Keyblader Christmas


After some time with each other the trio departed to their rooms to sleep, Aqua helping Terra back to his.

Leaving Ven alone in his room, looking at the ceiling, wondering what Christmas was. It sounded vaguely familiar to him but he couldn’t for the life of him remember what it meant. He couldn’t remember anything from before he came here. As he wondered his head shifted to the side to his window. He looked out to see that, for the moment, the snow had stopped falling, leaving a endless blanket of white fluff on his home. All of this, the snow, a warm feeling he was getting even in the cold, and the phrase Christmas It all felt strangely right, if he only knew why it did. He sighed as he rolled over on his side and grabbed his covers

The one thing he wished for right now… was just to remember.

The next morning

Aqua woke up and stepped out her room in a light blue robe and headed down to the kitchen for some breakfast. To her surprise she smelled something really good as she drew closer to the kitchen. When she finally entered she found the source of it, her master making something in pan and tossing it in the air, lighting a firaga off too cook the contents then catching it back in the pan.

“Good morning Aqua” he said with a nod and a smile

“Good morning Master” she said with a bow as she took a seat by the counter next to the stove, inhaling the delicious smell of cheese and eggs. Her stomach couldn’t help but show, or sound, how hungry she was. Her Master smiled before looking at her.

“Would you like a omelet Aqua?”

“Yes Master please” she said as he graciously set down the one he made on a plate and started making another one for himself. As he was doing this, Terra walked in, not wearing a shirt, and entering with a yawn as he waved to his master and friend.

“Good morning Terra, I hope that you slept well” he said as he tossed his omelet into the air, flipping it two times. Aqua clapped at her master’s trick as Terra walked to the fridge and got some orange juice out as well as two glasses.

“How are you feeling?” Aqua asked as Terra sat down next to her

“A whole lot better than last night” he said as he poured himself a glass of oj and gestured to Aqua to ask if she wanted some. She nodded and Terra poured another glass for her as there master had finished his omelet and set it on a plate. He grabbed out two forks and handed one to Aqua before both of them dug in

“Wow… this is good” she said as her master humbly smiled

“Well thank you Aqua” he said as he cut another piece off of his and took another bite while Terra just sipped some orange juice and stretched out his arms and back, he wasn’t much of a breakfast guy.

Their master knew that Ven wasn’t coming down yet, he wasn’t a early bird. Which was excellent for him, because he needed to tell Terra and Aqua something

“Aqua, Terra…” they both looked at their master with intrigue as they both stopped eating “…. I have a task for the both of you when you are finished with your breakfast”

“What is it Master?” Terra asked. Their master walked to a window in the back of the kitchen and looked out onto the land.

“As you can tell by the weather, the holidays are soon to be upon us….” He said turning back to face them. “…..I have two things I want you to do, one I want you to find a tree outside to put in the castle…” Aqua and Terra smiled at that, they always loved going out to find a tree and this year they could bring Ven out with them to help. “… but there is also something else…” they kept their gazes on their master as he continued. The next thing he asked was something both of them wouldn’t have expected him to say “… how long has it been since both of you have seen your families? It’s been years if I remember correctly. I bring this up because, I have invited your families to stay with us for christmas” Aqua lit up as soon as her master told her that. She hadn’t seen her mother or her little sister in over 3 years. The same enthusiasm wasn’t shared with Terra

The instant he heard him say that, Terra gritted his teeth and had a worried expression on his face. One of the main reasons he so willingly left his home 3 years ago was to be away from his father, who always wanted him to be perfect and whenever he failed or did something he didn’t like he would always get furious with him. Terra’s happy look on Christmas just deluded itself into a murky sad image of him being yelled at by his father. Then again he thought, he’d be able to see his little sister and mother again. They were the only part of his childhood that actually made it shine. His grim outlook had changed back into a semi happy Christmas image, so long as his mother and sister are still the same.

“I will also let you go shopping later if you want. I’ll be expecting everything to be taken care of before bed, so please enjoy the day my students” he said as he walked out of the kitchen with his omelet in hand as he ate it. As he walked out of the kitchen, to his surprise, he saw his youngest pupil walking in with a tired look on his face and a really bad bed head.

“Good morning Ventus. It’s rare to see you up this early”

“Morning master and I only woke up because of that good smell” Ven entered the kitchen and saw his two best friends with smiles on their faces and breakfast on the counter. Terra’s smile was bit weaker then Aqua’s, still thinking of his father, but it was there none the less.

“What are you guys so happy about?”

“Our families are coming for the holidays” Aqua said as Ven immediately wondered what that was.

“Uhhhh… what’s a family?” Ven asked Aqua who thought he was joking until she looked in his eyes to see he was actually serious. “Really what’s a family?” he asked again as Terra leaned forward and answered it for him

“A family is a bunch of people just like you that care for you no matter what” his thoughts dwelled on his mother and sister as he said that. Aqua nodded in agreement

“Yeah that’s a family Ven, people who care about you” Ven thought about it for a second then smiled at his friends as he walked up to them and grabbed some oj from Terra. When they finished, Aqua and Terra put their stuff in the sink then ran back up the stairs to go get dressed. While Ven stayed in the kitchen getting something to eat as he kept repeating the new word he found to call his friends

“Their my family”

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