Sonic the Hedgehog: Human Beginnings

Knuckles, Rouge, and !

Tails was at the neck of the robot messing with wiring, while Amy was finishing the job I started with the legs, swinging her hammer with all her might. However, while it seemed we were just about to win, I heard the most annoying voice ever prove us wrong.

"And now who's going to stop my army of robot minions?' he asked, pressing a large red button on the console of his machine. The stomach of the wolf detached, crashing to the street below. Thank goodness there was no one there. Then about a thousand of Eggman's generic soldier bots came flying out—my only thought was oh. My. God, as they began to cause general havoc. I couldn't take them all and the dog and Eggman all at once. Plus, Amy and Tails were busy fending for themselves. Just as I was turning to stop the army, a huge explosion happened in the middle of the horde of them marching on the ground, destroying at least 50 at once. In the smoke of the destruction, two figures stood. I squinted, trying to see who was there. The two then leapt out of the debris, both aiming for different targets. One was red. The other was white.

It was Knuckles and Rouge!

I cheered momentarily, then got back to what I was doing. I kept destroying the head until it was really no more than a lump of metal. Then, aiming just right, I got a good kick at the tail, knocking it clean off to the ground, smashing a few bots in the process. I looked down at the fight below me—why were the soldiers getting back up?

"Bwahahahaha! I knew that you would try and fight back—but these, my friends, are specially designed: it is impossible for anything without a human DNA signature to defeat them!" While he laughed, we all stared.

"You just made this ten times easier," I said. He didn't hear me, still gloating over his inevitable triumph. I concentrated, focusing quickly on my human Sonic form. Chaos Transformation! The quick flash of light assured me that it had worked, and I looked for the others. Human Tails was a little blonde boy with jeans, a white t-shirt, a yellow-orange jacket, and a scarf that resembled his fox tails, as well as goggles on his forehead (probably for flying). Amy and Rouge still had the same outfits, and their skin tone and hair was basically the same as before—pink and white—while Amy had pale, pearly skin and Rouge was deeply tanned, and rather than wings, she had a jet pack. Knuckles was now a tallish skinny guy with fire-engine red shoulder-length hair, a red t-shirt, gray sweatpants, and his usual gloves and shoes in human proportions.

"You were saying, Eggman?" I asked. He stopped and looked at us, his mouth a perfect 'O'. I got an idea and jumped off the wolf, leaving Tails to what he was doing. I joined Knuckles while Rouge helped Amy.

"So, Knux, what's up?' I asked.

"Shut it and help me," he grunted when a particularly large robot managed to get a hit in. I nodded, and began to run wide circles at top speed. I grinned when I heard robots crash into each other in the tornado I'd created—or wind tunnel—or cyclone—or whatever you wanted to call it. It went on like that for a few more minutes, all the while Eggman was frantically yelling curses at us and pressing buttons. Finally, just as we turned to face him, he flew out of sight.

"Dang it!" Knuckles and I both yelled.

"Well, we'd better run, guys," said Tails, looking around. The media and large crowds were beginning to flood in. We ran, together, back to the school and hid in the bushes for a few minutes to be sure that no one had followed us. The shrubs were thick, so we couldn't see each other either.

"So . . . you found Chaos Emeralds, too?"

Knuckles' voice answered, "Well, I got the Master Emerald, and she got the light blue emerald, but yeah. Meet anyone else yet?"

"Nah, but I'm sure Shadow will be showing up any time soon."

"Just curious, do you guys go to school here?" asked Rouge. A short silence followed.

"Yeah . . . you?" I asked.

"We do. And considering who we are, you probably hate us," said Knux.

"What? Why?" asked Amy.

"Rouge and I are pretty easy to hate at school—I have no doubt in my mind that at least four kids in my class despise me more than anything. I was too big of a bully—still am—for a long time for them not to." I blinked. Only one person I knew had ever been that bad . . . two people . . . and their eyes matched those of Knuckles and Rouge, a red-violet and a light sky blue. But it couldn't be . . .

"Let's change and get out. We should be okay," I said, needing to know. Everyone voiced their agreement. Little flashes happened all around me as we all changed back to normal.

Meanwhile, in the ruins of what looked like the ruins of a modern city, Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat were avoiding spurts of lava and geysers.

"Blaze, seriously, can we stop and rest somewhere? We've been looking for hours by now," said Silver, out of breath. Blaze nodded, and they stopped on a seemingly clear rock.

"I may be the Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, but that's of no use to us," said Blaze tiredly.

"I know. If those could be used to teleport us to the Chaos Emeralds—"

"Then we wouldn't need the Chaos Emeralds in the first place," she answered.

"I know. That stupid portal," Silver growled.

"I can hardly believe it's been nine years. Where'd you grow up again?"

"It doesn't matter right now—Wait! Blaze! The Chaos Emeralds!" Silver pointed at a glow in a crevice that wasn't quite fiery. He held out one hand and used his phsycokinesis to float the two emeralds towards them while avoiding any possible danger. One was red, and the other was white. Silver took the white one like it was his own beating heart, and Blaze grabbed the red one in a similar fashion, a look of awe on her face. They grabbed hands, (blushing slightly) and then Silver concentrated on the exact place he had left for the desolate, strange, flaming wasteland. Where he'd left his brother . . .

"Chaos Control!"

Knuckles had become John, and Rouge was Scarlet. And I was staring at them like an idiot while they stared back.

"E-Eric?" asked John.

"Yeah? John?"

"I'm sorry . . . for . . . everything." He seemed unable to name every little thing he'd done, silent in listing the torture he'd caused me. I could have sneered, told him that it was a little late for sorry, or just about anything . . . but I didn't. I did something that shocked all those present, including myself.

"I forgive you. We're in this mess together now. We can't hold grudges if we're trying to be heroes and stop that egghead. Am I right?"

"That was actually pretty deep," commented Scarlet, even as she nodded to agree with me.

"No more beat-downs. I honestly don't remember why I started doing that anyway," continued John.

"I'm not letting you run off to save the world without me," said Amy, hands on her hips and a determined look on her face.

"And you can count me in!" exclaimed Miles.

"All right then. Now let's—uh—holy crud! I'm late for curfew! See you guys later!" I changed into Human Sonic, ran as fast as possible home, and changed back as I was slowing down on my street. People were all inside, and there was no one around. I strolled in and found my parents in the kitchen. Mom hugged me the second she saw me and there were tears in her eyes. Dad looked like he'd been crying too.

"What's going on?" I asked, apprehensive. Mom just shook her head.

"Just go to your room, sweetie. Something's waiting there that will help you understand." I was officially putting my mind on overdrive now, trying to figure out what it was. I went into my room and closed the door behind me before looking—I was a little scared to know what was waiting for me. I turned to find someone sitting on my bed.

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