The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Penalty Part I

His pace relentless, a young man continued forward down the busy streets of Mauville; his dark brown eyes focused as he brushed by multiple residents. The pungent aromas of pine and hotdog stands, Cole turned another corner, nearing the Pokemon Centre's familiar red roof.

"Why do I have to get the Plate?"

Dark brown eyes flickered; he usually did not listen to idle conversations from passing residents, but the irritated voice from behind him made the young man stop mid-stride, only to turn his head slightly to gaze at an ice cream shop's window.

"I know sir but-"

Hands shoved into deep pockets, Cole now glanced at an ice cream shop's reflective window, but it was not the sundae special that caught the man's attention. Just a few steps from the Magma Admin was a young man, probably older than himself, standing alone as residents slipped by the stagnant man. He was holding onto a small blue cellphone, his free hand on his hip as he looked off into the opposite direction of watchful eyes.

"I-I know that...But I'm all the way in Mauville! Verdanturf would-"

The strange man huffed, a small bead of sweat running down his long neck in the late blazing sun. He hastily shook his light blue vest to cool himself off.

Dark brown eyes hardened as the man tipped his head from the cellphone, his light blonde hair falling back against his shoulder. Cole instantly caught sight of a small skull shaped 'A' just below the man's ear.


His hands forming into tightened fists, Cole now focused on this sudden target, yet to the eyes of any person that passed by, one would believe that he was just a young man was staring at the ice cream's options in the window, craving something cold in the blazing heat of the afternoon.

'Team Aqua's...' His ears perked up, now eager to identify what this man's conversation was leading to.

"Can't anyone else get the Plates info-"

Wide brown eyes quickly snapped left, avoiding the dark eyes of the man that suddenly turned around angrily, completely unaware of the eyes that were watching him.

"Okay, okay, I get it!" The man huffed, shaking his blue vest again, cursing the heat. "...No one even knows about these things anyway, so I can talk about it as much as I want, geez!" His wide, dark eyes then blinked in confusion.

"She's here? Really?...Then why can't she get-...Haha! You wish...Right now?...Yeah, if we go together, it's less work for me...Fine."

Cole blinked, glancing slightly to his right as he leaned against a steel bar separating him from the busy roads. He remained silent as the unknown man quickly shoved his cellphone into his pocket before turning away from the Magma Admin. Cole perked up, watching the alleged Aqua grunt walk in the direction of the Game Corner.

Surprised at how thankful he was for the dense population of Mauville City, Cole easily slipped between oncoming residents as he trailed the unknown man down the streets. His messy black hair hiding his icy stare. His steps were cat-like, avoiding each chattering resident that came his way, he remained focused on his newest target.

He wished that they would have stayed dead.

'How does Aqua know about the Dragon Plates...' His mind repeated as he turned another corner, a few metres behind the man's lanky figure as he strolled carelessly towards Mauville City's Game Corner entrance.

Cole stood behind the phone booth he had used before, peering at the alleged Aqua member that stood just in front of a security guard that towered over the entrance of a massive door that led into Mauville Game Corner. Dark brown eyes narrowed once a young woman, slim and apparently out-going by the way she blatantly hugged his target, appeared at the entrance as well.

Leaning forward, he mentally cursed himself, the loud noises of the city were now working against him, he could only see the young woman latch onto the man, both apparently happy in his eyes he assumed by the smirk they received from the security guard. Cole held his breath as the pair smiled brightly before literally jumping through the automatic doors, the loud blare of electronic music resonating from within the overpowered building before, they disappeared from his sight.

'They must be going in there to discuss the Dragon Plates.' Cole moved in a heartbeat, fast towards the automatic doors, he suddenly let out an annoyed huff once a large hand latched onto his shoulder, preventing him from reaching his destination.

"Going somewhere?"

Cole turned around, a large man stared down at him, nearly a foot taller than himself. Yet the Magma Admin gave him an annoyed look instead of a fearful one, earning a glare from his captor. "Yeah...the Game Corner..." Cole's voice trailed, his dark brown eyes turning to the entrance, as if taunting the guard with an obvious answer.

"Sorry pipsqueak," The guard smirked, eyeing Cole's rough figure, from his messy black hair to his worn out black shoes. "But tonight is Couple's Night, got it? Only couples nineteen and older are allowed in."

"I'm nineteen."

"Are you a couple?"

Cole smirked, his teeth glinting in the sunlight from the man's words as he glared at him. "Yeah I thought so." The security guard tossed the younger man back, Cole stumbling slightly as the guard crossed his arms over his chest, the letters on his black vest reading, 'Game Corner Security'.

"You can't be serious..." Cole muttered as he glared right back at the taller man. He needed to get in there, information on the Dragon Plates was just a few steps away, yet this human skyscraper insisted on blocking his path.

"Ya see that!" The guard snapped, catching Cole's attention as he pointed towards a sign just above the Game Corner's entrance. A tired sigh escaping his lips, Cole deflated from the words.

Special Couple's Night! Bring your lover!

"Either get yourself a girlfriend before tonight and stick with her, or go back home and try your luck with some online Poke Slots!"

Cole sneered. A girlfriend? Why would he need that? He did not join Team Magma to go gallivanting with some girl...Who the hell-

"Girlfriend you say?"

"You deaf and blind? You need a girlfriend for tonight!" The guard barked back. "...Unless you swing the other way...I guess that's fine too." The security guard almost laughed before turning around to the Game Corner's entrance. "I'll have to ask my supervisor about that though, so if you wan-"

"Huh?" The guard blinked. An elderly couple now stood in front of him, smiling softly as they held hands.

"...Where did he go?"

A strong, handsome young man stood tall, his deep eyes fixed on a woman's trembling form before him. She was looking deeply into his eyes, waiting, no wishing that he will say the words she longed to hear. They had been together for so long, fighting one challenge after the other; truly this was the time he confessed his hidden feelings to her.

"...I'm sorry"

She sniffled sadly, he was not going to do it. "...But...I'm really...a woman."



A young woman and boy cried out as they gaped at a blaring screen. Elisa and Noah were sitting on their own beds, both under light sheets as they continued to watch a drama they had decided to watch together.

The boy of the pair turned to the young woman, his bright grin lighting the room as he reached out, his fingers slapping against his palm. "Come on, pay up!"

Elisa groaned, childishly pulling on the sheets that covered her as Noah continued to smirk. "B-But how was I supposed to know Antonio would have taken the experimental drug to save his long lost sister?"

Noah continued to hang his hand out, "Everyone watches Cove Lily Motel! Didn't you see last season?" Elisa avoided his astonished look. "You don't? But it's the number one rated show in Hoenn."

"I-It's foolish!" The researcher whined, reaching for her backpack. "The people on this show are just...just weird."

"But it's reality television!"

Elisa gave the young boy a deadpanned look, only for her expression to swerve to a hopeless one. "Eh...Cole took all the money..."

"Argh! I really wanted those Poke Dollars!" Noah grumbled slapping his hand onto the bed. "If you just knew how to battle, I could have been swimming in some dough right now."

Hazel eyes flickered with sadness from the young boy's words as the credits began to rise on the screen. The shame she had felt that day not too long ago was still fresh of how she let her teammates down. Elisa finally attempted to train Riolu with the help of Cole by her side. "...I'll learn soon..." She muttered yet her voice was not strong enough to catch the boy's attention.

"Cole has all the money?" Noah remained oblivious to the woman's crestfallen face. "That's right, he thinks we we'll lose it." He smirked, "Pfft! I bet he's going to blow it at the Game Corner or somethin'."

Elisa shot up, her eyes wide from Noah's words as he snickered to himself. "He wouldn't do that!"

Noah grinned coyly. "I know, I know!" He laughed, turning to her, "Your boyfriend is a noble man, isn't he?"

"H-He's not my boyfriend!" Elisa argued back, yet the weak tone of her voice barely made any difference as Noah began to laugh at her. She really did not like this, Cole's smart remarks at her mistakes with the basics of Pokemon he tried to teach her was enough, but now Noah too? She sighed tiredly as the young boy laughed harder.

Suddenly, the door to their room opened, a small gust of wind earning small yelps from the pair as they turned to the intruder. Small beads of sweat were running down the man's face as he looked around frantically before his dark brown eyes locked onto their target.

"...Hi?" Elisa questioned, though she could hide the small grin that was forming. Sitting up slightly, the sheets she was under fell from her shoulders, revealing her usual attire of dark pants along with a grey sweater that covered her form.

"We're going to the Game Corner."


Walking in, Cole grabbed Elisa's shoes from the front door and tossed it to the young woman, earning a confused look in return. Ignoring her questioning stare, he quickly grabbed his backpack and strapped it around his frame. 'If they have a plate, then the Ocean Plate should react to it.' He smirked, it was a good thing he listened to Elisa's theories carefully.

"Game Corner?" She muttered, turning to Noah's grinning face as Cole walked back to the entrance, his arms crossed.

"~Hey Cole!~" Noah greeted happily, waving his hand to get the Trainer's attention. The same Trainer that helped him get over his fear of the big city and Mauville Gym.

"Hey." His reply swift, Cole did not take his eyes off the young woman as she fought off the comfort of her bed before finally reaching out for her white running shoes. "Come on, we need to be there now."

"For what?" Elisa mumbled, clearly lost from her travelling partner's strange behaviour. She attempted to put on a shoe, but glanced at the young man instead. "...You're not really going to gamble...are you?" Noah was actually going to be right for once?

"Let's just go, you'll see when we get there."

"Can I join?" Noah chirped.

Cole glared towards the younger male, earning a small yelp in return. "Couples only."

Elisa's shoe suddenly flew from her hands as her head shot up, hazel eyes bulging as she nearly choked. "C-Couples?"


Noah cried as he rubbed a deep imprint in his forehead. Glaring at the large white shoe that not lay innocently on the floor of their room, he suddenly fought back a few fake tears before turning to Elisa. "My head's not your foot!"

"Elisa, let's go." Cole turned to the open hallway, the chatter of the main hall echoing from below. It was hard enough for the young man to fight off the rising heat on his cheeks.

Elisa remained quiet, her hands trembling slightly on her exposed sock, her gaping eyes never leaving Cole's back. She hesitated, attempting to say something to the young man but could not as a creeping blush graced her cheeks. 'Why couples...What is he going to do?'

Her cheeks deepened to a new shade of red. '...We're...Going out?'

Dark brown eyes glinted with arrogance at a tall man, the hulking figure sneered at those eyes and the meek hazel ones right beside them as two figures stood outside of the Game Corner's entrance.

"Well..." Cole's voice trailed, leading with his eyes towards a young woman who shyly sent a dorky smile up to the large security guard.

"H-How the hell..." The large man muttered in disbelief, scratching his head in confusion before he glared at Cole's righteous smirk. "Prove it then!" The smirk dropped, earning a smirk to rise on the security guard in return. "You can't just pick up any gir-"


Elisa stiffened, a strong arm suddenly wrapping around her waist from her sweater's folds, the girl shook from within, peeking up to the surprisingly warm eyes of the man that touched her. She was pressed against his chest to the surprise of the security guard, but more importantly her. "W-What are you-"

"Elisa." His voice was soft, easily silencing her. "...You're my girlfriend, right?"

It was normal to have a heart attack at her age, right?

"I-I...I um..."


She could only squeak in shock. Turning around, she could see an ever growing line behind her and Cole. The man of the first pair behind her glared at her with annoyance. "I wanna play the slots with my girl here!"


The young woman turned back, Cole was inches from her face now. Shaky hazel eyes suddenly glanced at a pair of lips that were suddenly flooding her mind. She blushed scarlet this time, her heart pounding against her chest, which was obviously beating against his as well to her dismay. She never would believe in a thousand years that he would be so bold to say such a thing; her lips suddenly felt dry, she nibbled on them without thinking. "...Cole-"

"There's information on the Dragon Plates inside."

It took a few seconds, but her face went blank. "...Eh?"

"That's why we need to get into the Game Corner." He smirked, although the woman did not seem to share his enthusiasm this time. "We just need to get in."

"Oh...Plates...right." She averted his gaze, turning back to the security guard who continued to tap his foot impatiently.

"Are you two a couple or what?"

"...Mhm!" Elisa muttered after some thought, her cheeks reigniting as she finally realized her task she would need to complete in order to get into the Game Corner. She would need to do this for the Dragon Plate.

Her hands trembled against Cole's arms, fighting the urge to squeeze them. 'That's right...the Dragon Plate.'

"C-Cole is my-" She could not really do this, could she? "...My boyfriend!" She squeaked, awkwardly grabbing onto Cole's arm to his surprise, he gaped at the bold move as she desperately tried to stop her shaking hands.

The security guard nearly vomited, or cooed, Cole could not tell before he clasped his hands together happily. "My, my!" The tall man started, "Such love! Okay then, have a great time!" He stepped aside, pointing both arms to the automatic doors.

It really worked.

Cole continued to stare at the shade of pure red that dawned Elisa's face as they walked into the large mecha-structure that was Mauville's Game Corner. He could not believe she would be bold enough to say such a thing, let alone in public. He knew that she was rather shy, the complete opposite of the only girl he ever talked to back on Team Magma, so this was a very big shock to him. Though he was not complaining about the feeling of her light arm entangled with his.

He frowned slightly as the girl trembled against him, almost feeling guilty for throwing her into such a situation; but this was the Dragon Plate after all. That was their only task they decided to complete together. She wanted this, right? The cooling blast of air conditioning hitting his face, Cole turned forward to his latest challenge. The Game Corner.

'I guess she's useful after all...'

Upon entering the gambling facility, Cole and Elisa held their breaths, gaping at the expansive walls and bright lights that bombarded them. As far as their wide eyes could see; coin slots, card tables, waiters, waitresses in very short skirts, the place was polluted with activity. Walking slowly, their hands now locking onto each other without them even noticing due to the fear of getting lost in the bustling casino, Cole and Elisa managed to make their way to the front desk.

"Welcome to Mauville Game Corner!" A petite young woman greeted the two as she bowed politely. She handed Cole a small pamphlet to the young man's confusion before she signalled with her hand towards the thick crowds. "I'm sorry about the amount of guests that may be blocking our way, but the Corner is very popular today because it's the anniversary of Hoenn's most popular couple's engagement!"

Elisa tipped her head to the side in confusion. "Hoenn's most popular couple?"

The woman could only take a step back in light shock before she giggled softly. "Hoenn's Couple! Brendan and May!"

"Oh..." Elisa muttered as she glanced up towards Cole's just as confused face.

"Isn't it just marvellous!" The woman cooed before she snatched onto Cole's hand, earning a grimace in return. "They were the ones that saved Hoenn two years ago! And their popularity only rose once everyone started to learn that they actually liked each other too!" She giggled again, her short blue hair dancing against her small ears. "I wish I could meet someone like Brendan! He's soooo handsome, cool, tall, sexy, strong, slim, handsome, a Coordinator, exotic; he's from Johto you kno-"

"Are you done." Elisa could not help but let out a relieved sigh from Cole's blunt words. She smiled slightly, he was not much for hearing about other people's fame after all.

The girl gasped, her small cheeks flaring red once she noticed her ramblings. "I-I'm sorry!" She pulled Cole, who was still holding onto Elisa's hand, towards the bustling crowds. The pair squeezed onto each other more in fear than anything else as the young woman yanked them roughly. "I'll take you two to your seats now!"

As the three pushed by the packs of men and woman, all fawning over one another to the Admin's disgust, Cole could not help but turn back, his hand still loosely holding onto Elisa. His eyes darkened once he noticed that her head was down, her face completely hidden from his eyes. The young man suddenly felt a nagging pain in his chest. '...Maybe...I went a little too far...' He was not really known to be tender at times. He frowned, hoping to see the young woman smile at him as usual, but she remained downcast.

Cole's thoughts began to wonder as the waitress suddenly pulled him in another direction. Before working with Team Magma, he had not really fallen for any girls, now that he thought about it. It was not like he did not like them, he cringed slightly as the woman pulled him again, making him pull onto Elisa's hand harder to his dismay. Thinking back, the old man's granddaughter was the only girl that caught his attention when he was a child. But now that he thought about it, it was not really for her looks...but more for how she acted and the way she worked with her Pokemon.

'Wait...' His brow furled in thought. That's not right...Was it? 'To like a girl for what she does?' Cole scoffed at the strange thoughts that had been increasing ever since that fateful day back at Slateport's markets. He was not with his father for quite sometime; so the only knowledge he had of girls was the mechanics of...

He nearly tripped. Where were they going again?

Why did he need a girlfriend again? 'Stupid questions...' Well he only needed one now to get into the Game Corner. He glanced back at Elisa who still did not look up to him. 'She probably thinks I'm weird enough as it is...' Any normal human would not be able to notice it, but a flash of disappointment flickered across the Trainer's dark brown eyes before a woman's cheery voice spoke up.

"We're here!" She smiled brightly, flinging Cole and Elisa to their surprise into a corner. Their heads snapped back against a red coloured wall as the cushions of a seat they fell onto groaned from the sudden weight. The pair could only stare at the woman in obvious shock before she pointed to the pamphlet in Cole's trembling hand.

"A waiter will come by soon to get you started with some drinks!" She gave Elisa a coy look, earning a confused look in response. "I hope you tip well, because these seats are very hard to get..." She flashed a cheeky smile before she disappeared around the corner, leaving the two to sit silently in awe.

"H-How...did she..." Cole stuttered.

"...Throw us?" Elisa managed to finish the Trainer's words before she finally realized their position. They were sitting in a...two seat. 'Is he really serious about this!' Of all the furniture in the world...Elisa shivered slightly once Cole lifted himself up, his leg brushing against hers to her dismay.

Both tried their best to scoot away from one another, but they only cringed once they noticed nothing but a cold tiled floor waiting for them. Finally giving up, their chances of sitting without touching fading from their minds, Cole and Elisa cautiously slid inward, only to brush shoulders once again. '...This is weird.' Elisa tried to shift herself again, but could not move anywhere, it was like the seat was forcing them in. She glanced forward. In front of them, a single wooden table that held a large oval candle in the centre peered back at them, its flame giving off a sensual glow.

"...We should leave. Now."

"Huh?" Elisa snapped her head up to Cole's fearful face as he continued to glare at the candlelight. "B-But we just got here and..." She shifted slightly, his hand was too close to her leg. "We only came here for the Dragon Plate info, right?"

Cole turned to her, yet quickly regretted it once he noticed the light was accenting her round face perfectly, his eyes wandered to her lips briefly before he turned away. "Y-Yeah...I know that." He shot back, folding his arms tightly, and his hopeful hands, away from the researcher.

Elisa opened her mouth slightly, but no words managed to escape. Her heart beginning to race, she mentally kicked herself for the creeping thoughts that began to rise too easily around the quiet man. 'I'm sitting beside Cole...alone...No one's here...Just a boy and a-'

"Stupid Emma."


"N-Nothing!" Elisa waved her hands frantically as the man turned to her. Cole then quickly looked away again, his eyes focused on something, Elisa did the same.


Only the gentle thumping of music could be heard from their booth as the two remained quiet. What were they supposed to say here?

"We should..." Cole turned, Elisa's quiet words finally breaking the awkward silence that they usually never shared. "We should find the person who knows about the next Dragon Plate..." Elisa suggested as she shifted slightly from his gaze before she played with the end of her dark brown hair. 'Why am I doing that!' She screamed at herself, yanking her hand down childishly.

"...Okay." Cole mumbled back, his dark brown eyes soft in the candlelight. "I'll check out the main floor." The Trainer was about to get up before, suddenly, a tall man appeared at their table.


Cole dropped back in the seat, making Elisa screech; her hands pressed against his rather heavy backpack, she gasped as Cole fell onto her. "Cole-G-Get off!" She whined while he covered her from seeing who, or what apparently made him fall down.

"I'm your waiter for the evening!" The man was tall, about the same height as the security guard as he bowed towards the two before smiling brightly, his pointy chin sparkling in the candlelight.

"We don't need anything." Cole shot back as he quickly leaned up, clearly irritated now that he was taken by surprise, not once, but twice.

The waiter blinked, clearly hurt from the man's words before he smiled brightly at the young woman that emerged from behind him, her large hazel eyes peeking from Cole's shoulder. "Oh...I see here." His smile widened. "I'm sorry sir, even if it is Couple's Night; sleeping with your date is clearly not allowed in a public building."


Cole's face burned red while Elisa slammed her head against the table, the candle bouncing into the air before landing with a thud. "What the hell did you say!" Cole snapped, his eyes flickering to Elisa's still form before glaring back towards the man and his outrageous question. Who did he think he was? Tori?

"Hahaha! I'm sorry!" The man laughed, slapping the table lightly before smiling politely at Cole's flustered face. "It was just a joke sir." He then leaned in closer. "Besides, those rooms are further downstairs. You'll be able to do anything to her."

A gasp...a choking sound...something spilled from Elisa's mouth, but Cole could not tell. "What do you want!" Cole finally snapped, his fists already clenched with embarrassment, rather than anger.

"I'm your waiter!" He chuckled lightly before grabbing the small pamphlet that Cole had dropped on the ground. "Have you decided on your meals, or do you want to have some drinks first? The first two glasses are on the house tonight!"

"W-Water...please..." Elisa's depressed voice rang throughout the closed space, earning a bead of sweat to drop from Cole's forehead.

The waiter then smirked before opening the pamphlet in front of Cole. "I'm sorry, but since tonight is Couple's Night..." He trailed off, letting Cole read the menu for himself.

He could not believe it. Fruits, bread, lettuce...not even water was on this list! Cole gaped at the pamphlet before he slowly looked up, meeting the waiter's coy look. 'Are they trying to get us drunk?' Cole scoffed at the man. He really hated the taste of alcohol, remembering how Koji and some of the other Magma members had forced him to drink once they noticed that he was older than 16.

"Leave." Cole sent a cold glare to the tall man, earning another hurt look in response.

"Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes!" He smiled brightly, although it was a blur to the Trainer from how fast he ran away. "I'd suggest the Mauville Virgin!" His voice was high, the last few syllables hanging in the air between Cole and Elisa as they sat in silence, pressed against one another.

"V-Virgin?" A squeaky voice breaking the silence, Cole flinched before snapping his head down to look at Elisa's wide eyes. Of all the drinks on that list...

"I'm going."

Cole abruptly stood up to Elisa's surprise, making her fall into the love seat with fading disappointment at the sudden loss of heat. She shook her head frantically; it was not like she liked sitting beside him...Or anything like that. "S-Should I come too?" Elisa managed to mutter as Cole eased his way from the tight spot to get into the hallway.

Cole turned to her, quickly noticing the position Elisa had conveniently fallen into. His dark brown eyes absorbing every feature, Cole felt a knot in his throat once he noticed Elisa on her elbows; dark brown hair falling ever so neatly against her shoulder. The collar of her sweater revealing her neck, his eyes wandered down the side of her frame. The bottom of her sweater had been pushed up slightly, exposing some of her bare skin, he could not look away from her waist that bent in such a way that-


He blinked. The girl's soft voice thankfully snapped him out of his thoughts before she spoke up again. "...Do you want me to come?"

Silence. Cole's cheek twitched.

"Leave me alone!"

Elisa managed to lean against the table now, her shoulders slumped once she noticed Cole literally sprint down the hall away from her. She tipped her head to the side, her face clueless before she gazed at the red candle's light. 'I guess he's going to do it himself...'




Cole groaned, the heavy beats of music pounding into his head as he turned left, right; up, down, he could not find the blonde grunt from earlier that afternoon. Pushing his way through the sweaty crowds of dancing couples, he grimaced as a man bumped into him, his hair whipping around his body, nearly knocking Cole over.

He despised places like this...Loud, sweaty and stupid. With another shove sending the young man nearly to the ground, Cole held down his boiling anger. His thoughts shifted to Elisa once a couple walked by him, the girls long brown hair nearly reaching her lower back as she giggled at her boyfriend's words.

He sighed softly. 'I shouldn't have brought her here...' He scolded himself, finally leaving the dance floor to reach the staircase that would lead him to the top floor. 'She doesn't like places like this...' He blinked. 'What the hell am I thinking?' He scoffed, now frustrated with his fruitless attempts to find the person from earlier, he was about to head back before a strong hand grabbed his shoulder.

"What do you wa-" He stopped, noticing the stitched words that read across the man's tight jacket. "Security?" Cole muttered, dark brown eyes narrowed at the man's dark smirk.



"Coal huh? Your mother a blacksmith or somethin'?"

"What do you want." Cole's voice was finally spilling over to anger as he clenched his fist. His hands were just inches away from his belt. Houndoom did not like loud places, maybe Lairon? He loved scaring people with his roar.

"Where's your spouse?"

Cole took a step back, the words snapping him from his thoughts. "S-Spouse?"

"Don't have one?" The guard gave Cole a quizzed look. "Then how did you get in here? You're nineteen, right?"

'Wasn't Elisa?...' He wondered. "Yeah, but she's-"

"Where's your girl, huh?" The security guard shook his head, earning another confused look from the young man. "She's not with you right now?"

'Obviously.' Cole sneered at the man, only earning a dark glare in return.

"That's too bad," He then turned the confused man around and cuffed him all in one motion to the Magma Admin's blatant shock. "I guess you didn't read the rules for tonight. All couples must, and I mean, absolutely MUST, stay with their partner at all times while in the Game Corner."

Cole struggled with the man's grasp, yet could not budge as some of the couples noticed the altercation. 'Crap.' His shoulders drooped once the guard leaned against his shoulder and whispered into his air, sending cold sweats down his back. This was all a trap.


"Since you did not stay with your spouse for the night. There is only one thing that must be done..." The man smirked, tightening the shackles.

"Penalty. Game."

A tall figure stood alone outside a large wooden building. His face was hidden in the shadows of the shipyard as the sun sunk below the horizon West of a bustling city. Peering down towards his cellphone he dialled a number he had committed to memory since he received it.

"Where the hell are you!"

The voice was loud, earning a scoff from the man, but he hid the sound from the receiver. "H-Hello sir, it's me, Jin!" The old man mumbled in a fearful voice.

"I know that Jin!" The voice was lower now, but still contained its usual anger from the first exchange. "I want to know where you are so that I can personally come down there and kick your ass!"

Jin smirked to himself as he switched the receiver to his other ear. "S-Sir? I can explai-"

"Explain what? That our only Dragon Plate was stolen from the exhibit that we were supposed to steal! Who the hell did it! We were supposed to meet on the last day of the exhibit to steal it!"

"I-I know sir," His voice trembling, "B-But I happened to stay a bit longer after the first day because of the wonderful show...W-When I tried to leave later that night, there was a masked man walking out of the building; I believe he was the one that stole the Ocean Plate!"

"But how-" The voice cut off, clearly shocked Jin would believe before it finally rose again. "Who is this man? I thought you told us that we were the only ones that knew about the Dragon Plate's powers!"

"I thought so too!" Jin cried, his voice still shaking only to earn a sneer on the other line. "...I-I believe that the masked man could be working for Team Magma-"


A small smile gracing a rugged face, he scratched at his beard. "I know sir, this is very dangerous."

"But...They should have disbanded two years ago..." The other line droned with interference before a voice was heard once again. "I can't believe this...Fine, I want you in Verdanturf by tomorrow morning, you got that?"

"Y-Yes sir!" He cried, "I truly believe Rayquaza will bring Team Aqua back on top!"

"Don't blurt your words to the world damnit!" The voice snapped at Jin, only earning another smirk in response. "Verdanturf tomorrow. We will have to discuss some new plans; now that Team Magma may be involved...and the location of the next Dragon Plate."

"Yes sir." Jin replied before the line went dead, the shallow beeping hitting his ear.

Dark emerald eyes suddenly flashed in the sunlight once Jin emerged from the back of the large shipyard. Staring at the last few rays of deep red, he pulled out a ball from his belt, its dark black surface with red and yellow bands across its body, Jin threw the Luxury Ball into the air.

"Continue to follow the insects..."

In a flash of light, accented by beautiful golden sparkles in the sun's last rays, two feathery wings stretched wide, completely shading the man's already darkened face. The large bird cried out, its voice sharp as it bowed towards its Trainer as he ran his fingers down its long red and yellow head crown, all the way down to its thick red tail feathers.

"You don't mind flying at night, right Pidgeot?" Jin smirked, nuzzling the short beak of his flying Pokemon.

"Pidgeooo!" It answered the question by flapping its massive wings, small gusts of grasses and rocks blowing away from its powerful feet. It eyed Jin as if he was trying to make an idiotic joke.

"I thought so." Dark emerald eyes then caught a glimpse of a piercing lighthouse that suddenly lit up, long rays of light spanning out to the ocean's waters. His thoughts wavered from the battle with the masked man to a past that haunted for the last 2 years.

"I was supposed to meet you here...You were supposed to come back home..." His voice cracked before he clenched his fists. "Soon...I'll get my revenge," Jin then hopped onto the large Bird Pokemon, "Verdanturf Town!"

And with a flurry of winds, Jin and his Pidgeot burst into the red skies, straight for their newest destination.

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