Let me See you


Natsu, an incorrigible playboy, meets Lucy, a strong willed blind girl. Their relationship rapidly grows closer and stronger, but what horrible secrets are holding Natsu back?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

"Flower Square. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform."

Natsu was running down the stairs of the subway to catch the train, barely looking where he was going. Inevitably, just as he was to grab the door, he lost balance as he bumped into something, and fell roughly on the floor. Something ? Well not exactly.

"Ow ! I'm so sorry !"

Natsu turned his head. A girl about his age was on the floor next to him, rubbing her lower back. She had blond hair, a creamy skin, and gorgeous curves she obviously tried to hide with her oversized sweatshirt (but failed). First thing Natsu thought was that she was totally the kind of girls he would put in his bed.

"Hey don't apologize, i wasn't looking where i was going, it's my fault… Oh maaan, the train's gone !"

Natsu stood up and sighed as he watched the train leaving. He was going to be late for his date. He turned around and reached out his hand to help the blond to stand up. However, she didn't even look at his hand and stood up on her own.

"… sorry again. Hey can you tell me where the exit is please ?"

Natsu blinked several times, astonished. Her pretty face was looking in the direction of the stairs Natsu has ran down a few minutes ago.

"Err… It's right in front of ya. Take the stairs, and it'll lead you outside."

"Thank you very much."

She smiled softly, still not looking at him. He was curious about this strange girl now. He wanted to see her eyes. Why was she so shy ? He has dated and banged a lot of shy girls before, but this one was sure intriguing at first impression. He watched her search something in her bag, then pull out a white stick she unfolded, and put the extremity on the floor. Natsu's eyes widened when he realized.

'Oh my… she can't see !'

It took him only one second to make his mind. He walked close to her and wrapped firmly his arm around hers.

"Forgive me, I didn't notice. Please allow me to guide you."

"Thank you sir. And don't worry, it's my fault, I should have told you I was blind in the first place. I forget sometimes that it's not obvious."

"You're welcome. Beware of the first step !"

They climbed the stairs silently, Natsu feeling awkward. He stared at her. Her golden hair reached the middle of her back and her bang hid part of her face. The way they shone gave her an angelic aura. Natsu could also smell her scent now that he was close to her, and he found it pleasantly addictive. He could catch a glimpse of her eyes from there, but still couldn't admire them, their color and shape.

"We're out of the subway now. Where do you need to go ? I'll accompany you."

"Thanks that's nice ! I'm supposed to meet a friend at a café named Blue Pegasus."

"Ok I know where it is, we just have to cross a few streets. We'll be there in ten minutes."

They stopped just in front of the door of the café. Natsu loosened his grip from her arm, allowing her to turn around and face him, or at least face his chest, since she couldn't see where his face was. Maybe she wasn't even searching for his face, Natsu thought. That had to be normal for blind people, right ?

"There we are. D-do you want me to wait with you ? … I-I mean if your friend is not here, of course ! But i-if you don't want to… totally understand ! HA-HA." Natsu said, running his fingers through his locks and blushing, making his cheeks match his pink hair.

'Damn, why am I blushing ? I'm stupid, she can't see it ! And what's with the forced laugh ? She sure can hear that… Why am I embarrassed anyway ?!'

"That's really sweet of you, but don't worry I can go on by myself now. You should go, you were such in a hurry to take your train, weren't you already late for something ?"

"DAAAAAAMN totally forgot ! Ok so… i'm gonna go now. Take care of you !"

"Thank you again sir !"

The girl finally raised her head up, and gave him the cutest smile he ever saw. Her eyes were brown and soft. But something was missing. No spark. Despite her brilliant smile, he couldn't help feeling a bit sad, because he was sure her beautiful eyes would have make her face glitter… and because she couldn't see him. He watched her turn around and enter the café, slowly heading to the bar with her cane. How was it inside of her head ? Natsu couldn't help to wonder. How did she perceive things ? How did she perceive HIM ?

He was rubbing his chin, lost in his thoughts, when he felt his phone buzz. "Shit, my date !"

"Pssssst. Flame Head. Wake up !"


"Don't make me punch you… Wake up ash-for-brain !"

" 'vme alone Ice Freak."

"Everybody's looking… NATSU DAMN IT WAKE UP !"

Natsu jumped on his seat and almost fell. His heart was racing. Where was he ? Why was every one staring at him ?

"So, now that Mr. Dragneel gave us the honor to be more than physically present, we may continue the class. Don't forget to come to detention next Saturday Mr. Dragneel."


"So… how was it last night ? She must have been good if you are this tired today…"

"Shut up Gray, i didn't get laid last night. She ditched me, 'cause I was too late."

His raven-haired friend raised a brow.

"Too late ? How could you be too late ? When you left Fairy Tail you still had 30 minutes to go !"

"Missed the train."

"So ? There is a train every 5 minutes."

"I dunno, I just was late okay !"

"Wow, take it easy man !"

Natsu and Gray were heading towards the cafeteria when they saw a strange scenery. A tall black haired guy with a lot of piercings on his face was giggling while holding in the air by her collar a little bluenette, who was cursing and desperately trying to reach the floor below her.

"Gajeel let me down !"

"Why ? This way your height seems normal."

"What did I do to you ?! Why do you keep getting on my nerves like this ?"

" 'Cause you're a shrimp."

"That doesn't make any sense ! And STOP CALLING ME THAT !"

"Yo Gajeel ! Whacha doing ?" Natsu asked.

The said Gajeel and the bluenette turned their head at the same time towards the newcomers.

"I just caught a shrimp struggling in the ocean." Gajeel smirked.

"I was perfectly fine THANK YOU !" The bluenette crossed her arms around her chest and pouted.

"Of course. People were stepping on your stuff you dropped, and soon they would step on you, 'cause you know, you're a shrimp."

"Guys !" Gray said. "Sorry to interrupt again, but we're hungry now, and we're going to get lunch, so… Gajeel you're coming or not ?"

"Yeah yeah comin'. See ya Shrimp !"

"Oh god please no !"

Gajeel cackled as he left the girl fuming and picking up her books. He joined Natsu and Gray, who were entering the cafeteria. The three boys bought their lunch, then sat down at a table where a scarlet haired girl and a blue haired man with a tattoo below his right eye were already eating.

"Yo Erza, Jellal !" Natsu exclaimed as he sat down.

"Hey guys, how are you ?" Erza greeted.

"Good. So Metal Head… who was this bookworm ya were bullying ?"

"None of your business."

"Aw come ooon ! She's resisting on ya, isn't she ? If you want tips…"

"Unlike you, I don't try to pounce on everything that has boobs."

"Do not !"

"Do too. Her name's Levy, met her several time in the hall. She's clumsy. Always drops her bookworm's stuff and gets kicked by the crowd."

"So you protect her from the devilish absent-minded people walking through the hall, like a knight in a shining armor. Good."

Erza said this with a very serious tone, eating peacefully her strawberry cake. She was certainly meaning it this way.

"Gray-samaaaaa !"

"Oh god, why is she so loud…"

Gray was almost hiding under the table, as his really loud girlfriend ran towards them, and kissed him with passion. She was a gorgeous bluenette, whose only goal in life was to be clung to her introverted boyfriend. It had taken her four years to make him confess, and she wasn't going to let him go easily.

"Juvia missed Gray-sama so much !"

"You've seen Gray-sama yesterday at lunch !"

Gray unconsciously started to adopt her bizarre way of talking third-person. Gajeel and Natsu guffawed not so silently behind their hand.

"Anyway, Juvia has brought her childhood friend with her ! She went to the toilet but… Ah there she is, LUCYYYYY-SAAAAAN !"

Juvia yelled, making Gray fall from his chair. Natsu giggled, then turned around to see the newcomer. He choked and widened when he recognized the beautiful blond from the night before. She was elegant this time, blue jeans, and no oversized sweatshirt, but a red cotton pullover that revealed her huge chest and flat stomach. Black boots matched perfectly the rest of the outfit. She still had her cane in her right hand, and she held a big golden dog in her left.

"Every one, this is Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy-san, let Juvia introduce you to Juvia's friends."

Juvia took her friend's arm, and made her move around the table while saying names.

"This is Erza Scarlet, and there is her boyfriend Jellal Fernandez. Next is Gajeel Redfox, you know, Juvia's other childhood friend Juvia talked to you about ? And there is Juvia's only and forever boyfriend (don'teventrytotouchhimoryou'llbeJuvia'sloverival) GRAY-SAMA !"

Each time, Lucy reached out her hand to shake theirs and say "Nice to meet you !", her head shifting so that she could hear them best. Everybody has noticed her handicap and had the decency to make no comments. They were rather surprised that Natsu, famous for his lack of tact, hadn't said anything dumb already. They were even more surprised at his reaction when his turn came.

"And at last here is Natsu Dragneel, the playboy of our little group. Juvia is warning you Natsu-san, Lucy-san isn't a girl you will put in your bed, understood !"

"Haha Juvia don't be so harsch on him, i don't even know the guy ! Nice to meet you, Natsu !"

She reached her hand out once again, smiling at the pink haired boy.

"… H-H-Hi."

Natsu's voice was cracked, his cheeks were redder than Erza's hair, he shook Lucy's hand a bit too frantically, and sweat drops were rolling on his forehead. Everyone looked at him with wide eyes. What happened to the self-confident young adult, who was always charming sometimes unconsciously every girl walking nearby ?

For just a second, Lucy frowned as she heard his voice and felt his warm hand in hers. Natsu stared at her, his heart racing. Could she recognize him ? But her normal soft face came back, and the hand-shake was over. Natsu felt disappointed. She folded her cane, and sat down on the chair Juvia was pushing towards her. Then she bent down and talked to her dog.

"Plue, sit. We're going to stay here for a while. If you're a good boy I'll get you candy. Yeah candy you like it huh ? Good boooy !"

"He seems really nice ! Plue right ? Is he a labrador ?" Erza asked.

"No labradors are smaller. He is a golden retriever. He's my guide dog."

"Wow really ? I've never seen one ! What is he able to do ?"

"Well basically, he helps me cross the streets, makes me avoid people so that I don't bump into them, he also remembers new paths…"

Natsu stared at her face for the whole discussion. He was obsessed with her eyes, that were moving like normal ones, but not reflecting anything. Didn't all his past dates say fluffy stuff like the eyes are the door to the soul ? Or window, he couldn't remember. Anyway, he couln't see through this girl, and that was frustrating him.

"… and that's how I decided to be an author. Are Jellal and Natsu ok ? You're the only ones I haven't heard talking since we were introduced."

"Don't worry about Jellal, it's quite normal. He doesn't speak unless he has something really intelligent to say." Erza smiled lovingly at him. "Natsu, on the other hand… That's certainly NOT normal."

"Yeah dude, what's wrong with you ? You're not even asleep ! AND YOU'RE NOT EATING ! CALL 911 FLAME BRAIN IS SICK !"

"Shut it, Ice Princess I'm not sick ! Just not in the mood to talk, that's all !"

Man, how long has he zoned out, watching Lucy's face ? He must have looked like a total idiot. Even if she couldn't see it, he didn't feel good about it. And he could count on his annoying friends to remind him at least a hundred times. Fortunately, something prevented his friends from torturing him.

"Lu-chaaaan ! Sorry I'm late !"

"Hey Levy-chan ! Don't worry, we're still eating !"


"YOU ?!"

"You two know each other ?"

"You know shrimp ?"

"Who's shrimp ?"

"You know Gajeel ?"

"Again, who's shrimp ?"

"I'm not a shrimp !"

"Shrimp is Levy."

"… This is fun. Who's Gajeel ?"

"Natsu shut up."

"Levy-chan is my roommate."

"And Levy is Shrimp."

"And Gajeel is Metal Head."





"Jellal, control your woman, she's gonna kill Flame-Head."

"Gray, control YOUR woman, she's melting on you."


"You didn't get eaten by big fishes this time, Shrimp ?"


"I have a bad feeling about this… Go honey, i'll watch your cake."

"Plue help, what's happening here !"





"Levy's not a shrimp name."


"I had a great night with you too Juvia !"


"I wanna eat this cake so bad."

"And what's a shrimp name huh ?"


"Seriously, what's going on ? Juvia ?"


"Is there a problem Lucy-san ? Gray-sama is mine by the way."


"…Of course. What's Gajeel for a name then ?"

"… I'll regret this but… Erza, Mirajane stole your cake !"

"Who's Mirajane ?"

"Mira… You're dead."

"Jellal… you're gonna pay for that. I'll take back the bill and add 3 zeros to the price."

"Where's the cake ? Flame Head GET OFF OF ME !"


"Boy's love ? This is confusing… you understand something Plue ?"

"EXCUSE ME ?! Where did you see boy's love ? I'm the most manly straight guy in here !"

"Natsu you just sound like Elfman."

"Who's Elfman ?"

"Wanna go out with me Shrimp ?"

"Jellal, why do you have cake on your jaw ?"

"I get it Natsu, you're not gay ! You guys are crazy, i swear !"

"Jellal… You ate my cake ?"

"G-go o-out with y-you ? Err err…"

"Juvia, there's no need to tag your name on my arm…"

"Welcome to Fairy Tail Academy Lucy, MUAHAHAHA."

"Forgive me… I know this place where they make the bests strawberry cakes ! I invite you, what do you say ?"


Every one stopped and stared with wide eyes at the two folks, Gajeel smirking proudly, and Levy struggling in the air and blushing hardly.

"My, my… One of my ship is now canon !" Mirajane said with a brilliant smile. She suddenly stopped, and a devilish aura surrounded her. "By the way, Jellal, you'll have to help me clean this mess. Told you you were gonna pay."

"What a lunch !"

"You said it IP."

"IP ?"

"Ice Princess or Prick, as you wish."

"You're so lazy you can't even say a full nickname you made up yourself ?"


Natsu sighed and leaned his head on his crossed arms. He just couln't pay attention to the class.

"So… You're gonna tell me one day what's bothering you ?"


"I guessed so. It has something to do with Lucy right ?"

Natsu stiffened.

"Flame Head, I've known you for years, you're an open book to me. So ?"

"… I bumped into her in the subway yesterday. She's the reason I was late for my date, 'cause I accompanied her for a while."

"That makes sense. She was going to meet Juvia. Hell, that's a small world. But why didn't you say anything when we met her ?"

"She probably didn't remember me. …This class sucks, I'll go for a walk."

"If you wanna get another detention, sure go ahead."

"Doubt it, Macao's lesson is so boring that he is half sleeping himself. He won't see me."

"Y'wanna bet?"

'This is indeed a small world.' Natsu thought. What chances did he have to meet again the blond girl on the other side of the huge town ?

"Lucy ! Hey, remember me ? it's Natsu, from Fairy Tail."

"Oh, hi again ! But don't you have class ? And what are you doing here ?"

"I wasn't feeling good, I wanted to walk a little. I like this part of the town, and I saw you through the window, so I came in ! You love books ?"

"Yeah ! I'm actually an author. Come, I'll show you my books !"

She took his arm and led him through the aisles of the bookshop. Natsu shivered at the contact. He could smell her intoxicating smell. His hormones sent him a funny message, and he had to shut them back in his head. No playboy allowed here.

"How can you walk so fast in here ?! Without Plue or even a cane ?"

"Easy, I know this place by heart ! There, you should find my books in here."

She stopped abruptly, and Natsu bumped into her back. Damn they were close. He didn't want to step back… He had thought about her all night. He had regretted not to ask her name or her phone number. He thought he would never see her again. He didn't believe in fate, but he had to say, chance was pretty funny sometimes.

Her neck looked so delicate and soft… He wanted to kiss her there, put his hands around her waist, and feel her ass against his abs. He wanted to make her feel pleasure, to make her feel him, since she couldn't see him, and he wanted to be part of her world. But how could he ?

Never in his life has he felt so insecure with a girl. Usually he just had to flirt with them for barely an hour. They all fell for him. He was handsome after all. But there ? He only had his voice and personality. And he didn't know one bit what and how she thought. She certainly wouldn't react the same way as the other girls if he tried to flirt with her. Flirt… Damn he couldn't even tell her he was the guy who guided her the night before !

"Did you find them ?"

"Huh ? Oh right, let me see… Lucy Heartfilia that's it ? I found one. Seeking the clock… What is it about ?"

"It's about a girl, who searches for her past and the meaning of her future, through an enigma her father sent her before he died."

"Wow, sounds poetic ! I'm gonna buy it."

"Really ?"

"Yeah ! Right now !"

"You're kidding me ! You can borrow it at the library instead of spending money on it ! This way you can give it back, and if you found it good, you buy it."

"Why would i do that ? I don't wanna give it back, i want it to be mine !"

"You want it to be… yours ?", she frowned.

"Yeah… It's like a part of you, you know. I'm keeping it."

He saw her blush for the first time since he met her. She was so cute. He was proud. He didn't even try to flirt, and yet there she was, all flustered. He liked that.

"Ok, then let's go pay, it's this way."

Once again, she took his arm, and led him expertly through the aisles. He followed her, smiling. He promised himself to always make her smile and blush this way.

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