The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Steel Your Heart Part I

The sun was warm overhead, earning a smile from the lips of a young man. Even with the day's atmosphere relaxing his very core, dark brown eyes did not waver from the challenge before him; the frantic movement of a white furred creature jumping up and down, unpredictable to the untrained eye.

"Viggy, go in for another Scratch attack!" The Pokemon definitely lived up to its category of Wild Monkey as it let out a blistering scream before leaping high into the air towards a dragon like creature that watched it carefully.

"You have to keep those attacks grounded!" The young man laughed as his own Pokemon immediately flew up, dodging the two sharp claws of Viggy while smirking, just like its Trainer. "Especially against Pokemon that can fly!"

His opponent, a young girl, and his sister stomped her feet angrily as Viggy jumped back to its side of the field, clipping the blades of grass with its sharp claws. It then scratched its red tuft of fur atop its head in confusion, glancing back at its Trainer for a command as she glared at her brother's Flygon, who continued to flap its massive triangular wings above.

"Giving up?" Cole mocked.

"I'm just going easy on you! Viggy, knock Flygon down with Aerial Ace!" Her long time friend nodded ecstatically before leaping into the sky once again, trails of air peeling from its body from its velocity as it torpedoed towards its opponent.

Cole smirked, 'Just wait for it to disappear...' His words were dead on as the Wild Monkey Pokemon vanished instantly in front of Flygon, but the Ground/Dragon type had seen this move before.

"Dragon Pulse!"

Kyra gasped once Flygon quickly opened its mouth before a thunderous shock wave of wind tore from the dragon's jaws, completely engulfing Viggy who reappeared just as the attack was released. It screeched in pain, spinning at such a rate that made Kyra's head spin before slamming into the lush grass with a thud.

She hastily covered her eyes as debris and blades of grass whipped at her face from the powerful attack. "No fair!" She cried as the winds finally settled, as if it had not been launched in the first place. "You can't use new moves yet!" But, opening her wide brown eyes, she took a step back as her Viggy lay on its back, swirls in its eyes from the cyclone it had just gone through.

"Well you said you'd help us practice." Cole smiled softly before he quickly jogged over to Kyra's Vigoroth, his expression gentle as he leaned down to pick up the white-furred Pokemon. "Flygon is really getting a better hang of Dragon Pulse thanks to you." Cole smiled to her sister as she jogged over to the middle of the battlefield, though she did not reflect his happiness.

"Whatever...I was just going easy on you." Kyra stopped mid-stride, mesmerized by the sight before her. Cole was gently holding Viggy in his arms, a small smile on his lips as Flygon finally landed behind him, peering at his opponent with concern. As her brother treated her Pokemon's injuries, Viggy smiling happily at Cole's thoughtful actions, Kyra couldn't help but smile as well.

'I wish we had more...of this.' Even with her past anger of Team Magma still bottled up inside, just seeing her brother's long lost caring attitude for Pokemon made her bare arms tingle with goosebumps at the sight.

If they had traveled together, would everyday be like this? Would she be able to live her dream of being with her brother?


She jumped, hearing the call of her brother as he waved her over. "You're not going to check on your own Pokemon?"

"Y-Yes! Of course I am!" Kyra snapped back at him, jogging over to the three before picking up Viggy to lean into her. "That was a great battle Viggy!" Kyra beamed, nuzzling her nose onto the Pokemon's head, earning a enlightened cry of happiness.

"I really like your offensive strategy Ky." Cole's words snapped the small chatter between Kyra and her Pokemon, catching their attention. "You could really make a run in the Pokemon League. Why didn't you get all the badges yet?" He asked, watching her carefully.

"I-" Kyra looked away, a dark look in her usual fiery eyes. 'Coming back to Lavaridge...' She wanted to say that, but her mouth remained shut as Cole stood up slowly. "I dunno," She started, standing up as well. "I guess after finally beating Flanny, I guess I just didn't feel like battling anymore."

Cole inspected his sister's cold expression as she looked away from him, gazing back towards the large farm where he knew his dad was busy raising new Pokemon. He knew how much Kyra had idealized Flannery as she grew up, so it must have been pretty emotional when she finally earned the Heat Badge.


'She would never give up on her dreams...' It didn't make sense to the young man.

Flygon suddenly tapped him on the shoulder with his head, "What is it buddy?" He asked. Flygon pointed with his nose towards the sky. Confused, Cole blinked with as the large dragon growled softly, the vibrations rumbling against his shoulder.

"Hm?" Cole mumbled as he looked up.


'Nothing but the sun and a few clouds.' He rubbed Flygon's long neck gently, earning a soft cry as he continued to stare into the sky. "It's nothing buddy...You must be tired from the training today." Flygon growled again, much harder this time, but the man's thoughts were elsewhere as he quickly turned back to his little sister.

'She hasn't left Lavaridge since then...' He patted the dragon's head reassuringly before he walking over to Kyra who just returned her Pokemon.

He ruffled her lightly, earning a sharp gasp before she quickly spun around to punch him. Sadly, he was still too quick and caught her fist. "Kyra."

She blinked, "What?"

"If something's bothering you..." Cole's voice wavered as she eyed him. Did he really have the right to intrude on her? She was getting older after all; at 14, she was becoming the very thing that his father would wake up in the middle of the night for, screaming bloody murder.

A teenage girl.

"N-Nothing's bothering me!" She barked, flinging her hand away from Cole, which only made her expression sadden, losing the warmth of his touch. "Can I just think by myself?"

"You can think?"

"SHUT UP!" Kyra barked again, face deep red as her brother held back a laugh. She was just about to punch her brother again before she heard footsteps running through the thick grass of the ranch.

"Hey Cole! Cole!"

She glanced back, only to give a blank face at that blonde haired, always smiling, dimwitted boy that so 'luckily' happened to fall for her and announce it to the world.

"Hey Noah." Cole greeted with a nod as the boy panted, hands dropping to his knees. It wasn't unusual for the boy to come running to the ranch, once he quickly learned the reason for his daily visits. He glanced over to Kyra, who seemed too surprised for some reason for his arrival. 'Who wouldn't want to watch our battles?' Even though they were just practicing, he knew these battles must have been pretty cool to watch.


He was panting heavily, barely able to catch his breath before he struggled to stand up straight. Kyra watched him wearily, finally noticing the excited look in his eyes. 'Did he really run all the way here?'

"The...storm..." He wheezed, instantly catching the older male's attention. Cole eyes widened with shock once Noah smiled brightly at him, sweat running from his brow.

"The sandstorm's gone!"

Stepping through the heavy wooden door, the fresh scent of his home filling his senses, Cole quickly flipped off his shoes on the front mat before rushing into the family room.

"Elisa!" Cole called, stepping into the kitchen. He let out a small breath once he saw the young woman waving at him from the family room, sitting cross-legged by the television. Houndoom was by her side, the fire hound curled up beside her, though looking tense as he did not take his eyes from the blaring screen.

He watched her carefully, she did not take her eyes off the screen as well, the light flickering off her astonished face.

"Look!" She called hurriedly, pointing to the screen. He sat down beside her quickly, staring intently at the screen as a young man stood just outside the border to the desert.

"-Jenny, the desert should now be accessible to all citizens again, now that skies are looking great once again. It's easy to see that Trainers are the most pleased with this development, as they are now flocking to the sands to train many of their Pokemon."

As the two sat in silence, never taking their eyes off the screen, Katherine walked in through the sliding doors from the back of the family room. She sighed, dabbing sleek sweat from her brow before blinking with surprise from her son's presence. "Cole? Back already? I thought you and Kyra would be training all day?" She turned to her side, quickly noticing Kyra and Noah fall into the room as well, clearly out of breath as they glared at Cole.

" just ditch me like that?!" Kyra barked, glaring at her brother.


Kyra took in a sharp breath as both Cole and Elisa glared at the young girl before snapping back to the television. Her cheeks burned, already irritated now before she noticed her mother who clearly failed to hide her smile. "Why are they so fixed with the desert? Nothing ever happens there, and the Trainers are weak!" She blurted out, finally catching her breath.

"Something about their adventure." Katherine answered, rubbing the soils from her hands into her outdoor dress. "They couldn't go the first time because of the sandstorm."

Kyra glanced back at the pair, watching Cole intently as he mentioned something to Elisa. "What were you two going to do there." She ordered, more than asked before dropping to the floor between the two. Elisa yelped while Cole just gave her an annoyed look.

"Didn't Elisa tell you before?" Cole shot back.

Kyra glared back at him, but couldn't hide the beads of sweat that ran down her brow. "Y-Yeah! I...I-"

"You didn't listen to her."

She blushed, but avoided her brother's blank stare. "Err...She just...She just didn't explain anything properly!" Her lie was obvious to Katherine and Cole, sadly Elisa did not catch on.

"Oh..." The shy brunette's voice perked up from the silence in the room. "Well...We're trying to find three ancient plates that are connected to Rayquaza..." Elisa started, tapping Kyra on the shoulder lightly to get her attention.

"...Plates?" Kyra muttered, blinking in confusion.

"Yeah...Like tablets." The researcher hesitated, clearly she had the attention of the room now. "They're treasures that may be linked to not only Rayquaza, but Groudon and Kyogre as well. I believe that the strange weather occurrences that have been plaguing some parts of Hoenn are due to the plates..."

"You mean like the storms in Slateport City and Dewford Town that happened a couple of weeks ago?" Kyra asked, now interested.

"Yes. Hopefully, If I find out the mystery behind them, I might be able to find Rayquaza...and hopefully stop the storms from occurring too."

Kyra gazed at Elisa for a few seconds, taking in the information before turning back to Cole. "So that's why you're helping her?" Her expression seemed to falter as the young man nodded.

"-With these great weather conditions, Trainers should also be on the lookout for suspicious individuals that were seen at the Western entrance of the desert earlier this week."

"What?!" Cole snapped his attention back to the screen once the words hit his ears.

"There have been sightings of groups of people setting up camps around the mountain ranges while the sandstorms were still active Jenny. Others believe that they may just be just tourists visiting from Johto or the Orre regions, but police recommend that everyone should be vigilant for any suspicious activity."

Katherine's usual smile faded once her son abruptly stood up. She did not like that look in his eyes. "Cole..."

'I've been wasting too much time!' He glared at the screen as it switched to a commercial. Nidoking and Shedinja flooding his mind with every passing second, dark brown eyes hardened with the thought. 'It must be them!...That's why they were hanging out in Mauville!' How could he just sit at home while his Pokemon were in the hands of Koji and Tori?

'I should have left as soon as I got the damn Go-Goggles!'

"C-Cole?" Elisa muttered.

"I need to go now."

"Hey! Wait!" Noah grabbed onto the young man's arm, preventing him from leaving. He flinched once dark brown eyes bore into his own. "What's the rush? The next one isn't going any-"

"Move." His words were sharp, making the younger male step back in slight shock. "Someone else could be after those plates right now, I need to get them first. You should know that by now!" He tore his arm from Noah with a sneer before heading for the front door.

"I...But-" He turned to Katherine for help but she sadly nodded her head in approval.

"Noah..." She started, walking towards him before placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Can you please go along and help him?"

"Well yeah..." He almost laughed, but stopped himself once he noticed the thoughtful look in her eyes.


The tension in the air was rising as the room went slipped into another period of silence. '...Why does she look so tense?' The young sailor questioned himself as Katherine smiled softly at him. "He may be mean to me, but that's not going to stop me from helping. I'm just saying, there's no need to rush it right? I mean, he wasn't that serious when we-" He quickly averted his eyes, 'Guess it would be best not to tell her about the Oceanic Museum...'

"He really just wants to get this over with."

Everyone turned their attention to Elisa as she sat up. "The faster we get that plate, the sooner we can come back here, right? Don't worry about it Noah." She then reassured Katherine with a small smile.

'She's really supporting him.' Katherine gazed at Elisa in awe for a few seconds before smiling brightly at the young woman. Katherine then patted Noah on the back before turning to the hallway. "You should go after Cole, he might just leave without you guys."

Elisa and Noah gasped before quickly heading to the hallway to get their things. As Noah yelled out curses, frustrated from not finding his shoes, Katherine shook her head with amusement before glancing at Houndoom who stood at the hallway's entrance. The fire hound was staring intently at her, deep red eyes sinking into her own brown ones.

"Houndoom." Katherine called, earning small nod. "Make sure they all come back safe."

"Hooounnn!" The Dark/Fire type barked knowingly before turning back to Elisa and Noah. With that order given to him from Cole's mother herself, he wouldn't need anymore fuel than that alone.

Kyra looked back and forth between the two, surprisingly silent during the whole ordeal before her mother turned to her. "They're...leaving?"

Katherine gave her daughter a sly smirk. "Yes...You sound sad."

She blushed scarlet from her mother's words. "N-No! Why would I miss him?! I-I'm not some kid!"

The older woman just rolled her eyes as she paced towards the front door, "You should see him off before he leaves..." Those words came out softly as she opened the door, Cole at the front gate, surprisingly with his Flygon already at his side. She blinked, clearly confused as her son quickly zipped up his sand jacket.

"Cole?" She called. "Flygon can't carry three people!"

"I'm going by myself." He replied quickly to the shock of Elisa and Noah.

Elisa glanced at the Mystic Pokemon as it gazed up into the sky. She watched him carefully, its expression completely different from the usual curious look it always had. "You're flying there? Shouldn't we just-"

"Walking will take too long." Elisa took in a sharp breath as the young man quickly strapped his backpack around him. "If I use Flygon, I'll get there before nightfall." He looked back at her, his expression calm, yet cold, making her take a step back.

'What's the matter with him?' She questioned. The look in his eyes had changed; similar to when she just met him...

That felt like an eternity now. He had changed quite a bit, for the better in her opinion. She would see it in the way he now sometimes smiled, warm and caring, although he would try to hide it from her. But now, he was suddenly back to his distant self.

Almost icy...

"I'll get the next plate." Cole's words snapped her out of her thoughts. "I'll be back by tomorrow."


"I know you don't like to fly on Flygon." Cole interrupted, turning to the dragon who still did not take his eyes off the skies. "Flygon, let's go-"

"I thought we were supposed to work together-"

"There's no time for that! I can get it myself!"

Hazel eyes dimmed as the young man strapped the Go-Goggles to his head, the dark lenses covering his eyes. She didn't know why those last words hurt her, but she shook it off before Noah quickly dashed to Cole's side.

"I'm not afraid of flying!" The young boy jumped, oblivious to Elisa slumping features. "Let me help you out this time!" He urged.

Cole briefly glanced at Noah before he turned back to Flygon. With the thought of someone waiting for him in the desert, Noah would definitely be better than Elisa.

"Hurry up then."

"You got it!" Noah beamed as he reached for his own pair of Go-Goggles from his blue backpack.

"Up Flygon-"


Blinking in confusion, Cole glanced down at the dragon. "...Flygon?" He called, rubbing its large triangular wings. The Pokemon did not budge as it continued to stare up towards the vast blue skies.

"What's the matter with him?" Noah asked, eyeing the serious glare beyond its red lenses. "I've never seen Flygon like this..."

"Can't I have one day where I can rest my tired bones without having you kids wake me..." As the two boy's gazed at Flygon with concern, Kenna stepped through the front door, clearly aware of the ruckus everyone was causing. She eyed her grandson as he pleaded for his Pokemon to move. "Cole!" She called, catching his attention. "Flygon doesn't want to fly. Don't you see that?"

Dark brown eyes hardened from her words. "We don't have a choice right now!" He snapped back, earning a bewildered look from Kenna, Katherine and Kyra. "That storm can come back anytime!" Houndoom quickly trotted over to his Trainer, standing by his side.

"Hoooun!" The fire hound barked at Flygon, easily snapping it out of its reverie. Sharp red eyes locked with tinted lenses before Houndoom barked yet again.

The dragon merely drooped its head sadly. He knew the predicament they were in. Their friends were in the grasp of Team Magma right now. Yet...

He tilted his head back up to the sky. Something was off. The air smelled...


The Mystic Pokemon yelped once Cole's sharp voice cut into its ear. It whimpered softly as Cole stared deep into his eyes. "We need to go. Now."

Elisa watched, her heart beginning to beat within her chest as the dragon hesitated. 'I've never seen his Pokemon disobey him...' She glanced back at Cole, although she could not see his eyes, his stance alone gave everything away to her. His shoulders were tense, and his fists were clenched as he glared at Flygon.


"Flygon!" With another sharp call of his name, the dragon finally leaned down, masking its emotions as its broad wings finally extended. Cole let out a sigh, clearly frustrated as he straddled the pokemon's back along with Noah.

"He's not listening to his Pokemon..." Kenna breathed as she watched Flygon slowly begin to flap its massive wings. She quickly glanced at Kyra who, surprisingly did not say a word during all of this.


The young girl jumped, turning around to look at her grandmother. "Y-Yes?" She didn't know why she was feeling so nervous right now.

"Kyra." She blinked, her grandmother was in front of her now before pulling a Poke ball from her kimono in front of her face. She gazed at the object before Kenna placed it into her hands. "Take Windy with you to the desert. Cole will need your help."

"I get to use Windy?!" Kyra almost cheered, barely holding her excitement. "I mean...But...why-" She gasped once a gust of wind blew into her back before she realized that Flygon was already in the air, above the thick canopy.

"Cole!" She cried, but they were gone, lost among the tall trees in an instant.

"Hurry." Kenna pushed the young girl forward.

"B-But...He's..." She avoided the look Kenna and Katherine were giving her as she fiddled with the Poke ball in her hands. It had been a long time since she left Lavaridge. Her knees were beginning to shake. "I can't-"

A hand suddenly dropped onto her shoulder. "E-Elisa?!" She gasped, turning around to see a surprisingly determined look in the researcher's hazel eyes.

"...Can you please take me with you?" Elisa hesitated, clearly trying her best to remain strong in front of Cole's family. "I...I need to help him!" She begged, earning a confused look from Kyra before looking away.

"But it might be dangerous..." Katherine started, her words thoughtful as she glanced at Elisa. "Do you really think that-"

"I know I'm not strong!"

The three women of the house all took a step back from Elisa's cry as she stepped up to them. Hazel eyes trembling softly as they all stared at her in shock. But she did not care.

"I know..." Thoughts flooded her mind; Slateport City still fresh in her mind during that freakish storm. The entire night she had stayed up.


Just waiting for him to return. She had never felt so powerless, knowing that Cole was most likely in danger that time, yet she did nothing. "I don't want Cole to fight alone!" Elisa started. "He's...He's always doing things alone." Kenna and Kyra's eyes widened in shock as Elisa pulled on her grey sweater, but she took a small breath before continuing.

"I know I may not be the strongest person out there...B-But...But Cole's been training me, and I have some Pokemon that can battle now!" She looked over to Kyra who took another step back. Her demeanour had changed completely.

"Please Kyra!" Elisa cried, grabbing onto the young girl's hands. "I need to help Cole!"

The usual fiery girl hesitated, averting her eyes from the passionate ones that Elisa shockingly held. "...O-Okay fine...I'll take you too..." She finally muttered. "Let me get my goggles." Kyra quickly turned around and ran into the house, avoiding the bewildered looks from Kenna and Katherine.

"You and Cole are a very good match..."

It took her a few seconds, but Elisa's face flared red once the words finally sunk in. ", h-he doesn't really-"

"You're a strong girl Elisa." Katherine smiled brightly at the young woman as she placed a gentle hand on Elisa's shoulder, earning a small smile. "Cole's scared right now. So protect each other. Okay?"

The researcher managed a small nod before Kyra came bolting through the door, the dark goggles hanging around her neck. Dark brown eyes watched Elisa softly as Katherine playfully joked with her about something she could not hear. '...Guess she has a little backbone after all.' Kyra shook the thoughts from her mind before she glanced down at the Poke ball in her hand.

She always wanted to do this.

"Windy! Let's go!"

The winds swept through his ears, swirling through his head as the sun beat down upon on them. He shifted his leg to direct his pokemon once his dragon's back tensed, gliding upon the hot winds that rolled from the desert.

'Almost there.'

Another effortless flap of Flygon's wings, the dragon rising higher as it neared the entrance to the sea of sands. With the thought of Team Aqua, or someone else, threatening to take his prize; and his Pokemon's well being on the line, only one goal was set in stone.

The next plate would be his.

"Hey Cole, easy!"

The Magma Admin turned around, his expression blank, the goggles clouded his dark brown eyes as he glared at the young boy behind him. Noah's own pair of Go-Goggles were lighter than his, giving him an easy view of the boy's fearful face as Flygon made a sudden turn on the warm winds, making him clutch harder onto his waist.

"Get your hands off me!"

"B-But-Ahhh!" Noah yelped, Flygon dipping lower, making his stomach churn dangerously with the breakfast Katherine had made earlier that day. "He's going too fast!" His face paled once the sand dragon glanced back at him, tinted eyes twinkling.

"Keep complaining and you will walk back to Lavaridge!" The younger male shut his mouth instantly upon the threat, tearing his hands from Cole's waist and back onto Flygon's strong back. The Ground/Dragon type flapped its wings once again, reading the winds perfectly before something caught its eye from below.

It whined softly, earning Cole's attention as he leaned in closer to Flygon's head. "What is it boy-"


The Magma Admin flinched before snapping his attention down to the lands that appeared blurred from Flygon's speed. Just below them, in a flurry of orange, Cole's eyes narrowed as another loud roar was heard from below.

Only one Pokemon, in all of Lavaridge had a roar like that. "Windy..." He muttered the word, laced with annoyance as Flygon began its descent closer to the thick canopy of the one way road to the desert.

"Did you miss me!"

The younger of the two girls called, waving one hand frantically as the other held on to the thick fur of the huge fire dog. "Ma said we should help you out!" Kyra dropped her hand slowly once the only reply she seemed to get was her older brother ignoring her greeting. "I know you did, don't deny it!"

Flygon flapped its wings again, beginning to rise as rush of sandy winds hit dead on. The two Pokemon glanced at one another as hot sands hit the paws of Arcanine and the sleek wings of Flygon. They had reached the desert.


Elisa held her breath, clinging to Kyra as Windy tore through the thick sands with ease. Before her, a massive sea of sand, golden mountains as far as the eye could see captured her sight. 'How do they even navigate through here?' Each swift exchange of Windy's feet with the hot sands whipped sand behind the large fire dog. Despite each splash of hot sand that kicked at her face, she quickly glanced up to Cole who was holding onto Flygon with ease as his face remained locked towards something she could not see in these heavy goggles.

'One wrong decision...'

She grasped onto Kyra's waist tighter, Cole's words suddenly began to sink in. Now, clinging her thighs onto this massive dog for dear life as it tore through the arid region of Hoenn at dizzying speeds, she was quickly beginning to realize how scary the desert really was.

If she was alone...Walking through this endless expansion of sweltering heat, would she survive? How many days could she-no, her Pokemon be able to last?

'Sealeo and Riolu...' Her heart was already beating fast from the speed of Windy, thank goodness she wasn't on Flygon-


Elisa flinched in her seat, snapping her attention up to see Kyra looking back at her with her trademark sneer. "Y-Yes?"

"You're going to cut me in half if you keep that up! Windy won't drop you so let go of me!" Elisa blushed once Kyra wiggled her hips, clearly indicating what she meant with the action. She had been worrying so much about the desert that she had forgotten that she was actually clinging onto Kyra.

"Sorry!" Elisa cried, hiding her face from the younger girl's glare as Windy huffed, jumping over a sand dune.

The two Pokemon continued on their blazing trail, South, deep into the desert as the sun lazily traveled through the sky above them. Windy, the older, much older Fire type panted heavily as they continued on; she was losing ground to Flygon now. The dragon was in his domain, his home now. The thick odor of the sands, the heat of the sun, Flygon however remained silent as it glided upon the winds, its gaze shifting from side to side, unnoticed to Cole.

"Cole!" The young man turned from the sea of sands to the source of the voice. His little sister. "We need to stop! Windy's not a young girl anymore!" Kyra winced once the fire dog abruptly turned on its heel, nearly flinging her off the fire dog's back.

"Oh come on! I'm not making fun of you!"

Cole hid a smile at the exchange before glancing back to Flygon, "Hey, let's slow it do-" The words slipped from his lips once he noticed the panicked look in Flygon's eyes, shimmering behind its thick red lenses.

He didn't like this, a sudden chill running up his spine as Flygon suddenly swerved to the right. Windy followed suit, earning screams from the girls as she caught up to the sand dragon. "What's wrong?!" Cole demanded before Flygon turned its head to the side, urging its Trainer to follow.

He turned slowly, the hot sands nipping at his exposed skin. 'Impossible.' Dark brown eyes widened, his whole body locking up in fear.

"What the..." Noah muttered, aqua blue eyes trembling with fear. "What is that!"

There, just behind them, ripping through the grounds, consuming everything in its path, was an enormous cloud of sand and amber that towered above them, screeching violently even at its distance away from them.

It roared, swirling violently in one motion, dangerously picking up speed as it blocked the sun from their eyes. It was monstrous...


Cole immediately grabbed onto the base of Flygon's neck, forcing the dragon to turn back South. Flygon roared, obeying instantly as it dove towards Windy who was now sprinting for her life.

"How the hell did we not see that!" Kyra swore angrily as Windy jumped over another sand dune, splashes of brown and amber enveloping them as they landed with a thud. It was coming in too fast! 'We won't be able to outrun it!' She snapped her head back to Cole's fearful face as Flygon glided behind them, "Cole-"

"Head to the mountain side!"

Kyra nodded quickly, pulling at the fire dog's fur back, East towards the mountain face that was beginning to fade into the horrid sandy winds. She glanced back at Flygon who was now watching their rear as Windy sped forward.


They were close to, if they could get to the mountain before the sands enveloped them...then.

Cole watched as his sister yelled at them, but he couldn't hear anything. 'It's getting too close!' Cole winced as the screeching increased, the winds were just behind them now!

A sudden gust snatched Flygon back with a screech, yanking the massive dragon back as Noah cried out for dear life, yanking onto Cole with all his might. The winds were beginning to pull them in.

"Help me!"

They were caught!

"Don't let go!" Cole yelled to Noah, his throat clogging with sand, as he continued to cling to Flygon for dear life while he flapped his wings with a mighty roar, fighting against the elements as Windy was able to jump up the mountain side. The winds hollowing, so deafening to his ears they might be torn off, Cole managed to open his eyes. Despite the constant rain of sand that pelted him across his body; he could see them, Windy was going to make it.

A small whole in the cliff face.

'They made it...' After all those years, it still held up in the desert. Cole winced, another flurry of thick sand nearly knocking him off as Flygon flapped his massive wings again, fighting with all its might to overcome the dangerous vacuum of the storm. "You can do it Flygon!" Cole yelled at the top of his lungs, sand filling his mouth before the dragon made one final push towards the entrance of the cave.

Crashing with a thud; Windy, Kyra and Elisa groggily got up from the thick sands of the cavern as the winds screeched violently once again.

"Cole!" Elisa screamed, jumping off of Windy and running to the violent winds outside all in one motion. Despite the thick coat of brown and amber whipping by her face, she could see it. Just clinging to the rocky wall was a thick green claw. "I got you!" She cried, grabbing onto Flygon and pulling with all her might. The winds were beginning to suck her in!

Flygon screeched, digging its claws into the rock face, as it fought the rampant winds. His wings were too heavy, he could hardly maintain his balance, or even pull himself in. Flygon's eyes widened in shock once two soft hands sunk into his claw, Elisa's attempt to pull him in, but the winds were too strong.

"Flygon!" Cole yelled over the howling winds. "Get!...Noah!...Inside! Use your tail!" The dragon obeyed immediately, wrapping its tail around Noah before, in one hurling motion, whipped the young boy inside.

Noah coughed roughly, rolling along the sandy ground before slamming into Windy's panting form with a thud. "We...We-" His voice trembled, the screeching winds so deafening it rang in his ears.

"Hold on-" But with his attempt to move, a sharp pain ran up his leg. "Damnit!" He cried dropping to the floor. His ankle was sprained badly, pulsing with a fiery heat as he clutched onto it. He looked back up to Elisa, pressed up against the side of the rocky wall, but he could only stare; fear plastered over his face as the winds continued to screech violently.

"Come on...Cole!" Elisa cried, clawing and pulling at Flygon's arm in an attempt to pull the dragon back in, but it was no use. Her arms were beginning to burn now, heavy with fatigue as the sands battered her face relentlessly. It was so loud, confusing, she could hardly see anything in front of her. Only the thick scales of Flygon that she refused to let go of.

"P-Pull your-"

Another sudden howl of deafening winds tore through her. She screamed as thick gust of wind slammed her face against the rocks with a thud.

Goggles shattered against cut skin. A warm fluid blinding her vision as her eyelids suddenly felt heavy. She wobbled on her feet, arms twitching against Flygon's claws before falling to their sides as red obscured her vision. '...No...No...' She was going to lose-


Elisa's head was pounding; her last fleeting blurred image, a large blue figure flashing in front of her before the world around her faded into darkness.

Pitch black darkness.

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