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"Leave me!" "So that u can scratch me? no thank u. Now listen to me. Shouting, cursing, those are not going to save u. U dared to mess with me!" "What madness is this? U can't do it..." "I can & u know this very well.. U have no other option.." "I won't work with u.. And ur assistant, not a chance!" "U will Miss. U will." ~~~~~ "Maybe u forgot that I am the boss.. U have to do what I say.." "I am doing what u said.. U r the boss, u will order me to do ur work. How I do it, when I do it is nothing to do with u.." "Are u serious?!" "I finished my work before u ask for it.. If I didn't then it would be ur business." "U are fired!!!" "Am not.. U can't do that yet." Two brothers handling the Malhotra Empire.. One of them doesn't want any assistant.. Other one change his assistant like tissue.. what will happen when they will come across their new and hard to crack assistants? Will the arrogant brothers have to mend their ways or they won't tolerate them?!

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Chapter 1

"Nandini, Breakfast is ready.." Hayat called her sister after preparing their breakfast..

Hayat and Nandini two sister's live in a small apartment of New York.. Hayat is a motherly figure for Nandini.. They both struggled a lot for a stable life..

"I am really nervous,Hayat di.." Nandini said making sad face...

"Nandini.. Don't need to be nervous.. U are my rock star u will surly rock.. Just be urself.." Hayat said cheerfully..

"U know if I get the job then I will be his first ever secretary.." Nandini said eating her food..

"Hmm.. U said He is a big business man so he needs helping hands.. We also have a meeting with a very important client.. Hope everything will go well or Mrs.James will have my head as her dinner.." Hayat shuddered and Nandini Chuckled..

"That Old Lady is too much u know.. Her face is always like she tasted something bitter.." Nandini said as she finished her food..

"All the best my little birdie.. U will be alright.." Hayat got up and hug her sister.. She had no one other than her sister..

Hayat cleaned everything and got ready.. It's time for her work.. She is a fashion designer and she loves her job and her boss too.. Because of Mrs.James she managed to take care of Nandini and their expenses..

"Hello.. Mrs.James.." Hayat entered her office angd hug her..

"Don't pamper me.. If something went wrong then u will be fired.. Mr.Malhotra is very big client for us.." Mrs.James said sternly..

"I don't understand.. Why do u think I will blow this up? It's not my first meeting.." Hayat said with sigh.. She really worked hard to reach the position she is in today..

"With Mr.Malhotra.. Yes it's ur first time.. He will make u angry in a minute and we all know what happens when u get angry.." Mrs.James said shaking her head as if trying to forget the scene...

Hayat worked really hard and made her place in her (mrs.james) head designer team.. The team only attends their client's and meetings.. Everyone was impressed by Hayat and they got lot of deals because of her...

But one day one client commented how beautiful her ass is and she should be a bikini model.. Hayat got so angry and started beating him..

Other day another client was being a jerk.. Hayat throw water at him because of his attitude.. And Mr.Malhotra is exactly like this, full of attitude and arrogance.. So Hayat is going to do something again.. Those were not important client but Mr.Malhota is..

"Chocolate James!!" Hayat shouted..

"Didn't I tell u don't call me that.." Mrs.James snapped..

"I was calling u but u didn't give any response.. Now I will check everything for the meeting.. Don't worry much.. Or else u will look too old." Hayat winked at her and laugh.

"I don't want any blunder today." Mrs.James shouted..


"Welcome to James fashion Mr.Malhotra.." Mrs.James smile sweetly and Mr.Malhotra nodded..

"This is our head designer team.. Sasha,Evan,Jenny,Hayat,Marco&Emy..." Mrs.James introduced them..

"And guys... This is Murat Malhotra.. He manages the clothing sector of Malhotra Empire along with other sectors... He is such a hard working, young........." Mrs.James going on and on..

"Isn't she looking like highschool teenager with her over excitement?" Hayat said to Evan leaning towards him and silently laugh..

"Ssshhh... U are still cracking jokes.. I am sweating here.." Evan scolded her and she was laughing.. But then she saw Murat was glaring at her.. So she stopped laughing.

They started their meeting.. They show Murat their latest design and future plans with profits so that he could continue his investment in this company..

"The colors are too dull.." Murat said arrogantly that made Hayat piss.. Because it was her work.

"Alright Mr.Malhotra.. Hayat, use more bright color.." Mrs.James said..

"But Mrs.James these are latest most trending colors.. Besides it's a summer collection.People don't like too bright color in summer.." Hayat argued..

"I know what is trendy or not. these colors not going to use.. Otherwise I won't invest.." Murat snapped..

"Miss Hayat.. We will do as our client wants.." Mrs.James said eyeing her pointedly..

"But..." Hayat tried to say more but Murat cut it..

"Miss u are here for work not to argue.. Listen to ur boss or u know what will happen." Murat said and Hayat was hell angry.. He literally threatened her..

"Fine!!" Hayat said fisting her hand..

Murat was ok with other things .. He only object about the colors they would use.. They finished their meeting and Mrs.James took Murat to her cabin for more details..

Otherside Hayat was hell angry .. She used light colors not dull.. People liking light colors more.. She did a overall research and then used the colors... Other clients liked it specially the colors she used but that arrogant man insult her work..

She had to do something to control her anger.. But if she do something to Mrs.James precious client, she will surely fire her.. So she have to be more careful.. And she exactly know what to do..

Murat finished finalizing everything with Mrs.James.. He was irritated because of that girl,Hayat. She think she is only the one who knows public choices best.. His mood got worse when He saw his driver looking pale..

"Don't tell me something is wrong with the car.." Murat said..

"Sir.. Don't know what happened but all the Tyre Punctured.."

"Four of them.. Now I will be late for my interview.." Murat said frustratedly...

"Ur another car is coming.. But it will take time..."The driver said fearfully..

"This Day can't go more worse.."

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