The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Mount Pyre Part II

It was happening all too fast. Red pincers snapping repeatedly, the deafening crackle of cold ice as it streamed towards him. He moved his lips, but no words came, too stunned by the opponent they were facing head on.

"Flame Wheel!"

A commanding voice snapped the boy from his trance before a tornado of fire blinded his vision. The Rogue and Bivalve pokemon both halted their attacks as the massive flames shielded their enemies from the combined attacks. Backburner continued its defensive stance, spinning in place to protect Kyra and Noah who stepped back from its attack.

"Hey!" Kyra snapped at Noah who had finally come back to his senses, his aqua eyes glossy in the fiery light. "Don't chicken out now! We beat her before and we'll do it again!" Her fists clenched, Kyra quickly turned back to her pokemon but could only gasp in surprise once a blur of red tore through the flames and landed in front of her.

"It used Crabhammer to get through?!" Noah choked as the Rogue pokemon lifted its pincer towards Kyra who was frozen in place.

"Kyra get down!"

Light brown eyes flashed with haste before the young girl dropped to the charred floors. Crawdaunt, enthralled with crushing its glowing pincer Kyra could only howl in pain once a monstrous jet of fire slammed into its body.

Deep red eyes glinted once a stream of fire tore out of Backburner's Flame Wheel shield, revealing her Crawdaunt who rolled along the cracked floor, completely knocked out. 'They weren't using a Fire pokemon before...' Hissing her teeth, she returned her Crawdaunt before turning back to the firewall that blocked her targets.

"About time you did something!" Kyra barked once she noticed Houndoom, Cole and Elisa standing not too far from her. The firehound snapped its jaws shut, smoke escaping from its nostrils.

Running to his sister's side, Cole picked Kyra up before glancing back at the group of monks who were still staring wide-eyed at the turn of events. "We can't fight that woman here-"

"Of course we have to fight her!" Kyra snapped back, pulling her arm from her brother's grasp. "I really don't know what's going through your head right now, but I'm not just going to run away and let that hag destroy these pokemon graves!" Light brown eyes flared with anger, boring into Cole that earned a shameful look.

She was right, they had already caused so much damage to Mt. Pyre. "I know that, but if we take this fight back outside, we can win!" Turning back to the monks, Cole quickly noticed that one of the men were waving towards Elisa.

"Miss, this way!" He called frantically before the young researcher ran towards him. His face was beaten and his robes were torn in multiple places, but a small smile graced his lips once he looked at Elisa. "You young Trainers don't seem to be associated with any of those hooligans that attacked us earlier.

"No, we don't work with Team Magma or Aqua!" Elisa quickly confirmed which earned a gracious nod in return.

"Thank you for your kindness in helping us." He turned slowly before pointing towards one of the grave rooms that was next to Noah. "There are still more people on the upper levels of Pyre. If you go into that room, there will be another flight of stairs that will lead you to the next level; please help us!"

The young woman nodded frantically, her body moving on its own to her surprise as she ran towards Noah who was still trembling from the experience. "We can go upstairs from here-"


A deafening explosion of heated steam erupted from Backburner to everyone's surprise, launching the Volcano pokemon back. Cole quickly jumped in front of his sister as the force of the impact sent both Trainers sliding down the hall.

"Backburner!" Kyra cried out towards the heated steam but her eyes betrayed her, her pokemon nowhere in sight.

"You really thought that I would let you hide behind flames to think of a plan to beat me? Pathetic!" Shelly spat as the heavy steam dissipated slowly. She smirked to herself once she caught sight of her Cloyster and now Kabutops who had finished launching its attack.

"They'll destroy this place if this keeps up…" Cole groaned, shaking the ringing from his head before he got off of Kyra. Eyes focusing, he noticed Houndoom and Backburner just behind them before gasping at the sight. The Volcano pokemon was completely knocked out from taking the full brunt of the attack as it lay against Houndoom's side.

Noticing the look in his pokemon's red eyes, Cole turned back to the sight of the explosion before noticing Elisa and Noah who were protected by a green veil of light. It was Wartortle to his delight as the water pokemon popped out of its shell, glaring at Shelly's Kabutops and Cloyster who were waiting for their next commands.

Without saying a word, Cole caught Elisa's eye before motioning for her to run. Despite the shocked look on the young woman's face, she nodded quickly before grabbing onto Noah and heading towards the stairs.

'We'll meet up after we stop that woman here.' Cole swore to himself as the steam finally dispersed, giving the ex-Magma member a clear sight of Shelly's cold glare.

"You bastard." Kyra growled once she noticed Backburner's unconscious form nestled in Houndoom's fur. "The only thing you people do is hurt pokemon!" Grabbing a pokeball from her belt, Kyra's copper eyes hardened.

"About time you gave me a more respectful look." Shelly teased, earning a scowl from the younger Trainer. "...I'll have some fun with you two here," Her lips curved upward along with her eyes as she glanced towards the stone ceiling.

"Once I finish you two off, then the real party will start."

As delicate tears of snow cascaded from above, two frail figures, one huddled over the other in a protective manner, could only stare in disbelief as their small haven was dismantled before their eyes. Men and women continued to shout along with their pokemon as they knocked over tombstones, sliced through rows of flowers and destroyed stones dedicated to the deceased. It was horrific, no one gave a second thought towards their actions as three figures overlooked the chaos in front of them.

"...You're destroying the resting place of pokemon that have departed from our world!" The old man cried out, but his words fell on deaf ears as the lone male in the group stretched his arms out.

"You seem to be forgetting something-" Red eyes flashed as they turned to the old man and woman who could only shrink back in fear. "Our world only has use for the ones that can produce. People...pokemon, their value is what they can do now….. The deceased don't have a voice." Holland, leader of Team Magma, concluded before turning back to his followers who continued to turn over the summit of Mount Pyre. They were so close now. Nothing would get in his way now of obtaining the power of a Legendary pokemon. A small grin emerged from his lips as more tombstones slammed into the ground.

"We won't be able to find it until the other plates arrive."

A woman's voice cut Holland from his thoughts. Turning to his left he glanced at the woman's greying hair. "Is this your way of accelerating their efforts to stop us?" Stone-faced, she did not glance at Holland as the once peaceful area eroded slowly.

"You're as sharp as ever Snider." Holland mocked, earning a smirk from the woman's lips. "What better way to ignite the youthful passion in those children than to strike their very ideals?"

"Showing them the truth of this world would be more satisfying, however I'm not the leader here." Professor Snider flicked a hand through her locks before turning to the youngest in their group. Eyeing the younger woman's slouched shoulders and drained eyes, Snider could only clench her fists.

"Why is she still here."

Holland turned his attention to the lone Admin of Team Magma with a hint of disgust. "For her power." His words made the woman flinch. Watching her closely, Holland pulled a pokeball from his belt before forcing it close to Tori's face. She gasped nearly falling back before timidly looking into Holland's deep red orbs.

Eyes that she once thought held warmth for her were now filled with malice. Her fears only manifested once Holland smiled at her before dropping the ball at her feet. "...T-That's-"

"You can have them back." He started before more pokeballs landed by the Admin's feet. "I just need your help one more time….Then I don't care what you do."

Those words alone earned a flash of life to ignite within Tori before she dropped to the wet grass, scrambling to pick up the only family she knew of in this world. Despite the pathetic looks that she could feel around her, tears began to stream from her eyes as she pulled her pokemon closer to her chest.

To earn her freedom...or to be enslaved to Magma forever. In order to earn the former, she only needed to do one thing.

"Yes sir…"

Panting heavily, Noah could only let out fragments of protests as Elisa continued to drag him up the stone steps, closer to the top of Mount Pyre. Despite the relief of escaping from Shelly's sinister pokemon, he could not help but feel angry for leaving Kyra and Cole behind.

"C-Can you stop already?!" Noah protested, finally yanking his arm away from Elisa. "How could you just leave them behind like that?! We could have teamed up on her!"

Elisa slowed her pace before coming to a halt just ahead of Noah. Her back was turned to him as her body shook from each staggered breath. "Did you really want to destroy more of Mount Pyre's graves."

"T-That's not what I meant-" He shrunk back once he noticed Elisa turn around to face him. Her eyes...he could not see them himself, but he could tell that she was glaring at him.

"Our roles aren't involved with Team Aqua or Magma right now Noah…" Her words slipped from her lips in an icy tone that only earned a shiver from the young sailor. "We only came here to obtain the last dragon plate. If we do that, then nothing else matters-"

"Elisa, you-"

A sudden hand grasped his arm and he jolted upright. This time he could see her eyes and the life drained from him once he noticed it.


"All of you will help me….no matter what."


A deafening explosion suddenly ripped from above them, knocking the pair to the stone stairway. Shielding himself in fear, Noah cried out once another explosion roared through the narrow stairway. Waves of dust and debris washed over him and he coughed heavily before clinging to the walls for support. 'There must be more Magma guys on the next floor!'

"Noah are you okay?!"

The young sailor blinked in confusion from the sudden change of tone from Elisa as she slowly reached for his hand.

"I thought I lost you after that!" She panicked before slowly guiding him closer to a sudden light that emerged, indicating the top of the stairway.

Her change was almost chaotic to him. As the explosions continued to ring from above, Noah could hardly grasp the experience. 'What's happening to her?' Kyra had told him that Elisa was acting strangely but he merely shrugged it off as just another argument between the girls. Yet those green eyes that struck his very soul were unmistakable. The Dragon Plates were starting to change Elisa.

"You think that you can beat us by yourself! Mighytena use Crunch now-Uwaaa!?"

Elisa and Noah pressed against the frame of the stairways exit to come across an all out brawl between multiple Team Magma members and a lone Trainer. Watching the dark-skinned woman's beautiful figure in awe, Elisa gasped once she noticed the large floral ornaments crowned a top her head.


"Dusclops, Confuse Ray-Sableye use Substitute!" Her voice was powerful, ringing throughout the large room before two ghost-like figures raised their dark hands towards the pack of staggered Mightyena. Dusclops large red eye began to shine brilliantly, encasing the group of Dark pokemon who barked out in confusion before turning around to attack one another. As the Magma members cried out to their pokemon to stop, Sableye's diamond eyes twinkled devilishly before it disappeared into thin air, replaced with a strange cub-like doll.

"S-Send out more pokemon you fools!" The alleged leader of the group called out, but he could only bit his lip once he noticed that he was out of pokeballs. Cringing in fear, he moved behind the other Magma members.

"Now then-"

The men yelped once they noticed Sableye's substitute begin to glow a deep red. "End this with Focus Punch!"



Brutal cries of agony and pain rang out from the pokemon and the Magma members as they were sent back from the force of Sableye's attack. Elisa and Noah also cried out, falling back down a couple of steps as a strong force of wind blasted through the entire floor.

"I've dealt with you people before." The woman's voice was fierce as her pokemon floated back to her side. "I will not allow Magma or Aqua to hurt the people and pokemon of Hoenn again!" As the dust cleared from the old halls of Mount Pyre, the woman grinned once she noticed all of the grunts knocked out along with their pokemon.

"I need to hurry…" Her victorious smile faded quickly once she noticed the cracked floors of the room and scared looks of monks that were hiding in the rooms behind her. She blinked in confusion once she noticed a pair of figures emerge from the stairway not too far from her.

"So that's the power of an Elite Four member…" Noah breathed in awe once he noticed the woman's floral dress dance with each stride she made towards them.

Watching the pair carefully, the tanned woman let out a sigh once her pokemon eased beside her. "Hi there, my name's Phoebe. I'm a part of the Elite Four. My friends tell me that you two are not working with Team Magma or Aqua. So why are you here?"

"Ughh-" Noah could only stutter from the woman's figure which earned an annoyed look from Elisa.

"H-Hello, my name is Elisa." The young researcher bowed before looking into the woman's sky blue eyes. "We came to stop Team Magma and Aqua's plans."

"Plans?" Phoebe repeated, her small brows furrowing in confusion. "From what I've seen here, their only plan seems to be desecrating Mount Pyre itself." Her fists clenched before she turned to the stairway leading to the top of the mountain. "These people are very dangerous, why are they here?"

"They're after a treasure that may be at the top of this mountain." Elisa informed quickly earning a surprised look from the Elite Four member. "If we don't get to the treasure first, then I don't know what they'll do with it!"

Noah watched Elisa carefully as she explained the situation thoroughly. When it came to the Dragon Plates, her expression was completely different compared to the Elisa he knew of. 'She's going to go all out for these treasures...'

"Then you two know how to stop Magma and Aqua from getting that treasure?" Pursing her lips in thought, it did not take long before Phoebe made her decision. "You two, you're coming with me!"

"W-What?!" Noah gasped as the woman turned on her feel towards the stairs. "How are we going to take on all those grunts?"

The Ghost master stopped in her tracks before flashing Noah and Elisa a bright smile.

"I guess I just have to show you the skill of the Elite Four!"

"Kabutops, Slash! Cloyster Spike Cannon!"

"Aggron, Protect now!"

Cole and Kyra grimaced as piercing slashes and spikes clashed against Aggron's hard armour, each strike louder than the last. Kneeling over his sister protectively as Aggron grunted from the strikes, Cole kissed his teeth as his mind raced for some kind of plan. They were boxed in a narrow hallway with Shelly's pokemon bombarding them with attacks. As the attacks continued to shriek throughout the air, the ex-Magma Admin quickly glanced down at his sister.

"Hey! Once they stop, we'll only have one chance to counter!"

"Got it!" Kyra called back before reaching for another pokeball from her belt. Clenching onto the orb, Kyra fought back her fears as the continuous slashes against Aggron's armour finally died down.

"You can't hide behind that scrap metal forever! Come on out already!" Shelly's voice boomed as her Kabutops finally jumped back, landing beside Cloyster. The two pokemon panted heavily, their onslaught taking most of their energy.

"I thought I would be getting a challenge here." She scoffed before pointing towards Aggron's hide. "Finish them off Kabutops, Brick Break!" The Shellfish pokemon let out a deafening screech before its scythes released a bright white light. Digging its claws into the decimated floors, Kabutops stormed towards Aggron for one final blow.

However, the Water/Rock type could only widen its eyes in shock once Aggron glowed a deep red before disappearing in thin air!

"He returned it?!" Shelly gasped once the massive steel monster disappeared to be replaced by two pokemon. A large bug-like dragon stood on one side while another growled angrily just in front of the group. She remembered that pokemon from the desert ruins! She opened her mouth to call her pokemon back, but it was too late as Kabutops was directly in their line of sight.

"Cobalt, Hydro Pump!"

"Flygon, Dragon Pulse!"

Both massive pokemon opened their mouths before a powerful combined attack was launched towards Kabutops. The Shellfish pokemon immediately stopped in its path and was launched backwards as a deafening vacuum of water and wind consumed the entire hall, crushing everything in its path.

Shelly screamed out, her Cloyster taking the full force of the combined attack. Clasping her hands over her ears, she felt like the entire mountain was shaking from the attack, her clothes already drenched in icy water from their attacks.

Flygon and Cobalt stopped their attacks simultaneously once they noticed Cloyster's still frame. Eyeing their enemy carefully, Cobalt smirked to himself as Cloyster's still shell remained closed. Peeking over her Swampert's muscular body, Kyra let out a relieved sigh once noticed Kabutops and Cloyster both down the hall. "Looks like your training with the hag paid off!" Kyra smiled up to Flygon who nodded happily.

'If grandma never taught that attack to Flygon, Shelly's pokemon may have been able to counter it...' Cole relaxed slightly before something caught his eye from behind Cloyster's still frame.

Before he could react, Cloyster was suddenly launched at them with surprising speed. As the Bivalve pokemon opened its hardened shell to reveal its sinister smirk, Cole noticed a massive blue figure that was hiding behind Cloyster all along. It was the pokemon responsible for launching Cloyster towards them!

'She released a pokemon during our attack?!'

Shelly, eyes now full of white hot anger, cackled as her Cloyster neared its target. "You're not getting out of this-"

Cole and Kyra's eyes widened in fear as the Bivalve pokemon slid right in front of Cobalt before opening its armoured shell to its maximum. Cole, quickly jumped over his sister's form as a bright white light erased the world around him.


"What the hell was that?!"

"The whole mountain's shaking!"

"Stand guard!"

Holland, Tori and Professor Snider dropped to the floor, the entire mountain convulsing under their feet as members of Team Magma cried out in confusion. "That must be him!" Holland smirked to himself as he attempted to regain his footing. His hands were beginning to shake with excitement now, the sense of danger etching closer to him with every second. They were finally going to meet after such a long time!

"Someone is coming from the entrance sir!" One of the Magma grunts called out however he was quickly knocked back by a powerful wave of dark energy that engulfed the main entrance.

"It's Team Aqua! Don't let them get to Holland!"

Despite all of the sudden chaos, Tori regained her balance before another sudden blast of energy ripped through the air, sending her back to the mossy earth. "T-This can't be Team Aqua-"

"I think we have extra guests!" Professor Snider growled as more and more Magma grunts flew from the air, colliding straight into the mountain side. Their pokemon panicked from the attacks, barking and crying out in confusion as their Trainers lay motionless. Standing to her feet quickly, Snider pulled a poke ball from the black belt around her waist. She was about to send her own pokemon to the battlefield before her light brown eyes widened in shock.

"That's-" The old couple gasped with pleasant surprise once two ghost pokemon materialized through the foggy air, their expressions sharp. They could not believe it themselves, but they knew that their grandchild had come to save them.

"Team Magma!" Phoebe's voice boomed as the fog dissipated, revealing herself to the remaining grunts of Team Magma. The members cowered in fear as she sent all of them an intense glare. "I won't allow you people to cause trouble for Hoenn again!" Her attention turned to her grandparents who were huddled together a top the highest point of Mount Pyre. Sky blue eyes hardened once she noticed three figures blocking their faces. She did not recognize any of them, but could tell from their dominating aura that they were the new leaders of Team Magma.

Elisa and Noah, still shaking from the sudden explosion that rippled through the entire mountain moments ago were finally able to get a clear shot of the group that stood behind a gang of Magma members. "So they're the leaders of Team Magma!" Noah growled, his fist clenching once he felt the dark aura radiating from the man standing in the middle. His sea-blue eyes narrowed once he noticed the older woman of the group. Her facial features aged however, a sudden resemblance flashed through his mind once he noticed her light brown eyes flicker with anger.

"I almost feel honoured that I would get the attention of an Elite Four member!" Holland announced, earning Phoebe's sinister glare for himself.

"Maxie disbanded Team Magma two years ago, why are you trying to bring them back!" Phoebe demanded as her pokemon suddenly vanished, catching Holland's attention.

"Isn't it obvious?" Holland scoffed before tossing a poke ball into the frosty air. In a bright flash of white light, a massive dragon-like pokemon materialized in front of him. It opened its jaws, razor-sharp fangs glistening as hot air vented from its body. Before Phoebe could even respond, Holland's Charizard released a monstrous jet of fire, the earth beneath its feet cracking from the force. The fire attack slammed into an object just behind the Magma members, earning cries of shock and a bewildered look from Phoebe.

"D-Dusclops! Sableye!" Phoebe cried out as her long-time friends were forced back by the intense flames before slamming into the side of the mountain. Dusclops cried out, its massive white hands singed as struggled against the powerful fire attack.

"Your title alone forces me to play at my best!" Holland roared before his Charizard clamped its jaw shut, extinguishing the flames. Dusclops collapsed to the torched earth, its body flickering with embers of red and gold.

Phoebe cursed to herself, whipping out her poke ball and returning Dusclops in a heartbeat before turning back to Holland. 'His Charizard was able to notice my pokemon's movements even with this fog around us?!' Clenching her fists, she turned back to Noah and Elisa who were frozen in place.

"Listen you two!" She started, voice hoarse with urgency. "Find that treasure and run away from here as fast as you can! I'll handle him, just-" Her voice slipped once she noticed Noah staring at Elisa. Sky blue eyes flashed with surprise once they noticed the distant look in Elisa's eyes. "Hey, what's wrong with her?!"

"Elisa! Hey, Elisa!" Noah shook the young researcher frantically but her expression was blank, void of life.

How long had it been? She could hear the voice of her friend calling her name, but her mind was so engrossed with the woman just steps away from her. The thoughts...the memories. They had all been suppressed for so long, why now? How could one person have such an affect on her?

Holland and Tori narrowed their eyes in thought at the scene before they followed Elisa's blank stare. It landed on one person who matched the same empty gaze. A chilling wind ripped through the air, snow beginning to fall once again as the Magma members began to surround Elisa and the rest of the group, but all of that did not matter to her now.

The reason as to why she became a researcher, after all these years, finally stood before her.


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