Siege Of The Crescent Moon


Phillip Dwyer Jr. is an eight year old boy living in a world where supernatural beings are counted among his family and friends, and where malevolent vampires plot against all that he loves.

Horror / Romance
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Brooding Lovers

"Come on in. It feels great."

Nessie gently twirled about in the pond, her movements creating soft ripples on its surface. The pristine water mirrored the forest around it like a large sheet of glass, polished to a high shine. Despite the reflection, her figure showed through the water with near perfect clarity. The visage of her physique and the interplay of light with the undulation of the water made her seemingly weightless dance look all the more sensuous.

"It's your loss," Nessie teased as she gently pushed off with her arms and hands, slowly gliding towards the center of the pond for the effort.

After a handful of seconds she made a scissor kick and floated still further away from the shore. Her eyes never deviated from her watcher as she glided backwards in the pond. A near grin spread across her face as she toyed with ideas regarding the thoughts behind the brooding stare of the watcher.

Nessie scissor kicked again as she twisted her body about so that the force of her effort would curve her back towards the shore. A second later she kicked again as she rolled over on her stomach and stroked with her left arm. As she pulled the water beneath her, she rolled over onto her back. She scissor kicked again as she gently guided herself with her arms to move parallel along the shore. After another scissor kick, two seconds later, she glided by her watcher. Her smile widened into a grin as she splashed water towards him with a flick of her wrist.

"Who's in there besides you?"

Nessie gave a strong scissor kick as she pushed away with her arms. She sailed backwards towards the center of the pool. A wake of water rolled out across the pond in every direction. As she moved out from beneath the shadows of the forest edge, the sight of her unclad body became obscured by the reflection of the sunlit sky off of its surface. The watcher adjusted his gaze to evade the glare.

"Don't think you can embarrass me into getting dressed."

Her watcher lowered his head with a huff. The grass beneath him fluttered from the strength of his exhale. Several seconds later, he padded to his right as he scowled in Nessie's direction. The soft waves on the surface swayed the lines of her figure as her legs swung back and forth in soft scissor kicks. Her watcher came to a stop after traveling a dozen feet. He lowered his head closer to the ground as he glowered in Nessie's direction. The grass beneath his snout shuddered with every exhale of his breath. Nessie grinned at the sight him. She then rolled onto her stomach and swam with a pair of strokes, in a small semicircle. She reoriented herself into an upright position, with only her head showing above the water. She fixed her eyes once again on her watcher.

"Come on in. You can still be mad at me while you're wet," Nessie taunted with a wide smile.

Her watcher let out a last powerful huff before raising his head to fume at her from nearly six feet off the ground.

The pond where they were was one of dozens that dotted the forests in the upper elevations of the Olympic Peninsula. This particular pool had the distinction of being one of Nessie's favorite locations. Besides the crystal clear water, the bottom of the pond was nearly fifteen feet down and the drop off was steep a dozen feet from the water's edge. The width of the pond was nearly one-hundred feet at its widest point. Nessie enjoyed the freedom of movement this pond afforded her. She thought of it as her own private pool. Because of its location, she knew no mere mortal would be inclined to regularly traverse the mountainous terrain to get to it. She also suspected that only a handful of them knew of its existence. She used to make regular runs up to this place, usually in the company of her perennial partner. It had been more than a year since her last visit.

Rare hours in the day, during the summer months, were the ideal times for these excursions. Heavy rains would often hinder her enjoyment of the pond. At other times, the surrounding landscape became a soggy, muddy mess. This hour was one of the few pleasant times there. A drizzle earlier that day left the ground damp, but not overly wet. Approaching dark clouds promised more rains to come later that afternoon. For a brief time in between, the pond and its surroundings were perfect by Nessie's estimation. She liked the way the lush green landscape enclosed it from all sides. She enjoyed the way that the trees and shrubbery combined to dampen out the sounds of the outside world. The open area of the lake permitted the diffused light that filtered through the clouds to nourish a kaleidoscope of wild flowers that ringed the pond. For all intents and purposes, this was Nessie's private garden oasis.

"I'm not coming out until after we've had a swim together." Nessie continued to tease her watcher as she gracefully treaded water. "So you might as well change."

Nessie's wolf form watcher studied her for several seconds more before starting to phase into a different shape. It took less than two seconds for the transition to complete. At the end of this time the brown-hued wolf was gone, in its place stood the nude person of Jacob Black.

In past visits to this pond, Jacob always retrieved his shorts from Nessie before going into the bushes and transitioning into human form. This new predilection for swimming in the nude negated, in his mind, the need for modesty. It also angered him to a large extent and made him all the more embolden for it. In all of their past visits to this, or any pond, Nessie always gave due diligence to the pretense of modesty. She never flaunted herself at him, like the way she was doing just then. It was not, however, her newly acquired free spirit that was angering him. It was the motivation behind the behavior that was fueling his temper.

Jacob knew that Nessie was toying with his desire for her in the hope of arousing his lust. This playing with his affections after wounding him emotionally during their last outing in the forest was the crux of his wrath.

Jacob gathered no enjoyment from being manipulated for her amusement. He had spent much of the past year wondering where she was and who she was with. Now, while staring at her unclad slender figure, he teetered back and forth between rage and lust while he cursed the condition that made her so important to him. He told himself that he would not be used in this way, but even as he thought it, he knew this to be an empty declarative. His ardor for her was too plain to be seen and it was beyond his will to control this.

Nessie slowly examined Jacob up and down as she continued to gracefully tread water. A smile quickly spread across her face after taking particular note of Jacob's erection.

"I thought you were angry with me," Nessie mused with a grin.

Jacob was determined not to give her the satisfaction of appearing to be at all bashful. He defiantly strolled a dozen feet into the water. The bottom of the pond descended steadily. The water level was by then lapping against his pelvis. With his next step the bottom, seemingly, fell away. He plunged completely into the water only to bob back up with his head and shoulders. A second later he settled into the water with just his head appearing above the top. He then turned his attention onto Nessie and witnessed her gently backstroking away from him with a grin. Jacob began to breast stroke towards her as she moved away. Her course quickly became a wide arc. She was shortly moving away from the center of the pond and back towards the shore. Jacob did not hesitate to follow. He moved steadily towards her as if drawn by her flirtatious grin. There was no smile on Jacob's face; no sign that he was amused about anything that was happening. There was only intent in his expression; a determination to reach her, to gather her up in his arms.

It took Nessie a handful of seconds to reach the shallow sides of the pond. Her back side slid up onto the bank as she backstroked into it. Jacob was nearly within arm's reach when Nessie planted her feet along the steep sides of the pond and pushed herself forward into Jacob's arms. He immediately pulled her into him and squeezed her into a passionate kiss. Nessie obliged this by throwing her arms about his neck and returning his passion with her own. They quickly sank into the water entwined in each-other's arms. After a pair of seconds they broke from their embrace and pushed hard for the surface and the shore; still linked hand in hand. Jacob zealously pulled Nessie up onto the shallow bank. She followed his lead by kicking hard for the shore. Soon their feet were pushing off against the shallow bottom of the pond. No sooner had Jacob gotten his feet up under him did he gather Nessie up into his arms and carry her to the water's edge. Dropping down on his knees, he lowered her onto the bank. Nessie continued to cling to him as he did this, pulling him down into a passionate kiss. Jacob lowered himself onto of her as they continued to kiss at a frenetic pace. Their lips repeatedly sought out the opposite pair as if they were desperately searching for the perfect connection.

Suddenly Jacob felt Nessie's hand about his male member. He retracted himself from her lips and moaned with pleasure at the feel of her hand about him. A second later he lowered his head beside hers and began to caress her neck with his lips.

Nessie moaned at the feel of Jacob's lips smooching on her neck where it arched below her chin. His penis felt hot and hard in her hand as she guided it to the entry of her womb. She shuddered at the feel of its head against her and then suddenly he was inside her. She relinquished all control as Jacob drove himself into her hard and repeatedly. His lust and his passion was his guide. He never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Nessie, then and there. His anger and his emotions pooled into an overwhelming desire to ravish her and his intellect was powerless to stop him.

Nessie entangled herself about him and matched his passion with her own; pulling and pushing with her legs and pelvis in an attempt to maximize her pleasure from each thrust of his member. She greedily clung to him while panting out his name in soft whispers.

Jacob's lust powered him on for several minutes before reaching the peak of its intensity. Suddenly he moaned in unison with one powerful thrust of his pelvis. His entire body clinched into one massive spasm as his excitement erupted into an explosion of euphoria.

Nessie shuddered under the intensity of his orgasm. Her own excitement peaked in response. A tingle of excitement detonated into a crescendo that shot through her like electrified titillation. She constricted into Jacob's final thrust as if she was trying to extract every drop of his passion.

Shortly, Nessie and Jacob went limp in each other's arms. Their lust spent, they began to translate their feelings into soft caresses and kisses. Several seconds later Jacob pushed himself up onto his hands and knees and stared down at Nessie with a look of submission. The scowl that appeared to be etched onto his face before was gone. He looked at Nessie as if he was entranced. He studied her face as though he was seeing it for the first time. He held this expression as Nessie looked back with a growing smile that suggested she was pleased with herself. A few seconds later she broke the silence.

"So, I'm guessing you weren't quite so angry with me after all?"

Jacob gave no indication that he heard the question that was put to him. His mind was adrift in the passion of the moment. It felt to him as if he was no longer in control of his thoughts. All that he knew for sure was that a feeling had welled up inside of him that had an overwhelming need to come out. With a look of puzzlement, he stared into Nessie's eyes for several seconds more. A hint of a smile took shape on the ends of his lips. Another inhale of air followed and then came a soft exhale carrying the sound of his words.

"I love you, Nessie."

The playful expression on Nessie's face dissolved away. A second later she looked away as if embarrassed by Jacob's confession. She then scrambled to get out from beneath him. Jacob gave way to this effort almost immediately.

"What's wrong?" Jacob questioned with an inflection of surprise.

"Nothing," Nessie responded as she hurried to redress herself.

Nessie's response was an obvious lie. Jacob's confession had unnerved her far more than she ever expected it would. She knew the extent of his feelings for her and that these feelings were fixed due to the imprinting. What had rattled her so much by this confession was the absence of the pretense of simple friendly affection. She knew that Jacob wanted his feelings returned. She knew that he wanted to hear the words.

Nessie had spent the latter half of her senior year of high school brooding over the love she wanted, but was denied. After having her affections rejected by Sean Bowden, she went through the remainder of the school year with little regard for any males of her acquaintance. She regularly discouraged the advances of both boys and men with a scowl or a roll of her eyes, and she seldom showed any regards for their feelings. It was not until after her graduation that her interests in the opposite sex renewed. The end of her near daily encounters with Sean, and the looming prospect of meeting a large number of new young men re-excited her appetite for the male sex.

Nessie enthusiastically set off for the University of California, Berkeley, in the fall of the year just past. She was hungry for adventure and saw college as the first step to into an exciting new era of her life. She relished the freedom that her vampire relations enjoyed and felt restricted from this by her adolescent status. At Berkeley she felt like an adult and she was eager to take this new designation out for a spin. She freely mingled among the campus student body, making many new friends in the process. She stayed out late, sometimes throughout the night. She experimented with intoxicants. Most were legal. Some were not. She partied frequently and explored her sexuality with a growing fervor. For the first time in Nessie's life, boundaries were hers for the setting.

Over the course of her freshman year she had a dozen suitors for her affections and five times that many admirers from afar. The wide selection of choices gave her no reason to rush into a commitment, not that she was interested in being in one. Nessie was free and she wanted to remain that way, at least for the near future.

The absence of Jacob did much to make Nessie's freshman year an enjoyable one, for the most part. Since her rebuke of his attentions half way through her senior year of high school, she had seen and heard little of him. This provided for her the illusion that all was well with Jacob. It was only when she took the time to stop and think about him that she became concerned about his wellbeing. These reflections, at first, were rare and infrequent. It was not until the final month of her freshman year of college that she came to realize that any man she entertained having a prolonged relationship with was being measured against Jacob in the back of her mind, and all were being penalized with rejection for coming up short.

Nessie knew this to be an irrational assessment and suspected it was due to some feelings of guilt about how she left things between them. By the end of the school year she had reconciled within herself that she would entertain her attraction to Jacob without making any commitment to him.

This will be enough for him, I'm sure. I love Jacob. I will always love him. But I cannot give him all of my tomorrows. He'll know that. He'll understand that.

Subconsciously, Nessie knew that this was just a hopeful rationalization.

"Why are you running away if nothing is wrong?" Jacob queried after climbing to his feet.

"You're spoiling it," Nessie responded as she continued to hastily clothe herself.

"What, Nessie?" Jacob returned in an exasperated tone. "What am I spoiling?"

Jacob stood with his hands on his hips, towering above Nessie as she stooped to tie her shoes. She vigorously tied one after the other while deliberately choosing not to look at Jacob's nude person.

"Are we running or not?" Nessie asked with a huff after standing up to look Jacob in the eyes.

He, in turn, had no response to this inquiry. Jacob suspected, with some annoyance, what the answer to his question was. He was all the more angered by the fact that she would not satisfy him with it. After several seconds of silence, Nessie reached down and gathered Jacob's shorts and shirt into her hands. She erected herself again, gave Jacob a last look of disapproval and then sprinted away into the forest. Jacob stood there for a dozen seconds more, sulking, before phasing into his wolf form and sprinting off behind her.

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