The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Steel Your Heart Part II


A streak of white running effortlessly across a sea of grey, amethyst eyes twinkled once the grounds rumbled from a bellowing roar of thunder that followed soon after. It was cold, unusually cold for a typical Hoenn rainstorm. Leaning back against her heated pillow, or better known as Ninetales, Tori sighed as a branch of lightning descended from the heavens once again.

She was close to the Weather Institute, yet with the sudden flurry of cold showers, drones of thunder, and an intimidating venture across a wooden bridge, the youngest Admin had retreated to a secluded cave hidden among the many trees of Route 119. Her orders still clear in her mind, she sighed yet again once a sudden gust of wind screeched into the small cave.

"What am I going to say to him..." She whispered to herself, pulling her legs closer to her body as another roar of thunder grumbled from above. Jin's story enveloped her thoughts, conflicting with the Leader of Team Magma.

"Jin thinks that the plates will destroy us...but with them, we might be able to fully control their powers." Another flash lit the skies. Holland was depending on her after all...He was using her again-that was obvious though. A disgusted feeling crossed her as Holland's face flashed across her mind.

"They couldn't have been created if we can't control them in the end. That's what they have to be for...But if I don't get anything new from here...would he really..." The young woman glanced back at Ninetales, yet the fire fox was focused on the howling winds from outside. Turning back to the relentless downpour from outside, she weighed in her thoughts.

'Control...or be controlled.' Tori mused, smirking at the thought. 'That's the only way they see it.' She already knew exactly what the Dragon Plates could do now.

Completely destroy them.

Another streak of lightning lit up the sky, earning a small growl from her best friend. "Easy..." Tori cooed, rubbing the Fire type's fur gently. "It looks like it'll pass soon enough. We'll be leaving then."


"I know, I know..." Growing up with her as a Vulpix ever since she was a small girl, Tori could read the fox's thoughts quite easily. She watched carefully as the pokemon's body tensed slightly as another streak danced across the skies. "This isn't normal."

Ever since they had left the base a few days ago, the weather seemed very strange. Usually Northern Hoenn had rain, but it would last for days on end. She sneezed, the temperature felt like it was changing every minute! 'At least the rain would be warmer...' Rubbing her nose, she glanced down at her attire of jeans and a loose jacket-as if she had time to change back at base.

"Stupid rain." Now though, a downpour would come out of nowhere, and vanish just as quickly.

As if it had a mind of its own.


Tori jumped slightly from the sudden roar of thunder. Shivering from the cold, and the sense of loneliness that followed, she huddled against Ninetales as thoughts of an elderly man with beautiful green eyes drifted in. "He'll have answers." She muttered softly before drifting into a deep sleep.


Someone was calling her...


Hazel eyes fluttered open. She immediately shut them, a flicker of light overwhelming her senses. "Wha...Where am I?" Elisa mumbled. Her head was throbbing uncontrollably, as if a Wailord had landed on her. What happened?

The crackle of flames was the next sensation, popping in her ears, Elisa winced as feeling came back to her hands and legs. She curled her toes in her sneakers, sand rubbing against her skin, before tilting her head to the side. Everything seemed to be working-

"Can you sit up?"

'That voice...' She turned to the source, only to hold her breath once she caught the sight of a worried face staring at her. "Cole?" She breathed, suddenly awake. "What are you-"

He smiled.

'...No way-' Elisa's jaw nearly dropped, hazel eyes wide as saucers as the young man's thoughtful smile burned itself instantly into her mind. He was actually smiling, cheeks pushing out so comfortably, it was so genuine, so real...

"Finally..." He sighed before moving a hand to her back to help her up. "You were out for so long."

She was speechless, still shocked to the bone from his expression. But a sudden jolt of pain in her temple snapped her from her gaze. "W-Where are we?" She muttered as the young man inched closer to her before handing her a water bottle.

"Drink first."

Elisa took the bottle slowly, his voice was different, almost...thoughtful? She drank slowly, watching him from the corner of her eye as the cool liquid filled her parched throat.

The ringing in her head wasn't going away, but she ignored it as Cole took the bottle back. "Can you tell me now...Where are we?" She asked again before glancing around her dark surroundings.

"Secret base."

She turned her head sharply to the side, immediately regretting the decision as another jolt of pain hit her. "Ow!" She winced clutching at her temple only to feel a soft fabric slide against her fingertips.

"Don't move so much!" Cole suddenly spoke up, grabbing her hand. Flinching from his touch, she remained silent as he fixed the white bandage around her head back to into place. He glared at the stain of red that began to expand slowly. "You opened it up..."

"Opened what up?" Elisa asked shakily, crossing her eyes upward as Cole busied himself with something she could not see. She then felt it, a warm sensation, running along her forehead, itching her mercilessly. As she reached to scratch the fabric, Cole grabbed her hand again, glaring at her with his usual expression once again. She frowned, 'I was just getting used to that too...'

"Did you forget? You hit your head when we were escaping the sandstorm."

Elisa gasped, the memories finally flooding back to her as she turned her head back to the fire, only to earn another glare from Cole. "Do you listen!" He snapped, making her laugh shakily. "Stop moving!"

"S-Sorry!" She mused, rubbing the bandage that was wrapped around her entire head. Elisa fixed a few strands that escaped from the wrappings. She remembered now, the winds were so strong."I was pulled into the rocks..." The words made her entire body shiver. If she hit her head in a specific place...She would have-

"Cole hasn't stopped watching over you since."

Elisa blinked, snapping out of her dark thoughts as the voice reached her ears again. It was Noah, his ankle was wrapped with a white bandage but the bright grin he flashed her made her feel at ease. She couldn't help but smile back at him as his aqua blue eyes flickered in the flame's light as he leaned up from his seat.

"If only you were awake Elisa! I've never seen him look so-"

Elisa gazed at the young boy curiously as he shut his mouth, face going pale as if he had seen a ghost. "N-Never mind..."


Another voice. "Kyra." Elisa smiled at the young girl who was leaning against a large furry figure, Windy, not too far away from the group of three. They were all okay. "How's Windy?"

Kyra gave her a perplexed look, "Why are you worrying about her?" She asked quickly. "You were the one that got knocked out."

Elisa smiled sheepishly at her, only earning a huff in return. "Well...she looked really tired...When we were running away from-"

"Windy's fine!" Kyra barked, earning a frightful look in return and a sigh from the boys. "You should worry about yourself." She then glanced over to her brother who continued to sit by the quiet girl, his expression still soft. Her dark brown eyes narrowed, flickering wildly in light. 'You pick some weird friends.'

"Don't worry about her." Cole spoke up, catching Elisa's attention. "Windy may be old, but she's the most dependable Pokemon here." A flash of heated flames suddenly poured into the campfire, earning screams from Elisa and Noah, but Cole only smirked to himself before glancing over to Windy. "Okay, you're not old, you're experienced.

"Arr!" Windy shot back quickly, earning a laugh from Kyra.

Elisa gaped at the campfire that had grown twice its size before turning back to Cole who was stifling a laugh now. "That sandstorm..."

Cole nodded softly before pointing behind him. She gazed into the darkness, only to hear an ominous drone in the distance. Something like wind trying to push through a very closed space. "Kyra and I used the Pokemon to block off the entrance to the cave with a few boulders. We'll just need to wait until the storm clears."

Elisa nodded softly, staring into the dark void, the winds screeching from outside yet again. "It was so scary." She sighed, turning back to him, "Do these sandstorms always come so frequently?"

"Mostly yes...but rarely are they ever that strong."

Elisa paled from his words, only to have her heart skip a beat once he smiled at her again. 'Stop doing that!' She whined, resisting the rising thoughts of how good he looked right now. 'Maybe its a good thing he never smiles around me-'

"Yet Flygon can always know in advance when a sandstorm would be coming."

His rare smile vanished as soon as it appeared. Cole turned to his sister who was now rubbing Windy's legs softly. "You knew something was up with him, yet you went straight into the desert anyway." Kyra's voice was icy as she turned to him.

Elisa and Noah turned to Cole now who remained silent, eyes downcast as he avoided everyone's stare. "That's why I wanted to go by myself." His voice was just as cold, earning another glare from his sister. "I didn't ask for you three to tag along."

"Hmph!" Kyra grunted, folding her toned arms before curling up beside Windy's sleeping form. "Dummy."

Noah eyed the young girl silently as she nestled into the fire dog's fur. "...She has a point though." He suddenly blurted out, catching Cole and Elisa's attention. "Even if she wasn't supposed to come along with you; you should have been thinking about your Pokemon."

"Noah..." Cole's eyes narrowed at him, but he did not say a word as the blonde continued to gaze at Kyra's still form.

The young sailor never turned to him, "I know you told me I shouldn't run away from my problems...for my Pokemon's sake...But I don't think that I should jump into those problems head first, if it means my Pokemon will be in danger-"

Cole took in a sharp breath, catching Elisa's attention as well, the boy's words hit dead on. Noah then turned back to them, only to have his face heat up instantly from their expressions. "W-Well something like that! Haha! I'm just saying Kyra was right!" He laughed off their stares, folding his hands behind his head before dropping onto the sandy surface. "...I guess we'll just out wait the storm then."

"I guess so..." Elisa muttered. 'That's why Flygon didn't want to move...' Had Cole really put his own Pokemon in danger, intentionally?

'No.' She refused to believe such a thing. He was trusting when it came to his Pokemon, and others especially. She wanted to release the thought, but Cole's dark expression back at his home with Flygon just continued to run across her mind.

"...Cole?" She suddenly spoke up, but he remained quiet, staring into the flames behind her.

"...You should rest now." Cole muttered, turning from her before laying onto the sandy floor. "The storm should die down-"

A sudden screech of wind bellowed from outside, making the young woman jump and earning an annoyed sigh from Cole. "Okay." She replied, laying down onto her side, she watched Cole silently before her eyes began to droop again. She was still in a slight daze.

As the group fell into a soft slumber, the winds battering rocks and earth in the vast desert, one girl turned slowly, lifting herself from the warmth of her natural fire blanket to gaze at a blonde haired boy who snorted in his sleep. The flames flickering back and forth, her eyes changed continuously in the fire's light. She had heard everything, obviously, his words sinking in. 'I thought he was just a pervert...and stalker...' She huffed, turning away from him quickly before curling into Windy's fur once again.

They're in great hands by the way...Tori and Koji are taking good care of them...

Cole jolted up with a gasp. Heart racing, he turned left, then right, taking in his dark surroundings before letting out a frustrated sigh. 'Just a dream...' He glanced to his side to see Elisa dozing softly, not too far from him as the fire danced in the middle of the secret base.

'I can't give up on them.'

Gazing at the flames, he rubbed his tired eyes. 'How long was I asleep?' A splinter of wood spat out of from the campfire, catching his attention. Noah and Kyra were still asleep, noticing their still forms before turning back to Elisa.

Inching closer to her, he slowly placed his hand on her head, pushing some of the messy strands of hair that fell over her face. He frowned, watching her calm expression as the fire light danced across her face, breathing softly. 'It's a good thing that cut wasn't too severe.' He determined, gently pressing down on the bandage to confirm himself.

He quickly regretted it though once soft hazel eyes fluttered open. His heart sank once Elisa's eyes widened before she gasped, flinching away from him. He avoided her wide eyes. "...Sorry."

"I-It's okay..." Cheeks warming, Elisa turned to the flames as well, calming her racing heart by fiddling with her fingers as another splinter of wood flicked out of the campfire. "Did...Did the storm calm down?"

"Yeah...We should head out now, before it starts again." Cole turned back to Elisa, watching her as she gently pushed a few strands from her face behind her ear. She turned to him, face heating up once she noticed his eyes were on her.

Cole's soft smile still burned in her mind, she was actually hoping he would do it again. "...W-What is it?"

He remained silent; he didn't know why, but seeing those bandages around her head made his stomach churn sickeningly within him. This was the first time someone other than him got hurt...He didn't like it at all. "Nothing." He answered, standing up before walking towards the entrance that had a massive pile of dirt and stones blocking his path.

She frowned from his words, eyeing his retreating figure. "Cole." She slowly stood up, ignoring the slight pain in her head. Something was wrong with him, she could tell this time.

"What's wrong? You know you can tell me, right?"

"The only thing that's wrong is the thought of someone trying to take our treasure." His voice was rising.

Hazel eyes then narrowed as the man reached for his pocket and pulled out a Poke ball. "...That's not it...I know you're strong, so battling a few Trainers shouldn't be a problem." She spoke up quickly. Cole turned around this time, dark eyes watching her wearily.

"Why were you so desperate to enter the desert?"


She nodded. "Even your mom and grandmother thought you were acting strange."

"We need to get the Dragon Plate. I'm fine." He took in a sharp breath, he could feel the worry in her voice. He was still clearly surprised from her words as the young woman walked closer towards him.

"No you're not." She could see it now, he almost looked... 'Scared-'

"I just told you," Cole growled, making Elisa flinch. "The storms are random as it is. I needed to get here as soon as possible."

"Well we're here now." She stood up to him, making him move back against the stone wall. "You're not the please."

'What's gotten into her?!' Cole scoffed at her before turning around quickly. Elisa would never try to argue. But now she was standing up to him, pushing him literally against a wall. Why couldn't she just keep her thoughts to herself. "Don't worry about-"

"I will worry about you!"

Cole's eyes widened once a soft hand grabbed onto his arm. He turned around, only to flinch from the intensity in those light hazel eyes. They were bold for once, rivaling the light of the fire behind her. "What are you-"

"Cole." She started, looking deep into his eyes. "I know you usually like to keep to yourself, but not talking about a problem only makes it worse! If something's bothering you, you can tell me! That's why I'm worried about you because you're-" Her voice suddenly slipped from her mouth, lips trembling before she looked down.

"Elisa..." He watched her silently, her face contorted with some emotion he could not decipher. After a long pause, she sighed before continuing.

"...I'm worried because you're friend."

Cole remained silent as the girl's hand squeezed onto his arm a little tighter. "Aren't we a team? I know...I know I can't really battle like you or Noah right now..." His expression softened as Elisa looked back up to him; this was hard for her to admit, he could see it.

"But I'll...I'll be there for you when you need me-"

She felt her cheeks heat up as soon as the words escaped her lips. Knees buckling now from her foolish confession, she immediately released her grasp before turning around from his bewildered eyes. "I...I-I just wanted know that Cole." She mumbled, scurrying away from him before plopping herself down by the campfire.

'She's...' Cole finally let out a breath, he had been so stunned by that fire in her eyes, he jumped once he finally felt the cool breeze that was nipping at the back of his neck. Turning around, he fought off the flutter in his chest before looking at the Poke ball that was in his unsteady hands. 'She should think about someone else...not me.'

He sighed, opening the Poke ball in the palm of his hands. In a flash of light, a large armoured Pokemon materialized in front of him with a soft growl. "Lairon, move these rocks out of the way, it's time to go." The Steel Pokemon obeyed, grunting softly as it pushed the rocks with ease, exposing the cold night air that rushed in with a screech.

The group of three by the fire yelled in fright as the freezing winds jolted them all up. "W-Wha?! What's going on?!" Noah's words were slurred as he snapped up, drool running down his lip as he turned back and forth for some explanation.

"It's cold!" Kyra whined, clutching at Windy's fur who awoke with a soft growl.

Cole shook his head at the two before he walked outside. The winds were calm now, the pitch black sky alight with stars. He gazed upon the heavens as Lairon stood beside him before nudging his leg. "It's just down there." Cole replied to his Pokemon's soft cry. Footsteps approaching him, Cole and Lairon turned around to see Elisa gazing at them. The moonlight bathed her elegantly, making the young Admin stare silently before turning around.

"Are we going now?"

"Yeah. The Ruins are close."

Elisa nodded before suddenly clasping at her arms. "So cold!" She hissed as another flurry of cold sand whirled by. Even though she had her trusty grey sweater, it was mainly just a light one, for normal cold nights. Not this freakish temperature! 'That's right...Deserts have extremely cold nights!' She shivered, hugging herself before something warm wrapped around her shoulders.

"You should know that the deserts get cold at night, dummy."

Even though it was meant to be an insult, Elisa's hazel eyes widened in shock as a thick brown jacket draped itself around her. She was speechless, her shoulders finally relaxing as Cole quickly zipped the jacket up, avoiding her face before he turned back to the night sky. She then smiled, slowly, accented brightly by the moonlight. ""

Cole reddened; just from her voice, he could picture that expressive face. "I want it back when we get out of here."

Her smile widened, Cole's scent quickly filling her nose...She sighed, tugging the large jacket closer to her body, his heat was still there, making her shiver with pleasure. Maybe...Just maybe they were becoming closer.

"I know."

They were finally here.

Deep brown eyes hardened. 'The Ruins...' Cole tensed, his arms tightening around Flygon's neck as they neared the 6 familiar towering stones. Standing above all in the middle was an even larger mountain of rock, ominous in the moonlight.

Flygon sunk down to the galloping Windy who was carrying Kyra and Elisa, before glancing at his Trainer. He was tense, and he knew why, something was here...And he could tell it was dangerous.

"Those are the Desert Ruins!" Kyra announced, turning around to Elisa who nodded quickly. "That's where your treasure will be, right?!" She pulled up her goggles, exposing deep brown eyes that shined in the moonlight.

"I really hope so!" Elisa called back as Windy leaped over another sand dune.

"This way!" Cole quickly called out, turning Flygon towards one of the large pillars of rock. Windy followed suit, barking roughly as Flygon sunk lower beside her.

"Quiet!" The pair of Pokemon finally stopped, Windy sliding along the slippery sands while Flygon flapped its wings hurriedly to a halt, whipping golden grains up into the cold air.

"Why are we stopping here?"

Cole turned around as Flygon landed with a thud. Noah, Elisa and Kyra all looking at him with confused expressions, he slid the goggles above his eyes to rest on his forehead, his messy black hair falling over it. "We have visitors."

The three gasped, eyes wide as Cole inched along the large stone pillar to gaze at the very center of it all; the main hall. All silent with curiosity, Noah, Elisa and Kyra inched their ways to Cole. Noah and Elisa gazed just under Cole's head as they peeked, with Kyra hopping onto Cole's back to get a clear view.

"..Isn't that..." Elisa started, eyeing the strange blue headbands that a large group of people were all wearing at the front of the entrance. It looked like roughly 50 or so people, all loitering around the front entrance. Campfires and torches lit the area, exposing their smug faces as they chatted loudly with each other. Hazel eyes narrowing for a better look, she nearly gasped once a very familiar shape caught her attention on their blue headbands.

"Team Aqua." Kyra sneered, squeezing onto her brother's back as he tensed under her. "Why are they here Cole." Her voice was icy as she glared down at him, demanding his response.

"I knew they would be the ones." Cole whispered, earning a confused look from Elisa and Noah.

"You knew?" Noah chipped in, looking up to him. "You guys friends?"


The young sailor flinched from his tone; so cold, so threatening, Noah immediately shut his mouth as dark brown eyes bore into his soul. Noah quickly avoided his glare, suddenly feeling trapped. "I-It was a joke." He mumbled, looking away.

"It was Team Aqua then that the news reporter was talking about." Elisa spoke up this time, breaking the tension. "So they must be after the Dragon Plates as well." She looked up to Cole's wide-eyed expression. "That's why you wanted to get here as soon as possible?"

He nodded softly, earning a small smile in return. "You could have just told me that." She mused, standing up to lean against the large rocks. She didn't know why, but she was filling up with that same excitement that flooded her when she and Cole went into the S.S. Cactus. Finding a treasure, it was making her heart race.

"So how are we going to get in?" Noah asked quickly, scratching the back of his head, only to earn a loud grunt from Kyra.

"What do you think?" She snapped, pulling out a Poke ball to his surprise. "I'll just defeat everyone there-" She suddenly groaned, feeling a hard thump on the top of her head. "Ow!...What?!" She whimpered, glaring at her brother as he gave her a dead-panned look.

"There are more than fifty Trainers there." Cole spoke up, earning another glare from his sister. "Even if they look like pathetic grunts, we don't have enough Pokemon, or time to defeat them all while safely getting the next plate." He glanced at Flygon and Windy who were both watching the Aqua grunts in silence.

Kyra stared at him silently, holding her head softly before she looked away quickly. "I...I knew that."

"So what do we do?" Noah asked, holding back a laugh as Kyra threw a punch at him which he easily dodged. "We can't just walk in and get the plate-"


The group of four all gasped in shock from the sudden drone that rang through their ears, all jumping from the noise. "What was that?!" Noah cried, turning back and forth as the sudden noise died down.

"The hell should I know?!" Kyra snapped, clutching on Windy's fur as the fire dog growled wearily.

Elisa suddenly gasped, catching everyone's attention. "C-Cole!" She shook with fright, pointing at the young man before he turned to her.



He quickly turned back, hearing his sister shriek. He eyed her and Noah with confusion as they were now pointing at him. Turning back to Elisa who was now gaping at him, his dark brown eyes narrowed with anger. "What!" He snapped.

"Y-Your bag!" Kyra gasped. She pointed to her brother's back that now had something glowing from the black backpack that was slung around his shoulders. "What is that?!"

Cole quickly unbuckled the bag from his body, pulling it in front of him before his eyes went wide.

"The Ocean Plate!" Elisa gasped as Cole's backpack erupted with light brighter, illuminating their hiding place. The light was eerily beautiful as Cole quickly opened the zipper. A haunting light blue, it shone brilliantly, mesmerizing the group before a sudden cry came from main hall.

"Someone get Leader Shelly out of there! The door's starting to close!"

Cole, Elisa, Noah and Kyra all gasped as a thunderous roar came from the ruins main entrance. They all jumped, running to look for themselves, only to see the magnificent stone doors begin to slide inwards, very slowly as the Aqua grunts ran back and forth in fear.

"The Ocean Plate must be doing this!" Elisa snapped as Cole quickly stuffed the plate back into his backpack, the light still shining, before tightening it around his body. "We need to get inside before it closes!" Elisa warned.

He needed to think fast.

"How are we going to get in there with so many people!" Cole swore to himself as the grunts continued to scream in fear, the massive doors ominous groan getting louder as dust and and sand began to whip up into the air. 'They'll definitely see us-unless!' He snapped his attention to Flygon who was staring at the Aqua grunts howl and shout in a horrible attempt to prevent the doors from closing.

"Noah, come on!" Cole quickly grabbed Noah to his surprise before jumping onto Flygon's back who let out a small yelp.

"Everyone!" Cole called quickly. "Get your goggles on now!"

They all obeyed instantly, rushing for the protective gear as Flygon flapped his wings heavily, rising into the air. 'We'll just need to slip by them.'

"Flygon, Sandstorm!"

"Come on men! Don't let that door close!" A brawny tanned man yelled angrily at his grunts as they roared, trying their best to prevent the doors from shutting. He bit his lip as the door continued to grind inward with no sign of stopping in sight.

"Damnit! Someone needs to get in there and save Leader Shelly!" The man barked, reaching for his belt. "I guess it's up to-"

Before the man could even finish his sentence, a massive gust of sand descended upon the entire area. He coughed roughly, clutching at his throat as he desperately looked for his goggles. "W-What...the hell?! I can't see!" He roared, shielding his eyes as the thick sands slapped at his face from every direction. "Where did this sand-" He gasped, inhaling another mouth full of sand in the process before. Suddenly at an alarming speed, green, blue and orange blurs zipped by his face. He fell to the floor, cowering in fear as the unknown figures disappeared just as fast as they appeared, into the sandy vortex.

"W-Who...W-What was that?!"

Accompanied by cries of fear, Windy and Flygon slid into the dark chamber, along the sandy ground before coming to a crashing halt on the floor. They blinked in surprise as the doors slammed shut, a large echo ringing throughout the chamber hall before they glanced at each other, smiling brightly. Unnoticed to them, their passengers were groaning in pain, picking themselves off the sandy floor.

"We made it!" Elisa breathed, pushing Kyra off of her back as they untangled themselves.

"Of course we did! Windy is the best!" Kyra laughed shakily.

"That was close!" Noah sighed, brushing his face free of sand before hopping off of Flygon's back along with Cole. He checked his wrapped ankle before grinning happily. "Just a second later, and we would have been sandwiches!"


"...What?" He asked, avoiding the glares that were sent his way.

"I can't believe you'd rather have him come with you instead of me Cole." Kyra huffed angrily, earning a pained look from Noah, before glancing around. "So...These are the Desert Ruins..." She breathed, finally taking in the vastness of the dark room in awe. It was nearly pitch black, only a few shimmers of moonlight dripping in from the old ceiling above them, accented by the Dragon plate's chilling aura.

It was hauntingly beautiful inside the chamber, the group of friends gazed at the ancient walls in awe as the silence was only interrupted by the soft hum of the Ocean plate.

"I guess the next plate should be close then." Elisa spoke up. The treasure's light was beginning to fade.

"I hope you guys know where you're going, this place is huge!" Kyra tip-toed around on the spot before something caught her eye at the end of the massive room. She quickly dropped her long time goggles to fall around her neck before narrowing her dark brown eyes.

"There's a light up ahead." She announced wearily, turning to her brother who started toward the warm glow in the distance. "H-Hey, wait!"

"We didn't come to sight-see." Cole replied quickly, earning a glare from his sister before he turned to his pokemon. "Flygon, return." As the large sand dragon nodded, reabsorbed by a deep red light, he stared at the ball in silence. 'I'm sorry I pushed you so hard today...But we'll get that plate quickly so rest up for now.'

Once Windy was returned as well, Cole and the rest of the group ventured slowly out of the massive room, into a hallway that was alight with torches along the walls. Elisa squealed, failing miserably at hiding her excitement as the light shone on ancient texts that spanned the walls as they paced forward.

"Are those the same markings as the Dragon Plate?" Kyra asked, turning to the young woman as she traced a finger over the text.

"No...This is braille." She mused, rubbing the stone wall. "Too bad I didn't bring my notes from last year...I can only make out a few-" She turned to Kyra, a small grin on her face to Kyra's surprise before she noticed Cole's annoyed look beside her.

"We need to move."

"But the torches on the walls. Won't there be some Aqua members still in here then?" Kyra suddenly spoke up, pulling on Cole's long-sleeved shirt.

"Most likely. That's why we can't stay here."

They continued on, Cole leading the way with Noah at the back, watching carefully for any signs. "This place is huge..." Noah breathed, turning a corner as the the four turned onto another hallway. It forked in front of them, but Cole continued on, following the path with the torches.

"We should keep track..." Elisa suddenly spoke up, bringing the group to halt. Cole glanced back at her, nodding at her words before he pulled out a Poke ball.

"Lairon!" The large steel Pokemon materialized in a flash of light, shining brilliantly in the flame's light as it greeted its Trainer. "Use Metal Claw on the walls, so we don't get lost." Lairon nodded happily before its front claws began to glow a bright silver.

In one swift motion, a large scar tore into the thick rock. Elisa suddenly screeched, making Cole jump. "What?! What is it?"

She sniffled angrily, glaring at him to his confusion before she pointed at the wall. "You just ruined the braille writing!"

He gave her a confused look. "...So?"

"So?! That's hundreds of years of history! Gone!"

"Sshh!...Guys, you're too loud!" Kyra hissed, pressing a finger to her lips.

"It's not like we needed it."

"Scratch somewhere else!"

"Guys, sto-"

"Like what? The whole wall is covered with that useless writing!"

"It's not useless! What if someone else wanted to read them!"

"Too bad for them!"

"How could you say that?!"

"I only care about the Dragon Plate!"

"That doesn't mean-"


Cole and Elisa stopped, whirling around to see Kyra glaring fiercely at both of them. It seemed like she was yelling at them for quite a while now, but they never heard her. They both blushed slightly as the young girl stomped angrily between them, heading down the hallway with a snickering Noah right behind her. "Both of you shut up! You two can argue after we get the treasure!"

"You're such a great leader Kyra!" Noah snickered, eyeing the older pair as he slipped between them before going after the fiery girl.

The feuding pair glanced at each other as Lairon grunted softly. "We should go..." Elisa muttered softly before chasing after the two as Cole swept a hand through his messy hair, knocking his goggles further upward.

'I should have gone by myself.' To him, he was the one doing all the work, while they watched. This was the exact reason he didn't want them to come in the first place.

"Let's just get this over with." He grumbled before glancing down at Lairon who huffed at its Trainer's expression, blowing the sand away from its snout. "I only need you guys anyway." Returning his trusty Steel type with a sigh, he chased after the three, following the torches that led him further into the darkness.

"You couldn't wait?"

Cole panted, whipping a bead of sweat from his brow as the hallway finally ended, leading him into another very large room. Thick jagged rocks, surrounded him, with the same braille markings every where to his dismay as he took in his surroundings. He finally caught sight of his 3 companions, but the sight in front of them made his body freeze in its place.

A tall figure stood at the end of the large room, a dark grin on his face while he uncrossed his arms, glaring menacingly at Kyra, Noah and Elisa. Deep sapphire eyes that were boiling with arrogance finally caught onto the deep brown that were glaring at him from the end of the room.

'No...No...Not them...' Kyra shivered, inching back slowly as the ogre of a man glared at them.

Oh, how he waited for this day.

The day where he could finally fight him, with no peering Magma audience. Cracking his knuckles angrily, he slammed his fist onto his chest, right on the golden 'M' that dawned his dark red vest.

"T-Team...Magma?!" Elisa gasped before turning back to see, to her disbelief, Cole's murderous glare.

She froze in her spot, almost scared to death as the once monotone man suddenly dawned the expression of a killer. She shivered slightly, his dark brown eyes were sharp, piercing her soul as he focused all of that energy on the strange man that stood in their way. 'Why...does he look like that?'

The large man suddenly grunted, catching everyone's attention as he pulled out a Poke ball, its red and white surface flashing in the few torches that lit the room. "Long time no see..." He smirked, sending chills through Noah, Elisa and Kyra as he stepped forward.


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