out of their hands then he's obliged to go through with that. Dean unwillingly, but at all costs holds him captive. And he does so to prevent Sam's escape, because if Sam succeeds… he will have to carry out THAT punishment…

Sam gazed blankly in front of him with wide eyes, as his logic finished its duty, dusted itself and left. So Dean cares about him enough that he doesn't want to hurt him unnecessarily. But he could try the escape; what if he wouldn't get caught? Every fiber of his body disapproved this idea and searched Heaven, Earth and Hell for his logic so they can drag it back, kicking and screaming, to stop this madness. But it was futile: before he knew it, the sound of the engine of the car burst into the room, signing Dean's arrival.

Sam jumped up from his seat terrified and did the only thing that looked like a solution: he ran into the bathroom, slamming the door behind himself. With a sudden idea he started the shower, when he heard the opening of the motel room entrance.

"Sam, I brought breakfast!" Dean shouted towards the bathroom. He put the food down on the table, but before he could unpack, he glanced to the bathroom door.

"Sam?" he asked suspiciously, but he didn't get an answer, just the flow of the water. He hurried to the door and rapped on it. "Sam? You alright?" In lack of reply he entered: the room seemed empty. He dashed to the shower and slid the glass door away: no one. He shut off the shower confused then looked around again – to no avail.

He had a bad feeling about the whole thing. He slowly walked out of the bathroom and looked around. All of the windows were latched from the inside and he locked the door himself; it had to be impossible to get out of here without a trace. He hurried into the kitchen to check if anyone went out through the entrance. He searched the field around the motel, but he couldn't find anybody: nobody can get too far so soon.

As he closed the door, he turned the lock slowly: he noticed gleefully that the sound traveled loudly around the whole room, meaning that his captive heard it crystal-clear. He strutted back to the sleeping quarter and waited.

All of a sudden he whirled around, thrust his hands out and flanged what he caught to the ground … or should he say WHO.

Sam landed with a pained cry next to the bed, hitting the bedside table first with his side then sprawling out on his stomach. However, before he could do anything, he was grabbed again and shoved backwards onto the mattress. Dean instantly pressed him down and straddled him, holding down his arms. Sam started struggling with a terrified scream, but the man flipped him onto his stomach with a dangerous glint in his eyes. Dean's left hand held his captive's on the same side down, while his right hand fisted the brown hair and pulled the head to the side. Then with an unbelievable speed Dean leant down onto Sam's back and bit down on the strung out neck, not so hard to break the skin, but as a warning and to disarm his victim.

The moment he felt his kidnapper's teeth on his neck, Sam increased his struggle with another frightened scream, his free hand trying to pry the man's fingers from his hair. Dean's hold and teeth though didn't even waver. Sam's fight then completely evaporated in one moment: directly into his ear floated a wild, animalistic growl. He started panting frightened from the sound and tried to look around, where was it coming from, but the growl then rose in volume. He immediately found out the source: Dean let this animalistic snarl out.

'WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?' Sam thought scared to death that awoke another wild sound: a frightened whimper, but this one came from the boy. He made a last attempt to twist his wrist from the unnaturally strong hold, but Dean's snarl raised again, the hold of his teeth tightening in warning. Sam began whimpering again at that, but so loud that it could be considered as a whine. His members instantly froze, recognizing the danger then they slackened, giving the lead to the stronger one. His whimpers didn't lessen though, they even increased in volume. Dean let a last warning growl heard to which Sam replied with a surrendering whine.

Dean then let his captive's neck go; seeing the small bruises he rubbed his face into the boy's hair – he felt the boy tremble against him. After that he got up from Sam, meanwhile watching him closely for any wrong moves then let him go. He acknowledged satisfied that Sam didn't budge a finger except the shaking. The boy didn't move from his place and pose, though his whines reduced. Dean was amazed by that animalism that broke to the surface of this beauty's mind. This kind of reaction could be lured out of only one person; Dean couldn't be happier. However, this faded away for a while because of the knowledge that he would have to do it… He would have to punish the disobedient submissive!

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