Daughter of Chaos

Chapter 1: The Demon Mistress

Her breath steadied as she hid in the thickest part of the forest. All she wanted to do was see an actual human town, but being hunted wasn't the plan!

"Where is that cursed child?!" A loud voice called out. She remembered that the whole village, seething with anger, were trying to kill her. She wished her father could handle them, a blast of his Death Wave would surely calm the forest.

"Is it true though? Does she resemble the Black Wizard?"

"Aye, from the hair to the eyes, Hell has spawned out another wretched demon. But in the form of a small girl."

Hotaru felt a twang of saddness in her chest. So this is what the world thought of her. She would never feel accepted anywhere, even if she did it wouldn't last long. Wherever she went, misery would follow.

"Humans...I wished they never existed! I will get rid of these abominations once and for all!"

The forest around her started to wither, trees lost their leaves, and a shadow castes a deep spell over it. Hotaru clutched her head and closed her eyes. Searing pain started in her chest.

"There she is! Approach her carefully." So the villagers found her. She smirked, hearing the chief come towards her.

"In the name of the gods, be banished to the darkest depths of Tartarus!" He threw some salt on her, making the pain increase. The villagers roared approval, poking her with their weapons.

Hotaru couldn't bear it no longer. Her eyes opened, a crimson hue to them.

"You insolent humans, you're the ones who will pay." A black magic circle appeared underneath the whole forest. "Why don't you taste the grim texture of death?"

Nothing could stop what happened as the forest and everyone in it blasted to death.

Hotaru's eyes opened abruptly and she clutched her chest. Her heart pounded rapidly against her chest, as if the pain was still there. She took a few breaths to calm her nerves before giving a huge sigh.

I remember that memory...it feels like a distant feeling of regret.

She shook her head. It was the villagers fault that caused her to unleash her powers. It was that day she vowed to let no one provoke her without facing her wrath. She was in fact the daughter of the Great Black Wizard.

"Young mistress, are you okay? You seemed distressed."

Hotaru gave a soft smile, turning towards the door. A tall man with cut black hair was giving her a look of concern. He wore a simple black suit, white gloves, and a black tie. His pale skin reflected from the bit of sunlight from the window.

"All is well Orpheus. I just had a bad dream that's all." She replied, walking from out of her bed. Orpheus smiled and helped her get out of her robe.

"I've known you forever young mistress," He whispered in her ear. "Something has spooked you terribly."

Hotaru glared at him. Orpheus was her loyal butler, but he always tried to figure out her mind. Her mind itself was an enigma in itself, but that's the way was.

"If you have the time to prod my inner thoughts, then maybe you know about the whereabouts of my father and meddlesome uncle."

Orpheus pursed his lips, but in return he smiled. "I see...I shall have to ask Nyx when she arrives if she has." He bowed to her. "Please join us for breakfast if you have the time." With not another word, he left the room.

Hotaru shook her head and walked to the wardrobe. Her immortality caused her to look not a day older then eighteen. Her hair had regally grown to the ground, keeping it's lustrous state. Her green eyes portrayed a certain feeling of pride and mystery. She put on her usual attire; a sleek black and blue dress that showed a bit of cleavage, white beaded earrings, and around her neck a silver chain. Her reflection smiled back at her, Hotaru beaming with vanity. If only her father could see her now, he would be impressed. His daughter of chaos, sovereign of silence, and mistress of the underworld.

"Don't worry father, I will find you. And your brother as well. He's out there somewhere, demonic powers swirling around in him. I shall awaken that power and the world will know true fear."

Breakfast was true bliss, but Hotaru had no complaints for Orpheus' cooking. He made food congenial and worth putting in your mouth.

"That was very nectarous Orpheus."

"I live to make everything fit for your liking mistress. By the way, Nyx just called to tell you that she has splendid news on the whereabouts of your father and uncle."

Hotaru's eyes widen in surprise. Nyx had finally proved herself worthy of getting actual praise?

"I do hope that her information is accurate this time. For if she bears false accusations, her punishment will be immense."

Orpheus chuckled and cleared the plate from her. "Well she does a have a reputation of getting part of the story right."

A crash was suddenly heard from one of the house's windows. A small black object zoomed around the living room before making it's way to the dining hall. It slid down the table before stopping in front of the twosome. A small black creature stood up from the spot. It had the appearance of a black cat, it's head harbored pointy ears, and adorned on it's back was bat wings. Violet eyes blinked as it struggled to put the small gray sack on its back.

"Ello miss! I have some great news!" A small feminine voice piped out. Hotaru rolled her eyes and watched as Nyx pulled out a small scroll. She fumbled a bit before reading what it said.

"Fairy Tail is hosting it's annual S-Class trial on Tenrou Island. A surprising amount of participants have been selected to engage in the struggle for the top spot."

"How is this relating to anything I need Nyx?" Hotaru asked exasperatedly, taking a sip from her tea.

"Miss! Natsu Dragneel is a Fairy Tail wizard!"

Hotaru almost spit out her tea when she heard that. Her uncle had join not only one of the biggest guilds of Fiore, but was actually going to be on a deserted island separated from all his guildmates.

"Now that sounds promising, but what about the Master?" Orpheus looked at the bat-cat expectantly.

"I was just getting to that! Apparently he's on the island too!"

This time Hotaru did spit out her tea. Orpheus sighed, knowing he would have to clean the tea stains from the table. For being a demon, her manners lacked.

"Are you saying that my father and my uncle will be in one place at the same time?" Hotaru's eyes gleamed with excitement. "This is full proof! We'll invade the island and reunite with father, not to mention the demonification of my uncle!"

"A vacation does sound nice at the moment. It would be nice to leave the house after all these years." Orpheus eyed the tea stain. "And you can finally experience your happiness."

Nyx started hopping up and down. "We're going to see the Master! We're going to see the Master!"

All Hotaru could do was smile. Her family was going to be back together at last.

What could go wrong?

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