Ice Bucket Challenge: Fairy Tail

By cecebeec1249

Humor / Drama

Chapter 3: Erza

It was a bright new day at the Fairy Tail guildhall. Just recently everybody had been fascinated by the strange request on the board. The ice bucket challenge job request had already been done by Gray and Natsu. But today was a new day and for one person it was her turn to get icy water dumped on her.

“Hey Erza can we do the ice bucket challenge on you today?” Natsu asked the red headed warrior. She looked at him and Happy, a bright smile on her face. “Okay Natsu but we’re going to have to make this quick. I’m expecting a very important friend this afternoon.” “Is it Jellal?” Happy asked, coyly. Erza’s face turned as red as her hair. She gripped Happy by the neck and gave him a death glare. “Who told you?” She asked in a menacing tone. Happy was about to answer but he fainted due to lack of air. “Geez Erza why’d you knock him out? We didn’t know Jellal was coming today!” Natsu said, helping Happy off the by mediaplayer"> by mediaplayer"> floor. Erza’s face turned bright red again. “I’m so sorry Natsu! I was just worried that if Jellal saw me do this, he’d probably won’t want to engage in battle with me later.” Lucy overheard this and walked over to where they were. “That’s what you call a date? I like to see your wedding.” Natsu laughed only to be knocked out by Erza. “Okay why don’t we just start my challenge?” Erza said to a shocked Lucy.

Outside the whole guild came to see one of their own S-class wizards get ice water dumped on her head. “I can’t believe Erza’s going to do this. This is something I want to remember.” Gray said. “Um Gray your shirt.” Lucy said, pointing at his bare chest. “Aw what the heck!” Gray shouted. Erza nodded at Natsu, who was holding the bucket of cold water. “Wizards of Fairy Tail, I stand before because I’m here to make a difference. I look in the crowd to find all of you who can make a difference too, by dumping a bucket of water on your head.” Everybody cheered. Lucy noticed someone in a cloak standing next to her. Her face turned white. “JELLAL!” Lucy shouted. Jellal winked at Lucy and continued to watch Erza. “RE-QUIP!” Erza changed into an orange bikini. “Alight before I get wet, I, Erza Scarlett would like to nominate…” Then she heard Lucy scream “JELLAL!” and she stood frozen. “Jellal?!” she said, startled. Natsu poured the entire bucket over her head.

Later Erza and Jellal sat outside by the big tree. Erza was still soaking wet. “That was pretty cool what you did out there.” Jellal said. “Y-y-yeah thanks.” Erza said. Jellal leaned in. “You do remember I’m wet right?” Erza said. “Who cares?” Jellal pressed his lips to Erza’s. It was the wettest, passionate kiss ever.

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