The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Rise from Fall

"P-Please sir, you're in no condition to be outside! The weather has been very unpredictable lately, the city will be under a lockdown this morning!"

Shuffling his way out of the empty lobby of the Pokemon Centre, Cole ignored the nurse's pleas as he fitted his torn jacket around his bandaged arms.

"Please don't go outside sir-"

"Don't get in my way." His voice was sharp to Nurse Joy's surprise as the young man pulled the last Poke ball from his belt, threatening her. Fearful from his sudden change in expression, the woman nodded slowly, taking shaky uneven steps backwards before the glass doors closed her off from Cole's ominous glare.

Sighing, the young man made his way towards the outskirts of Lilycove. Each crunch into the light mat of white ringing into his numb ears, he took deep breaths. "...What do I do now." He questioned himself as his tired eyes glanced up to the dim street lights, making each soft flake twinkle with light. With Elisa's words still hanging over him, he clenched his fist angrily as cries of the vast ocean made their way to his senses.

'I did have a choice back then...Yet I held myself back because of Maxie...' He shook his head, disagreeing with his words. '...No, I'm the one to blame, not him. He disbanded Team Magma, I could have went back home and started over...but I didn't take that chance….I was a coward.' Cole placed a hand over his head before coming to a complete stop.

"I should have made better decisions…" Gazing up to the sky that was lit a faded blue dotted with a few clouds, tears began to form once again. "Why did I choose this type of life?...If I only left Magma when I had the chance...Where would I be-" He choked on his words as his pokemon flashed before his eyes. "...Shedinja wouldn't have-Damnit!" He screamed out before stomping the snowy earth beneath him.

Panting heavily, he was tired of it all now. "What the hell do I do now, I can't do anything." Suddenly the images of Houndoom, Flygon, Solrock, Nidoking, Aggron and Shedinja flashed before his faded eyes. Somewhere out there, his pokemon, his family and friends were cornered by the new Team Sky. He gazed towards the moon in the early morning sky with a saddened expression. "No. Not now...Not until I get them back...only then can I-" He stopped himself once he noticed a massive figure whip across the sky.

It was moving quickly, like a jet it piercing through the clouds but it made no sound. His dark brown eyes adjusting, Cole held his breath as the strange silhouette suddenly began to descend into the city. Peering with suspicion, Cole narrowed his eyes as he attempted to predict the strange figure's flight path. As his head moved slowly back towards the city, a sudden weight began to crush him once he noticed a very tall building illuminated with a few lights.

Lilycove Hospital.

Cole felt his heart begin to pound uncontrollably as his brain analyzed the figure's draconian structure. It was not a native of Hoenn, and he knew of only one Trainer that would have that kind of pokemon.

They knew.

It was moving too fast, there was only one way to stop it!


The Ground/Dragon type materialized in a flash of bright light before it rocketed itself into the night sky. Sprinting with all of this strength, Cole fought of the pain screaming from his wounds as his last pokemon tore through the cold air towards the hospital before him.

'Please get there!'

Sitting on the hospital bed with the Sky Plate in hand, Elisa trembled as she continued to re-read the scripture line for line. It must have already happened the very moment Cole touched the Sky Plate back in Mount Pyre. "They were never supposed to be together!" She cursed as the treasure continued to glow a dim green. "The Dragon Plates are meant to prevent something from happening...the complete destruction of Hoenn." Her mind raced, forcing her memory of each Dragon Plate's scripture.

"Each of the plates contains some portion of the Legendary Trio...and by activating them, we're going to make all three of them come back-This will recreate the climactic battle again!" Elisa nearly flung the treasure to the floor but stopped herself. The amount of power in her hands, she feared for her life as the plate began to shine brightly to her surprise. "That means Rayquaza may be after these plates now….or Groudon...or even Kyogre!"

Riolu's ears flinched once Elisa suddenly jumped from her bed and desperately moved towards her tattered clothes that lay behind her backpack. Eyes narrowing, it stood up from the tossed sheets as Elisa forcefully zipped her pants and slipped into her grey sweater. "Ri! Riolu!"

"W-We have to get out of here guys! W-Where are my shoes-" She cursed, stuffing the Sky Plate into her backpack before turning to her pokemon. "I made a terrible mistake trying to find these plates! They were hidden for a reason, and that was to keep people like me away from them!" Sticking her feet into a pair of socks, she huffed in frustration as Sealeo now began to panic along with Riolu.



"I know you want me to stay here, but everyone in this hospital will be in-"


Elisa screamed in horror once glass exploded beside her. Shards and debris roared throughout the room as dust engulfed her lungs. She did not know what was going on as she was propelled into the concrete walls with a thud. Landing into her arm, hazel eyes bulged as the pain ran across her entire body. Fighting off the excruciating pain, fear washed over as a massive rock-like dragon dug its massive claws into the tiles of the hospital floor.

"S-Someone help-EMERGENCY!"

Elisa could hear a nurse screaming out from the hallway, but remained frozen in fear as the Aerodactyl opened its gaping jaws towards her. "Please don't-"

"AEEEEERROOOOOO!" It screeched out in pain to Elisa's surprise as a blur of blue slammed into the pokemon's body, sending it into the wall with a thud. Riolu landed quickly, its feral eyes watching the groggy Rock/Flying type rise slowly.

Blinking with a mixture of emotions, Elisa desperately got to her feet and clung onto the frame of the door as Sealeo slid in front of her. Someone knew that she was here, and they only wanted one thing.


"Let's get out of here!" Elisa screamed at her pokemon before turning for the hallway. Riolu jumped back as Aerodactyl's piercing eyes began to shake viciously.

"Come on!...Come on!" Her heart racing and cold sweat cut at her skin, Elisa glanced back before slapping the elevator doors as Riolu and Sealeo guarded her. Alarms began to sound, blaring into her ears as staff began to run in multiple directions, running towards patient's rooms. "It's me they want, so just stay away from us!" She screamed out a warning as she stomped her foot impatiently. Glaring up towards the numbers above the metallic doors, she cursed as it slowly moved from one floor to the next.


Elisa gasped before whipping her head around. Aerodactyl stood in the hallway, its wings tucked in as it grumbled angrily. Hazel eyes began to tremble as the Fossil pokemon opened its massive jaws once again. Brilliant orbs of yellow energy began to condense into one another as it prepared some sort of attack.

"No-no-no-no please! Not here, don't-"

"AERO!" The very floor shook as Aerodactyl released a Hyper Beam towards Elisa and her pokemon.


Elisa screamed but the sound of the explosion silenced her cry. Tears filled her stained red eyes as she was hurled to the ground by something. The halls were shaking around her as the fire sprinklers ejected water immediately from the fire and smoke. Wheezing for air, Elisa could suddenly hear voices, all crying out in confusion and panic as to what was happening in a hospital of all places. Opening her eyes fearfully, she nearly screamed when she noticed Sealeo had taken the brunt of Aerodactyl's attack. Smoke rose from its body as it remained still, completely unconscious.


Elisa jumped from the bone-chilling screech as the Rock/Flying type began to storm its way towards them, knocking pieces of hospital equipment and earning shrieks of fear from staff and patients alike.

"I-I'm sorry Sealeo! I'm so sorry!" Fumbling with a Pokeball in her non-bandaged hand, Elisa quickly returned Sealeo before jumping to her feet. Anywhere, there had to be a way out of here!

"That's it!" She screamed with a sense of hope once she noticed the hospital stairway further down the hallway. Sprinting with all of her strength, Elisa desperately ran for her life as Aerodactyl let out another screech, except this time it shattered the electronic equipment as it sped towards her.

"Ahhh!" She shrieked in fear as a Supersonic wave boomed throughout the hospital floor. Slamming into the staircase, an all too familiar surge of pain rang throughout her body again as she clung onto the handle of the stairs in desperation. The alarm still blaring and shouts coming from every direction, Elisa cried in distress as Aerodactyl launched itself towards the staircase.

Elisa literally leapt towards the higher level as the rock beast clamped its razor-like teeth into the floor where the girl once stood. Riolu quickly launched its fist into Aerodactyl's face, earning another screech of pain as its pointed tail slammed into the cracked floors behind it, shattering more equipment in the frenzy of panic.

"Come on move!" Struggling with each uneven step, Elisa screamed at her legs to cooperate as she pulled herself up the stairs away from Aerodactyl who clawed and snarled at the pair as they made their away from it. Turning back to the vicious pokemon, Riolu gasped as the Rock/Flying type opened its jaws again to form another massive ball of energy.

"Ri!" Wasting no time, Riolu snatched Elisa's arm to her dismay before leaping with all of its strength.

A massive explosion ripped from within the hospital to Cole's surprise as he continued to sprint towards the building. Gasping for air, he did not stop himself as each step felt like fire burning his insides. "Don't you dare touch her!"

Screaming in fear, Elisa slammed her body through the steel doors of the rooftop. Collapsing in a heap, she wheezed as cold air burned her lungs and snow stung at her wounds. Riolu leaped through the doors just before an explosion sent the small pokemon flying behind Elisa's beaten form. "G-Get away from us-" She stared into the sky, her chest jumping with each forced breath as Aerodactyl slowly made its way out of the rubble of the staircase.

Screeching angrily, its long tongue lashed against its canines as Elisa slowly got onto her knees, desperate for air.

Riolu glared at the stone dragon but it could hardly move as pain screeched from its limbs. Taking the backlash of Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam attack, its heart sank as Elisa glanced back at him with a look of shame. He could feel her regret of not training him for these moments.

"You want this!" Elisa cried out, ripping her backpack off that held a glowing treasure within. Aerodactyl's eyes lit up once it noticed the green light spill out from the girl's backpack. The researcher watched it carefully as it stared at the glow like a beast to its only meal. There was no where to hide now as she heard Riolu cry out from behind her. "I can't stop you...Just take it then!" She wasn't a Trainer, her chances of beating this thing with Riolu alone was literally zero. It was over...Elisa began to sob as Aerodactyl stomped towards her, ready to take its prize.

"Ahhh! What is that?!"

An explosion suddenly ripped Elisa from her senses, sending her back towards Riolu's beaten form. Gasping in shock from where the attack came from, both her and Riolu narrowed their eyes as the dust and debris cleared.

"F-Flygon?!" Elisa couldn't contain the hope in her voice as Flygon pinned the struggling Rock/Flying-type into the concrete. Screeching angrily at its former comrade, Aerodactyl slashed its stone tail into Flygon's back, earning a snarl of pain. In that moment, the Fossil pokemon launched its fangs into Flygon's neck.

"No!" Elisa screamed as Cole's pokemon cried out in pain from the Crunch attack. Before the researcher could let out another word, Riolu launched itself towards Aerodactyl and slammed its palm into the monster's chest.

It screeched in surprise, a deafening cry that made Elisa clamp onto her ears. Sparks of electricity suddenly jolted from the Fossil pokemon before it dropped to the floor with a thud, convulsing and thrashing its body awkwardly.

"That was Riolu's Force Palm attack…" Elisa breathed as her pokemon quickly jumped onto Flygon's back to check its wounds. She had never known the potential of her pokemon, but one person was willing to bring it out.

'I won't always be there to protect you!'

Cole's harsh words from long ago pierced her as that moment finally surfaced, an Aerodactyl nearly taking her life to get her last treasure. "If he had not trained Riolu...We would have-"

"Fly!" The Ground/Dragon roared, snapping Elisa from her thoughts before it stormed towards her. Aerodactyl, despite a few sparks still jolting from its body let out another harsh cry before spreading its scaly wings to their full extent.

"Flygon its coming!" The dragon wasted little time before flipping Elisa onto its back and rocketing itself into the early morning sky.

The winds slashing through her hair, Elisa hung onto Flygon for dear life as she felt the force of gravity pull from below. She screamed as the bug dragon suddenly swerved its entire body to the left, dodging some sort of attack as it pierced through the cold air. Opening one eye, she could feel her heart threaten to jump from her chest as Aerodactyl snapped its jaws at Flygon's tail. Riolu screamed as well, waving one hand at the stone dragon from the back of Flygon's body in an attempt to ward it off. One blast of stones, then another and another but Flygon nimbly dodged each one as Elisa felt her body churn with each force of gravity pulling at her with the change of direction. Diving straight towards the empty streets as Aerodactyl surged above the trio, preventing their escape, Elisa's eyes bulged once she noticed a figure running towards them.


Hearing a desperate voice, Cole looked up to the roof of Lilycove hospital before he noticed Flygon's form. Relief washed over him as Elisa's fearful face came into view. Sliding to a stop on the slippery road, dark brown eyes narrowed once he noticed another figure dive-bombing from high above. "Flygon behind you!"

Riolu turned around and gasped once a beam of yellow energy rocketed towards them. Flygon, before anyone else could react, whipped its body around and launched a powerful jet of fire towards Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam.

Cole cried out in fear once a massive explosion lit up the sky. Covering his eyes, his heart skipped a beat once he noticed Elisa get knocked back by the force of the explosion.


Leaping with all of his strength, Cole screamed out in pain as he broke the woman's fall, barely catching her. Cursing in pain, Elisa cried out as the pair rolled across the snowy cobblestone roads before slamming into a garden of trash bags on the side of the barren streets.

"Cole!...Cole! Come on get up!" Elisa shook him violently as she attempted to wake the man. He groaned in pain before slowly opening his eyes. They stared at each other briefly, unspoken words shared between them before a massive figure slammed into the earth not too far from them.

"Flygon!" Cole cried as he got to his feet slowly with Elisa's support. Aerodactyl and Flygon roared and snarled at one another, biting and slashing as either one tried to get the upper-hand. Snow and debris lifted into the air as the two struggled with one another in their enraged cries.

Flinching from the sound of sirens, Cole clenched his fist. "I know where in a tight spot, but its now or never! Use Dragon Pulse!"

Eyes flared a light red before Flygon opened its mouth. Before Aerodactyl could react, a massive vacuum of wind and draconian energy ripped into Aerodactyl. It cried out in pain, its stone body crushing everything in its path as Flygon's new attack took its toll from close range. Cole and Elisa both covered their face as the Fossil pokemon ripped through the earth; paper, debris and stones tossing into the air as the Dragon Pulse mimicked the screech of a hurricane. Panting heavily, Flygon dropped its front claws into the ground in exhaustion.

Riolu, getting to its feet slowly gasped at the scene not too far from it. The entire street was a mess as flames and debris rained down from the previous attack. Street carts and trash cans littered the area as well, Flygon's Dragon Pulse had swallowed everything in its path. Panting heavily, it struggled to move towards the pair.

"Come on quickly….Into the alley!" Cole urged as he and Elisa made their way to Flygon. "We have to get out of sight, they may have sent more-"


Cole, Elisa, Riolu and Flygon flinched in shock as a deafening screech pierced from behind them. Brown eyes bulging in complete shock, the Fossil pokemon launched itself towards Cole and Elisa. That shock quickly hurled into disbelief as a large figure leaped in front of them before they could react. Aerodactyl tore its claws into Flygon's back, earning a deafening cry of pain. Slamming into the stone floor, Cole and Elisa watched with horror as a horrible red scar burned into Flygon's scales. It rolled continuously before slamming into a shop window. Glass and debris rained onto the unconscious pokemon as another alarm went off.

"F-Flygon-" Cole dropped to his knees, shaking violently as Aerodactyl's claw stopped glowing a dark green, finishing its Dragon Claw attack. "Please...Elisa-"

The young woman flinched from his voice.

"Just give it the Sky Plate."

She opened her mouth to say something, but stopped herself before turning back to Aerodactyl's vicious glare. She couldn't stop her hands from shaking as the tattered backpack slumped from her shoulder before dropping to the beaten earth. Once it got the plate...what would it do to me? The thought ravaged her mind as her legs trembled. "...T-Take it, just leave us-" Hazel eyes widened once the Fossil pokemon opened its mouth again.

Cole's dark brown eyes swelled with shock as Koji's pokemon smirked. It was his after all, they had never played within the rules. "Don't do-"

A faint light.

Aerodactyl stopped its attack, clamping its jaw shut as a faint ray of light obscured its vision.

Elisa blinked too, suddenly clutching onto the Sky Plate as a ray of light hit kissed the back of her neck. It was warm, the early morning rays gracing her beaten cheeks as the darkness of Lilycove's streets were chased away by the light.

Cole however was not focused on the light of the sun, but another. Pure white light, just like the sun, poured over him as he held his breath. Aerodactyl quickly noticed the rise in energy not too far from it as well before growling in anger stopping its Hyper Beam attack.

"...Riolu….he's going to-"

Jolting her head to the second source of light, Elisa suddenly felt tears stream down her cheeks to her surprise as her little baby began to morph in front of her, the sun's rays blinding everyone's vision as its body rose slowly, higher and higher. Their travels together, its love for battle, that was something she would never be able to provide if it wasn't for Cole and everyone else. She was not a Trainer, but deep down she knew that in order to follow her dreams, she could not do it alone. Her heart was racing as sparkles of bright light suddenly burst from around its sturdy body, sparkling in the early morning beams as a new figure took Riolu's place.


Elisa flinched from its deep voice. Taller than before, creamy fur cloaked its torso along with a sharp horn of metal that dawned on its chest. Hypnotized by its deep red eyes that held unwavering courage, the newly evolved Lucario lowered its new body into a fighting position. Metal spikes protruding from the back of its open palms, it smirked as Aerodactyl lifted its body into the air.

"Lucario…." Elisa breathed in awe as the Fighting/Steel type eyed Aerodactyl opening its massive jaw once again. Before the astonished woman could blink, Lucario launched itself, tearing the cobblestone floors before landing a devastating glowing fist into a surprised Aerodactyl.

"T-That was a Bullet Punch?!" Cole gasped in awe as Aerodactyl was sent off into a wall of a building, screeching out in pain as concrete collapsed around its form. "Riolu evolved for her…"

Landing gracefully, the Aura pokemon eyed Aerodactyl's beaten form before turning to Elisa who continued to stare in silent awe. A light blue wave of energy encircled its palms before it turned back to the struggling Fossil pokemon. As if forming an imaginary ball, Lucario growled as a thick sphere of energy began to form, screeching loudly as it grew in size.

"R-Riolu-I mean...Lucario you-"


"Lu!" Leaping high into the air, Lucario launched the Aura Sphere attack towards a surprised Aerodactyl. Upon contact a massive explosion ripped through the streets, sending Elisa and Cole off their feet as they covered their faces from the overwhelming power. Clutching at the Sky Plate, Elisa could not believe what was going on from the sudden power surge that erupted from her pokemon. 'T-This is what it's like to have a strong pokemon?!' As the smoke rose higher into the brisk morning air, Lucario eyed its work as sirens neared them.

Cole and Elisa both groaned in pain before lifting themselves from the ground. Still in a slight daze, they both blinked in confusion once Lucario landed between them, holding out its palms towards them that shone a dim blue once again.

'We must move quickly.'

"W-What?!" Elisa jumped from the smooth voice before she snapped her attention to Lucario who gave her a small smile in return. "Y-Y-You spoke?! Y-You can talk?! But how-"

"It's telepathy-" Cole quelled the girl's surprise before he quickly returned Flygon to its Pokeball. Staring at its scratched surface, Cole whispered a few words of thanks before hobbling towards Lucario and Elisa. "It must have gained that ability with his evolution...I don't know a lot about pokemon from the Sinnoh region, but Lucario seems to have the ability to speak to us."

"That is so….So…"

Cole and Lucario eyed Elisa warily as her finger continued to shake violently pointing to the Fighting/Steel type. She must have been in too much shock to comprehend-

"Soooo cool!"

A bead of sweat ran down Cole's head as Lucario cocked its head to the side before grabbing the pair. 'Others are coming. I'll protect you.'

"Police! Whoever's here show yourselves now!" Two men clad in blue Lilycove police uniforms stormed through the smoke with two Growlithe by their sides. Observing the area with sharp eyes, they huffed in confusion as the street was completely empty.

"I could have sworn we had reports of a pokemon battle happening right here…"

"Marco look over there!"

Turning in the direction of the voice, the man gasped once he noticed a massive stone-like dragon laying in a heap of concrete and glass, completely completely knocked out. Eyeing its beaten form, he turned to the pair of Growlithe who immediately surrounded the Rock/Flying type.

"I doubt this type of pokemon is wild…"

"Do you think it could be related to the Mount Pyre explosion?"

"Possibly. Call the Chief, there must be others involved to make such a mess!" Turning back to the rubble of the streets, he quickly grabbed his radio that was fitted to his arm. "All units, be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals or pokemon near the Lilycove Hospital district!"

Landing with a soft thud, Lucario let out a breath as Cole slipped off the powerful pokemon's back. Glancing towards Elisa, still in its arms, Lucario smiled softly at its Trainer as she steadied herself onto her feet.

"Thank you Lucario." Cole sighed in relief as he slid against the cool rock of a small cave that overlooked the vast ocean of Route 124. More and more light began to illuminate the waters, flying pokemon singing to the new day soaring overhead, casting a beautiful scenery for the trio despite the situation they were in. Clutching at his arm in pain, he glanced down only to take in a sharp breath.

"...Lucario, I don't know what would have happened if you didn't evolve to protect us." Elisa hugged her new partner gratefully as tears began to form in her eyes again. "I-I'm sorry that I couldn't help you as a Trainer!"

'I won't let anything happen to you Elisa. I now have the power to protect you.'

Elisa nodded softly, nuzzling her cheek into the pokemon's sleek fur before letting go. "I know you will, thank you. We'll need all the help we can get now." Blinking in confusion, Elisa craned her neck around to glance at her backpack that continued to glow a brilliant green. "That's weird...I thought the Dragon Plates only reacted when they were closer to each other. It hasn't stopped since earlier this morning..." Turning to Cole, hazel eyes widened in shock once she noticed a greenish-red light seep from the Trainer's arm.


"I-I'm alright," He quickly replied, trying to ease her worry as she touched his arm. They locked eyes before turning away from each other, an awkward silence rising between them before Cole spoke up. "It doesn't hurt this time...its just-"

"What is it?"

Cole peered at the strange light in fascination mixed with worry as the light transitioned towards a darker green with each passing second. Glancing between his arm and the Sky Plate, a cascade of questions drowned his mind as he tried to find some sort of answer. "I've never felt this kind of energy from my arm before...I don't know, its like-"

'Someone is calling out to you.'

Cole and Elisa both turned to Lucario whose palm began to glow a light blue. Waving the aura over Cole's arm, its deep red eyes flickered with a new sensation before it turned towards the cliffs that framed Lilycove's beaches. The Aura pokemon pointed towards the far end of the beach.

'It is there.'

"What is?" Before Cole and Elisa could get a response, Lucario grabbed the pair and suddenly launched itself high into the air. Despite Elisa's shrill cries to stop, Lucario leaped and covered the entire beach in a few minutes before coming to a complete stop at a very large cave.

With the few morning rays still piercing from the top of the cliffs, Cole and Elisa could barely make out the large shadow that appeared to be staring at them from within.

Cole held his breath as his feet suddenly began to move on their own as his arm began to glow brighter, filling him with a surge of energy.

'This has been calling you Cole...' Lucario announced before lighting the massive cave with a wave of blue aura.


Both Cole and Elisa jerked back in shock as a pair of faded golden orbs leered deep within their very being, after all this time. They had finally come face-to-face with the Legendary guardian of the skies.


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