Sonic the Hedgehog: Human Beginnings

Enter Tails, Amy, and Egghead

I dived forward in an attempt to dodge it and succeeded when a bright flash and the sound of a bomb going off erupted behind me. When the dust somewhat settled around me, I got up slowly and looked at the crater, in which a dark blue gem half the size of my head was sitting. It glowed brightly when I got closer, and started to float. Alright, Eric, so you're crazy now. What else is new? I thought as I reached out to touch it.

When my fingers made contact, it glowed so brightly that I couldn't even see anything but white anymore, even when I took my hand away. I'm still not sure how this transitioned into a dream of some kind, but suddenly, I was standing in front of a mirror. Two other mirrors were on either side of me. The one in front of me was normal and reflected the same totally freaked out face that I expected—black hair, skinny, green eyes, kind of pointed nose, and the same clothes I was wearing two seconds ago.

I turned to the right and saw Sonic the Hedgehog staring back at me; the only feature that assured me somehow that I was staring at myself was the same green eyes that I had, flicking about as I took in the entire look. I moved my hand to the top of my head and patted it, and so did Sonic. Weirder and weirder, was all I could think. I then turned to the left.

The other mirror reflected what seemed to be a human version of Sonic: blue hair that was pretty long compared to what I had, the same exact green eyes that I had, he was a little taller than me, and less scrawny, and his face was a little less pointy and angled, with a stronger jaw and a slightly deeper skin tone than what I had. He seemed a little older all around. Also, my normal face wasn't exactly as clear of zits as this one . . . I wasn't complaining about it.

He wore a blue hooded jacket over a white t-shirt that said "Speed Demon" in bold, blue letters, blue jeans, human-sized Sonic sneakers, and white gloves. I tried a little half-smirk and a thumbs-up, and bam! It was obvious that I was Sonic. A voice boomed around me, and it made me think of Tikal in Sonic Adventure. "To change into one of these forms, concentrate on that form and recite this within your mind: Chaos Transformation. Be the hero you wished to be . . ." The mirrors and the whiteness dissolved and I was standing in the alley, with the crater gone, with what I took to be a Chaos emerald in my hand.

"This is insane," I breathed. I saw my reflection in the now faintly glowing gem—I was just regular me again. I was unsure—should I try? Well, the worst that could happen is nothing and making me feel stupid . . . why not? And I concentrated on Sonic the Hedgehog, thinking:Chaos Transformation. The gem glowed again and I closed my eyes, feeling a rush of wind. When it stopped, I opened my eyes, looking at a reflection of a blue hedgehog.

"GAH!" I yelped, dropping the emerald. I looked down at my hands and feet—the classic Sonic gloves and shoes replaced what had been normal human hands and white Nikes. I shakily grabbed the emerald again and began to run. Suddenly, everything around me disappeared as I picked up speed. It felt like I was alone, the wind in my face my only companion. I whooped at the feeling—it was amazing, free, and awesome.

I started to slow down and realized that I was near my house after only a few seconds, when it would have taken at least a good minute or two normally to run back. I concentrated again, this time on myself. Chaos Transformation! And I looked at the Chaos Emerald in my palm. I hid it behind my back as I walked in. My mom and dad were in the living room, so I stuck it in my backpack before joining them.

"Hey, hon. Anything interesting on your walk?" asked Mom.

"Nah, pretty uneventful."

The next morning, I checked my backpack to be sure that last night had really happened. It did: the emerald was there, faintly glowing. I was a little more positive as I walked with Miles and Amy to school.

"So . . . did anything interesting happen last night?" asked Amy, noticing the spring in my step.

"Um . . . not really?" I said, making it more of a question to see if they would buy it. They didn't.

"Me neither, unless you count . . ." Miles trailed off, as if he didn't really want to say either.

"All right, since we've all obviously got something on our minds, I'll start," I said, stopping, "But you have to swear not to tell anyone." They both nodded, and I trusted them with that. I looked around, and no one was in sight. I took out the emerald and showed them. They gasped.

"You too?" asked Miles. I sucked in a breath.

"What?" He pulled out a yellow version of the same Chaos Emerald. We turned to Amy.

"No way . . . and Amy? What about you?" I asked. She held out a green one.

"Then you guys . . . realize . . . that these are Chaos Emeralds, right?" I asked in a low voice, putting mine back in my bag.

"Duh. I turned into Tails the Fox with this thing," said Miles, as if he were saying that he finished his homework in an hour, which was a normal occurrence.

"I turned into Amy Rose. I like the hammer," Amy grinned mischievously.

"And who are you, Eric?" asked Miles.

"Isn't it obvious?" I winked, smirked, and gave them a thumbs-up.

"Sonic!" Amy exclaimed, and I nodded.

"I wonder if there are others . . ." I said aloud as we hurried to school. It was hard, still, to process the fact that I was really Sonic the hedgehog. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was awesome, but little Eric Sarali was never exactly high on self-esteem . . . or muscle . . . or social status . . . so it was a little unreal to think of myself as the easygoing, super-fast hero that saved the day on countless occasions. It was easier, though, with my friends in on it—at least it made sense that Amy was Amy and Miles was Tails. The personalities fit.

When I got to my locker, I saw Scarlet and John whispering to each other, John's arm around her shoulder. I listened carefully, curious because they never had secrets from the school and always wanted everyone to know what they were talking about. Plus, they never looked anxious like they did then.

"Look . . . don't you dare . . . master . . ."

"Steal . . . gem . . . knucklehead . . ." I stopped bothering after that and shook my head. It was a bunch of gibberish to me at that point. I grabbed my books, managed to hide my Chaos Emerald in my backpack, and headed off to Biology, which was torture, as expected. The day was lacking in interest in general and I was tapping my foot in study hall, waiting for the bell to ring. When we finally got out, tons of police cars could be seen rushing downtown.

"Want to check it out?" I asked casually. Amy nodded eagerly and so did Miles.

"Let's go!" We hid in between the dumpsters behind the school to change into our heroic new selves, and I was the first to step out—Amy and Tails were the ones to follow me.

"Ready?" I asked. Amy pulled out her hammer from nowhere and Tails gave me two thumbs up. And when we got there in a few seconds, I froze and looked up at the reason that traffic was blocked for a good few miles: A gigantic robot wolf was attacking the city, led be what I could only identify as a floating orb at first. I did the only thing that came natural—I charged. Amy and Tails followed in suit, and I went on autopilot after that. It was like the games, only this was real, so I focused on surviving rather than getting a high score. Since I was Sonic, I decided to try something new. I spin-dashed the knees first.

A metal screech followed as the fangs of the thing came gnashing down on me. I thought fast and leapt on top of its head first, curling up on myself and smashing its nose in. It lifted its head and I got a better view of the orb when I struggled not to slip or get shaken off, which would mean at least a three-story drop. The orb was actually some kind of hovercraft that was oval-shaped—and the top half of it was actually a man in a red suit, tiny spectacles, and a large, orange mustache.

Dr. Eggman.

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