The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Two Hunters, One Plate Part II

"Thank you all for coming to tonight's gala! We do hope that you will be here tomorrow for the final day of displays before the museum closes for renovations! We hope that you have a wonderful evening!"

A P.A. system announced cheerfully as guests exited the Oceanic Museum in a hurry to a young woman's surprise; she followed along with the crowds to the front door. Looking down into her purse at the camera, she nodded to herself slightly as she shuffled through the noisy guests. She completed her task for the night. The last part of the plan relied on Cole once the museum closed.

'I wonder why everyone is rushing out of here?' Elisa asked herself as she received her grey sweater from the front desk.


As if on cue, a thunderous crackle roared from outside. Elisa covered her ears in shock as many of the guests gasped in awe at the heavy storm. The winds then suddenly blew into the museum, sending coats and dresses a flutter, earning shrill screams from most of the women at the entrance. Elisa stood still for a few moments, clutching onto her sweater as the guests poured out of the museum.

"There was supposed to be a zero percent chance of rain tonight too.." The woman at the coat rack mused, catching Elisa's attention. "But I guess you can't always believe them right?"

"Yeah.." Elisa replied softly as she returned her attention to the doors. 'Strange weather..' The researcher repeated as she walked towards the glass doors slowly. Nearing the exit, the doors swung open again from a large gust of wind, nearly knocking her over. But with the guests stampeding behind her out of the museum in a frenzy she was sent straight through the doors. Before she knew it, she slipped on the slippery stone walkway towards the ground. Holding her hands out to protect her face, she braced for the impact.


Eyes that were locked shut, slowly opened...Something was holding her.

Shivering slightly from the cold winds, Elisa looked up to meet those brown eyes that were quickly beginning to take a place for themselves in her mind.

"Cole.." Elisa breathed as the young man had secured her in one of his arms before she had fallen, the other hand was busy holding an umbrella that strained against the heavy rains of the night.

"Sorry!" Two voices called out as a couple passed the pair before heading out of sight in the wicked storm. Rain continued to poor down in an endless onslaught as streaks of lightning tore through the skies above them, the night unexpectedly shifting from a calm evening to a horrendous one.

Cole softly pulled Elisa back up to a standing position while placing the umbrella over her. His black hair soaked to the scalp, he eyed her softly. "The storm is too strong. We're heading back now!" His voice was clear over the screeching winds as he slowly took her wrist by surprise. Oblivious to her astonished eyes, Cole started to move at a quickened pace along with Elisa away from the Oceanic Museum.

Luckily for her, the young man was moving at a pace she could keep up with in her short heels. "I got the picture!" She called out to him over the roaring winds, earning a slight nod in return.

As the cold winds bit at her exposed legs, the closeness that she briefly shared with the young man dulled the sting to a feeling of a gentle one as they headed towards the Pokemon Centre. Looking onto the path in front of them, Elisa's eyes narrowed as another streak of lightning ripped through the skies. Her thoughts now leaning towards the worst on reasons for this sudden change of events.

'...Could this be linked with me activating the plate?' She questioned nervously as the thunder roared overhead.

Noah lazily picked at his teeth as he continued to kick his feet to the ceiling, laying on one of the two beds in the room they had rented earlier that afternoon. Rolling onto his stomach, he looked over at his Wartortle and Wingull who were gazing out the window that overlooked the ocean waters of Route 134.

'I've never seen them so worried...' Deep blue eyes narrowed. He knew that Pokemon were more sensitive to the weather than humans; but his Pokemon had been through plenty of storms during their journey...What was so different about this one?

Walking up towards the window beside his Pokemon, the waves smashed against the jagged rocks of the sea in an irregular pattern that Noah could hardly follow; sending water in every direction onto the soaked lands in front of the Pokemon Centre. Staring intently at the dark clouds overhead, his mind replayed what he and Cole had come up with before he left the room.

When I come back later tonight, I'll give you the signal to open the door for me...This storm is too powerful, so we won't be able to escape tonight...I'll get Elisa and we'll stay here until the storm dies down.

Noah snickered to himself, the downpour beating against the windowsill. When he had asked Cole if he could tag along with him to get the young woman, the older male did not even respond before heading out through the door towards the Oceanic Museum. 'I guess he wants to play the charming prince!' Noah snickered lightly again before blowing up in a full fit of laughter, which was not surprising for his Pokemon as they gave him side glances.

Suddenly the door opened, abruptly stopping the boy's laughter as Cole and Elisa finally arrived. Both were panting slightly as droplets of water dripped from their hair and clothing.

"Hey Noah!" Elisa panted, shaking out some of the water from her drenched hair. The sailor's jaw dropped slightly upon seeing Elisa again. When he first saw her leave earlier that evening, he could not deny that she was surprisingly beautiful...But now, rainwater had pleasantly interfered with every part of her clothing; the dress clinging to a frame he never knew she had.

'She's soaked...' Noah blushed lightly, turning away before she could look at him.

"It's terrible out there!" Elisa cried, wringing the end of her blue dress as Cole shook off his jacket before heading to the bathroom. He then came back with a pair of towels, handing one to Elisa who took it gratefully. "Where did this storm come from?" Wondering aloud, holding the towel on her head with one hand, she fumbled with her purse before handing the camera to Cole.

"You may not believe this, but the shard that Jonbi gave me fused with the Ocean Plate!" She explained excitedly.

"Fused?" Cole's eyes widened as he took the camera and turned it on. 'So the plates really do exist?' His thoughts raced, roughly hiding his excitement as he looked over the camera to find the viewing feature. Ignoring the small chatter from the pair near the beds, Cole eagerly waited for the photo to load, his jaw clenching in anticipation. Then, finally seeing the 100% complete notice, he pressed on to identify what he set out for in the first place.

"W-What is this?"

"Huh?" Noah and Elisa turned to Cole who was currently staring at the camera with a completely stunned look on his face. Their eyes narrowed slightly as his cheeks burned scarlet, but his attention remained fixed on the camera in his hands.

"It didn't come out properly?" Elisa asked, crestfallen. Mentally slapping herself for not actually double checking, she could have sworn that she lined everything up correctly; walking up to Cole and gently reaching out for the camera.

"T-That's not the Dragon Plate.." Cole snapped quickly as he shoved the camera into her hands before heading towards his black backpack. 'Why did I have to see that...' He cursed as he pushed the towel against his face, trying to suffocate himself.

"But that's the only thing that I took..." Elisa muttered, clearly confused by his actions; she only used it once...Glancing at the camera, her lips pursed, wondering what gave the usually calm Trainer such a shock. Finally peering at the screen, she suddenly felt like she had fallen into a never ending pit of despair.

There, on the screen, were a pair of legs, her legs to her chagrin; and just for an unforgiving feeling of insult to injury, what centred perfectly in the picture was a smooth area of white that hugged her nether regions.

She had taken a picture of her underwear.

"WHYYYY MEEE!" Elisa screeched, plunging the camera into her stomach, her face a beetroot red as Cole did not move from his spot on the floor.

Noah and his Pokemon screamed right in unison with the lightning that flashed again from outside, causing the lights to dim with the bellow of thunder that followed. The young sailor clutched at his heart as Elisa frantically ran towards the bathroom, camera still absorbed into her stomach. "A little warning if you're going to scream bloody murder?" He cried as the bathroom door slammed shut with a heavy crack that rocked the room.

"Don't worry about it..." Cole muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head free from surfacing lewd thoughts that he never believed existed within him.

"What's with her?.." Noah looked on, completely confused by the turn events before a grin emerged on his face. "Oh." His mouth gaped slightly, "She screwed up didn't she?"

"We should have expected this..." Cole sighed, causing Noah to laugh towards the bathroom. He pointed towards the wooden door, tears brimming, clearly no sympathy in his eyes.

"But it's just a picture! How do you screw that up?" Noah laughed harder causing Cole to smirk to himself. The young man stifled a cough as Noah punched the bed continuously in fits of laughter.

It was not until Noah's laughter died down, did a gentle knock come from the other side of the bathroom door; easily catching Cole's attention, he moved towards the door cautiously before finally standing on the other side from the bathroom. Gently knocking back, the door opened slowly to reveal a small hand shove a camera into Cole's chest.

"H-Here.." A faint voice called out. "It will be on the top floor, you won't miss it."

Cole could only let out a breath as the door shut immediately afterwards, but this time in a shameful silence. He blinked, that look on her face...

He hastily shook his head; looking down at the camera, relief washing over him once a picture of a blue tablet appeared on the screen. The treasure seemed to give off an ominous glow from the picture itself as Cole examined the Ocean Plate carefully.

"I'm heading out now." Cole stated as he rushed towards the front door, stuffing the camera into a black rain coat that he had changed into earlier while tossing the towel to the bed across from Noah.

Noah immediately jumped trying to catch the older male's attention. "What do you want me to do now then?" He asked as Cole slung the single-strap backpack around his body.

"Just stay here and watch over the room. You'll know when I get back right?" Cole asked, turning to the young boy. Noah nodded quickly in response. "Alright then, just sit tight until I get back." And with that, Cole closed the door softly behind him as he ventured out into the stormy weather, preparing for a mission that would get him one step closer to his goal.

The crashing thunder remained unheard to a young Admin as he stood on the outer perimeter of his target building, facing the roaring seas. Cole knew that his teammate would be nearby so he continued to wait patiently against the towering walls of museum for his partner to show up. As the lights of Oceanic Museum faded slightly before turning off for the night, Cole pulled a dark mask over his face, only revealing stern brown eyes that analyzed the area carefully in the seemingly endless fountain of rain from above.

Lightning flashed suddenly, revealing a slim figure out from the corner of Cole's eye. Snapping his attention to the seas, his body relaxed slightly as Tori emerged from the beaches. Dressed in all black attire just like himself, she quickly met him at the side wall. Stern brown met focused amethyst as Cole and Tori locked eyes upon reaching one another.

"Picture." She ordered.

Cole quickly took out the camera and handed it to her in one motion. The heavy rain proving to be ineffective towards Tori as well as she gave one glance at the camera before tossing it towards Cole. "I'm going in first." Her voice sharp like the lightning that streaked above, "I'll knock out the cameras first. Then I'll come back to let you in." she quickly tossed two Poke balls into the air that revealed a small pig-like and a white-furred Pokemon. Both shook off the heavy rain as they awaited their Trainer's commands.

"Grumpig, use Psychic on the window here, but wait for the thunder." Tori ordered as the Manipulating Pokemon nodded, the black jewels on its body beginning to glow a light blue. Then, as if in perfect unison with the cracking thunder, the window glowed a light blue as well before opening with a soft click that could not be heard over the storm. Tori quickly slipped through the window before motioning towards her other Pokemon.

"Absol, come; Grumpig, I want you to stay on watch with Cole until I get back." The Dark Pokemon obeyed immediately while jumping through the window with a perfectly silent landing. Grumpig nodded to the order as the window clicked back into its original position, locking Tori and her partner off from the outside.

Slipping underneath a large display along with Absol, Tori observed the dark hall as the rain poured relentlessly from outside. Her firm body lay motionless on the cold floor, as if waiting for the chance to capture unsuspecting prey. She grinned devilishly as her intuition was dead-on, a flash of white crossed the middle of the room as one security guard whistled loudly to himself upon entering the main hall. Tori and Absol's eyes anticipated the guard's movements as he slowly shuffled among displays, whistling carelessly as the lightning flickered from beyond the droning windows.

"Thunder Wave."

Absol's head scythe sparked a light yellow from behind the guard's back as a small spark ran from across the floor towards the guard. As if on cue with the lightning, the flashlight blew out in an instant to the guard's surprise. He swore to himself, hitting the broken object in tired frustration as Tori and Absol slipped by him into the hallway he had just come from.

With her slender body pressed against a wall, she peered inside the security room as Absol stood behind her, surveying for the return of the first guard. Dark eyes narrowed in annoyance as Tori identified another guard within the control room, his legs conveniently propped up on a table as he watched a television show.

'Damn!' Tori swore to herself as she felt the sudden jab of Absol's tail poke her side in warning. Moving without a trace of sound, she slipped into the room directly across from the security room as the first guard's whistling increased. Watching intently along with her Pokemon, the pair looked on as the first guard entered the security room.

"These flashlights are getting cheaper and cheaper, I swear!" He barked, clearly agitated with the broken device. The guard that was watching television laughed in response before pulling up a chair beside him.

"Don't worry buddy! The storm is screwing up a lot of the stuff here, but the Cove Lily Motel drama is still working!" He smiled before patting the free chair, "C'mon! We're the only ones here tonight, who's really going to try busting in with this storm raging?" Both men shared a chuckle as another bright flash of lightning flickered and thunderous roar echoed down the museum's empty halls.

However, sadly unnoticed to them, Tori had released her Ninetales at that exact moment. A grin creeping onto her face, unasked questions were answered about the number of guards easily as Ninetales remained low to the floor along with Absol. Tori waited patiently as the guards relaxed around the glaring television box.

Finally concluding that they had settled, she slapped the floor loud enough to get both guards attention. They turned slightly, confused looks on their faces as they looked into the pitch black room from across the hallway.


The guards gasped slightly as deep red eyes shone eerily from the darkness. But they were helpless as their own became heavy before falling over onto the floor with a loud thud, their bodies sprawled out in a mess. Moving quickly, Tori entered the security room and pulled the two men, one at a time, back onto their chairs in front of the television.

"Pathetic." She almost laughed as Ninetales and Absol silently entered the room as well, looking down confidently at the unconscious men. Observing the camera system, the young woman quickly noticed that one was placed on the side of the museum where she and Cole had met. Looking closely, she could not see Cole in the downpour, only the continuous flow of rainwater over the dull screen.

"Pfft." Smiling to herself, she shutdown the security system with the flick of a switch. The droning sound of the power fading softly into the sound of the storm. "Alright, let's get Cole." Tori flaunted out the room along with her Pokemon, confidence peaking as they returned to the window where her teammate waited.

Returning to her personal entrance, Cole's face seemed vexed to Tori as she slipped open the window to allow entry for her Magma teammate. He continued to glare as he entered silently along with her Grumpig.

"What's the matter?" She asked softly with confusion as she returned her three Pokemon. Wide amethyst twinkled once they received their answer as Cole sneezed lightly. The youngest Admin could not help but giggle playfully as Cole rubbed his nose under the mask that hid his face. "I forgot that it was raining?...Feel better now?" She mused as they moved with caution towards the staircase.

Cole gave her a despised look, earning another giggle, louder than the roaring winds from outside. "Next time we break into a building. You can wait outside and face the elements while I take out the security system, inside." He proposed dryly. Dark brown eyes narrowing, he could see the girl's tongue stick out from under her mask which he knew was a clear 'Hell, no!'

Upon entering the second floor, Cole and Tori surveyed the hall carefully. Even though the security system was terminated, the pair moved cautiously from display to display before finally reaching their goal.

"There it is..."

Eyeing the Ocean Plate in quiet awe, Tori quickly removed the glass casing with her gloved hands while Cole snatched it away from its place in the blink of an eye.

As the smiling woman resealed the case, Cole held the Ocean Plate close. The weight of the plate was surprisingly negligible, not weighing more than a book to him. "We did it..." He breathed as the plate hummed lowly to his surprise. "Let's get out of here bef-"

His voice suddenly slipped from his mouth as Tori looked back at him in confusion. Her amethyst eyes widened in shock as a red aura suddenly enveloped Cole's hand along with the Ocean Plate!

"Hey!" Rushing over to him, she grasped at his arm as he nearly collapsed onto the floor. "Cole?...Cole!" Her voice was low, but sharp as she shook him repeatedly. She had seen this before, back in Team Magma's infirmary after he had touched the Red Orb.

"That red light...Is it really...The Red Orb?" She muttered as the light suddenly died down from Cole's hand and the plate.

Gasping for air, Cole was about to drop their target to the ground if it not for Tori. He exhaled tiredly as his hands started to grip the plate firmly; Tori's complaints about the Magma Admin's weight were sadly ignored as Cole's vision came back to him about the newest location that he had experienced. But this place was not foreign to him.

He knew it, he had breathed it...

"The desert." He croaked, finally catching his breath.


Cole glanced down to the source of an agitated voice. "What happened to you? You just happen to leave for a minute and then suddenly come back!" Tori spat angrily as she hoisted Cole up. The older Admin did not respond as he quickly placed the Ocean Plate into his backpack before moving away from Tori. The girl glared at him as he stumbled slightly towards the staircase.

"What was that red light?" She demanded, stepping in front of Cole.

"I don't know what it was," He answered truthfully, his eyes matching Tori's own intensity. "But when I touched the plate, I got a vision of a new location." He explained roughly, holding his head, clearly in pain.

Tori's eyes widened slightly in confusion. "New location?"

"...For the Dragon Plates." He answered, surprisingly sounding out of breath, he passed Tori with weak steps.

The younger Admin was about to press on but she stopped herself as Cole struggled to maintain his balance. She jumped towards him, lifting him lightly from underneath his shoulder. "What's with you?" She could feel her ears heat up slightly as Cole panted softly against her cheek.

"...Nothing..." Was the man's only reply as they moved towards the lower floor.

With their mission nearly complete, Cole and Tori reached the lower floor; Cole finally lifted himself with his own power, as Tori cautiously watched him. "I need to reactivate the security system." She informed, breaking the silence between them. "Can you get out through the window by yourself?" She asked, eyeing him caution.

"I'm fine." Came his reply as a bright white light flashed in the hall, Houndoom's dark body blending in with the shadows. Tori gave the Dark/Fire type a friendly pat on the head before pointing towards the window they had entered.

"Get him out of here quietly." Houndoom nodded towards Tori's command as it guided its Trainer towards the window. It was not until Cole was safely outside that she turned towards the staircase leading to the second floor.

"Let's see what else they've got before I leave." Her devilish grin emerging onto her face again.

Cole took controlled breaths as Houndoom helped him away from the Oceanic Museum. Sky and ocean roaring in unison as a chorus of rain and thunder continued on, to the dismay of Houndoom, as the fire hound growled angrily towards the weather. Cole rubbed Houndoom's horns softly; moving one step at a time, he continued to question why his body was feeling like this.

'I didn't feel this tired after I touched the plate back at Jonbi's cabin...I can hardly stand...' He grimaced as each step felt like he ran up a flight of stairs.

He looked down to his starter Pokemon, "Don't worry buddy, we're almos-"


Cole gasped, abruptly flung towards the muddy ground by Houndoom, a deep roar of thunder echoed throughout the land as a massive explosion tore from the murky waters in front of him. Getting up groggily, he turned around to see two figures by the museum walls.

"I knew it!"

The voice boomed over the roaring winds. Cole's dark brown eyes hardened as he identified a large, heavily-scaled Pokemon beside a man wearing a black trench coat. It was an Armaldo and it looked like it had just completed an attack. The Magma Admin's eyes widened in realization, feeling one of his arms warm with blood running down his torn jacket, he turned back to Houndoom; If his Pokemon hadn't been there...His life would have ended in a watery grave behind him.

Without an order, Houndoom leaped in front of Cole, already in a battle position as the unknown man laughed, bordering madness. The winds picked up slightly, nearly knocking Cole over as he clutched at his wound to stop some of the bleeding, but he stood his ground; he was not going to lose the Ocean Plate. Not after making it so far.

"I knew that if I baited the rod properly, the fish would bite!" The man roared as Armaldo took a battle position.

Cole's eyes narrowed at the man's comment as he stood up straight, fighting off the pain. 'What the hell is he talking about?' He glared hard, anticipating an attack.

"~Dragon Plate! Dragon Plate! Dragon Plate!~" He repeated mockingly, "If I sent out enough information about that horrid treasure, I knew that one of you guys would eventually sniff it out!" Dark brown eyes went wide.

"Magma or Aqua, this is like killing two birds with one stone!"

Cole's teeth sneered angrily in shock as thunder boomed in unison with the ocean once again.

'This was a trap!'

Cole jerked his head towards the museum, his thoughts quickly focusing on Tori's safety; could more people be waiting inside? Who was that man? He then cursed himself as the man regained his attention by pointing towards Houndoom.

"You must be a part of Team Magma. I can tell from your Pokemon..." His voice quivering, "You're damn Pokemon!" Houndoom snarled at Armaldo but the Pokemon just roared in response to the threat.

"Pay attention! You people won't be coming back ever again!" His teeth clenched angrily. "Armaldo Slash that Pokemon!" The heavy fossil Pokemon launched itself towards Houndoom at a surprising speed.

Cole nearly choked up as Armaldo stomped through the muddy grounds, "Dodge that now!" The fire hound dropped to the ground in a blur as Armaldo's massive claw tore through the sheets of rain. Before Cole could even order a counter attack, the Plate Pokemon spun on its heel and slammed its barbed tail into Houndoom, flinging his starter Pokemon across the soaked grass.

Houndoom snarled in pain as it landed on its feet, sliding across the muddy terrain, barely maintaining its balance. Cole glared at the massive Rock/Bug type as it dashed towards Houndoom again, claws ready to strike.

"Flamethrower!" A crash of thunder roared as Houndoom's mouth sparked brightly before releasing a furious jet of fire towards Armaldo.

Stopping dead in its tracks, Armaldo cried out in pain, claws shielding its body. "Don't let up!" Cole ordered as Houndoom intensified the flames, pushing Armaldo further to its limit.

The old man gasped as Armaldo's armoured feet dipped further into the muddy ground. "That Flamethrower is still so powerful even in this rain!"

Another cry of pain snapped the man from his bewilderment as he sneered towards Houndoom, "Are you going to be pushed back so easily!" He swore angrily, pointing towards the source of the ferocious flames. "Counter with Water Gun!"

Jaw clenching at the sound of rushing water coming from the wall of flames, Cole swore, the cold jet tearing through the flames as it headed straight for Houndoom.

"Get out of there with Faint Attack!" Houndoom disappeared almost instantly as the jet of water ripped into the ground and continued to pierce through the wet grasses, zipping by Cole into the ocean waters. The powerful Water Gun exploded into the ocean, spraying more freezing sheets of water onto the Magma Admin's back, and his throbbing wound, but he remained fixed on the battlefield. 'Come on!'

Moments later, Houndoom suddenly reappeared before slamming into Armaldo with such force that both flew back to the side of their Trainers. Both Pokemon growled angrily as they quickly shot back up, clearly not finished. 'The rain is making his fire attacks too weak!' The Magma Admin swore as his mind raced for a plan. "That armour is too hard to break-"

"Rock Tomb!" The older man ordered as lightning streaked through the skies.

Cole could only gasp as pointed stones tore from below Houndoom, encasing its feet in thick stone. The Dark/Fire type howled; pain and anger coating its cries while it repeatedly smashed its tail against the rocks, chipping pieces hurridly as Armaldo slapped the ground viciously, preparing for its next attack. "Houndoom us-" He tried to command but only clutched at his arm, his hand was beginning to flicker with a red aura!

'Not now!'

"This ends here Magma! Armaldo, Rock Blast now!" Armaldo roared as multiple stones cleaved themselves from the ground, spinning at a high intensity in front of the Plate Pokemon. Another crack of thunder; more stones accumulating, the unknown Trainer sneered confidently.

Think damnit!

"Smog!" His Pokemon obeyed immediately, head swinging in an arc above the ground, Houndoom expelled a thick cloud of toxic purple smoke from its mouth. Armaldo took a step back in surprise as the smoke blew slowly in the rampant winds.

"You're not getting away! Just do it now!" The unknown Trainer commanded with rage while magnifying his voice with both hands. The stones were launched in an instant into the thick clouds, one after the other. The Trainer and his Pokemon glared at the smoke, desperately expecting to hear for some sign of a hit.

On the other side of the Smog cloud, Cole remained firm as stones whipped by him into the ocean waters, multiple sheets of cold water splashed onto his back again and the salty taste stung his senses, but he was already too numb to let it faze him now. The Magma Admin exhaled slightly, luckily realizing that his partner was alright after hearing a bark that begged for its next command. A flash of relief then hit him as the aura around his arm died down as well. "Head straight for Armaldo with an Iron Tail!" He called over the roaring winds.

"Running away!" The Trainer cursed as he and Armaldo eagerly waited for the smoke to clear.

Then, as if in slow motion with the endless downpour, the older man's eyes bulged in shock as a figure tore through the heavy smog, straight for Armaldo. He could not even mutter a counter as Houndoom swung its glowing silver-coated tail directly into Armaldo's head.


A disgusting crack was heard that synchronized with a roar of thunder as Houndoom connected perfectly with Iron Tail. Winds screeched violently as the Plate Pokemon was launched in an instant towards the beaches, sliding across the muddy ground before a massive boulder exploded with the sickening thud of the impact.

"How the hell did you win!" The older male cried in frustration as his Pokemon remained motionless in the rain, completely unable to battle.

"NO!" He cried collapsing to the ground, returning his Pokemon. Then, while looking up towards Houndoom's retreating figure, a murderous glare emerged from his soaked face. "...You won't get away..."

"I-It's over..." Cole coughed roughly as he saw Houndoom hobble back towards him after the Smog attack had cleared. "Great wer-" His eyes widened as a flash of light caught his attention from behind Houndoom, "More!" A new Pokemon materializing onto the water-beaten field.

"Did you really think that we're done?!" The man barked, his voice hysterical as sparks began to spill out from a dog-like Pokemon with a significant yellow crown.

"Manectric, Thunder Wave now!"

"Houndoom get out of there!" Cole realized as Houndoom snarled angrily; its newest opponent began to brighten the area around itself, sapphire-hued sparks shooting off in every direction, they focused on their target.

Surprisingly, the streaks of electricity danced by a staggering Houndoom.

'He's targeting me!' Cole panicked, noticing Houndoom leap in front of him; he tried to stop his Pokemon, but to no avail. The fire hound yelped in pain, the electricity ripping through its system. Cole's eyes finally widened as the Thunder Wave lit up his enemy's face; a pair of cold emerald eyes piercing at him relentlessly.

Cole hastily reached for one of his Poke balls, but it was too late. Electricity continued to skip across the field before knocking Cole from his feet. He cried out in pain, arm twitching with blue sparks that struck his wound; he attempted to get back up while coughing back the intense burning on the right side of his body. "H-Houndoom!" He cursed his slow movements, he couldn't do anything, his muscles crying out to him in agony.

They were completely defenceless.


Dark brown eyes trembled with fear as Cole watched a massive bolt cut through the skies before coming down towards his beloved friend. The fire hound had no where to run as a cascade of electricity tore the ground asunder, launching the beaten dog towards him. Both Trainer and Pokemon cried out in agony as they rolled across the field before finally slamming into a boulder. Cole painfully spat up blood as he and Houndoom dropped to the floor, no fight left in them.

'' Cole swore before he finally blacked out, the same feeling he had repressed for so many years surfacing once again.


As the thunder and lightning danced in a violent sequence above, the victor laughed to himself as he returned his Manectric. "Finally..." He panted heavily, slowly walking towards Cole and Houndoom's unconscious forms, sparks of electricity spurting from their bodies. "I'm going to get everything out of you now. Maxie isn't going to be coming back anytime soon!" His hands trembling in nervous anticipation, he inched closer to the masked figure in front of him...


Deep green eyes flickered as a sharp pain was felt at the back of his head. His sight blurring suddenly in front of him; he dropped to his knees, hands falling harmlessly onto Cole's head as he slipped into unconsciousness. "I-I hate you Magm...I...I...I was so..." He cried softly as his will to continue was betrayed by his body, finally collapsing in frustrated defeat.

Amethyst eyes were wide with fear as a tense body panted heavily; glaring at thier target drop to the ground beside Cole. The rain continued to poor relentlessly on the depressing scene before her. Moving quickly, she was about to pick up Cole until she noticed the man's face from another flash of lightning.


Tori gasped as thunder bellowed deeply from above. Her heart skipping a beat, she hesitated, unsure of how to react before quickly hauling the man towards the back entrance of the museum.

Dropping him him under the protective overhang of the building, she gazed at the man softly. "W-Why.." But before she could ponder how this man was here, she shook her head before running back towards Cole, knowing well enough that her mission was the Ocean Plate.

Returning Cole's Houndoom, she grunted as her partner drooped against her shoulders. Luckily he was still breathing. "We need to get out of here..." Heading towards the beaches to find her hiding spot, she turned in every possible direction, the hairs at the back of her neck still on edge in fear of another attack. Another flash of lightning lit up the sky as Tori moved slowly but efficiently; she then glanced back at the museum in worry. The man that had helped her convince Holland of Rayquaza's existence had suddenly shown up.

Her heart pounded against her chest, suddenly realizing that if she had not heard that powerful Thunder attack from outside when she was in the security room, Cole's identity would have been completely exposed to the world.

"Or possibly...worse." Tori swore at herself for wasting time to look for more treasure before coughing roughly in the endless rain. Cole would have never been in this mess if she had just completed her task.

"Next time, I'll be the one that stands in the rain." Increasing her pace, she knew exactly what she would need to do. Find out the truth behind Jin, and the real link between him and the Dragon Plates.

...High above the city of Slateport, far from the eyes of all, ominous black clouds whirled endlessly, dancing to the unpredictable movements of an emerald painted figure. Deep golden eyes flashed in the lightning that encircled its entire form as it leered down; down towards a building that once resonated with an ominous cold power.

Beady yellow eyes then narrowed as it suddenly spun like a cyclone, a new energy sending shock waves through its scaled body. That energy called from the North...Its newest destination acquired, it ripped through the skies, its kingdom, towards the desert.

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