The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Team Sky's Revolution

Sitting atop a wooden stool, a man slowly sipped a steaming mug of tea. Sighing with some relief from the heat that rose in his body to fight off the brutal chill in the air, he turned to a younger man who was currently digging through the fridge in the kitchen. It was surprisingly quiet between them, the only break in their silence was the television that repeated the same message over the airways.

"Breaking news-Groudon and Kyogre, the legendary pokemon that appeared two years ago near Sootopolis City have been sighted again. Groudon has been idle in the desert along Route 111 while Kyogre has also not moved from its original point of origin in the ocean near Dewford Town. Gym Leaders Wattson, Brawly and Winona have been on guard around the Water pokemon Kyogre overnight with little to report..."

"We'll be surveying the situation for as long as needed until the rest of us can decide on suitable action to prevent Kyogre from harming civilians and pokemon."

"I find it strange that they're not heading to Sootopolis like last time…" Jonbi pondered as he sipped more tea. "...Or perhaps they're waiting for something else to happen?"

"Either way-" Jin shut the fridge, its body shaking from the force. "Just their presence alone is causing an imbalance across Hoenn. I should have just destroyed those plates-" Both men quickly turned to the end of the kitchen, a slender figure walking into the room.

"W-Where are you going?!" Jin demanded, more than asked as a young woman quickly tied her midnight black hair into a tight ponytail. She glanced at Jin. The man took a step back from the fire radiating from her orbs before she turned to the television.

"Sky Pillar-" Tori simply answered as she snapped the Pokeball belt around her waist. She tapped a finger against all four balls, amethyst never leaving the screen that repeated images of the legendary beasts. "The Elite Four and Gym Leaders are wasting their time. The real targets are at the tower. Groudon and Kyogre are waiting for something, so in the mean time. Someone needs to take down Holland before he-"

"Simone wait, please!" Jin argued, stepping in front of the woman before she could reach the front door. "...You can't possibly think of taking them on alone!" Tori glared at the man as he stepped forward, cold sweat running down his brow.

"Get out of my way!...I need to do this!"

"I won't allow you!" Tori flinched from his words as he grabbed her shoulders. "It's too dangerous! You can't do this by yourself! Do you know how powerful they are?! It's not safe-"

"And who's fault is it, now that they're back?! It's our fault that your daughter's dead!"

Flinging the man's hands off that now lost all strength, Tori flung Jin to the floor, a resounding thud rocking the apartment as Jonbi gasped from the noise.

"...Simone...I know Team Magma has done terrible things to-"

"...I don't know what twisted idea you have but I'm not your daughter!...The only family I have are my pokemon!"



Jin froze from his spot on the floor as the ex-Magma Admin snapped on her shoes. Grabbing the doorknob, she flung the door open before glancing back at Jin. "My real name is Tori… And I need to do this-Not just for me and my family, but for your daughter as well that we killed!"

Jin gasped from the woman's words. He reached out to her but his hand could not stop shaking as Tori disappeared from his eyes, bolting down the hall of the apartment. "...Fool!" He cried, slamming his fist against the floor as Jonbi took his side. "She'll only end up killing herself!...Those pokemon...I wish...I wish I-"


Green eyes shot open once a soft hand pressed into the man's shoulder. Turning to his side, he held his breath as Jonbi nodded slowly. "...Even though both of us have been deceived by the likes of Team Magma…I believe some of them truly want to atone for their mistakes…Cole...and that girl will most likely be in serious danger by going to Sky Pillar...She's alone right now...but this time-" His hand pressed harder into Jin's shoulder.

"You have the chance to change the outcome of her life."

Tearing through the grey waters, a man held on tightly to the long fin of a shark pokemon as it continued its way South. Salt stung at his eyes but the man remained focused as he craned his neck upwards to the massive mountain of white stone that held a city within its core. 'Can't believe my Aerodactyl was captured by those idiots!...If I was with him, I would have taken that Sky Plate easily!' He spat into the waters as his borrowed Sharpedo let out a sharp roar, increasing its speed.

'...That Jin guy…I knew he couldn't be trusted-Wasn't he the one that Tori was working with?' Aqua blue eyes hardened from the thought before turning to the thick mass of clouds above. 'So that's why she up and ran from Mount Pyre then...She was working against us the entire time! Her and Cole…ridiculous. And here I was thinking we were pals.' The large man spat into the waters again before he slapped his thick hand against Sharpedo's side, earning a couple of bruises on his skin.

"Let's go! I don't want to miss our ceremony!"

Jumping from her seat on the stone porch, Elisa beamed once two figures slowly approached the large house. Hazel eyes shone, grateful that Cole was okay but they faded quickly once they noticed the man's slouched shoulders and hanging head.

"...You were gone for a while." Elisa started as Cole stopped in front of her. Houndoom wagged its tail, the bandages from its injuries plastered along its fur. "I was going to look for you, but Emma said you'd be back."


Elisa blinked, surprised from the strain in his voice. He never raised his head, instead the ex-Magma Admin slumped against the railing leading up the stairs before dropping onto the stone steps.

"...What happened."

"I was talking to the pokemon." Cole responded, turning to her. His eyes were bloodshot to her surprise, his nose was red and dirt matted his cheeks. "...We're going to be taking on Holland...and I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page."

Elisa placed a hand on Cole's back. She stiffened once his body began to shake.

"...Solrock and Nidoking...they won't be with us for this-" He dropped his head, choking on the words as Elisa's face darkened.

Trust between Trainer and pokemon. She witnessed this so many times now and she was finally beginning to get a hold of it. If that connection is weak...If the two did not believe in one another...then nothing but pain would rise from it. Glancing at Houndoom who stood at Cole's feet, her chest tightened by the crestfallen features on the fire hound. It wasn't just Cole who lost friends...but his pokemon as well.

"...Cole." He was still shaking, fighting for breaths as a chill wind rolled over the porch. The door behind her swung open, but her mind remained with Cole as he tried to compose himself. "...I don't know how close Trainers hold their pokemon in their hearts... I've had my pokemon for a long time, and it scares me that I could lose them one day. I can't imagine what it's like for you...I...I don't know what you're strong your bond with your pokemon are-I don't even know if my pokemon could ever show the same type of love towards me that yours do for you...but I do know that you would never give up on them." She took a deep breath. "They may be hurting now and the trust between you and them may be weak...but that doesn't mean you can't win them back once we stop Team Sky."

He stopped shaking.

Looking up from the ground, Cole turned to Elisa, his eyes wide. As if he was given an answer to a question he had no clue how to answer. Deep brown held its gaze with hazel as the pair locked eyes, a moment between them before the flutter of footsteps snapped them out of their stupor.

"Cole!" Kyra ran to her brother's side, shoving Elisa out of the way to the older girl's surprise. "Where were you?! Did you see the news? Groudon and Kyogre have come back!"


"It's on the news now, come quick-" The words were taken from her lips, catching Cole's attention. Following her gaze, Cole blinked in confusion once a large figure appeared just above. It was coming down fast, earning a defensive position from Houndoom.

"Hmm?" Noah mumbled, looking at his friends in confusion as they continued to gaze upward. "What's going on-Oh there's Cole, we were just about to look-"

"Ahh! What the?!"

A heavy blast of wind earned multiple cries of shock and confusion. Jumping in front of his sister, Cole's eyes hardened once a steel bird extended its blade-like wings to their limit before folding them inwards, landing with a soft thud.

"Hey! You kids shouldn't be out right now! I already placed Mossdeep under a lock down so you shouldn't be here!"

Cole, Elisa, Kyra and Noah all gasped once a man jumped off Skarmory's back. He was dressed quite formally, wearing a black vest with dark purple stripes along its front and matching dark pants, the man narrowed his eyes once they descended on Elisa's surprised hazel ones.

"T-T-T-T-That's…-S-S-Stev-" Kyra opened and closed her mouth to speak, but was finding it truly hard to utter anything else as the former champion of Hoenn quickly flashed a smile towards Elisa.

"Ahh...Elisa Neville!" Steven greeted, earning gasps from Cole, Kyra and Noah. "We've been looking for you, how did you get back to Mossdeep?"

"H-Hi ." Elisa stuttered with her words. "W-Well you see…"

"Y-Y-You know Steven Stone?!" Kyra cried, grabbing Elisa's wrist to her dismay. "W-Why does he know you?! Why do you know him?! Answer me!"

"Why do you care?" Noah grumbled behind the pair of girls as Steven cocked his head to the side in confusion. "...He's just the...the former Champion of Hoenn…Just one of the strongest Trainers in Hoenn…I could take him."

"Steven, is that you?"

Cole and Steven both blinked in confusion before turning to a woman who scurried out onto the front lawn. She beamed at the man, shaking his hand frantically. "Did you come here to save little ole' me? Hahahaaa! Awww you shouldn't have! Have you been working out? Of course you have-Ahahaa!"

"N-Not entirely…" The Steel master averted Emma's batting eyelashes. "I saw these kids out here, and I thought there was trouble-" He blinked, turning his attention to Cole.


The two men shared a few seconds of silence, Cole's dark eyes never leaving the former Champion's steel blue orbs.

"...We've met before...correct?" Steven asked, earning surprised gasps from Elisa and Emma.

"Yes…" Cole nodded, "...About five years ago."

Flicking his head upward, the memory slammed into him. "Ah yes! Hughes...Cole Hughes! I knew your face was familiar! You were in the Hoenn Championships years ago!" Shaking the younger man's hand, Steven nodded in greeting. "I thought you were going to travel to other regions after the tournament...So you know the Neville family as well? I'm not surprised!"

Smiling softly from Steven's words, Cole shook his head before turning to Houndoom. "...Glad to see you too."

"I see..." Dropping his hand, Steven eyed Cole's downcast look before a familiar sound resonated around the group.

"What the-" Noah, still restraining Kyra from tackling Steven, murmured the words everyone was thinking before turning to the former Champion.

"That's-" Elisa's hazel eyes reflected the emerald light that suddenly burst from Steven's pocket to everyone's surprise. Watching intently as the stone enthusiast pulled a small orb from his pants, a jolt of electricity ran through her spine once she pulled the object from her memory banks.

"The Green Orb!"

Steven, surprised by the sudden awakening turned his attention to Cole. "That's's never-" He gasped once he noticed a similar, yet different light emitting from Cole's being as well. "...Why is it-"

Cole grounded his teeth as the group of people and pokemon focused their attention on him. Was it really calling out to him?

'Are you mocking me...Rayquaza.' Cole gazed upon the light of the Green Orb before raising his arm to Steven, earning a surprised look.

"...For the past few weeks," Steven started, tightening his grip on the ancient treasure. "The Green Orb has been glowing at indiscriminate times. At first I thought it was due to the fierce storms that raged across Hoenn...but now…I see. It's actually been reacting to you…But why?"

Cole remained silent as Houndoom rose to its feet. Glancing down to his friend, the fire hound nodded softly before turning to the Green Orb.

"If it's reacting to you-" Cole jolted his attention to Steven who continued to stare in awe towards Cole's arm. "Then it must mean you have some connection, just like Brendan and May two years ago…"

"-Wait." Cole flinched once Steven stepped forward, the Green Orb creeping towards him at a frightening pace.

"I know this is sudden Cole. But I believe you should-"


Jumping from the sudden noise, Emma snapped her attention to the front door where her husband voice exploded from. It almost sounded scared to her-


Wasting no time, the woman sprinted into her home, the rest of the group following suit. "What happened?!" Running into the living room, Emma tried to calm her racing heart once her husband with their small bundle of joy came into her view. They appeared to be okay, which eased her anxiety, but it was the look in her husband's shocked eyes that made her freeze.

"...L-Look at the t.v." His words were quiet, earning confused looks from everyone before a sudden gasp erupted in the room.

"Holland!" Cole growled.

Standing side-by-side on the big screen, two figures smirked confidently as a red banner reading the words 'Breaking News' ran across the bottom. Emma and Elisa remained quiet as Ayden turned up the volume.

"Good afternoon citizens of Hoenn!" Holland's voice boomed across the room. It was intimidating. Steven's glare hardened once he noticed a green symbol in the background of the pair. A emerald 'S' symbol painted onto the rocky wall behind them.

"This broadcast is brought to you on behalf of a new organization birthed in your very own country. For years...Magma and Aqua have warred against one another to fulfill idealistic dreams of saving this pitiful country from the likes of humans. We've lost pokemon...comrades...and our very own Leaders, Maxie and Archie because we did not have the power to make a real impact on the world."

"Mom's…really on t.v?" Emma mumbled before falling to her knees." She turned to Elisa who shook with the same intensity. "Why-"

"However," Holland turned to Elizabeth who smirked before raising three different coloured treasures towards the camera, earning gasps from the group. "Wars happen to lead to revolutions. We are in an era of true change, Hoenn! Change is what we needed in order to finally reach the precipice!"

"As you can see here," Elizabeth started, catching her children's attention. "These plates are what a few refer to as the Dragon Plates of Rayquaza. A special thanks to my daughter Elisa and one of our old members Cole for obtaining these wonderful tools!"

Steven, Emma and Ayden all gasped in shock before turning to the pair who remained still.

"These Dragon Plates will allow us to finally have complete control of Rayquaza, the one who can quell even the powers of Groudon and Kyogre!"

"I'd like to announce," Holland raised his fist in the air. "That Team Magma and Aqua are no more! Now, only one stands above all of Hoenn. We are now Team Sky! And our first order of business…We will use the Legendary Trio to reshape Hoenn from the ground up!"

The screen went black before the regular news flashed to life, confirming the message from Team Sky.

Elisa blinked, snapping from her dazed expression once a firm hand grabbed her wrist. Turning around, hazel met brown once again.

"We have to go, now."

She nodded before the pair bolted out of the house.

"W-Where do you think you're going?!" They could hear the voices from inside the house, but that did not stop Cole from tossing a Pokeball into the air. In a brilliant flash of white light, a large dragon pokemon landed onto the thick grass. Houndoom glanced at Flygon while Steven's Skarmory remained still, eyeing the Ground/Dragon type.


The woman flinched, earning a confused look from Cole. Turning to the source of the voice, he narrowed his eyes once a tall man with greying hair stumbled onto the front yard. Sweat laced the top of his collared shirt as he slapped his hands to his knees. But what truly surprised the Ex-Magma Admin were the tears in the man's eyes once he turned to Elisa…He had a few features similar to Elisa-

"Dad?!" Elisa choked, earning a small jolt from Cole.

Still panting, the old man eyed the pair's interlaced fingers before turning to Elisa. "Why are you out of the hospital?...Why are you here?!" He pulled at his hair as more questions rampaged across his mind. "-Did…Did you see the news?"

"I did." Elisa started, stepping forward to her father's surprise. "...Mom…Mom has been with Team Aqua all this time-" She squeezed onto Cole's hand harder as tears threatened to fall from the wave of emotions striking her. "...She abandoned us in order to resurrect Kyogre-but now she and Team Sky are going to control all three of them!"

Albert remained silent, his breath ragged as the words escaped his daughter's lips. Deep blue eyes turned towards the ground, the information running through his mind. "...She was really...Really with them all this time."


Albert jumped before turning to the front door where his eldest child stood. Gazing between his children and the men at their sides, he let out a deep breath before turning to Cole.

"Who is he."

"His name is Cole!" Elisa announced, stealing the words from ex-Magma Admin's mouth. "...And he was a part of Team Magma!"

"W-W-What?!" Albert's knees wobbled before he stepped back. "...T-Team Magma?! So he-"

"He isn't with them anymore!"

Cole felt a surge of energy as the usually shy girl held onto his hand tightly. Was she really doing all of this...for him? Dark brown eyes shone with awe as Elisa's surprisingly strong voice commanded the attention of everyone around them.

"Cole...Cole wants to-"

"Sir!" Elisa jolted her attention to the man beside her as he stepped forward, standing by her side. "Yes...I was with Team Magma for many years…But that's in the past now! I'm going to help stop Team Sky from taking over Hoenn-I swear it!"

Albert opened his mouth to speak but nothing left his lips as footsteps neared from behind Eilsa and Cole. Looking at the suspected couple, the ludicrous thought that his daughters were rebels erupted from his very core. "...I really don't know what to say."

"I do."

Cole and Elisa turned around to meet Steven who smiled down towards the pair. He then closed his eyes for a few seconds before pulling the Green Orb from his pocket once again, earning surprised looks.


"When I first met you Cole," Steven started, holding the treasure out towards Cole's bewildered brown eyes. "it may have been brief back then, but simply from a Trainer's perspective, I knew you held overwhelming potential…People make mistakes, but it is what they do after they fall that makes them what they are…I believe the Green Orb is telling me that."

Cole raised his hand to his own surprise before a cool touch sent an invigorating chill up his spine. A treasure once held by his country's heroes was now in his hands.

The Green Orb.

"B-But Steven-" Albert held his hand out in protest, but dropped it quickly once he noticed the smile on Elisa's face. He could see it. Similar to the way Emma would look at her husband...Even if he was with the terrorist organization before, he could feel the trust radiating from her...and he knew it was because of this boy.

"...From your words alone, I can sense your determination and passion to redeem yourself, Cole!" Steven started as his Skarmory spread its wings, blowing a gust of wind across the lawn. "I believe the Green Orb will help you against Team Sky…It's in better hands with you instead of me. It may provide the key to stopping their plans."

"Well if you're all going-" Noah quickly ran up to Cole, his sapphire eyes reflecting the light from the Green Orb. "Then I'll meet you at Sky Pillar! I need to get Carvanha and my ship back at Mount Pyre!"

"Mount Pyre?" Steven interrupted, glancing down to the blonde. "...If you're headed that way, then I'll bring you there."

"It's going to be dangerous, Noah." Cole warned, his voice soft to the boy's surprise. "I don't know what will happen…and I don't know if I'll be able-"

"No worries!" The young sailor laughed loudly, earning surprised looks from the rest of the group. "How long have been with you guys? I know you can do it Cole!" His large smile faded slightly before he turned to Houndoom and Flygon who watched him closely. "You've done so much for us, it almost feels unfair that I haven't done anything to help you."

Cole's eyes widened as Noah turned to Steven who quickly nodded.

"Let's be on our way!" Steven started before running to Skarmory with Noah at his side.

"I'll be okay." Elisa announced, catching the attention of her family. "Cole and I will make it back...after we stop Team Sky."

"Elly…" Emma cried, holding onto her husband's arm as their father remained silent.

Taking in the turn of events, Kyra was at a crossroads as she turned her attention from her brother and Elisa to Steven and Noah. They were all so strong…

"...Did you forget about me?!"

Noah blinked in confusion before a brown blur slammed into him. Looking down slightly, he blushed once he noticed Kyra pouting at him, her goggles dangling from her neck. That blush quickly turned pale however once she turned to Steven and Skarmory who peeked at them with suspicion.

"...Are you coming with us then?"

"I think it's a great idea, you two will be stronger together." Steven agreed, oblivious to the small blush on Kyra's cheeks as he led her onto Skarmory's back. "Phoebe and Drake are in Lilycove, so I need to get back to them as quickly as possible, let's go!" Tossing a Pokeball into the air, the large group stared in awe as a massive doll-like creature materialized in the air, its many eyes focusing on the people and pokemon around it.

Steven quickly hopped onto the Clay Doll pokemon as it rose into the air. "Once I ensure the people are safe, I'll assist you at Sky Pillar! Be safe, Cole and Elisa!"

"Bye Cole! We'll be there soon!"

The young man smiled briefly as his sister and Noah burst into the grey skies above before a chilling wind screeched around him. His jaw locking, he waved as his sister, a feeling of accomplishment washing over him. '...She's not giving up...despite being so scared.' Whipping around on his heel, Cole quickly pulled a Pokeball from his belt before turning to Houndoom.

"Ready?" The fire hound nodded before being absorbed by a red light. Cole looked at the sphere for a few seconds, 'It's only the four of us now...But that doesn't mean we won't see them ever again...I can still keep trying. Once this is over, I can look for them again!' He turned to Elisa who was saying her goodbyes to her family. Looking was easy to conclude that he wanted only one thing right now…


He wanted to protect that more than anything. His pokemon...Kyra and Elisa...his family. He wanted to protect them. And one thing threatened that ideal. He quickly turned to Flygon as Elisa ran to his side.

His hand clutching onto the sacred treasure, Cole closed his eyes before an image flashed across his mind. He could see it… The same thing that he legendary dragon of the sky could see as well.

"Sky Pillar."

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