Sonic the Hedgehog: Human Beginnings

Changing Skies

The police were at the scene fairly quickly, along with some private investigators. I wasn't sure what to say—Ethan had given up in the end, hadn't he? But he grinned tiredly.

"I'm turning myself in, officers. I'm the one who planned the events that led to the students being taken hostage. I'm Scourge. I'll give back what I stole the best I can, and I'll tell you what I know. I'm done being the bad guy." He willingly got handcuffed and gave specific descriptions of Fang and Fiona and the place they'd been using as a hideout.

"I'm shocked at the sudden change of heart from the kind of guy that did what he did," Officer Drummond sighed, now at the police station.

"Sir, we've told you a ton of times already—matters dealing with people connected to Chaos should be dealt with through the Chaotix. We know what we're doing," Ross tried to convince the man.

"We still have to do this through the parameters of the law," the policeman replied.

"Listen to him, Ross. Sorry sir. Just let us know when something like this happens. We understand the law as well as the situations involved." The shorter man gave the officer a business card, and they left.

"Hey, kid," Officer Drummond said to Ethan, "You look familiar. Are you from Soleanna, by chance? About two miles south of here?" Ethan tensed, but nodded.

"Yeah. Ethan McArthur. Or Scourge. Whichever you need to put in the books." The policeman frowned.

"Don't I . . . Ethan, of course! Well, it all makes sense now . . . I'll get you over to my office and we'll talk, okay? Remember me at all?" Ethan frowned.

"No, I don't."

"I'm the one who took care of the arson case." Ethan looked again in recognition. His expression softened, then set like stone once again.

"Don't . . . don't let Fiona and Fang get away. They're dangerous as well, even if they worked under me. I'm sorry."

"Eh, kid, you may not realize it, but from what Sonic told me, you helped out in the end. Without you, lots of people would be dead. I don't know why you changed your mind, but you know what? Doesn't matter. If you behave, get things done, do your time as you need, then you're fine. Might even get you out quick with Sonic and his gang as your parole supervisors. You could do some 'community service' and help the town out with them." Ethan thought for a minute.

"If it's all right sir . . . I'd rather not. I could get tempted again. Having the Chaos Emeralds anywhere near me . . . when I went Super . . . they sent me into a frenzy. I don't want to do that again."

"Why don't we have you do the same thing with a police officer in another town, then? Will that work out? We'll still need to work out the details, but I'll try to make it happen." Ethan frowned, but nodded.

"That could work. Thanks." Light a different kind of match. Yeah. He'd take Maria's advice.

Finally, summer vacation rolled around. We all got together whenever we could, just to hang out most of the time. There wasn't much crime to deal with—people probably got it through their heads not to mess with us if they could stand it. We were at Miles's house when the news started.

"Reports of an anomaly of the 'red comet' are being reported by scientists as of late. The comet appears very rarely. It is unlikely that it will cause any harm upon entering the Earth's atmosphere in the next week, but many speculate that it will cause a big stir in environmental changes. Scott, your thoughts?" Damon turned off the TV, glaring at the screen.

"Not happening. I am not going to turn into a crazy maniac with no memories of so much as being friends with you guys. Nuh-uh." Elaine turned to him.

"Don't worry. I'll remind you if that happens—even if you don't believe me."

"You might not even get amnesia. My bet is that you'll get some new information that will make you question yourself, but I doubt—"

"Not the best time, Miles," I whispered. Damon wasn't happy. He shook his head.

"No, it's fine . . . I just get a bad feeling. This isn't the Black Arms, as far as we know. I've found everything there is to know about myself . . . right?"

"We don't know that. We also don't know if this is even the comet we think it is. Don't worry too much about it, hon," said Scarlet, patting his head and leaving the room.

Days later, we were called on yet another mission. Robots were attacking- but they weren't the usual mini ones on the loose from Eggman's old base. They were fully equipped military machines.

"Hey," Shadow frowned as we approached them, "Those are G.U.N bots."

Destroy. Destroy. One of them beeped, proclaiming in a grating metallic voice. It was easy to get rid of the first couple, but the big one didn't let us get close enough to get a hit in.

"Omega! Protocol 6! Restart!" shouted Rouge suddenly. The robot stopped and folded in on itself until it was a small metal piece about the size of a Nintendo DS-in fact, it looked a lot like one. She picked it up and handed it to Shadow.

"Keep this thing safe, will you?"

"Seriously?!" John asked about ten minutes later at a park bench where we all were.

"I was hired by G. U. N. recently. I work as a paid intern in their tech department," she shrugged.

People were disappearing, and Officer Drummond now had to call in the Chaotix. Particularly one missing person had them on edge.

"Joseph Iblis has escaped from prison."

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