The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Walls are Breaking

This was starting to become the norm for her.

Looking up into the deep black sky, a gentle smile graced the features of a young woman as she leaned back on a cool rock, enjoying the peaceful night as flakes of feathery soot danced innocently from above. She shivered slightly, only to smile once something warm rubbed against her stomach. Glancing down, she couldn't help but giggle as a large dog nuzzled against her, trying its best to warm her.

"Houndoom's really taking a liking to you!"

The young woman glanced up to see aqua eyes sparkling at her. "I thought he would have went with Cole." He mused, earning a growl in return.

"I don't know about that..." She waved off the boy's words. "You're just tired, right Houndoom?" The fire hound merely scoffed at her words before resting in her lap once again, earning a modest blush in return. '...He's never been this close before.' She rubbed the two horns a top the fire hound's head.

Thinking back, Houndoom looked like he would hunt her down on sight when they first met. His eyes, just like Cole's, were very cold back then, almost dangerous. She had agreed to work with him back then too...It had been quite some time since Elisa decided to leave Rustboro City; having no where to go once her thesis was blatantly rejected by Devon Corporation.

'Rayquaza is so close now...' Elisa frowned, the chatter of night in the dense forest softening as if waiting for her to continue. But she couldn't provide an answer for her thoughts. 'This is my chance to be a part of history.' She loved the stories of Legendary Pokemon; their historic appearances passed down from generation to generation which inevitably gave them the title of Gods.

They were in a world of their own...And she just wanted to be a part of those legends; to grasp onto their essence, never let go and show them to the world.

A chance to be known.


A sudden voice snapping her from her thoughts, she turned her attention to Noah from across their campfire as he spread out his sleeping bag, preparing for bed. "What's the matter?" She asked softly.

"It's getting late..." Elisa smiled at the young boy's words, "When's...When's Cole getting back?" The worry was clearly embedded in his tone making her realize that Noah was becoming more attached to the older Trainer. He turned from his sleeping bag towards her, his eyes a mix of blues as the light of the campfire danced across his face.

"You're worried about him!" Elisa teased, earning a scoff from the young sailor. "He told us it would be a surprise." She giggled at her own words. The Trainer was constantly surprising her throughout this journey. She did not know whether to be annoyed by it or love it. She chose the latter.

"No!" Noah snapped back, turning away from Elisa. "It's that surprise he said he would get-" Noah noticeably shivered, making Elisa giggle harder. "What if he's going to get me back?"

Houndoom let out his own scoff, earning a laugh from the young woman. "What did you do now?" It had only been a couple of hours since they got off the cable car at the top of . Thinking back, the walk down the Jagged Pass had been relatively smooth; the boys weren't fighting and the only thing that seemed to cause the least bit of trouble was trying to land safely from the ash-coated ledges. A small smile graced her lips, remembering the time she had, sadly, slipped from a ledge but Cole was by her side yet again.

She sighed. Knowing Noah, he must have done something to break the peaceful mood. But that lively spark within him was the main reason she enjoyed his company; she only had an older sister, but always wanting a younger sibling. "Didn't I tell you to stop bothering him?"

"He started it-" Noah then flinched as Elisa gave him a dead-panned look; he gave himself away, again. "I-I just wanted to see if he was scared of ghosts!"

Elisa shivered from the words, the sudden realization of her location coming into her mind as she glanced passed Noah into the shadows of the forest. Sure she wasn't scared of the dark...When Pokemon were involved; something that she knew existed. "C-Cole's not scared of ghosts..." Elisa replied, yet couldn't hide the crack of her voice.

Noah then grinned, his smirk dark as he eyed the nervous girl. "Don't tell me you are?" His answer was given to him as a bead of sweat ran down the young woman's neck.

"N-No!" Elisa shot back. "I'm not a little k-"

Rustle. Rustle.

"AHHH!" Elisa, and surprisingly Noah, both screamed; the boy leaping over the campfire to latch onto Elisa in pure fear of whatever was sneaking up on them. Houndoom yelped in pain, the sudden weight of the boy and Elisa's death grip on him sending shockwaves throughout his body.

The rustling of bushes was heard once more before a tall figure emerged from the trees. His familiar tousled black hair highlighted with patches of silver and grey ash.

"What are you doing?" Cole narrowed his eyes, clearly confused as he took a seat on the opposite side of his friends, both of their faces hysterical.

"W-What were you doing?!" Both Elisa and Noah cried, their faces pale with horror as Cole smirked lightly at the two in front of him. They were clasping onto Houndoom who was gasping for air, their eyes wide with fear before Cole pulled out a large paper bag from his backpack.

"I completely forgot about this..." The young man fished through the folds, the paper crumpling with the movement, Elisa finally released her grasp on Houndoom before the huddled group of three tilted their heads to the side in confusion.

"S-So you really are going to get me back?" Noah started, his face still pale as he took a step behind Elisa.

"What are you talking about?" Cole's brow furled in confusion yet again as his hand finally emerged from the bag, but to his friend's pleasant surprise, a batch of brown snacks flashed from the light of the flames. "I completely forgot about the old woman near the top of the mountain." He stifled a laugh to Elisa and Noah's blatant shock. Was he actually laughing? They finally seemed to calm down, their eyes gazing at the bag of treats in Cole's hands.

"They're Lava Cookies; a speciality."

"You're so nice!" Noah's eyes brimmed with tears as he hastily snatched the bag from Cole's hands as the older Trainer gave him an annoyed glare. Noah lowered the bag to Houndoom, the fire hound sniffing the substance before taking one of the large treats into his mouth.

"I heard they heal all kinds of pain!" As his two friends happily thanked him and began to dig into the late night snack, Cole watched them with a soft expression.

'Lava Cookies, only from Lavaridge...' A pleasant warmth filled him, fighting off the cold winds that ran down the face of Jagged Pass. Hiking through this old, dormant volcano brought such nostalgia as he watched them squeal with pleasure from the cookies. He was really beginning to enjoy his time with them; yet he really didn't want to admit it.

'This is where we first started.' He glanced at his friend, who was nipping away at the cookie softly. Back then, he had decided to train here, his very first marks of becoming a Trainer starting as an uphill battle to reach the top of Mt. Chimney. Those late nights while looking up at the stars with his small Houndour, he vividly remembered the promise he made to his parents, grandmother and little sister when he started off. 'I'll be the best Pokemon Master!...' He smirked to himself; back then it was so much easier. He was just a young boy with a dream of making his mark on the world.

'Why did I give up on that...' Dark brown eyes flickered in the flame's light. He was still going to make his mark on the world, but this time for a different reason.

"Hey Elisa!"

Noah's sudden voice pulling Cole from his thoughts, he glanced at the sailor as he continued. "Doesn't your sister bake cookies too?"

'Sister?' The Magma Admin glanced at Elisa for her response, but her face was hidden behind the flames. Did she ever tell him about a sister?

"Yeah," Elisa perked up from Noah's voice. "She's a really good baker; you'd love it!" She smiled, earning one right back at her from the young boy.

"Unlike somebody..."

Those words hung in the cold air for a while, freezing Elisa in place as the flames crackled. Houndoom glanced up to the young girl as her hazel eyes flared before a dark glare was sent towards the source of the intentional insult. The Trainer seemed unfazed as his deep brown eyes merely glanced back as a response.

"I-I'm still learning!" Elisa snapped at Cole; Noah timidly bitting into another moist cookie, a smile plastered on his face. "At least I don't burn water!" Cole flinched, earning a righteous smirk from the girl. She had actually gotten to him, she needed to save the moment. "See! You're worse than me!"

"Worse?!" Cole almost laughed. His face flushed, Elisa's eyes widened in awe as he leaned back against a large tree behind him. "Whose idea was it to mix the fish from Mauville with chocolate Pokeblocks?"

"I!...W-Well...Err..." Elisa's face tinged red as Noah's face sunk to a deep green, remembering the experience; that alone kept them from leaving Mauville City for a couple of days. "S-So! The lady at the Poke Mart said it was the best recipe for our Pokemon!" She tried to argue back, but her voice came out too squeaky in her opinion. Cheeks deepened as Noah began to laugh at the memory, Cole muttering some words that she knew were directed at her, making the young boy laugh even harder.

"I think I know who's the worst." Noah interrupted the two, tears threatening to fall from the laughter as his friends turned to him in confusion. "Both of you suck; I'm the best cook."

Cole and Elisa both gaped at him, but then quickly shut their mouths, avoiding the slick eyes and confident smirk that the sailor was giving them; he was...sadly, right after all. Cole muttered something, looking away with shame, "...I can't believe that I'm alive right now because of you."

There was a small pause before Noah burst into laughter, a cackling laugh filling their small campsite with a pleasant feeling. "Look at his face!" He snorted, pointing at Cole's astonished look. Elisa continued to stare with awe at the young boy before she couldn't help but join in with a gentle laugh of her own; only getting stronger as Noah fell over from his seat, hitting the ashy grass with a thud.

"N-Noah's the most important to us!" Elisa laughed harder, clutching at her sides as the bag of cookies fell over, spilling near the flames of the campfire. Houndoom took this as his opportunity to stuff his head into the bag, chowing away as Elisa and Noah continued to roll on the ashy grass, their clothes powdered with soot.

Cole eyes remained wide, unsure of how to respond to them. He didn't know whether to be angry...or happy? The smiles on their faces as they continued to enjoy the moment touched him. It felt very gentle, surprised that he had not heard such sounds in a very long time.


Gazing at Elisa's joyous face through the flames that separated them; dimples in her cheeks as she laughed, sprinkled with cookie crumbs, he did not realize the small smile that was beginning to break through his usual emotionless features. It widened further as Noah kicked at a tree, pouring a large amount of soot onto his face, but he continued to laugh anyway.

It was a start after all, but just as the Lava Cookies melted from the heat of the flames, Cole's heart warmed a little bit as this moment flooded into him. Laughter amongst friends.

He really missed that.

A loud clap was heard, echoing through the cold corridors as a tall man stood in its hallways. Leaning against a cold stone wall, he smirked to himself.

"Come on, let's hear a scream." Now tapping his foot to a tune he remembered from a song he liked, the man turned slightly to his right as another piercing sound was heard. 'She's getting it good.' He smiled to himself, dark sapphire eyes glinting from the ceilings chilling lights.

"If you ever withhold information from me again..." The voice trailed off, making the man snicker softly. "Get the hell out! Now!"

Koji smiled deviously as the wooden door next to him flung open, a small feminine figure retreating from the room with her head down. "Y-Yes...sir." Closing the door behind her softly in one motion, though he knew exactly what she really wanted to do, Koji continued to stare at one of the people he was supposed to be 'teaching'.

"Sounds like you didn't do your job." He laughed.

The smile on his rough face passed quickly though once the woman turned to him, dark amethyst eyes glaring into his very soul as she stood up to him with anger. He quickly noticed the bruises that tarnished her perfect face, Holland did not hold back this time. "Shut it." She sneered, spinning on her heel and brushing by Koji to his surprise.

"Whoa-whoa!" He laughed again, grabbing onto the female Admin's arm, his strong grip holding her back as she gasped. "Where did all the confidence go!" He sneered right back at her scowling face. "I heard all of it; you going on a joy ride instead of reporting back to Holland. Even the lowest grunts wouldn't make such a stupid move."

"I told you to shut the hell up!" Tori snapped angrily, spinning her body to break free from Koji's grip before punching him hard in his gut. He grunted angrily, wobbling on his feet from the impact before jumping up to her surprise; he quickly grabbed both of her arms this time, pinning her against the cold stones as she glared at him.

"You out of the three of us," He blinked, thinking for a second as Tori struggled against his grasp, "actually you out of all of Team Magma never screw up orders." He smiled at her, earning a surprising somber look in return. "You finally get your chance with Cole?"

The young woman flinched from his words, flustered as she avoided his glare. "This has nothing to do with that bastard!" She flung her head forward with the intent to headbutt Koji but he simply dodged this time, releasing her from his grasp as she stumbled forward. Tori hissed angrily, tripping on her feet before glaring at Koji again, her midnight black hair covering most of her face as she panted heavily.

"I bet you were trying to throw him off his game when you went to get that plate." Koji mocked with a laugh, "He didn't listen to you as usual," Tori's brow furled in anger as the man continued to insult her, "So you tried to seduce him, huh?" Koji laughed a little harder. "I knew you were the joke out of the three of us."

Tori felt a sudden jolt in her chest from his words. '...That's what you really think of me?' Her eyes downcast, she couldn't help but clench her small fists in anger. "I-I didn't seduce him." Her voice was weak to Koji's surprise. "If anyone is the joke, its you." Her face shot up, eyes ablaze with anger. "Tell me one thing that you've done since Cole left."

Koji took a step back, sneering at the young woman as she stomped towards him. "Hmph! I don't need to do anything now! Not when you idiots are running around screwi-" His voice escaped from his mouth once a swift hand slapped him across the face. He stood there, cheek burning red with the imprint of a woman's hand.

"Try that again." All emotion was lost from his voice as his eyes snapped downward towards Tori's sneering face.

"Why? You should be happy you even got to feel me...Ji-Ji."

Cold sapphire eyes hardened from her words before he stepped forward, a Poke ball quickly clipped from his belt. She smiled devilishly at him, only earning a growl in return. "Do I really need to teach you a lesson."

"If you're really the best out of all of us," She smirked for once, pulling a Poke ball from the belt that straddled her waist, "Then really prove it this time. You keep saying that you can beat me, but it's always the same result."

Koji's eyes widened from her sudden change. She would usually just laugh at him, then walk off. 'She really going to fight this time?' Over all of the years that he had known Tori, he was always the one challenging her; she would never intentionally fight back unless it related to Team Magma's plans. He couldn't help but match the confident smirk on Tori's own face as he turned around, looking down the hallway that would lead them outside into the cold midnight air.

"Prepare to get your ass kicked."

Standing outside on an open plateau at the top of Meteor Falls, Tori stood alone; eyeing her opponent from across the field as he spun a Poke ball on his finger, smirking confidently. Not once taking her eyes off of him, she could see, from the corner of her eyes, a small group of grunts beginning to accumulate at the secret entrance to their hideout. 'More people to see you lose Koji.' She smiled to herself as the grunts idly stood by, their interest peaked as to why their Admins would be battling each other.

'Knowing her, she's just going to make her Pokemon sit back.' Koji's eyes hardened as Tori suddenly threw a Poke ball into the air. 'She never sends out her Pokemon first!' He shook off the thought though as a massive black figure materialized onto the field; its multiple pink eyes sending chills down his spine. They were going to settle this like they always did; with a full battle.

Koji sneered as some of the grunts called out in awe or support for Tori as she continued to glare at him. 'Why even root for her? Oh yeah...Because she's hot.' He smirked, he would beat her here and now, and get all of their support for himself. "Magmar!"

In a flash of light, a humanoid-like Pokemon appeared onto the cold stone field. Steam rose from the earth, the Fire Pokemon's flames vaporizing the puddles that stood beneath it. Magmar called out its name as the tip of its bright flaming tail whipped back and forth, sending flares off in every direction. It glared at Tori's Claydol, smirking just like its Trainer as Tori pointed towards it.

"Hyper Beam!"

"What?!" Koji's eyes widened in complete shock as Claydol raised its circular arms upward, a yellow sphere materializing in front of its face. "F-Flamethrower!" His words were a reflex as the powerful beam tore through the air towards his Pokemon.

The grunts gasped in a mix of emotions as a massive explosion filled the field, dust and rocks flying off in all directions as they covered their faces. Tori and Koji remained fixed on the field, steadfast positions despite the shock waves that erupted from the middle of the field.

"Seems like you finally got a new strategy in losing!" Koji barked from across the field, the smoke finally clearing as the large white moon bathed them in its silver light. "Get in there with Fire Punch!" The Spitfire Pokemon nodded, going into a full sprint with its flaming fists raised as it headed towards Claydol who was still shaking off the effects of its attack.

"Reflect!" A thunderous knocking was heard as Magmar collided directly with a purple wall that materialized in front of it. It jumped back in annoyance as Claydol droned, the wall expanding in size. "Psychic!" Her voice was demanding as Claydol then began to glow a dark purple before Magmar suddenly became wrapped in the same energy.

"Sneaky bastard!" Koji swore as Magmar cried out in pain, flailing its body desperately in order to free itself as it rose into the air.

"Doooll!" The Clay doll Pokemon droned again as it sent its small arms down, flinging the defenceless Magmar into the hard ground. Rocks erupted from the surface, clattering as they hit the ground while Magmar was sent face first into the floor, the growing crowd of grunts shouting in awe at the attack.

"Magmar get up!" Koji's words fell on deaf ears as Magmar spouted out a few flames, signalling that it was completely out of energy. "Lucky! Just lucky I didn't heal them before this battle!" He stamped his foot angrily as Tori smirked devilishly at him.

"Come on now!" Tori mocked, "At least give me the thought that you have some balls!" The grunts went into a chorus of gasps, their eyes wide as Koji growled angrily from the insult. She laughed while the oldest Admin returned Magmar, spitting at the ground before he quickly threw another Poke ball out in one motion. The smile on her face suddenly faded once she identified the massive purple horn that shone menicangly in the cold moonlight.


A booming roar echoed throughout the mountain top. The grunts and Tori all gaped in fear as a Nidoking landed onto the shattered battlefield, its bright white teeth baring menacingly at Claydol who continued to float in front of its Trainer. 'Nido-'

"I-Isn't that Admin Cole's Nidoking?!"

"It looks so angry!"

"That thing must be powerful!"

Amethyst eyes narrowed as the words from the crowd hit her ears. Never taking her eyes off of the bulky creature, her expression softened slightly as Nidoking's dark black eyes flicked towards her. When Nidoking was with Cole, he almost looked happy to be with him; but now...

'He's...He's not the same!' Tori's thoughts yelled at her in alarm as Koji smirked from behind the Drill Pokemon.


The order snapped the female Admin out of her thoughts, but it was too late. The massive purple Pokemon roared towards Claydol, a dark glare painted on its face. Tori swore to herself once she noticed Claydol begin to tremble with anger. 'He's copying Cole's strategies!' She clenched her fists, Koji was the full life version of someone who wasn't original. The perfect definition of an ass.

"Ice Beam!" Nidoking obeyed with a roar, a brilliant blue sphere clustered at the tip of its long horn before an icy blue beam zipped towards Claydol.

"Psychic! Push it back!" Tori snapped before the beam connected. Piercing ice stopped midway, screeching to a halt as Claydol droned, its body trembling as the Ice Beam barely stopped in front of it, shaking violently as the two attacks struggled against each other.

As the purple hued Ice Beam moved back and forth, screeching in the cold midnight air, Tori bit her lip as she looked at Claydol. 'Why didn't I remember his moves?!' Defensive moves were her main strategy when it came to Claydol. But now with that Taunt...letting up on the Psychic attack would leave it open for an Ice Beam; she knew there was a strategy...Why couldn't she think of one!

A rumbling beneath her feat jolted the female Admin out of her thoughts as she looked forward; her face contorting with fear as she saw a flash of purple behind the Ice Beam attack. "H-He's running towards us!"

"Megahorn!" Koji roared. The Drill Pokemon let out a deep roar, the Ice Beam catapulting forward to Claydol's dismay as its horn began to shine a menacing green. Tori could only look on in shock as Nidoking's massive horn penetrated into Claydol's body. Infused with the chilling ice attack at its tip, the fierce combo attack sent her Pokemon across the field, behind her, before crashing into the side of the mountain in an explosion of debris.

The ever-growing crowd roared from Nidoking's victory, their own calls and insults turning the calm night into an uproar for a Pokemon battle. 'Use your own damn Pokemon!' Tori bit her lip as she returned her Pokemon, panting slightly as she hastily reached for another Poke ball. "We're just getting started!" She snapped angrily as Koji pounded his chest, coaxing her to continue. "Grumpig!"

Nidoking's eyes narrowed as a small purple pig flashed onto the field, its nose snorting as it took a battle position in front of Tori. "Getting desperate huh?" Koji laughed, earning another glare from his fellow Admin. "You'd usually give me the advantage; losing your cool?"

"Screw you!" Tori sneered at the insult as she pointed towards Nidoking, "Psybeam now!" Grumpig obeyed immediately, releasing a spiralling wave of mulit-coloured light towards Nidoking who stood its ground.


Tori's fist clenched with frustration as the massive Pokemon moved at surprising speed, spearing itself into the ground, narrowly dodging the Psybeam as the crowd gasped. The rumbling of earth could be heard as Tori and Grumpig scanned the field, their faces desperate as tremors shook from every corner of the field. "Damnit, just come out!" The Magma Admin snapped with frustration, fear sinking into her for the very first time in a battle.

She couldn't focus.

'Come on! I've beaten this thing before! I just nee-'

"Gruuuu!" Tori gasped as the ground suddenly erupted from behind Grumpig, stones tearing into the Psychic type as it cried out in pain from a roaring Nidoking. Her eyes widened in shock as her Pokemon spun into the air higher and higher. Why was she losing?!

"Don't let up! Thrash it!"

The whole crowed screamed with excitement as the Nidoking's eyes flared red before grabbing onto a dazed Grumpig. Tori could not even muster a response as the Drill Pokemon unleashed a brutal onslaught of bites, scratches, whips of its tail and jabs of its horn; launching Grumpig into the earth with a thunderous collision against the jagged stone floor.

"What did you do to him!" Tori snapped angrily as the debris cleared from the explosion, revealing an angry Nidoking standing on top of an unconscious Grumpig. 'He's...He's a monster!' Cole's calm face flashed in front of her as Nidoking roared to the sky. His Pokemon was being used...Tori took a step back before hastily returning her Pokemon. Her heart beating within her chest, as if screaming to escape the emotions that rampaged within.

This wasn't right...but she couldn't just walk away from Koji, not with all of these people here.

"Isn't it obvious?" Koji smirked, earning a surprised look from Tori, "Pokemon are meant to become powerful!" His fist clenched tightly before he pointed to his newest weapon. "Cole would be thanking me right now if he was here!" His dark laugh was louder than the screams and shouts of the crowd, perhaps all of Team Magma's remaining members had now come to their battlefield, cheering for their own personal favourite Admin.

"Try and beat me with a Pokemon that's actually yours!" She snapped back, dark purple eyes flashing with hot anger as she pulled out another Poke ball. She then choked up, glancing down to her belt.

"Come on you loser! Giving up already?!"

She was actually losing this fight. 'But I can't lose! I'm the best!'

"You have Cole's Pokemon too!" Koji laughed, earning a cheer from his growing crowd. "Come now! We got his Pokemon for a reason! You're using Cole just like me! Everybody does!" Nidoking stomped the ground roaring with the crowd, impatient with Tori's hesitation. "Use Shedinja! Maybe you'll actually win a fight! Hahaha! You're too weak-"

"I won't use his Pokemon!" She screamed, anger at its maximum before flinging a red and white orb into the air.


The crowd roared louder with Tori's passion, jumping with excitement as their female Admin's strongest Pokemon took to the field, its piercing red eyes looking down on Nidoking with such fiery intensity, it made Nidoking shift back. "I don't care about his Pokemon! I have my own! Don't put me in the same category as you!" She screamed at him angrily.

Koji smirked at her before glancing at her strongest Pokemon. When it came to her ace, one mistake would cost you everything.

The fox Pokemon was beautiful; its golden-white coat reflecting the moonlight perfectly as its nine tails danced around its body majestically, claws digging into the torn earth as it patiently waited for its Trainer's command. Koji took in a sharp breath from the murderous look forming in Tori's eyes, 'She really looks pissed for once...' His palms were coated with sweat now; this would not be an easy fight.

'But she's off!' He tried to play off his growing fear with a smirk as he pointed at the mesmerizing Fire type, Tori still used the same strategy of playing it safe, "Nidoking Tau-"

"Flamethrower!" The suddenly shocked man's voice was literally stolen from him as Ninetales arched her head back, its crown of fur dancing against its back as it inhaled, the rocks around it rumbling from the sudden spike in temperature.

Sapphire eyes bulged with fear as a monstrous jet of fire erupted from Ninetales' mouth, contradicting his thoughts of a defensive attack as Nidoking flinched from the power in the blazing onslaught.

"Dig!" Koji hastily screamed, but it was too late. The intense, overpowering flames engulfed Nidoking, the Drill Pokemon crying out in severe pain as the super-heated flames blasted it backwards, passing Koji and into the mountain face.


The crowd erupted in a sudden chant as an explosion of fire lit up the midnight sky, streaks of fire and sparks dancing across the air as Koji struggled to keep his balance from the attack, the intense heat burning the edges of his clothing.

Tori's expression was dark as Ninetales finally stopped the attack, the Fox Pokemon looking right at home as it stared without a care in the world towards the smouldering flames in the distance. She was sick of this. Jin's face suddenly flashed across her eyes, making her heart sink before she hastily pointed at raging flames in the distance.

"Show it no mercy!"

Koji gasped from Tori's relentless words as she pointed to Nidoking who was struggling to escape from its fiery prison.


What? The crowd suddenly died down as Ninetales whipped its head back, its intense heat making the air around it shimmer once again. They were unsure now as air around them intensified. Wasn't this just a battle for pride?

"W-Wait!" Koji cried as he looked back at Nidoking, "I don't want to use him any more! Let me swit-"

"Didn't you say that Pokemon were meant to be powerful?!" She mocked him angrily. "Well I'm showing you just how powerful my own Pokemon are!" Koji took a step back in fear as Ninetales snapped its head down, another powerful jet of fire rocketing itself towards the defenceless Nidoking. Koji cried out in fear, his eyes shut as the flames approached him.


Koji flinched as he heard a deafening explosion, the screech of tearing flames and spewing rocks whipped by his ears, making him drop to the ground to protect himself. 'Damn!...Maybe I went too far this time.' He cursed. 'Cole should have taught Nidoking some water attacks-'

'-Hold up!'

His fearful eyes shot open; that explosion didn't happen behind him! He hesitantly looked up towards the source of the explosion, sapphire eyes wide.

There in the middle of the field, flames flickered and danced throughout the battered field, a large crater of rocks charred black from the intense fire attack. The Flamethrower never reached them...

'Who stopped that?!' His eyes still wide, he glanced towards the crowd; none of these idiots had the Pokemon to stop Tori's. His eyes continued to slowly scan from the end of the silent crowd only to have his heart nearly stop once one man, his very presence emitting a cold aura, glared darkly into his very soul.

"H-Holland." His voice was rasp as he fell back onto his behind, body trembling.

A massive orange creature, with dragon-like wings and two horns crowned upon its head leered at Tori and Koji; the same murderous glare with that of its master. It's fangs still glowing red from its own Flamethrower attack, it looked on as Holland remained frozen, as if captured in time. The loud crackling of flames was the only sound that resonated throughout the cold field as the two feuding Admin's remained quiet, their mouths dry, finding no excuses for their actions.

"Both of you."

Koji and Tori trembled from the bloodcurdling voice of their leader, their eyes barely able to remain fixed on Holland, as if fearing they would lose their own sight as punishment. They just became Admins, and this was the most foolish thing they had committed since obtaining that position.

"My office." Both Admins now shook violently with fear as he turned away, the mere motion splitting the crowd of silent grunts in two as Holland's own Pokemon growled angrily.


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