The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Mount Pyre Part IV

You did this.

Looking around; Phoebe, the Magma and Aqua members, the elderly couple, the pokemon, Noah and his sister were all severely beaten and still with fear.

It's your fault.

A large majority of the remaining Trainers were knocked out, groaning and moaning in pain from the force of the plate's energy. His own lack of effort to save his pokemon that day led him to this conclusion...He had hurt so many people and thrown Hoenn into despair again….and for what?! He could not find the answers.

Focusing on Elisa's form, dark brown eyes faded with sadness and anger as he clenched his fists. Now with Holland holding all three Dragon plates, their hard work suffocated in his relentless grip, Cole felt the pressure finally get to him. He had nothing left.

"Do you finally get it Cole?" Holland's chuckle snapped the broken man from his trance. "This is your reason for existence. To be nothing but a tool!"

Cole froze in place as the words hit him like a sledgehammer.

"Do you see these people here?" Holland laughed at the injured Trainers around him. "Everyone is used! Be the smart, fast, strong, idiotic or weak! Everyone is used by someone who stands above them!" He smirked as Cole flinched in response. Red eyes burned with passion as he watched over the members of the once villainous Team Magma and Aqua. "The only reason we wanted you was for you ability to accomplish our goals! Your power was essential in sustaining Team Magma, that's why I held onto you!" His laugh grew louder and louder, spreading throughout the summit of Mount Pyre.

"...Don't...Don't listen to him..." Kyra coughed horribly as she struggled to stand behind Aggron's beaten form. Her pokemon had no fight in them and she felt the same way as sharp bolts of pain struck her body relentlessly." can stop him-" The young girl cried out before collapsing against Aggron.

"...But now with Rayquaza at my side, I will be able to unite these pathetic groups into one and become Team Sky!" Raising one of his hands to the dark clouds above, Holland laughed hysterically as the three plates began to glow once again.

"Now Rayquaza! Show me your-" Red eyes flashed with shock once a stream of fire was launched towards him. His face hardened before his Charizard's Flamethrower blasted through the attack, streaks of red, yellow and orange highlighting his anger.

Cole slowly turned to his side before his eyes widened. A small ray of hope filled his heart once he noticed Tori and her own pokemon glaring at Holland. However it was the small angelic bug-like pokemon that floated beside the woman that made his heart beat faster.

"S-Shedinja!" Cole cried out, holding his arms out like a lost child before the Shed pokemon floated to his side. "I'm so sorry for not coming back sooner!" The Bug/Ghost type droned softly, allowing Cole to embrace it further in their long awaited reunion.

"Tori…." Holland started, his eyes flaring with malice for the Magma Admin. "How many times must you get in my way!" Charizard immediately lifted itself from the ground before it launched a powerful jet of fire towards Tori.

"Claydol Light Screen!" Her orders were sharp as the Clay Doll pokemon immediately raised a purple screen that shielded them from Charizard's intense flames. Wasting no time with her only chance to stop this twisted man, she pointed towards Holland. "Absol, Thunder Wave!"

"Sol!" Blue-lightning danced across the shattered earth towards Holland. The leader of Team Sky let out a cry as he was sent back by the attack. Rolling across the grass, he quickly grabbed another Poke ball from his free hand.

"-What the hell is this!" The man gasped once he noticed his body struggling to move. Glancing down at his hand, he cursed once he noticed it glowing a deep purple.

"...You little-"

"Take that plate away from him Grumpig!" Tori ordered as her Grumpig waved its arm to the right, sending Holland across the shattered graveyard. He cried out in pain as he slammed into the earth, the three Dragon Plates sliding in multiple directions. Cole, Tori and Elizabeth held their breaths as the treasures slid across the beaten earth.

Tori's amethyst eyes glinted with hope as Holland groaned in pain. "Grumpig grab the-" Her voice was cut off once a blur ripped through the snowy terrain and slammed into Grumpig. She gasped in shock as her pokemon flew backwards, crashing into the thick mountain walls. Before she could even react, the strange figure leapt into the air with sharp claws.

"No-" She shielded her face and screamed before Ninetales hurled her body in front of the attack. The disgusting sound of tearing flesh dug into her ears. "N-Ninetales-" Tori paled once she noticed her trusted Fire pokemon hissing angrily as a black pokemon struggled to free itself from the fox's fangs. Despite stopping the now identified Sneasel from attacking her, she noticed that it had plunged its claws into Ninetales' leg.

"You really think you're going to stop us now?!"

Tori froze once she noticed a lone figure standing in the distance. Professor Snider was panting heavily as she held a Poke ball in hand, it was her Sneasel after all that attacked. "You can't stand against Team Sky alone!"

"I wouldn't be trying if I couldn't!" Tori snapped back as her Ninetales hissed, fangs digging deeper into Sneasel's frail arms. "Ninetales hold Sneasel off, Claydol use Rock Tomb-don't let her near the Dragon Plates!"

"It's too late for that-" Turning to her daughter who was still lay unconscious, she smirked once she noticed one of the plates laying by her figure. "I must get the plates back...The plates!"

"Shedinja Shadow Ball!" Cole's broken voice caught Elizabeth off-guard. She gasped as Cole's long time friend harnessed a massive ball of dark energy. Launching it with impressive speed, it exploded at Snider's feet. She screamed, sliding back again into a pile of rubble. Wasting no time, Cole quickly threw another Poke ball into the air. "Flygon get her!" In a flash of white light, Flygon roared as it zoomed towards the two women.

"Don't you dare-" Elizabeth was cut off as massive boulders dropped in front of her, cutting her off from the sacred treasure.

Hissing in pain, Holland froze once Flygon scooped up Elisa and one of the Dragon Plates before rising into the air. Before he could yell out a command, another jet of fire rocketed towards his Charizard, sending it over his head and into the stone walls.

"Get her out of here now!" Cole's eyes were saucers as he screamed his next words. The Dragon/Ground type obeyed lifting itself higher into the air before zooming off into the safety of the dense fog.

"Oh you've done it now…." Holland's snarled as he got to his knees, a dull pain radiating through his body. "The power to control the Legendary pokemon Rayquaza...was in my hands...I could have commanded nature itself...and you took that away from me!"

"Cole!" Tori cried as she ran to the young man's side. He nodded in thanks as she pulled him to his feet. "I can fend them off," Her voice was erratic, a mixture of emotions for her sudden decision to protect one of her long time friends. "Can you get out of here with your pokemon-"

"Are you crazy!" He snapped back at her, earning a surprised look. "I won't let you fight them alone-" His words were sincere as he reached for his belt again before opening a Poke ball. "We'll work together!" Nidoking materialized in front of the duo, his sharp eyes targeting Charizard and Holland who continued to shake themselves off.

"I've given you two so many chances…" Holland growled before he snatched two balls from his belt. With the dense fog clouding his vision, he quickly calculated that Cole's Flygon was beyond his reach now. His anger only boiled over as a faint roar sounded from above him. With only two Dragon Plates together, it was safe to assume that the legendary beast was no longer in his control.

Glancing in the direction of the attack that his Charizard he could see Cole's Houndoom snarling, readying its next attack. "I will have the power of Rayquaza….by any means! Magcargo, Camerupt!"

Cole and Tori flinched once the Lava and Eruption pokemon took their sides next to Holland. Their dark eyes flared as the leader of Team Sky smirked. "This isn't some little battle. Now you'll fight for your lives…" He pointed towards Kyra and Noah who lay defenceless, catching Cole's attention in an instant.

"Eruption and Fire Blast!"

"Claydol, Absol intercept them!" Tori's pokemon reacted on instinct as Absol whipped the sickle on its head forward, slashing through Magcargo's powerful fire attack. The power of the Lava pokemon's attack sent Absol flying back, crashing into the shattered earth with a thud.

"From above!" Cole cried as Camerupt's Eruption of dense lava descended. Claydol droned, a thick screen spanning over Kyra, Noah and their pokemon. The impact pulled at Cole's heart as the Tori's pokemon struggled to stop the advancing destruction from consuming his family. He was about to call out to his pokemon but gasped once Shedinja flew towards Holland. It let out a shrill cry before forming a powerful Shadow Ball.

"Stay out of this!"

The ex-Magma Admin gasped once Shedinja froze in place, its attack disintegrating before its hollow eyes. A haunting voice caught Cole's attention as Froslass materialized behind Shedinja, its body glowing a deep black along with his pokemon. "What is she doing?!" Cole swore before a jet of fire collided with the Shed pokemon's frail body.

"S-Shedinja!" Cole cried out from Magcargo's surprise attack before turning to Nidoking who roared out. "Send it back with Flamethrower!" The Drill pokemon obeyed, spewing an intense flame towards Elizabeth's pokemon.

"Should you really be paying attention to her right now?!"

Dark brown eyes flashed with fear as Claydol's cries intensified. The Eruption attack was beginning to take its toll, Claydol's psychokinetic energy draining from the pressure, it shook violently as the lava began to seep through multiple cracks in the purple screen. He was really going to do this!

"Stop it Holland!"

"Claydol don't you dare back down!"

"I'm only getting started, how long can you truly take me on!" Holland roared as he pointed towards Claydol's struggling form. "Charizard Flamethrower!"


Cole's desperate plea was heard as the Poison/Ground type whipped its head around, bending its attack to intercept Charizard's incredible firepower. The young man could only shake in fear, his body unwilling to move as Camerupt's attack continued to suffocate Claydol. Houndoom, beaten terribly, dug its claws into the frozen earth as it released its own attack to help Nidoking against Charizard. The two attacks struggled to keep pace as Holland's Charizard began to glow a deep red.

'It's Blaze ability!' Tori feared before she let go of Cole and ran towards Kyra and Noah's beaten forms.

"That's as far as you go-" Watching the young woman's retreating form, Elizabeth's nails dug into thick rocks before she pointed towards Tori. "Ice Beam!"

"AHH!" Tori screamed as she dropped to the ground, her leg encased in ice as Froslass hovered above her. Crying in pain, she clawed and slapped at the solid block of crystal to free herself.

"Niiiine!" Ninetales gasped, releasing Sneasel from its claws before dashing towards her Trainer.

"Vine Whip!"

The Fire fox froze in place once thick vines whipped by her before entangling Tori's neck and waist. She gagged, eyes wide with fear as Holland smirked from his place. His pokemon had the advantage. "It ends here-"


Cole watched in shock as an explosion of dark energy ripped into Holland, sending the man flying with a heavy cry of pain. Confused and relieved from the attack, he turned to its source. "But-" his eyes widened once he noticed Shedinja's torn body struggle to get up. 'Shedinja can't take any super-effective hits...or else-' Even with his knowledge of Shedinja's abilities, his heart could tell that it was going beyond its limits to protect them.

Wasting no time, Ninetales released a powerful jet of fire against Victreebel's vines, earning a shrill cry of pain in return. The thick flora, peppered with hot flames, released Tori before waving and twisting in the air as Ninetales released another jet of fire towards Froslass, fending it off from Tori's fearful form. "N-No, you have to help the others!" Tori coughed horribly as air finally reached her lungs.

"You're fighting a losing battle here!" Holland growled before he pointed towards Shedinja's frail form. "You will pay for your betrayal!"

"Shedinja get out of there-"


It all happened too quickly...Victreebel, despite the flames burning its vines suddenly snatched his Shedinja's hollow body before flinging it towards Claydol. Before words could form in his mouth, he could see Holland screaming something towards his Camerupt, Magcargo and Charizard. All three Fire types acted in unison as the spout of intense lava was hurled towards Shedinja.


Camerupt's Eruption attack engulfed Shedinja's body before two massive fire stars collided with the cascading lava from above. An intense explosion of super-heated air and fire consumed the entire mountain, propelling everyone back as a fire storm was born, blinding everyone.

Everyone….except Cole.

He could see it...


Right before the explosion lit Mount Pyre in an array of fire, Shedinja turned to Cole, its hollow eyes sending a pulse of sincerity into the depths of his heart as the lava peeled away its physical form. He would be losing his friend for the very last time.


Fire….earth….snow...Mount Pyre was shrouded in thick smoke as an intense explosion propelled itself into the thick fog. Flocks and hoards of wild pokemon cried out in fear and surprise as the entire mountain shook violently. Carvanha, at the base of the mountain could only look on helplessly as streaks of rock, fire and debris plunged into the still lake. Trainers and residents looked on from multiple directions as they took in in the chaotic sight. The once peaceful Mount Pyre was engulfed in flames.

Cole gagged horribly, the poisonous air choking his senses as he struggled to regain his state of mind. It all felt like a nightmare that would not end. He wheezed, he could not breath, it hurt. It hurt too much, this had to be a twisted nightmare, some horrible fantasy, a terrible joke. But the pain...the pain was too much. His chest burning with every breath. His still face was drenched with tears; salt, dirt and blood encased his lips as Cole rolled onto his back. He blinked once as the skies stared down, leering at his pathetic form. No, this was not his imagination...Now he finally understood...

This was reality…

Elisa...Noah...Kyra...Tori...the pokemon…


His body would not move, only pain and regret consumed him as a deafening silence cut through his ears. The cold air puncturing his exposed wounds and beaten skin, his fingers and legs stiff, Cole suddenly heard something. A soft crunch of snow….then another, and another.

They were footsteps, coming towards him. With each deafening echo of snow, flashes of his adventure danced above his eyes that were void of light. Meeting Elisa for the first time….Noah….The Oceanic Museum...Sailing with everyone….Seeing his family once again….The Desert Ruins…His first meeting with Shedinja...

The steps stopped. Cole's pupils shook as they stared deep into piercing red eyes that held absolutely nothing. Shame, regret, empathy? Holland held nothing for his prodigy Trainer as his foot raised just above Cole's hollow gaze.

"...Just continue to sit there and watch Team Sky change the world."

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