The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Mount Pyre Part III


As if time stood still, nothing moved in the tattered halls of Mount Pyre after the sickening explosion. Smoke and debris hung in the cold air leaving the impression that it was the end. But small chunks of rubble suddenly clattered onto the stone floor, hinting at a sign of life. A detached slab of stone from the ceiling shook slowly before finally being lifted high into the air. Slamming into the floor, the rubble clapped loudly as a large blue figure emerged from the pile of Mount Pyre's walls.

It was eerily quiet, to the Water/Ground type's surprise as it glanced back at its friends who were luckily shielded from the blast not too long ago. Panting heavily, Cobalt smirked to itself before collapsing onto the tattered floor, completely knocked out.

"...Damnit." Cole groaned in pain. His dark brown eyes opened slowly, but he quickly regretted it once debris and dirt disrupted his vision. His legs and arms were burning with open wounds, his ears rang continuously, disrupting his orientation as he tried to recollect himself.


His eyes snapped open once his sister's voice called out to him. Glancing down, energy seeped back into him once he noticed Kyra safely under him. Despite a few scratches, she looked fine. Relief washed over him as the young woman smiled in thanks.

Getting up slowly, Cole and Kyra could only stare in silence as they surveyed the area. The entire ceiling had collapsed on them. Above, a dark void of the upper levels of Mount Pyre peered back at them. Turning to his side, Cole flinched once he noticed Cobalt unconscious on the floor. Flygon was getting up slowly not too far from them, the dragon crying out in pain as it pushed a chunk of stone off of its tail.

"Cobalt!" Kyra cried, lifting herself from the rubble before sliding down to her pokemon. "...No-no…Come on get up!" Her dry lips shook violently but she could only stare in disbelief. Cole's dark brown eyes narrowed once he noticed his sister clench her fists in anger.

"Where is she!" Kyra roared, standing to her feet. She glared angrily into the void of smoke and debris but only silence answered her. "She'll pay for this! When I get my hands on her-"


The young woman snapped out of her anger to turn back to Cole who shook his head slowly. Seeing the open wounds along her brother's body as he slowly made his way down the pile of debris only fueled her anger. "But she...She-"

"She did it to escape." Cole announced, earning a surprised look from his sister. "I knew we had her outmatched, but I never thought she would take it this far to get an edge..." Making his way over to his Flygon who was still shaking its head of cobwebs, the young man knew that Shelly only used that attack in an attempt to flee.

"Where do you think she ran off to then?" Kyra asked quickly, holding her anger within as she turned back to Cobalt. Grabbing a few potions from her backpack, she sprayed the liquid onto the Water/Ground type only to earn a low growl of pain. Relief washed over her face once Cobalt opened his eyes slowly to meet hers.

"The same place that we need to go to…" Cole summarized as he looked up towards the upper levels of Mount Pyre. Fighting off the pain within, he sat beside his dragon who turned to him. "...I'll get you fixed up before we get there. Can you still fight?"

The Ground/Dragon let out a snarl, almost as if it was laughing at Cole. Smirking at Flygon, he reached for his backpack as well before pulling out a few potions. "We need to move quickly."

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

A young girl, short dark-brown hair tied in pigtails shyly looked up to a recorder as it buzzed softly into her ears. Blinking repeatedly, she clasped her small hands together before a small smile emerged from her small lips.

"I want to be just like mommy when I grow up!"

Elisa, still frozen in shock, stared wide-eyed at the older woman among the group of three. For years, the world had questioned the whereabouts of Professor Elizabeth Snider, leading researcher on ancient Pokemon Mythology. Yet over those ten years, not a single clue had emerged for the baffled police of Hoenn as to why she would disappear. Many had assumed she was kidnapped for her genius, yet no one had sent a ransom, nor had she any enemies. It was over that timeless decade that Elisa dedicated herself to follow her mother's footsteps, not only to honour her, but to mitigate the pain of losing her.

Any child would do that for their beloved parent. That was her entire foundation and remedy in dealing with the tragic loss of her mother. Her mother was a good person that was taken from her.

However, foundations can be shattered.

Elisa's nails dug into her palms. Finally returning from her shock as the woman across the snowy grass smirked to herself. "...Y-You-"


The young researcher snapped her mouth shut as her mother's light brown eyes flashed with anger. Such a sharp voice and cold eyes that held no mercy. This was not how she remembered her mother!

"To think that the one who solved the mystery of the Dragon Plates would be my own daughter!" Elizabeth scoffed before crossing her arms. "Members of Team Aqua, listen up! That girl there will be the key to obtaining Kyogre's powers!"

Noah gasped, blue eyes trembling once the older woman's words hit his ears. Taking in a sharp breath of freezing air, the similarities between them became painfully obvious. However that was not the reason for his utmost shock, it was the sudden pressure of both Team Magma and Aqua surrounding them. 'What the hell do we do now?!'

"M-Mom-" It was hard for her to breath, Elisa gasped for air as Elizabeth stared down at her. "Why are you doing this! W-Why did you join Team Aqua!"

Elizabeth kissed her teeth, offering to ignore her instead. "Aqua, get her!"

"As if I'm going to let you do as you please!" Phoebe roared before grabbing more pokeballs from her belt. "Dusknoir, Banette, Dusclops let's go!"

"Even if you are an Elite Four Member…" Holland smirked as his own Magma members began to advance. "Do you really think you can defeat our new organization?"

"New organization?!" Phoebe took a step back as her team of Ghost pokemon surrounded Noah, Elisa and herself from the Aqua and Magma members.

"There is a reason why you see both Team Magma and Aqua before you!" Holland laughed as both teams suddenly saluted him. Some of the members within the groups looked on in confusion at their comrades actions but remained silent.

"This resurrection would not have been possible with Team Magma alone." The man's words were firm with confidence as men and women, coloured in red and blue suddenly marched to his side of the field, earning looks of shock from the other side. Tori, glancing at Cole's supposed friends could only hold her tongue as Holland's smirk grew. "Maxie and Archie weren't able to make a difference two years ago because they sought the wrong prize! They sought to change Hoenn with only one God! We however will make a difference with all three!"

Elisa's eyes widened once Holland pointed to the skies. 'He's after-'

"We are the unification of the lands and seas! Our prize is to control all three beasts and thus the very fabric of nature itself. From this day forth we will be known as Team Sky and Rayquaza will be our very own weapon!"

Cheers erupted from the new members of Team Sky as Elisa and the others hung in a state of disbelief.

"Team Sky?"

"Professor Snider why?!"

"But we would never work with them!"

"How could you do this to us Holland!"

"I'll never leave Team Aqua!"

Shouts of protest and disbelief erupted from the remaining members of Aqua and Magma but they were silenced once a piercing jet of fire exploded at their feet. The men and women cried out in pain, scattering as Holland's Charizard rose into the chilly fog, glaring down at its new foes.

"The losses that our teams faced two years ago can never be fixed!" Holland started, earning everyone's attention. "I could tell from the day Groudon and Kyogre fought that we were truly outmatched when it came to dealing with those ancient pokemon! Two opposing powers will only bring destruction to Hoenn, that is why we lost! In order to control everything must unite in order to achieve our goals. Once the prize of Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza are rightfully ours, only then can we finally obtain something that is truly beyond this world!"

"Now...JOIN US-"

"Water Pulse!"

Holland's red eyes narrowed with annoyance once a supersonic wave of dense water nearly collided with his Charizard. The Fire/Flying type growled angrily as it and everyone else turned to the entrance of Mount Pyre's peak. Standing tall with flaming red hair, Shelly clenched her fists once her eyes focused on the scene before her. By her side, Walrein let out a demanding cry, earning the attention of Charizard before sliding in front of its Trainer.

"...So this was your true intention." Shelly's voice was icy as she glared at Elizabeth who scoffed at her in response. "You dare disrespect Team Aqua to join these fools." Walrein suddenly opened its massive jaw as Shelly pointed at her targets. "I'll be taking my men back now!"

"We're almost there!" Panting heavily, Cole yelled out to his sister who was just behind him. It felt like they had been running for hours up the gruelling stone steps of Mount Pyre, but he would not stop now.

"Hold on!"

A sudden tremor rang throughout the walls, nearly knocking Kyra off balance before she snagged onto the thick walls for support. "They must really be going at it!" The young girl gasped as debris filtered out from the ceiling onto her head. "You think everyone's up there right now?"

"Team Magma and Aqua's leaders are up there-" Cole took in a sharp breath, his chest tightening as a faint breeze danced across his skin. Elisa's face suddenly flashed across his eyes and he clenched his fists. No matter the outcome, he would tell her everything once this was all over.

"I can hear them!"

Kyra's sudden voice tore Cole from his thoughts before his sister rushed by him towards the peak of Mount Pyre. Steeling himself, he ran after his sister towards the faint light ahead.

"Walrein, Blizzard!"

"Charizard, Flamethrower!"

Cole and Kyra gasped from the entire scene before them. The usual peaceful and serene graveyard of Mount Pyre's peak was now alight with flames and ice as members of Team Magma and Aqua continued to wage war.

"Where are they!" Sharpening his eyes among the chaos of battles, Cole quickly noticed that members of both teams were facing their own to his surprise. Dark brown eyes flashed with even more surprise once they caught onto a young woman in a floral dress. Ghost pokemon surrounded her, defending themselves as continuous waves of fire and water attacks slammed against their bodies.

"There they are!" Kyra cried out, following Cole's sight. "Those punks are surrounding them!"

"Elisa!" Cole's heart pounded once he noticed Noah and Elisa were cornered not too far from Phoebe by multiple members of Team Magma and Aqua. Noah had his Wartortle and Wingull in front of them, though they were severely beaten and panting heavily. It was his time to help out!

"Solrock, Aggron let's go!"

"Viggy, Windy!"

Noah gasped once the gang of grunts surrounding them suddenly began to glow a dark blue. Blinking in confusion along with his pokemon, aqua eyes widened in shock as they were hurled towards the other side of the field and into the stone walls. Their pokemon cried out in confusion, sprinting after their Trainers to help as Wartortle and Wingull let out exhausted sighs.

"How did-" Relief suddenly washed over his confusion as a familiar white figure jumped in front of Wartortle and Wingull who grinned with appreciation.

"Elisa, Noah!"

The young sailor turned to his side and relaxed slightly when he noticed Cole and Kyra running to his side. "About time you two showed up!" He smirked before pointing towards Holland and Shelly's battle. "I thought something happened to you two when she attacked everyone!"

Cole let out a relieved sigh but quickly noticed Elisa gazing in the direction not too far from Holland. He followed her gaze and froze slightly when he noticed a middle-aged woman that looked strikingly similar to the researcher. "...Who is that-"

A sudden explosion of hot winds choked the air, sending the group to their knees. Coughing from the heavy smoke, Cole gasped once Shelly's Walrein flew across the air charred in flames before slamming into many of the tombstones behind the Aqua leader.


Elisa, hearing that name boom throughout the air snapped her from her trance. Light hazel eyes widened once the intimidating man with red eyes grinned darkly in her direction. Her hands still shaking, Elisa noticed Cole getting up beside her. Her heart jumped once she felt the same deadly aura emanating from him similar to the time at the Desert Ruins.

"How long has it been, my boy!" Holland roared, his Charizard landing beside him, kicking up more snow and debris. "Now that you're here, we can finally get all of the Dragon Plates together!"

"It's not going to be like that-" Cole's voice was low, anger flaring in his eyes as one of the pokeballs on his belt opened by itself. Its hardened claws digging into the cold earth, Houndoom glared down at Charizard who simply smirked.

Holland's red eyes darkened once he noticed the young man's glare. "Ah...So this is what happens when I give you a second chance?" His fist clenched, stepping forward as he took in the small group around his best admin.

"How could you leave Team Magma for such weak people?"

Cole felt his chest crush within once surprised gasps pierce him from behind, cutting at his ears like knives. He did not turn around however, but remained focused on Holland's glare. With his dark secret finally exposed, he felt like turning around in attempt to explain everything to them.

But this was not the time.

"Cole, I'm going to say this to you once and only once." Holland started, his hand outreached towards Cole's still figure. "Give me the Dragon Plates."

Houndoom suddenly growled before Aggron and Solrock took their sides for Cole and the rest of the group.

"I see…" Holland's gaze darkened. His hand turned into a fist before he finally dropped it harmlessly to his side. Turning to his Charizard, his tone was ice cold with his next words. "Destroy them."

"Houndoom Flamethrower!"

Charizard's massive body erupted with hot air before releasing a powerful jet of fire to counter Houndoom's attack. Cole flinched once he noticed his pokemon's attack pushed back immediately, advancing at a rapid rate towards them.

Houndoom dug its claws into the earth, barely maintaining its balance from being overpowered by Holland's Charizard. From past battles between them, the fire hound was not all too surprised. Charizard was one of the strongest opponents it has ever faced.

As the flames ignited the top of Mount Pyre in a brilliant array of red and yellow, Elisa quickly noticed a faint light emitting from Cole's backpack. Hazel eyes flickered with a mixture of aqua blue and amber red, the lights hypnotizing her as their intensity increased. They were beginning to respond to something, she knew it, but where was it?

Although frozen in place as Kyra's pokemon suddenly jumped in front of the group to assist Cole's Houndoom, Elisa scanned the area quickly for any sign of it. With the intense flames burning an entirely new field of vision for herself, she gasped once a faint green light shone in the distance just behind the elderly couple.

'There it is!'

The key to unlocking the mystery of Rayquaza, the answer to her questions and the final treasure of their journey. Elisa did not know what to feel as the light of the final Dragon Plate graced her senses. "I found you-" Suddenly, the young woman felt her body being lifted into the air.

"...Huh?" Too confused as to why everyone was suddenly upside down to her, Elisa blinked repeatedly once she noticed Cole, Noah and Kyra screaming at her. Their faces were alight with panic before it finally dawned upon her that she was being hung from the air!

"Put her down Holland!" Cole roared while turning his attention to a massive plant-like creature that screeched from behind the leader of the newly formed Team Sky.

"Gladly," Holland's red eyes glinted before he snapped his fingers at his Victreebel. In one sudden motion, the Flycatcher pokemon reeled its thick vines in, hurling Elisa into the ground beside it. The researcher cried out as snow and debris erupted into the air from the force of impact. "That's one down."

"Elisa!" Staring wide-eyed at the semi-conscious woman, Cole turned to Solrock. "Get her back with Psychic!" The Meteorite pokemon obeyed, its entire body glowing a dark blue before Elisa's frame mimicked the eerie glow.

"Not so fast!"

Cole froze in place once Holland's Victreebel raised Elisa above its massive mouth. Solrock stopped its attack immediately once the Grass/Poison type lowered the researcher lower into its gaping digestive system.

"I'll be taking Elisa back," Elizabeth announced confidently, the fiery light making her features more ominous, "along with those Dragon Plates of yours!" In one swift motion, Snider threw a pokeball into the air to everyone's surprise. In a flash of bright light, a strange pokemon materialized beside Charizard.

"What kind of pokemon is that?!" Noah blurted in confusion to the new creature. It dawned an almost maiden-like figure with a white dress, however its haunting blue and gold eyes said otherwise as it let out a chilling cry.

"Froslass, Blizzard!" The Snow Land pokemon let out another shrill cry before it waved its arms upward. Suddenly a monstrous gust of icy wind rocketed towards Cole and the rest of the group.

"Windy, Fire Blast-" But it was too late for Kyra, the surprising speed of the attack caught everyone off guard, sending Cole, Noah, their pokemon and herself across the tattered graveyard.

"AHHHH!" They slammed into the ground, letting out cries of pain as the intense ice attack clawed at their senses.

Houndoom growled angrily, jumping back to its feet despite the freezing winds piercing against its fur. Looking to its side, it could see Aggron making its way towards Cole and the others in an attempt to shield them from the onslaught of the powerful ice attack.

Tori's eyes shook with mixed emotions as Cole's screams were drowned out by the brutally cold winds. Holland continued to look on without even a glimmer of empathy as one of his most trusted Admins was punished before him. What was she supposed to do? Helping Cole would only lead to her own demise yet sitting back and doing nothing would only lead to Hoenn's demise. Her skin paled before lowering her head in defeat.

'Her pokemon are no joke...' Kyra swore to herself as she got up groggily, her skin frostbitten. As Aggron continued to fight off Froslass' Blizzard attack, she noticed most of the other pokemon barely moving on the ground behind her. Windy, Viggy and Solrock were still shaking themselves off from the surprise attack but it was the sailor that caught her attention. Noah was unconscious, his body slumped against a gravestone along with his Wartortle and Wingull. Kyra grimaced from the sight before turning back to the supposed leaders of Team Magma. 'What can I do now...I'm out of pokemon!'

"Holland," Snider's voice was sharp, catching the man's attention as he observed Froslass' overwhelming power. "...It's the boy with the Houndoom," Her eyes narrowed with a quick observation, "the plates are in his backpack."

Red eyes flashed from her words. Turning back to the battlefield, he smirked as Cole's Houndoom and Aggron struggled from the fierce winds. "Victreebel, you have one more to catch. You know who it is!" In one swift motion, the Flycatcher pokemon let out another scream before launching a thick vine over the freezing winds towards Cole's still form.

"Cole!" Kyra cried out desperately as her brother was flung into the air.

Houndoom, despite the pelting winds noticed its Trainer being lifted overhead. Snapping its jaw open, it released a powerful jet of fire, piercing through the icy air. Holland flinched once his Victreebel let out a pained cry, releasing Cole from its grip. He landed with a thud, rolling continuously across the snowy grass before he slamming into another tombstone. Cole let out an agonizing cry of pain as Holland turned to his long time Admin.

"We have both of them now." Snider started, turning to her daughter who groaned. "It's about time we finish off the rest before dealing with Phoebe."

"I agree," Holland nodded, his eyes never wavering as Cole clutched at his back. "You hear that Cole!"

"Before we end this reunion for good I just want to thank you for finally getting the Dragon Plates for us!" Cole and Elisa both opened their eyes, their worlds in disarray as Holland's booming voice sounded over the freezing winds and roars of battles around them.

"I knew you would make Team Magma proud!"

'Magma...Magma?...Mag-' Elisa froze once she noticed Cole not too far from her. His body was beaten and bruised, ice and dirt tattered his clothes but it was the guilty look upon his face that tore at her heart the most. It all came to her so quickly, like a knife to her back. Everything that they had been through; travelling together, learning from one another and sharing moments with each other.

It was all a lie.

He had been using her to find the Dragon Plates to help Team Magma all along? The reason he wanted to see Rayquaza was to control it? He had known that her mother was alive all this time? He never cared about her? So many questions ravaged her mind that it hurt. It hurt so much! Struggling to free herself from Victreebel's grasp, tears began to blur her vision as Cole lowered his head in shame. "...Why Cole…"

"Elisa." The young woman gasped, turning to her mother who was watching her closely. "Once this is all over, you'll finally be able to see the glory of a Legendary pokemon..." The young researcher struggled to fight for her freedom but Elizabeth continued to smirk.

"Now Charizard," Holland commanded as his star pokemon opened its jaws again, aiming towards Cole's pokemon. "End this-"


The Leader of Team Sky froze in place, surprised that he suddenly could not hear his own voice. Staring at his Charizard in confusion, his red eyes flashed with shock once he noticed both Charizard and Froslass were rigid.

'W-What was that?' His mind echoed as the entire field fell into a void of silence.

Phoebe, panting with her few remaining pokemon beside her could only stare wide-eyed at the sky along with the last able grunts of Magma and Aqua.

'What in world was that?!' Shelly, tending to her Walrein along with a few loyal Aqua members, could only shake in fear by the deafening boom that shook her to the very core.

Kyra clung onto Aggron, frozen in place along with the rest of the remaining pokemon, their eyes staring to the heavens as well.

"T-That couldn't be-" Tori could not stop herself from shaking as she covered her ears in an attempt to stop them from ringing. The old couple beside her remained still, their attention focused on the bitter sky above as the entire mountain remained silent as if in complete awe.

Elizabeth and Elisa both jolted their sights upward, eyes wide with realization, but they could only make out an ominous grey void that stared right back at them.


Cole, hearing that deafening roar from above for the second time in his life immediately felt his entire being shake just like before. Glancing at his trusted fire hound who caught his eyes, he nodded slowly. It had been two long years since such a life changing roar sent shivers down his spine.

Taking his only chance with everyone still frozen in place, Cole shot up from his spot. With every muscle in his body screaming to stop, the young man tore through the snow towards Victreebel. His thoughts were rampant, would he be able to save Elisa? What would happen to the Dragon Plates? Would he die?

None of that mattered now as he slammed into Victreebel's frame with enough force for it to drop Elisa to the snowy ground in surprise. Elizabeth, surprised by the sudden movement could only watch with shock as Cole quickly wrapped Elisa around his arms battered frame.


"What?!" Holland gasped once a jet of ripped between Froslass and Charizard's still frames before sniping the Grass/Poison type with enough force to send it into the stone steps leading up to the old couple.

"Stay out of our way!" Elizabeth shrieked as she pointed towards Cole. "Froslass Ice Beam-" Her voice suddenly was caught in her throat as a sudden bolt of lightning tore through the skies. The light blinded her senses before a massive explosion erupted from the very peak of Mount Pyre. Tori and the old couple cried out in shock as stones and boulders flew into the air.


Phoebe screamed in horror as the couple flew back from the explosion, sliding across the shattered grounds. The force of the lightning attack was so strong the entire mountain shook violently as everyone dropped to the floor to stable themselves. Cole and Elisa stared up into the heavens with fear, their thoughts aligned knowing what pokemon watched from above. However they both felt a rush of adrenaline once a green light flashed before them. As if a slab of ice against concrete, the final Dragon plate clattered in front of Cole and Elisa. Staring at the treasure with mixed emotions, they could only hang their mouths in awe at the sight of the ancient treasure despite the chaos around them.


It was the same voice from Lavaridge, Elisa quickly realized as another bolt of lightning tore into the mountain side, shaking its entire core once again. A knot formed in her throat as the Sky plate began to glow ominously. She knew it was wrong...a trap. But why was it so hard to overcome?!

...Come to me...

Cole slowly reached out to the Sky plate.

"-Cole wait!" Elisa cried out but it was too late as the man touched the Sky plate's scaly surface. Hazel eyes flashed as Cole's arm began to radiate a deep green, along with the Sky, Earth and Sea Plates.

"He has the last Dragon plate!" Holland cursed as the Ocean and Earth plates began to radiate in their own brilliant colours. A piercing light suddenly erupted from all of the plates to Cole's surprise, engulfing him before he looked up to the skies.

It was done.

"It's unreal!" Kyra cried out as Aggron dug its hind legs into the earth from the force of the energy. Members of Magma and Aqua cried out in shock and fear as energy waves tore through the earth in random directions, knocking multiple people unconscious.

"Ahhhh!" Elisa screamed as more shockwaves of energy erupted from the plates. She screamed out in pain as her body was hurled into the ground once again.


A jolting pain erupted in her arm from the force of hitting the earth. Her head snapped back, slamming into the tombstone, she felt the world around her wash over into darkness as the last thing she saw was Cole enveloped in pure white light.

"Does he have control of Rayquaza now?!" Elizabeth gasped as more shock waves of energy erupted from around the pillar of light that continued to pierce the grey clouds above. She could not believe her eyes as all three plates let out a chorus of ominous drones, coming in unison with a deafening roar from above. Her heart pounded with each passing second as the light became more intense. "T-They finally answered the long lost puzzle of Hoenn!" She cried as another shock wave sent her flying backwards. Screaming out in pain from the impact, the woman slammed into the ground from the force of the plate's energy.

"That power will be mine!" Holland roared as he turned to his Victreebel who rose slowly from the shattered grounds. "Get me the Dragon Plates!" Victreebel let out a shriek before it launched three thick vines towards Cole. In an instant the Ocean, Earth and Sky plates were wrapped with thick flora, snapping Cole from his trance.

Yanking them from the ex-Magma member, Victreebel handed them towards Holland who greedily snatched them into his own grasp. 'Finally….Finally…..Finally!' His lips curled into a demonic grin as Cole dropped to the ground, panting heavily for air as the light faded from around him.

"...What have I done." Cole muttered, his eyes void of life as the remaining orbs of light faded around him. Dropping to his knees, he did not feel like himself, as if it was not his own body. It did not feel right at all...Sluggish, empty, out of place. The young man gasped for air once again as Holland laughed from behind him, all three plates in hand.

Turning slowly, he felt his heart break once he noticed Elisa's still figure against a shattered tombstone.

This was the end.

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