Sorrows of the Dead


maybe taehyung doesn’t like the demon Jungkook’s realm anymore (taekook oneshot) Jungkook couldn’t accept his most prized soul slipped out of his fingers because of an angel. His heart felt like it was being ripped apart. Wrath flowed courced his veins and could only thing of destroying everything and getting his baby back. Repost from my wattpad : [Requested by @FluffyBabyTae Hopefully I executed your plot well.] This chapter contains < angst < repeat! very angsty < horror < soft vmin < action < evil(ish) jjk < kinky smut < throughly edited though I probably missed things > > arch·an·gel 1. an angel of high rank. * in traditional Christian angelology, a being of the eighth order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy.

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Three years ago Taehyung was a naive 18 year old that was entranced when he saw all of the powerful things the dark lord known as Jeon Jungkook could do. Things gave him adrenaline rushes in his teenage days.

The pair were full of excitement with all of the adventures and dark magic the demon could do. All of the laws that could be broken and always get alway with it. Rebelling and breaking the rules, every bit of innocence being slowly taken alway from the young boy. All adrenaline and love fused together to create the perfect relationship.

That was three years ago when Taehyung was a naive 18 year old. Now Taehyung is 21 years old and hates the life he is living now.

Living in the pits of hell. In the constant heat and terror. A dreadful place where you can never sleep at peace. Hearing the weeps and cries of sorrow of the dead. Having to watch your back at the most random times of the day to stay safe. Nothing was ever placid.

Taehyung has developed keen reflexes. He doesn’t trust anyone, and nobody trusts him. A game of survival of the fittest. Its agonizing to not be confortable in your own home. Constantly invaded by spirits and demons tricking anyone for sinister reasons.

This all happens when Jungkook leaves him all alone at night.

Taehyung is restless because he always notices when the bed has a empty cold space beside him. Jungkook always leaves to do work at the darkest hour when evil lurks at night. The only person that keeps him safe since he is the ruler of hell, Jungkook leaves him with the literal monsters in the closet and the ones that creep under the bed. Letting him drown in his own anxiety in hell.


Recently, Taehyungs dark circles have disappeared from his under-eyes. That reason being of an arch angel named Jimin that keeps him company whenever the dark lord leaves him alone. Taehyung always waits for the light that appears at his window, the light that radiates off of the angels celestial wings, now a signal he has arrived to keep him safe.

Arch angel fills in the empty space in his bed at night when Taehyung is scared and for once in a long time he finally feels happier in the embrace of the angels soft wings and limbs.

They met when they shared a glance when Taehyungs looked out the window and spotted the angel sword at hand. It was strange to see something white and pure when for years straight all he’s seen is evil and many different creatures. Then they had conversations about their lives. Taehyung loves being told about the beautiful things in heaven falling asleep. The angel provides him confort when he needs it the most


Today Taehyung is in bed alone once more embracing himself for a sense of security. He can hear the scratches of long pointy nails inside the walls again. His angel didn’t come to accompany him today either, Taehyung didn’t see the beautiful white light arrive at the window. Now taehyung is clutching a pillow close to his chest wishing he was hugging Jungkook instead.

So tonight he will look for Jungkook on his own. Taehyung crept into the grand office feet pitter pattering on the cold marble floors that sent shivers up his spine. He opened the heavy wood doors revealing the vast office and a large window with the velvety curtans pulled back that overlooked the firey town. This is the office Jungkook is found in most of the day working vigorously.

Taehyung would sometimes come in to help the demon relieve stress.

Hoping to maybe see in any clues of his boyfriends location. Then there was the demon, the right hand man of Jungkook resting on the leather couch watching the lit fireplace flicker before him. The man known as Namjoon knows everything that has to do anything with Jungkook. Surprisingly without any convincing needed the demon tells Taehyung the information immediately. He was obliged to anyway, as Taehyung was satans partner.


Taehyung sees a beast. Calloused hands with dark fingernails long and crooked. Protruding horns yellow on his forehead head looked worn and scratched. Eyes fully dilated the whites of his eyes completely disappeared leaving yellow irises that seems to be glowing with malice.

Then he saw the monster he called his boyfriend controlling demons. They were whispering in a mans ears and putting sinful ideas in his head filling a middle aged man with lust and driving him to sexually assault a innocent women that cant escape the mans hold.

The scene was absolutely mortifying to Taehyung. This action was the epitome of evil. He has also never seen jungkook in his full demon form. He’s scared of Jungkook himself. The arura evil was so thick almost visible to human taehyung.

Taehyung sees a white light. He turns to it the white illuminating his vision. He sees arch angel Jimin battling the demons, a two edge sword in his grip. The blade glinting in his wings light.

The whole fight happened so quickly before he knew it he felt the angel cover his eyes with his delicate hand.

“You shouldn’t have seen this.” The angel spoke softly.

Taehyungs body went limp, his knees scraped on the floor. Suppressed sobs spilled out his throat as he curled up in fetal position hands holding his knees up to his heaving chest. Thats when he realized that he needs a real life where he can feel peace. He forgets all the love he has for Jungkook because fear is all he can feel when he sees him.


“Jungkook, are you leaving again?”

He asked this time not this time to know if he will be restless and alone, but to know when he could escape this place he now dreaded.

Jungkook rases hand to caress Taehyungs cheek but he flinches away from his hand. Jungkook wondered why he scared if he never raised a finger at his baby? Jungkook now gloomy decided to ignore it since it was probably nothing.

“You know I have too, things work hard but satan needs to work harder.”

Taehyung felt chills up his spine, this time not at the cold marble floor that was once beneath his bare toes.

Out of the blue, “Kookie lets break up.”

Taehyung voiced his thoughts. Jungkook didn’t respond for a while. Mixed emotions of sadness, confusion, and shock. They now stared into each others souls for various minutes.

“Lets stop this relationship kookie... I’m scared...I...I’m scared one day I’ll be left alone.” Taehyung says not the whole truth.

“Baby, I wish I could, but I am satan, I have things to do. Promise I’ll be back.” Jungkook left once more.


Jungkook comes back home expecting to see his Taehyung rolled up into a pile of blankets sleeping peacefully. Looking forward to hear the soft huffs of air that would come out of his boyfriends sleeping body.

Instead, the bed was empty,

A search party was sent.

Then, it was truly hell, the cries of the dead were louder than ever before.


The right hand demon said letting out a short dry laugh, “I guess he’s better than you, we underestimated the angel.”

“There’s no saying how much damage I can do.”

Jungkook couldn’t accept his most prized soul slipped out of his fingers because of an angel. His heart felt like it was being ripped apart. Wrath courced his veins and could only think of destroying everything and getting his baby back.

Killing people closest to Taehyung was what was left the only rational thing to do in the demon’s mind.

Jungkook rose and ripped through the roots and dead leaves. One by one all of the sinners in Taehyungs family were dragged to hell or tortured by his demons.


There Jungkook found Taehyung in his room cowering in fear.

“You really thought you could escape me a baby boy?”

Immediately Taehyungs brain was filled with lust for the dark lord. He whined in submission unable to hold it in. Eventually after marking every inch of his baby and sucking Taehyungs nipple till his eyes fluttered shut moaning and panting.
Jungkook was slowly and gently taking Taehyungs panties off before kneading the soft and pliant flesh of his perky ass spreading them apart.

“Look at your slutty little hole, it’s practically begging to be filled. How pathetic and lewd.” Jungkook mocks. “You’re such slut for my cock aren’t you, kitten?”

Taehyung can’t help but whine. The demon roughly kissed the center Taehyungs neck as he took him and Taehyung grabbing fistfuls of the demons hair as Jungkook brushed his soft lips against the beautiful boy’s neck.


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