Chance. Inception.


"There I see the seven, still fighting this vicious cycle." Fate, many say fate is a key to our lives. The red strings that time many together, that bring them to cross paths. To keep them trapped in tangled with in those red strings. Here I sit in the garden of untold truth, watching fate brings seven broken lives into one stringed story. Tying these seven together and never letting them escape. Bringing seven strangers and turning them into seven brothers, with broken souls trying to heal one another. Although, happiness doesn't always last, there's always a crack in that happiness.

Drama / Other
Eliza Tychu
Age Rating:


To whom who reads this,

From Chance. Inception.,

One story
Seven lives
Seven boys
Boys that become brothers
Brothers with broken souls
Souls that become lost
Losing their way
Ways leading to death
Deaths that led to many universes
Many universes that were creating new choices
Choices that could change paths
Paths that could end all the suffering
All the suffering killed by one savior
One savior that travels back in time
Time be used wisely
Wisely using memories to save family
Family that never walks alone
Never alone, Always protected
Bangtan Sonyeondan X Army

Forever true love, No fake love
We are family, we are friends
We never walk alone, we always protect each other

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