The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Mount Pyre Part I


Shivering in his sleep, a young man clasped his eyes shut as his whole body swayed with the waves beneath him. The floorboards beneath him groaned waking the young man from his slumber before a sudden gust howled from outside.

"...It's so cold!" Cole shivered again, pulling the thin blanket further around his arms. Dark brown eyes fighting off the pull of sleep, the ex-Magma Admin peered around the small cabin room.

The air was brisk, he quickly noticed once his breath hovered in front of him. He pulled the blanket away, exposing his clothed form before he drifted to the small window that was sheathed in what appeared to be frost to his surprise. "How is that possible? Hoenn has never been this cold..." Blinking the sleep from his eyes, Cole held his breath once he peeked through the frozen glass. He had heard of this before when he was younger but he never believed that he would see the day.

Hoenn was painted an icy white.

The mist shrouded most of his view but he could tell from the deck alone that the ship was covered with it. Something so foreign to his homeland that he had convinced himself when he was younger that it did not even exist. The feeling of sleep that had been plaguing him for the past few days was now replaced with a tense rush of adrenaline as he pressed his fingers against the glass, opening the window. As a rush of cold air slithered across his cheeks, Cole gasped from the sudden change in temperature. Once his fingers finally touched it, dark brown eyes widened in surprise from how cold, slippery and alien-like it was. He was not dreaming, snow had finally descended onto Hoenn.

Silence overcame the man as he let out another awed breath, the warm air dancing with the small flakes of snow before him. Despite their situation, he had to admit that it was eerily beautiful that such a phenomenon could occur every else around the world except in Hoenn. Cole glanced back at his sister and Elisa, huddled in the corner together. They shared a blanket together, Kyra surprisingly nestled in the older woman's arms.

He smiled softly at the scene, enjoying the rare moment until he suddenly flew forward.

"W-Wha?!" Kyra jumped, drool running down her face as the floor beneath them groaned heavily.

"We hit land..." Cole announced as the girls woke up, still in a daze. From the sound alone, he could already tell that most of the ship was on dry land now. A sudden chill ran down his spine. Noah was alone outside right now.

"Noah!" His voice betrayed him as he called out to the young sailor even though he knew that they might be in danger. He quickly bolted through the door of the lone cabin, his body ready to fight. Stopping abruptly, Cole gawked at the sight around him.

'No...How could so much... be possible?'

Elisa and Kyra, now fully awake, both exited the cabin next, only to gasp in shock. All around them, something completely foreign to Hoenn danced in the air.

"...Isn't this..." Kyra mumbled, completely in awe as petals of white kissed her tanned skin.


The group of three jumped before turning quickly to the source of the noise. There, behind the wheel to the ship was Noah. His face was surprisingly serious to their surprise as he waved with his arms for them to get down.

They all listened, dropping to the cold wooden deck, a strange crunching sound resonating beneath them to their surprise. Kyra and Elisa gasped in shock as the snow was crushed beneath them but they quickly silenced themselves once a thunderous howl echoed above them. A few moments passed as they held their breaths, feelings of anxiety and fear surfacing before a sudden boom hit their ears.

Dark brown eyes hardening, Cole turned his head in the direction of the noise only to finally make out a monstrous structure that materialized through the thick fog. It blocked out the sun completely, towering over their small ship as the group of four stared ominously.

"Mt. Pyre..."

Elisa breathed before another loud boom rippled through the thick fog. She jumped, but remained silent as Cole eased his way to the other side of the ship with a Pokeball in hand. She watched him closely as his eyes focused above the railing of Noah's ship.

Peering over the cold surface, Cole tensed once he noticed the all too familiar scene not too far from their landing spot. Remorse fell over his being as two groups, one dressed in dark blue while the other dawned deep red. Four pokemon, two on either side, continued to snarl and roar, locked in deep battle as white flakes cascaded to the battlefield, their Trainers continuing to shout their orders relentlessly.

"Crunch 'em!"

"Teach 'em whose boss Crawdaunt!"

"Don't lose to them! Use Needle Arm Cacnea!"

'What is Magma doing here?!' Kyra cursed to herself once she glanced over the frozen railing. Their battle seemed to be nearing its climax, the pokemon's attacks tearing through the silence of Mount Pyre. Pushing down the nervousness that rose quickly in her stomach, she turned to her brother who was still focused ahead.

Cole looked on, the pokemon crying out in pain as their attacks landed on one another. For years and years...The same thing always transpired between these two groups. A useless struggle to beat out the other in order to be named the best. Clutching at his Pokeball angrily, thoughts of what he put his pokemon through to get ahead in Team Magma surfaced again. Putting his friends through so much pain in order to do what? Revive a God?

He was sick of it.

This is where it would all end...This was where he would end them for good. He was going to eliminate Magma and Aqua.


Turning around quickly, Cole watched as Noah slipped beside him, a Pokeball of his own in hand before he peered over the deck. "I don't think they noticed us yet... I only saw them at the last moment, that's why I had to make...a hard turn." He finished, giving Cole a thumbs up.

"You did a great job." Cole smirked, his sarcasm evident as Noah grinned. "They only have a few of them battling in the front..." He started, his mind racing. "So they must have most of their members already inside Pyre." He turned to Kyra and Elisa who were on the other side of the deck. "...We'll have to move quickly if we want to get to the plate first."

"So what should we do?" Noah asked, wondering about the Trainer's next move.

Cole pursed his lips in thought, weighing his options. "Team Magma and Aqua are in there, so we'll definitely be outnumbered...We'll have to move by stealth more than anything so that we don't-"

"Let's go Viggy!"

Before Cole could even react, his little sister jumped over the ledge of the wooden ship, whipping a Pokeball into the air to everyone's surprise. The Wild Monkey pokemon materialized in a flash, screaming loudly into the chilling air before catching the attention of the Magma and Aqua members down the dirt path.

"Shit! They got back up already?!" One of the Aqua members cursed.

"Who the hell is that?! Aqua is using land pokemon now?" One of the Magma members immediately yelled out after. All four of the team members blinked in confusion, along with their pokemon as Viggy continued to stampede towards them.

"Aerial Ace into Crush Claw now!"

The Magma and Aqua members, completely off-guard now, could only take the full brunt of the Viggy's speed enhanced attack that shattered the earth beneath their feet. They all screamed out, stones and tufts of grass flying into the air as they were pushed back before slamming face first into the mountain side. They all dropped like bug pokemon, completely knocked out as Viggy glared down his foes.

"That's what I'm talking about!" Kyra roared, punching the misty air in victory. She then turned around, only to blink in confusion by the pale looks Cole and the others were giving her.

"Do you really think that I'm just going to sit back and let them do what they want!" Kyra snapped, earning flinches in return.

"You could have at least asked for our help..." Noah retorted, jumping down from his landed ship, the snow softening his fall.

"The faster we beat their asses, the sooner I can go back home from this ice trap! I'm tired of Magma and Aqua, now come on!" She waved quickly before trudging through the cold banks of white towards the entrance to Mt. Pyre.

"Wait up! We need to work as a team here!" Noah called after the young girl but she shook her head in annoyance.

"We don't have time, I can do it-"


Kyra and Noah both stopped, only to see Cole with one arm raised. His voice was strangely fearful when he called her name, something she had not heard in a very long time from him. Turning back in the direction his finger was pointing, she felt herself stiffen once she noticed that he was indicating the very top of Mount Pyre. It was going to be the very end once they got up there.

"If Magma and Aqua are here right now, then we shouldn't just run in there." Cole started as he felt a very familiar aura wash over him, high up the face of the mountain. "The fewer battles we get into, the faster we'll get to the final Dragon plate."

Elisa continued to stare up, the light flakes of snow landing across her lashes as she eyed the mountain's peak. She could feel that strange energy that once surrounded her back in Cole's room...It was calling out to her now. Glancing at Cole, she bit her lip from saying a word as he walked slowly towards Kyra, Viggy and Noah.

"So you're saying we sneak around like Rattata?" Kyra argued, folding her arms over her chest. "I can definitely do better than that!"

"Listen Kyra." Cole started as he placed a hand on her shoulder. "I promised mom and dad that I would protect you no matter what-" Kyra avoided his gaze from those words but he continued on, "No matter what happens from her on out, please...stay by my side."

Copper eyes widening in shock, Kyra stuttered with her next words before she yanked herself away from his hand. "A-Alright! Don't get so soft with me geez!" Hiding a faint blush that was clear as day to Noah and Cole, she quickly returned Viggy before stomping through the snow towards the entrance.

"You gotta teach me how to do that..." Noah breathed in awe that earned a confused look from the older boy.

"Do what?"

"N-Never mind-" Noah laughed awkwardly before tossing the Pokeball that was still gripped in his palm. "Carvanha!" In a flash of bright light, a predatory fish-like pokemon dove into the murky waters. Surfacing quickly, Carvanha gave the group a small cry before turning to Noah.

"Carvanha, can you watch the ship for us while we're gone? Don't let anyone else near it, got it?"

"Caarvanha!" The Savage pokemon roared out before diving into the waters, a large wave of water spilling onto the frozen shore as it disappeared below.

"He can move the ship by himself, so if anything happens, it'll be safe on the lake!" Noah smirked before running to Kyra.

"...Hey, Tommy!"

All four Trainers nearly jumped from the voice. Kyra, who was closest to the entrance let out a sigh of relief once she noticed a small black box on one of the Magma grunt's belts.

"...Hey!...Did ya get 'em?!-Over!...We can't have those scum screwing up the plan!"

"Plan huh..." Kyra smirked before yanking the walkie-talkie from the grunt's belt. "So we really do have company up there." She breathed as Noah walked up beside her, eyeing the unconscious Trainers.

"And I'm usually the one that's early to parties..."

Kyra elbowed the boy, earning a cry of pain.

"Team Magma and Aqua must know about the Dragon Plate's real powers now." Elisa spoke up, catching the younger pair's attention. Eyeing the unsure looks in their eyes, she smiled softly at them. "But that doesn't mean they can control them!"

"We can take 'em down!" Noah saluted before taking out another Pokeball.

"Try to keep up." Kyra smirked at Noah's determined look before turning to her brother who walked ahead of them.

"Alright." Cole glanced back at his three friends. "Don't underestimate them, both Magma and Aqua should not be taken lightly." A pang of guilt hit him once he noticed Kyra watching him intently. Waiting...Waiting for him to tell them all the truth.

He would tell them all eventually. However, with the final Dragon Plate...

"Whatever happens, don't get separated!" They all nodded, hardened by the man's words.

"I'll back you guys up Cole!" Noah smiled.

"I trust you Cole!" Elisa nodded as well, earning a rare smile in return.

"Let's go!"

It would not stop.

The endless splatter of droplets against wood, an old man sighed tiredly as he continued to warm his meal over the fire. Two small pokemon stood by his side, statuesque to a novice's eye if not for their light breathing. Using their telekinetic abilities, they helped to stir the pot slowly as the old man took a breather on a wooden stool.

"...They need to hurry and find all of the plates...if not." His two pokemon, Meditite and Abra glanced at each other as the man's face turned grim. He quickly noticed the uneasiness in their faces.

"Don't worry you two-" He smiled down at them. "We did leave it in the hands of a strong Trainer after all. I'm sure Cole and Elisa will be able to succeed."

Images of the young couple flashed across his mind, easing his stress as the house hummed with the sound of heavy rain against the roof. Elisa the researcher, and Cole, the powerful Pokemon Trainer.

Ever since that day when he met Elisa; the passion in her eyes, the need to know that reflected her very spirit. He knew that she would be the one that discovered the mystery of the Dragon Plates. And with Cole by her side, no one would defeat them.

However with the recent storms that plagued the country, his own hope for their safety was beginning to dwindle.

'It's only a matter of time before they're reawakened...Rayquaza doesn't have much time.' The old man brushed his white hairs in deep thought. Meditite then suddenly leaped onto his lap before a deep blue light engulfed its body and his own.

'Don't you think we should have helped them find those treasures?'

Jonbi petted the Fighting/Psychic type softly. 'I would definitely, if I was fifty years younger my friend...'

He stifled a laugh as Meditite cocked its head to the side in confusion. 'Besides...I don't have much time left for myself-'

'Don't say that!'

Jonbi's eyes widened when another aura, this time light pink engulfed him as well. He quickly recognized the voice before turning to his old friend.

'Humans can live for a long time, you're fine.'

'I know Abra...It's just that, we can't live forever...even if we have pokemon by our side.' Despite the Psychic pokemon's emotionless face, Jonbi could feel the sadness seep from Abra's very being.

'Do not worry about these things, I still have many years ahead.' Abra then slowly lifted itself off the wooden floor before landing in Jonbi's lap as well. He smiled from the contact before pulling both pokemon into a deep hug. Their scents tickled his nose, along with the food that wafted behind him. Oh how he wanted these moments to last forever.


Abra then suddenly perked up, along with Meditite. Feeling their muscles tense against him, Jonbi felt a jolt of uneasiness take over.

"What's wrong?"

Before his pokemon could respond, the front door to their small house blasted open. The old man cried out, shielding his pokemon as a powerful gust of icy wind and cold water washed over them. The flames under the pot were doused in an instant as a lone figure stood at the door.

"Jonbi is it?"

The old man flinched from the words. He cautiously lifted his head before catching sight of two figures. He gasped once he noticed an 'M' stitched on men's uniforms. "You two are..."

"He's the only one here. You think he's the guy Holland wants?" The other man called out over the howling winds.

"Most likely, there isn't another house for miles...We gotta get back in time before the others leave anyway."

"W-What do you want?!" Jonbi hobbled back, the wooden stool rolling across the wet floor. Their faces were shrouded underneath their trademark Magma hoods but he could tell that they were glaring at him intently.

"Hmm...Thought you'd be cooler than this." One of the men then took a Pokeball from his belt before holding it up to Jonbi. The old man clutched onto his pokemon harder as the Team Magma member stepped forward. "Come with us."

"...Why are you people here-I didn't do anything to-"


Jonbi was about to scold the large brute before Abra and Meditite leaped from the old man's arms. He cried out, trying to call them back, but they refused, glaring at the large man.

"...Really?" He scoffed before exploding into thunderous laughter. "You better return your little pieces of scum right now. Do you even know who we are?" His cold stare then turned murderous in an instant, scaring the small psychic pokemon.

"You're coming with me, no matter what! Torkoal!"

The sounds of hurried footsteps and heavy breathing echoed throughout the marbled hallways, further into the heart of Mt. Pyre. Cole pushed on ahead, his heart racing to reach the end and take the last Dragon Plate for himself. With each passing room of pokemon graves, Cole and the rest of group remained silent, the ex-Magma member taking the lead of lookout for anyone.

"There are stairs over there!" Cole pointed out as they reached the end of the first floor. Eyeing the ascending staircase, Cole clenched his fist once he noticed a loud cry erupt from the darkness.

"That sounds like someone's in trouble!" Noah grimaced as another cry was heard. His body moved on his own but he gasped once a strong hand pulled him back.

"Move slowly." Cole hissed. "They must have reinforcements close by."

"Sorry..." Noah grunted, avoiding the older male's eyes. "But someone might be in trouble." Cole nodded with the sailors words before taking the first steps up the flight of stairs.

They moved slowly, ascending the marble steps as the cries of pain echoed around them. Elisa hung her head as they continued on, the cries sounded so painful and full of anguish that she felt her knees begin to tremble. How could people hurt one another in such a way? Was it true that these members of Magma and Aqua were so ruthless that they would push another human being to that level of suffering? Shaking her head from the thoughts, Elisa fought her way through the darkness alongside Kyra and Noah as a small beacon of light dwindled in the distance.

"None of you move!"

Frozen in place, Cole tensed once he noticed familiar figures hovering over a group of people just ahead of them. Falling back to the darkness of the staircase, Cole slammed a finger over his lips once he noticed that the men did not see them.

Not too far from the group, members of Team Magma all laughed hysterically as their supposed prey cowered in fear. Cole's eyes hardened once he noticed the robes they were wearing as the Magma members repeatedly kicked them. They cried out in pain, earning gasps from Noah and Kyra.

"Those are the monks that watch over the Pokemon graves!" Kyra gasped once she jumped over Cole's shoulder, spotting the men. One of them cried out once one of the larger Magma members yanked him to his feet.

"You're just making it harder on yourself!" The large Magma member grunted. "Tell us where the treasure is!"

"I-I don't know what you're talking about! The treasure you speak of does not exist here!" The monk cried out as he trembled from the man's glare. "Why are you doing this?! This is a place for pokemon to rest peacefully!"

"Guess they're still not going to help us…" The Magma member scoffed before turning around to the tombstones that lined a large room. His dark eyes flared before turning back to the rest of the Magma grunts that stood over the monks.

"Turn over every grave here-"

Once the words hit them, Kyra and Noah gasped in shock as the Magma members took out their Pokeballs. The dimly lit hallway erupted with multiple flashes, pokemon of all shapes and sizes crying out in unison as their Trainers released them.

Before the group could even blink, the pokemon slammed their bodies into the tombstones, destroying precious graves one by one as they searched every inch for the final Dragon Plate. "Team two and three should be doing the same thing up top." The leader of the group called out as more stones shattered onto the marble floors. "Holland said to leave no spot unchecked, got it!"


Kyra, already shaking with anger, grabbed her brother's arm roughly to snap him out of his disbelief. She squeezed his arm, staring at him with pleading eyes, but it was all for nothing once he avoided her gaze and dropped his head. Nothing but the feeling of regret washing over him. "...Cole." Her voice was shaking with remorse. "How could they..."

'...They won't listen to me...' Shaking free from her grasp, Kyra's copper eyes watered as Cole turned back to the atrocity before them. With each resounding thud of a pokemon's grave defiled, Kyra's heart sank further.

"...You….You-" She could not stand for this. Shoving him out of the way, her faith in her brother crumbling, Kyra rushed by Cole before he could react. He told her that he would stop them from hurting others...yet.

"Wartortle, Wingull! Use Water Gun!"

Cole and the rest of the group nearly jumped in shock once two pokemon materialized into the air. Noah's Wartortle and Wingull both cried out, alerting the Magma members before two pressurized jets of water slammed into them. They cried out in pain, sliding across the marbled floor before their pokemon emerged from the separate grave rooms.

"Damnit!" One of the Magma grunts cursed as his pokemon flew back into him, knocking them both into the stone walls as Noah's pokemon continued their assault.

"Who are those kids?!" One of the Magma members cursed as his pokemon blocked a Water gun attack.

"They got Water types! Did Aqua really get this far?!" The alleged leader of the Magma grunts swore as he shielded himself from the explosion of water. "Everyone, use Formation C! Don't let them through; that's Holland's orders!"

"Noah!" Kyra cried out as the sailor stood beside her, catching the attention of the Magma members. Gazing at the boy's determined look, she felt her heart flutter as the sailor's pokemon jumped in front of them protectively.

"I'm sick and tired of you guys screwing with everyone! You guys are washed up, don't you dare trample on another grave here!" Noah yelled, his fists clenched as two Mightyena's jumped in front of them. "Destroying graves just to get a damn treasure!? You people are garbage!"

Cole and Elisa looked on, dumbfounded by the younger pair as they stood against the members of Team Magma.

"Who are you calling garbage? Go Nuzleaf Razor Leaf!" A Magma grunt roared before throwing a Pokeball towards Noah and Kyra. In a flash of white light, a small child-like pokemon with a long pointed nose atop its head materialized before hurling a barrage of knife-like leaves in their direction.

"Block them with Water Gun!" Noah countered quickly as Wartortle and Wingull blasted another jet of pressurized water. The attacks collided head on, but to Noah's surprise the blades cut through the jet of water. 'We can't hit them all!'


Wartortle and Wingull covered their faces once a jet of fire vaporized the incoming Razor Leaf with ease, ashes falling to the soaked marble floors to their surprise. Glancing back, they beamed once Backburner huffed angrily.

Nuzleaf and the grunt jumped back in surprise by Kyra's choice of pokemon, earning confused looks by most of the members and the monks who were now hiding in one of the empty grave rooms.

"Whose side are they on?!" One of the grunts called out as his Mightyena growled angrily.

"We're on no one's side! We came here to kick both Magma and Aqua ass!" Kyra swore at them angrily before Backburner sprinted forward. "You're not hurting anyone ever again, Backburner use Flamethrower!"

"Shadow Ball!" Kyra gasped once the pack of Mightyena's launched balls of dark energy, exploding on contact with the flames as everyone covered their eyes from the debris. Despite her power, Backburner growled once the pack of Mightyena and Nuzleaf stood in front of her.

"Shut up runt!" The lead Magma grunt barked before he pulled out another Pokeball from his belt. "I don't know who you guys are working for, but you're not stopping Magma's rebirth!" He quickly tossed the red and white sphere into the air, "Destroy these punks, Slaking!"

"He wouldn't!" Cole nearly jumped from his hiding spot once a massive gorilla-like pokemon landed onto the marble floor, blocking their way completely. Scratching its balloon stomach, it eyed Backburner, Wingull and Wartortle with disinterest before bringing its hands high towards the ceiling.

'He'll destroy the entire floor with that Slaking!' Cole reached for his own Pokeball as the lead Magma grunt roared from behind his pokemon.

"Slaking, use Earth-"

"Ice Beam!"

"Get down!" Elisa cried, pulling Cole to the floor as a piercing beam of ice rocketed down the hallway before striking Slaking directly in its chest. It cried out, thrashing its arms around, tearing the stone walls at its sides before its body was completely encased in thick ice.

"Who the hell-" Kyra groaned, shaking off the chilling air around her frame before she glanced at Noah who was by her side on the floor. Blinking in confusion from where the attack came from, she turned around only to tense at the sight before her. Standing just behind them was a tall woman, clad in dark blue attire. She smirked, her young features highlighted by her deep red hair.

"Guess you owe me for saving your asses this time huh?"

Kyra froze from the sight. 'It's that same woman!' She shook with fear, horrifying memories of her past washing over her as the woman stepped over Cole and Elisa. She eyed Kyra with a dark look as her Crawdaunt snapped its pincers shut.

"That's Shelly!" All of the Magma members cried out in fear.

"To think that Magma beat us to Pyre...disgusting." Shelly hissed before shoving Kyra out of the way to stand against the group of Magma members. "I'll just have to lead the way from here on out." Turning to her pokemon, Crawdaunt nodded slowly before opening its pincer once again.

"W-W-Wait, we thought you were at the top already, we really can't do anything against you-"


Kyra and Noah gasped in shock once the Rogue pokemon launched itself with ridiculous speed before slamming into the pack of Mightyena with such force that they shattered the wall and were sent flying into one of the empty rooms. Before the Nuzleaf could even react, Shelly's Crawdaunt slammed its claws into the Grass/Dark type, sending into the pile of pokemon in the empty room.

"...She's strong." Elisa mouthed as Crawdaunt glared at the Magma members.

"Now...Get out of my sight." Shelly pointed towards the Magma members who cried out in fear before running down the hallway, deeper into the heart of Mt. Pyre. Laughing to herself, Shelly turned around, quickly noticing the stunned faces on Kyra and the rest of the group.

"Oh, its you again." Shelly, Leader of Team Aqua smirked once she noticed Kyra's blank stare. "I really wanted to have more fun with you back in those ruins…" Pausing midway, Shelly narrowed her deep red eyes once she noticed Cole and Elisa emerge from the stairway. In the heat of the moment she did not realize it back then, but the pair certainly looked familiar; especially the girl.

"...That was the woman that attacked us back in the desert." Elisa whispered to Cole who was glaring at her intently.

'So she's the new Leader of Aqua...' Cole quickly reached for a Pokeball from his belt as the woman smirked from his actions.

"You definitely look familiar..." Shelly started as she pulled another Pokeball from her belt to everyone's surprise. "But I'm tired of these games! I'll finish this quickly, I have a date with one of those Dragon Plates. Go, Cloyster!" Another flash of bright light illuminated the hallways, earning screams from the monks before a massive shell-like structure landed beside Shelly's Crawdaunt. Rocking back and forth slowly, its steel-like shell snapped open to reveal a circular face that grinned at its new opponents.

"Now..." The woman's voice lowered followed by a murderous glare that was sent directly towards Kyra and her pokemon.

"Let's end this!"

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