The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

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Her hunger for knowledge shines light upon everything...Even Corruption

A young woman with dark brown hair cleared her throat nervously in front of an intimidating audience as she came to the last statement of her report.

"In conclusion, I believe that the unnatural weather phenomena that have been occurring in multiple areas around Northern Hoenn should be investigated thoroughly before civilians are endangered." A few researchers clapped for the strong effort displayed by the young researcher's first proposal, but a large majority of them eyed her skeptically. "Are there any questions?" She asked softly looking towards the audience.

One man in the very first row stood up, "Ms. Neville, even though your concern to send a research team to investigate the occurrences in Northern parts of the country is strong, what kind of major proof can you give us that backs the Legendary Pokemon theory?" His voice booming through the small lecture hall.

Elisa Neville's jaw clenched knowing that that question was unavoidable. "Yes, I know that I cannot provide clear evidence to explain the occurrences that I witnessed in some areas, but if you ask any of the-"

"Taking verbal observations is not strong enough." A different researcher stood up in accusation. "Anything could have been causing the strange weather occurrences. Mt. Chimney plays a large role in the ecosystem for Northern Hoenn, so it is prone to strange weather patterns already. Also, Pokémon battles could have been the reason."

Elisa looked down in slight defeat by the other researchers' strong arguments. "I know that Mt. Chimney is already prone to strange weather occurrences, but I feel that a Legendary Pokémon could be the reason as to why there were days of record low air pressures and severe lightning storms. I believe that Rayquaza may still be active in the atmosphere!" Elisa argued, she could not lose another proposal to Devon Corporation's Research Department.

"That's enough Ms. Neville. We will look further into your proposal but for now you are excused from Devon's Research Department." The Head researcher explained as he stood up from his chair behind Elisa on the stage.

Elisa looked back at him with clear shock, hazel eyes dimming slightly as she turned back to her papers. She had lost, again. "I-I understand sir, thank you for your time."

Elisa stood outside of the meeting room with a dim hope surrounding her work. Taking off her lab coat, she checked over her papers for answers to the arguments she faced. "If I was able to get a picture, or some evidence of whatever was causing these occurrences. Then they'll believe me…" Elisa combed a hand through her long strands of hair and unzipped her dark grey sweater.

She was only an eighteen year old student after all. Just completing a second year at Mossdeep University in Historical Pokémon Research, she was still considered a rookie to everyone in there. She had always loved the stories of Legendary Pokemon that her parents told her about when she was a child and knew that one day she would discover a mystery about a Legendary Pokémon to share with the world.

Elisa looked at her papers that held no answers with a dejected look. That was a stupid dream. She was so determined after such strong encouragement from her family and getting one of the top honours in her classes, she actually believed that she could persuade the top researchers in Hoenn and gain their respect. It was foolish. She was still young and inexperienced after all to have any influence.

'They didn't even believe my evidence about the three Dragon Plates.'

She gained that information from an old man in Petalburg but when she told the researchers, she could have sworn that most of the back row were trying not to laugh their heads off. Elisa sighed tiredly before walking towards the Devon Corporation's main entrance to sit in the park area of the building. It had been a long day. Gazing at the buildings painted in golden rays, she drifted into deep thought. "The only way that I can win them over is if I borrow the real evidence from Jonbi."

Dark brown eyes calmly observed the superior building of Devon Corporation as the setting sun bathed it in a brilliant golden hue. Cole sighed to himself as researchers and employees walked into and out of the front of the entrance to the building. Instinctively hiding his face, he knew that just walking in there would not be a good idea. He may have been relatively new to Team Magma, but he was involved in kidnapping a couple of people from them during Groudon's resurrection phase two years ago. Security would most likely notice him if he entered and battling an entire city's police force wasn't on his personal goal's list.

"How are we supposed to get in there unnoticed and find information on the Legendary beasts of Hoenn?" Cole looked down to his long time friend Houndoom who did not even respond to his Trainer's question, instead eyeing a bakery across the street. "Some help you are…" Cole whispered to himself.

"Houunnn" Houndoom growled. The Dark/Fire type then lifted his pointed tail and aimed it at the entrance of Devon Corporation, catching Cole's attention.

"I told you that we can't just walk in there." Cole sighed.

Houndoom continued to point with his tail. Suddenly two old men bustled through the automatic doors laughing. Cole looked at them curiously as the two older men continued to chuckle hysterically. Cole knew that anyone who worked at this corporation was usually serious so it was definitely confusing to see two laughing figures.

"I can't believe she actually thought that we would believe that weak proposal about Legendary Pokémon causing weather occurrences!" The man on the left laughed. The other one wiped the tears from his eyes.

"I know right? Who does she think she is? Her best evidence was just some statement from an old man?" He cracked up again.


Both men stopped immediately when they heard the voice and looked ahead to the Team Magma Admin. Their eyes squinted in annoyance as Cole displayed a small smirk.

"Yes, how can we help you sir." One man asked clearing his throat from his laughing spell.

The smirk dropped immediately, "I want to know what you guys were talking about. You were saying something about Legendary Pokémon causing weather occurrences?" Both researchers began to crack up again and Cole eyed them with confusion.

"Trust me kid. You don't want to know about what that kid said, she doesn't know what she's talking about. She may have a good-standing record at Mossdeep's University, but that doesn't mean she's the best in common sense. She believes that a Legendary Pokemon was the reason for the strange weather patterns in Fallarbor Town a few weeks ago. Everyone knows that those Pokemon vanished two years ago. Hahahaha!"

Cole's eyes widened in response to the information that was given to him, "Who told you about this?" Cole asked quickly.

The old man on the right broke out of his laughing to point at a young woman sitting on a bench in the park area of Devon Corporation. "Over there, I warned you in advance!" He said before walking towards the bustling streets.

Cole turned away from the two old men who continued laughing. Cole slowly walked over to the girl who was sitting on the park bench. She didn't seem to notice him, so he sat down. Houndoom found space on the ground in front of Cole and looked at the girl as well.

"I'll show them…."

Cole blinked curiously as the girl continued to shake her head in her hands. "I'll show them that what Jonbi said was true. There is a strong Pokémon out there that's causing this." The young Admin raised an eyebrow as the she continued to talk to herself without noticing him.

"I bet they don't believe me just because I'm a girl and think that I can't prove my work or something!" She huffed. "I should have asked Jonbi to borrow that piece of the Dragon Plate." She scolded herself.

"Dragon Plate?"


Cole flew back and raised his hands in defence as Elisa jumped from her spot and with her fists ready to strike. Cole dodged her attack but fell onto the ground with a thud. Elisa glared at the unknown man angrily as he rubbed his lower back in pain.

"You shouldn't be sneaking up on girls in the dark-y-you freak!" Elisa snapped, her face beginning to redden as Cole stood up. She took in his features quickly, noticing his surprised, yet firm face. Her fists did not move from an attacking position as the young man stood up slowly.

"I wasn't sneaking up on you…" Cole defended himself as he brushed his dark cargo pants off. He was actually surprised that her actions were able to make him jump so easily though. "I heard from some researchers that you have some information about seeing a Legendary Pokémon near Fallarbor Town a couple of weeks ago." He explained quickly.

Elisa lowered her fists to her sides but they were still clenched, "So what if I did?" Her reply was sharp as she noticed that the young man seemed readily calm, almost harmless. He didn't even seem to be angered with her even though she was clearly trying to be rude with him after the attack.

"Look, I'm sorry that I 'snuck up on you' but I would like to know more about the strange weather occurrence and what you meant by Dragon Plates." Cole sat back down on the bench and politely motioned for her to join him.

"Please?" He mentally kicked himself for sounding so desperate but he shook it off, intent on knowing if this girl was actually telling the truth or not.

"Hm?" Elisa raised an eyebrow at Cole in confusion. She then gave a glance towards the Houndoom and clenched her jaw, it looked like it was in no mood to just let her leave.

"Well….okay." Elisa answered in defeat, "But if you try anything-"

"I wouldn't try anything with you." Cole responded quickly, earning a glare from Elisa that went unnoticed.

"Y-You better not." She replied, hastily clearing her throat before beginning her short speech.

"Anyway, it was a couple of months ago after I finished my studies in Mossdeep, I journeyed to Sootopolis City to do some summer research on the battle between Kyogre and Groudon." Cole nodded as he shifted himself to listen closely. "If you're from Hoenn, you would know about the horrific climate changes we had two years ago. The battle between those two was catastrophic. Even people in Dewford felt the effects of the battle, saying that tidal waves flooded some parts of the town." Elisa explained.

"Yes, continue." Cole pushed her on and she nodded.

"Well when I asked to investigate the Cave of Origin, they said that it was off limits. Since I knew that I couldn't get anything there, I decided to head to Dewford Town to look for the previous champion Steven Stone. When I asked him about the battle between the Legendary Pokemon, he told me that the battle was stopped by a third Legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza." Cole frowned to himself remembering the battle between the three superpowers. Rayquaza had used a powerful attack that suppressed both Groudon and Kyogre, sending them back to an eternal rest.

"Mr. Stone told me that Rayquaza was still apparently active and was last seen by an old man near Petalburg City a couple of months ago, so I travelled there. I was able to find him and he told me about what Rayquaza had dropped during their encounter." Elisa continued.

"The Dragon Plate?" Cole asked.

"Yes, the Dragon Plate. It wasn't the complete Dragon Plate but he showed it to me," Elisa made a small square shape with her fingers, "It was a small piece, but he told me that Rayquaza had three large plates surrounding it's body and that a piece broke off from the blue coloured one." Elisa finished while putting her hands on her lap.

"So there are three Dragon Plates then? What do they do?" Cole asked, very intrigued by the story that he was hearing. Why would those researchers think that this was a joke?

Elisa looked away from Cole, slightly embarrassed, "...Well I don't know what they do." Cole lost his intrigue and looked at Elisa with disappointment. Elisa frowned at him when she noticed his expression. "You think that the plate would just give me answers if I asked?"

"Could've tried…" Cole trailed off earning him another hard glare from the young researcher. "Calm down...I can believe what you're telling me about these Dragon Plates is true. We should find them and see if they can lead us to Rayquaza."

"What do you mean by we?" Elisa asked skeptically.

"I can help you find these plates." Cole offered opening his hand for a polite handshake.

"I don't think so."

Cole cleared his throat in light shock but quickly recovered. He had to think fast or he was going to lose his only lead at finding one of the Legendary Hoenn Pokémon. "Well suit yourself, if I helped you, we would have a better chance at finding out the mystery behind the Dragon Plates." Elisa still did not show any reaction, "Just think, if we find the plates, those researchers will finally respect you." Cole explained coolly.


The girl perked up but quickly recomposed herself, she was thinking about it. Cole eyed her, thinking about her situation. So she was the current joke at Devon Corporation, but finding these plates would give her acknowledgement. "...If I were you, I would love to rub the discovery of those plates and possibly Rayquaza in their faces. You would be written down in the history of Hoenn." Cole smirked to himself as she shyly nodded in agreement.

"But what are you going to get out of it? Why are you so eager to help me?" Elisa asked quickly, her smile now erased from her face. His smooth talking was too affective for her liking, so she needed to know why he even was considering a helping hand.

"I just want a chance to see Rayquaza," Cole answered simply. "Seeing a Legendary Pokémon is a once in a lifetime chance."

Elisa observed him quietly, searching his face for anything but his look remained unyielding. "I'm a good Trainer, trust me. Most researchers don't have strong, if at any, Pokémon with them. If you have that problem, then I can protect you from any threats that we encounter along the way." Cole guaranteed.

Elisa looked down at Cole's Houndoom, thinking about his answer. 'I doubt he's lying about that,' Elisa thought to herself as the fire hound gave a small bark of approval. 'But why would someone go through all this trouble just to see a Legendary Pokémon?' She thought, looking between Houndoom and Cole.

"So, can we work together?" Cole asked, waiting for an answer.

"I…Well" Hesitating, she gave one last look towards the mysterious man, "...Alright. I guess I would need help if I'm going to go after those Dragon Plates." Elisa answered standing up from the bench. It was getting dark now. Twilight skies began to bathe the city in a dark purple hue. The park lights had already illuminated their faces in a calming glow.

Cole stood up as well, satisfied with the new information he discovered. "Good, we'll make a great team. I'll be your personal bodyguard on this adventure."

Elisa gave Cole a polite smile. "I hope you're strong. Dealing with a Legendary Pokémon is not child's play." She warned.

"I know. I won't let you down as long as you don't let me down." Cole responded.

Elisa's smile faded slightly by the comment.

"I'll help you find these Dragon Plates for your research as long as I get to see Rayquaza in the end." Cole answered with a serious face. Elisa looked at him unnerved, fully grasping the agreement they were making. He seemed polite and all, but there had to be something more about him.

"The Dragon Plates are connected to Rayquaza. So if all goes well, this deal will work out for both of us." Elisa reassured him as she started to leave the park.

Cole looked on as she began to walk away. "My name is Cole."

"Elisa" She replied, turning back.

"That's a nice name." Cole answered truthfully. Elisa nodded in thanks as she neared the exit.

"Where should we meet tomorrow?" He asked quickly before she could leave.

Elisa stopped in her tracks and turned back to him. "We can meet at the Pokémon Centre in the afternoon if you want." She suggested.

"Alright that sounds excellent, I'll see you tomorrow!" Cole waved politely as Elisa gave a small smile and then left him alone with Houndoom. As soon as she was out of sight, Cole dropped his hand and frowned to himself.

"I guess the only way she's going to trust us if we continue to be polite to her. It will be worth it though once Rayquaza is found and the Dragon Plates." He concluded as his lips raised into a smirk.

Houndoom nodded in response and began to follow Cole out of the small park. "I'll report the news to Holland tomorrow. That will keep him off me for a while." Cole sighed as he looked up at the first stars of the cool night in Rustboro. His lucky journey just beginning to bud.

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