Keyblader Christmas

Reflections of the past

Terra, Aqua, and Ven had finished their breakfast and listening to what their master asked of them, they were out in their winter gear looking around for a good pine tree. Ven ran up and pointed to a short one that was about half his height

“How about this one?”he asked as they both only took a glimpse at it and held back a laugh. It was cute but not festive

“Way to small Ven” he whined a little then ran around again trying to find a bigger tree. Terra thought he found a good one but the instant he touched it all of the pine needles fell off and created a mini avalanche because of the snow on the tree. A small snow mound piled on top of Terra, burying him alive. Aqua gasped then ran over to him and quickly began to dig him out of the snow. When she reached the top of his hood Terra used his strength to pop his head out, making a snow beard unintentionally. Aqua put her hand to her mouth and tried to hold back her laughter when she saw him

“Wh…wha…what?...” he said while his teeth chattered

“Nothing Santa” she said as she dug more and eventually pulled him out of the snow. He shook once to get the snow off and accidently got some on Aqua who was trying to shield herself with her arms. She was laughing all the way through, not because it was that funny but because it reminded her of Christmas’ with her family. She had missed them dearly in the past years but she knew they were proud of her learning how to do what she could. Because if it wasn’t for her gifts then she wouldn’t even be here anymore…

About three years ago…

A little girl was running down a steep incline, giggling as she ran. While tailgating behind her was a bigger girl who looked a little like her

“EVY! Wait up!” she yelled out as she kept running, huffing as she did. Evy had long bluish hair that she had tied in a pony tail with glasses in front of her green eyes that she didn’t like to wear but needed to or else she was practically blind. She was quickly coming up to a turn, trying to go to the sandlot. But she started swirling, not noticing the ice when she turned as Aqua gasped and rushed to her sister

“AHHHHHH!!! AQUA HEELLLLPPPP!!!” Aqua skid on the ice, able to control her momentum as she caught up to her, she grabbed on to her and skid to a stop, Evy clutching on to her big sister as she began to cry. Aqua tried to hush her sister and calm her down, not even noticing she was in the middle of the street. With a loud honk Aqua head quickly flinched up to see a truck rushing toward her and Evy. On instinct she quickly pushed her sister out of her arms to the side of the road and flinched in panic as the truck screeched as it tried to stop but clearly wasn’t going to soon enough.

“AQUA!!!” Evy screamed out.

Aqua thought that was going to be the last thing she heard in her short life, but after that she had heard the crash the she was certain had killed her. But 5 seconds later she could still feel the brisk winter air going through her trembling legs.

‘What the… shouldn’t I not feel anything?’ she thought as she opened her eyes to see what was going on. She wouldn’t have believed what happened unless she hadn’t seen it herself and neither would’ve Evy. In front of her was a barrier that held back a now crashed version of the truck she threw her sister away from.

‘What the…?’ she thought again as the barrier began to dissolve. She looked to her hands to see a slight sparkle coming off them, only adding to the weirdness that was already happening. Her little sister snapped out of her awe and shock and ran over to her sister.

“Aqua are you ok?” she asked innocently as Aqua looked over to her and confusingly shrugged

“I don’t know…” she said as the two looked back at the truck, now smoking and leaking motor oil. Both girls kept wondering how this had happened, this just didn’t make sense. Magic wasn’t real right? Aqua quickly got back to her senses and grabbed hold of her sisters hand “Come on let’s go home.” she said with little argue from her sister and ran back to their house before anyone saw them near the wreck.

Little did she know that a top a building was a man in a white robe with his hood up with a tall brown haired boy wearing a black winter jacket next to him. The man looked down at Aqua running away then back to the wreck. The man reached out his hand and swirled it in the air. A silver mist ran over the truck as parts began to unbend, fluids began to retreat back in the engine, and the truck once again rumbled with life. The man then jumped down to the street, the boy following suit, as he walked over to the truck and opened the driver’s door. Looking at the man, bleeding and hurt, he swirled his hand again and a green mist went over the driver and much like his truck he healed and was now just unconscious behind the wheel of the stationary truck. The boy was facing the direction Aqua had gone as the man caught up to him. Looking in the snow and seeing the footprints she had left, the man then patted the boy on the shoulder to edge him along

“Come now Terra, it seems we have found another chosen”


Terra and Aqua were now looking through the forest for Ven, who was hiding behind a tree with a big grin on his face. On her search for Ven, Aqua found herself walking toward a nice medium size tree. She looked at it from tip to roots, thinking that this might be the perfect tree they’d been looking for

‘Come on Aqua, come on, move a little bit closer’ Ven thought while he hid behind the tree

“Hey Terra! This one looks good!” she pointed to the tree with a smile as he came over, taking a look at it then nodding in agreement.

“Good eye Aqua. Stand back I’ll chop it down” He said as he drew his keyblade, getting in a ready stance to slash it at the base. Then, from behind, Ven jumped out and flailed his arms in the air like a manic.

“BOO!” he yelled out as Terra stood there unmoved and unshaken, as did Aqua. Ventus landed in the snow face first getting most of it in his eyes. Spitting out some snow and rubbing it out of his eyes, he quickly stood and looked at them

“Did I scare you?” he asked jokingly

“Not really Ven, I saw your hair on the side of the tree while you were hiding. Try working on being a little more inconspicuous” Aqua said as she tussled his hair and helped wipe the snow off. Ven smirked then got out of Terra’s way as he drew back his keyblade and slashed the tree’s stem clean through. It fell almost a foot away from where Ven had been standing before. Aqua then drew out her keyblade and pointed it to the tree.

“GATHER!” she yelled out as the tree rose to the sky and Aqua, Terra, and Ven started to walk back to the castle with the tree hovering above them. As they did, Terra began to wander his mind. He was thinking about how most of his life seemed like hard work, not that he minded this menial task, but Just work, work, work ever since he was a kid. All because of him…

About three years ago…

Terra was hanging upside down, doing leg ups without his shirt on, his sweat dropping to the floor as he did each rev. Next to him was a tall man with black hair that was about his height maybe a little taller and muscular, very muscular. He was watching Terra do his training while he held a stop watch in his hand. Terra finally couldn’t take anymore, he reached up for the bar and let himself down with ease. The tall dark haired man had shut his eyes as he shook his head in disappointment.

“You did fifty yesterday in 5 minutes, today it was in 6… you’re getting soft…”

“Hey, it’s not like I see you doing these useless exercises everyday!” the older man angrily grabbed Terra, who grabbed his arms in response and did a reversal then rammed him on to a couch. “See no reason for me to keep doing this. I’m already strong enough to take care of my own…” Terra gloated as the older man slid his foot over Terra’s feet making him fall. Then he grabbed Terra and pinned him on the couch just like he did to him only a couple seconds ago

“Oh yeah, you can totally hold your own against your old man” he said in a sarcastic tone making Terra mad as he tried to push his father off of him. He chuckled as he tightened his grip “Try all you want you’re not strong enough” He said mockingly as Terra glared at him, egging him on for a fight which he would’ve graciously provided for his son. But before WW3 could take place the front door of their house opened, cool air following, and two women entering in with bags in their hands. His dad didn’t even loosen a little because of their arrival, in his house this was a usual thing and thought that they would not interfere.

“Oh my…Travis let him go!” one the two said as he looked over to her and rolled his eyes

“This is the only way he’s going to be what I want him to be and for that to happen he has to train, train, train!” he said as she rushed over to him and used every ounce of strength she had to pull him off. Out of pity, not for Terra, he let go and watched as she rushed over to Terra and dusted him off.

“Oh baby, are you ok?”

“Yeah mom I’m fine” Terra said as he gave his mom a hug to soothe her worry. His mother was half a head below Terra’s height with long brown hair and cerulean eye’s, she really didn’t like the idea of what her husband was trying to make their son into but she was just powerless to stop him. Travis just hated the way his wife would ‘baby’ their son like this and slightly growled in his throat as he saw this. Of course being the non-subtle man that he was his wife heard it

“Stop pushing our son already, he’s already big enough to carry this house for the rest of his life if he wanted” she snapped at him as he got irritated by her back talk.

“There is no such thing as big enough when it comes to strength, and you better remember who’s in charge here Elise…” Travis threatened her then looked at his son. “Terra you go run three laps through the districts now” Terra eyes immediately widen at that command

“But it’s snowing out there, do you honestly think that’s a good idea?”

“Why not you did it a couple weeks ago” he retorted as his son grunted then slipped on a jacket and shoes and walked out, better than being with that monster.

Rather than running like his father wanted he just walked through this cold weather, he always took any chance to disobey his father. He never liked the man and probably never would. And his idea of making him a pro fighter was just not him. Ever since he was little his father had been building him up to be that, mostly to carry on his legacy as a fighter himself. He had learned more combat styles than he had fingers and toes. Plus his slender physique and quick reflexes made him perfect to fight. And as of recent his father was working him like a machine to get giant bulging muscles like his to complement everything else, but he didn’t care about him in the way a father should.

Terra was looking at his breath float off into the cold as he walked, his mind now starting to wander away from thoughts of his dad. Then out of the cold he felt something warm touch his back. On instinct he stopped and turned to see what was causing it, grinning when he saw her

“Shouldn’t you be home?” he asked the 12 year old girl in the pink coat with black hair that had a couple of pink highlights in it. She blinked her btight blue eyes and smiled at him as he chuckled at her and rubbed his cold hand over the top of her hood.

“I didn’t want to listen to dad yell about stupid things. So I’d rather be with you”

“But aren’t you cold Des?” he asked her as she hugged his arm and cutely said

“Who needs a big coat when you got a big brother?” Terra rolled his eyes, out of semi disbelief that his sister would say something so cheesy. But still it was sweet so he returned it with a smile and a arm around her shoulder as they walked down the first district streets.


They had carried the tree all the way back to castle.

Terra had already set up a stand for it in the master’s throne room and let Aqua and Ven start to decorate it, Aqua needing to tell Ven almost every second what to do.

When they were done, the trio took a couple steps back and looked at their accomplishment at hand with a grin of satisfaction. Terra then said what was on all of their minds as they marveled at the sight beheld


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