The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

Challenge a God

Stones shook, the air thick with pressure as an orange beast finally landed at the apex of the Hoenn Region. A man jumped off the Fire/Flying pokemon, his now green eyes staring upwards to the endless mass of grey that blocked the night sky.

"This is the top." Holland smirked to himself as his breath expelled in front of him before fading into the darkness. His skin was biting with cold, the height of his destination alone squeezing his lungs without mercy. Turning to each corner as Charizard let out a low growl, the leader of Team Sky quickly noticed the only beacons of light that illuminated the aging stone rooftop.

A faint droning sound crawled into his ears. The Ocean, Earth and Sky plates were rotating in each corner of the tower. A fair distance away, they formed a perfect triangle of energy outlining the tower. "...Where are you." He breathed, scanning the heavens.

"Rayquaza! This power you once held!...I control you now!" He announced, raising the Jade Orb to the heavens. It began to glow before the Dragon Plates surrounding Holland began to rotate faster in the air, their light pushing away the darkness.

He could feel it now. Holland dug the tips of his fingers into the treasure as the roar of Team Sky's airship began to reach his ears. "...I have the power to change a continent! Finally!...We have control!"

Sharp green eyes bulged from a sudden wave of energy that rippled across the air. Snapping his attention upward, Holland stood in place until a small smirk pulled at his lips. Despite the roar from the God above, he could sense its weakness, like a beast cornered. The light of the Jade Orb grew brighter, a rush of heat clawing along his arm until it reached his chest.

"Ugh!" He gagged, clutching at his heart. "...T-This is nothing...I can control you...I've only lived to take you on! I was made for this power!"

A rush of wind slapped at a woman's long auburn hair as two steel doors yielded to the controls of Aqua Ship One. Elizabeth's sharp hazel eyes analyzed the ancient ruins as the airship balanced itself, edging closer to the side of Sky Pillar with each passing second.

"Closer!" The airship obeyed, nearing the tower until the Professor jumped off and landed with a thud on the top of Sky Pillar. She hissed, the lack of oxygen was harsh, just standing was already becoming a challenge.

'...No surprise.' She reminded herself before tossing a Pokeball into the air. 'We're just skimming the ozone layer after all.' A flash of light spilled into the rotating Dragon Plates. Floating above the cracked floors, Elizabeth's Froslass let out an angelic cry before turning its attention upward. It was waiting, paranoid, about what kind of beast hid in the clouds above.

"Those two are insane!" Koji, still surprised by his leader's actions only stood on the platform that overlooked Holland and Elizabeth. "...Those two are really going to take it on huh-" He gulped as another roar descended from the clouds, his knees buckling in response. It was a good thing he would be on guard duty. "Hey! Make sure we have everyone on the main deck! I don't want anything getting in their way!"

"Come! Rayquaza!"

Holland roared to the skies. This was it! The air hung with a deafening silence before a flash of light danced above, then a booming roar of thunder. A sudden wind began to roll across the barren field, slashing at Holland's clothes before his eyes jolted to something among the sea of grey.

A green tail.

"...It begins!" Holland laughed before turning to Charizard who was already by his side. Leaping onto the orange dragon, the Jade Orb began to howl with the winds before several markings of green and gold ran across Charizard's body. It roared to the skies, clenching its jaw and curling its tail before bursting into the sky.

"It's weakened," Elizabeth confirmed once she noticed patches of black along the green serpent's exposed flesh. "The orb is taking the power for itself-" Her lips quivered with excitement as more and more hypotheses surfaced. "...If these treasures truly have an opposite effect to the Green, Red and Blue Orbs...Then it means he's really taking Rayquaza's power for himself!...Excellent!" She laughed, hollering with excitement before a shout echoed from beyond the airship.

Froslass raised its arms almost instantaneously, blasting a frigid gale of wind from its palms to counter a torrent of fire that stalled right before Elizabeth's eyes.

"...You again." She spat the words from her lips as the flames extinguished, revealing a woman who stood atop a Claydol.

"Stop this now!" Tori yelled, jumping to the uneven floor where her Ninetales snapped its jaw, stopping its attack. "You're only going to destroy Hoenn if you keep this up!"

"Destroy it?" She laughed as Froslass floated in front of her. "No my dear, this power will change the very core of Hoenn as we know it! It will be reborn! No more will we be under the slavery of natural phenomena, we will be the ones that control it!"

"Flamethrower!" A beacon of orange, yellow and red, Elizabeth braced herself as the powerful fire attack ripped through the air towards them.

"Light Screen!"

Tori gasped once a wide glass-like wall appeared around Elizabeth. Flames brushed against its defences, but barely made a dent before she threw two more Pokeballs into the air.

"It was admirable of you to try and take us down by yourself-" Elizabeth smirked as Poliwrath and Sneasel materialized above her. "-But it ends here!" The Tadpole pokemon immediately released a powerful jet of water towards Ninetales, catching the fox off-guard before a purple wall materialized in front of it. Blinking in confusion, it glanced back to Claydol who droned loudly.

"You're sharp." Elizabeth smirked as shards of fire danced through the air.

'Just keep your eyes on me...' Tori matched the woman's confidence. By keeping her occupied, they stood a chance.

"...What the-" A lone grunt, standing along one of the guard rails of Aqua Ship One blinked in confusion as a flash of yellow caught his eye. It was moving at an amazing speed towards one of the beacons of light. As he leaned over, his eyes bulged once he noticed a dark cloak exposed from the pillars of light.


Tori and Elizabeth flinched once the voice rained down on them. Snapping her attention to the grunt, Elizabeth followed the man's finger until she noticed something by the Earth Plate. "...Jin!"

"I knew this plan would be foolish!" Swearing to himself, Jin slide to a stop once multiple lights exposed him. Manectric growled angrily, stepping in front of him as Aqua Ship One screeched with sirens, spotlights locked on.

"Keep them distracted! Thunderbolt!" Digging its claws into the stone, Manectric let out a mighty roar before multiple threads of electricity erupted from its fur. It danced across the air before slamming into the searchlights, earning cries of panic from the many grunts. Shattering with the overload of power, Koji and the grunts ducked for cover as a barrage of glass rained down from the ship and scattered across the stone floors.

"Armaldo!" Another flash of light erupted before a large bipedal pokemon slammed its feet into the ground. "...The only way I can think of stopping Holland from doing anything else is halting the flow of power to him!" He took a deep breath before pointing to the spinning Dragon Plate. "Give it everything you've got! Hyper Beam!"

"No!" Elizabeth screamed before another blast of fire obscured her view of the Earth Plate. "Dammit, get out of my way! You'll ruin everything!"

"As if-" Tori yelled before tossing more Pokeballs into the air. It was the best idea she could come up with on such notice, but a blitz was a blitz. "Absol, Grumpig!" The Disaster pokemon materialized in the air before whipping its head, releasing a blade of wind towards Froslass who was still defending against Ninetales.

"...Dammit...Dammit!" Elizabeth screamed as Froslass cried out in pain, the combined attacks erupting into an explosion of fire.

"Now, Grumpig-"

"Fire Blast!"

Tori could only turn in the direction before a star of fire descended from above. Screaming out from the surprise attack, she rolled across the shattered floors before she suddenly felt gravity pull at her being. "Ahh!" Latching onto the floor for support, she howled with pain as she swung in the still air, her legs dangling helplessly. Amethyst eyes bulged with fear once darkness stared back at her, the core of Sky Pillar beneath her. How far did it go down?...She'd rather not know.

Ninetales yelped with surprise once two pokemon dove from the top of the airship. Landing side by side, Koji's Magmar and Torkoal glared at their betrayer. It watched them for a few seconds before Tori's scream reached its ears.

"You're outnumbered!" Elizabeth suddenly screamed from the raging flames before a blast of icy wind extinguished the intense heat, slamming into Ninetales, Grumpig, Claydol and Absol. The four pokemon cried out, sliding along the stone floor before Claydol rose a mighty wall of light to fend off the Blizzard.

"She's way too strong!" Gasping for air, Tori finally managed to pull herself from the abyss below. She froze once her eyes turned to the massive airship that now began to hover above her pokemon. Their only advantage was the gift of surprise…"I'm not giving up! Grumpig, Claydol! Help out Ninetales with your Psychic attacks!"

The fire fox blinked in confusion once a light purple aura emitted from the pokemon's body. It only took a moment, but Ninetales quickly understood the plan before Claydol's Light Screen began to fade, a creeping gale edging closer.


Elizabeth's eyes widened with shock once a bright flash of light erupted from Tori's side of the pillar. "Poliwrath, Hydro Pump! Froslass, combine your attacks!"

Water and ice slammed into intense fire and psychic energy, lighting the top of Sky Pillar as both Trainers glared at one another through the chaos.

"Damn!" Koji swore, watching from atop the airship as Tori's Ninetales continued its attack. "I can't focus on her for too long...that other guy is too close to the plates!" Whipping his head to one of the far corners of Sky Pillar, Koji gasped once a massive explosion ripped his eardrums.

"What the hell was that?!"

"...I-I don't know sir! That man is attacking the plates!"

"Get a visual!"

Jin smirked to himself as Armaldo snapped its jaw shut, completing the Hyper Beam. "...I spent so much time trying to find these plates...But I should have just destroyed them in the first place!" He cheered for his pokemon as the smoke rose into the cold air.

"W-What?!" Jin gasped in disbelief as the Earth Plate continued to rotate, unscathed by the attack. "But that was a Hyper Beam-I need more power?!" Biting his lip, Jin frantically reached for another Pokeball before a flash of light caught his attention.

"Triiiic!" Emerald eyes shook once Manectric was thrown from the core of an explosion. Shards of earth and debris scattered into the air before the electric dog dug its paws into the ground.

"Are you alright?!" The Discharge pokemon grunted in pain, but nodded quickly as the trio looked to the sky where the massive airship swayed in the air. Jin's glare hardened as men and women threw more Pokeballs into the air, pokemon landing beside their Trainers before matching the man's intensity.

"They have too many pokemon-" He snapped his attention to the other side of the pillar where Tori and Elizabeth continued their battle. 'I can't get to her from here either!' Manectric's loud bark snapped the man from his thoughts. He gasped as a barrage of different attacks rained down.

"Armaldo, send them back with Rock Blast! Manectric, Thunderbolt!" Jin shielded his face as his two pokemon struggled to defend themselves from the onslaught. Armaldo's rock bullets continued to decrease in size from exertion as Manectric growled with pain, its body struggling to stay lit with electricity.

"They're getting closer-" Jin struggled to remain still. Was he really going to run? No. He was not doing this for himself.

"Sneasel, Quick Attack!"

"Absol, stop it!"

The clash of pokemon, like the exchange between swords cut through the air as Tori struggled to watch all of her pokemon. Ninetales continued to push harder, its claws digging into the stone. She knew they could not hold that for long. "...Come on guys!"

"Torkoal, Magmar!"

Amethyst eyes flashed with fear once Koji's pokemon took their sides with Elizabeth. Even with Koji not present, they would still listen to the woman's commands.

"Flamethrower!" Two separate jets of fire combined into one, engulfing the air with scorching heat as it headed towards Tori who was now defenceless behind her pokemon.






Ninetales howled with pain, distracted for its Trainer's safety it was thrown back by the fury of wind and ice. Slamming onto the the stone earth, it groggily rose up before flinching from the scene behind it.

"...Who was that." Elizabeth breathed. Clenching her fists, she gazed beyond the walls of Sky Pillar for any sign of the attacker. They were kilometers above the earth...who would dare-


Ninetales, Grumpig and Claydol could only look on with utter shock once a dark blur landed in front of them. Red eyes shone with relief once Ninetales noticed the familiar black-spear tail and bone like armour.

"...Are you okay?!"

Tori grumbled a few words, still dazed from the explosion in front of her. A warm hand pulled at her still fingers, shaking her softly as she found her footing. "...Y-Yeah. Thanks-" She flinched once a pair of kind hazel eyes stared back at her. "Y-You're that girl?"

Elisa smiled softly, pulling Tori to her feet before turning to the fading debris. "I'm glad we got here in time!"

Confused by the sudden appearance of the younger version of Elizabeth, Tori quickly turned to Ninetales who was now standing by Houndoom. Her eyes lit up with hope once the fire hound lowered its body, preparing to fight along with Ninetales.

"Aggron, come on out!" Landing with a thunderous rumble, Tori and Elisa held onto one another as the massive Steel/Rock type roared with its appearance before turning to Elizabeth and her pokemon.

"Big mistake you two…" Elizabeth sneered as the smoke finally lifted, giving her a clear sight of her daughter. They locked onto one another, exchanging thoughts before a sudden gust caught Elizabeth's attention. Her eyes widened once a green light radiated above them.

Like a knight to the rescue, Cole glared down at Elizabeth while atop Flygon. He could feel her gaze on the Green Orb. Clutching onto his key to Rayquaza, he focused his attention on his friends. "I'm going after Holland! Houndoom, Aggron! You know what to do!"

"I'm going after the plates!" Elisa shouted. "If I can shut them down, then all of this should stop!"

"Ice Beam!"


Tori and Elisa gasped from the sudden explosion of ice and fire. Snapping their attention to the middle of the beaten field, they noticed Houndoom and Ninetales snapping their jaws shut from their own Flamethrower attacks.

"Your interference will only lead to the failure of our ambitions! Don't you see this Elisa!"

"Rayquaza belongs to no one!" Elisa cried from the other end of the field, glaring at her mother. "I'm not going to let you harm anyone else! Lucario, Sealeo, Rotom!"

"You'll only repeat your mistakes at Mount Pyre!" With blinding speed, Sneasel launched itself into the air, its claws extending before dive-bombing Elisa and Tori.

"Iron Defence, Aggron!"

Sneasel gasped in shock, bouncing off a thick body that hovered over Elisa. Sliding along the ground, it sneered once Aggron lifted itself, revealing a surprised woman.

"Cole and I have battled with each other's pokemon before," Tori started once she felt Elisa's gaze. "Just do what you need to do with the plates! I'll handle her!" The young researcher frantically nodded before running off with her three pokemon to Elizabeth's chagrin.

"...Isn't that-" Jin mumbled to himself as flashes of light and thunderous roars hit his senses. Glancing in the direction of Tori's battle, he gasped once he noticed a lone dragon ascending higher into the sky. He could barely make it out in the darkness of the night, but the green light radiating from the man's hand gave him an idea of who it was.


Koji spat the words as Flygon ripped through the debris of the battles below, higher towards the dark clouds that obscured Holland and Charizard. "He's really going to kill himself up there! He's insane!"

The winds felt like knives. Slashing at his being, Cole steeled himself as Flygon rocketed higher and higher. The air was so clear up here, so thin yet so clear. The Green Orb shined like the sun in the palm of his hand with each passing second as they neared the veil of dark clouds that separated him from that man.

It was fast.

Holding what little air was available to him, Cole gripped onto Flygon's body as the clouds sent a rush of needles down his spine. They screamed into his ear, sliding across his skin and biting at his nerves, but he held on until the screams of battles and thunderous roar of attacks finally fell silent.

An iron curtain.

"There he is." Cole tapped Flygon as he opened his eyes. The darkness and uncertainty of below was washed away by everything around him. The moon watched over him, bathing the clouds below in a silver coating as they ascended higher to the flame of a pokemon above.

Flinching, Holland turned around on Charizard to look below. Now. They were all present. A powerful force pulled at his senses from above, Rayquaza was coming. Below him, Cole's energy was resonating with his.

"This is it Cole!"

Dark brown eyes hardened once Charizard looped in the air before descending towards them. The Green Orb shone brighter, engulfing Flygon with a coat of light.

"Our battle will determine who controls Rayquaza!"

"Stop this, Holland!" Cole roared to the man above. "Don't you get it?! We're only hurting Rayquaza by using these Orbs!"

"We're fighting for control here! For too long, we've been at the mercy of these beings! If you don't want to hurt that monster, then relinquish the Orb's power to me!"

Cole's eyes widened with shock once a spark of electricity flashed from Charizard's mouth before green fire rained down upon them.

"Move it!"

Flygon roared, barely dodging the attack as heavy green flames ripped into the clouds below. Cole let out a terrible cry, the heat of Charizard's attack chipping at his clothes as Flygon swung through the air.


Cole flinched before turning to his hand that held the orb. It stung. Pulling at him, yearning for him to use its power. Like a terribly enticing chant.


Use Rayquaza's power to fight back.


Use it to win.



Flygon flapped its wings, zooming towards Charizard who eyed the dragon in response. Another intense blast of fire erupted from the Fire/Flying type. Flygon dove, ducked, anything in its power to avoid the powerful blasts as Cole hung on for dear life.

"Don't you feel it, Cole?!" Holland roared, pulling at Charizard's neck to aim at the pest. "Rayquaza's power; the power of a legendary dragon is coursing through you! Isn't it exhilarating?! Enjoy the gift of battle!"

"Dragon Pulse!"

Holland gasped as a whirlwind of energy ripped into Charizard. The pair cried out in pain, but the orange beast quickly maintained its balance as Flygon circled them, waiting for its next attack.

"Hit and run tactic...foolishness." The leader of Team Sky spat the words, glaring at Cole as they burst forward with a rush of energy.

There it was.

A roar of a God.

Cole snapped his attention upward before his eyes went wide. Rayquaza. Like a paintbrush across a canvas, the dragon twisted and coiled through the thin strips of moisture that hung in the heavens.

"...Rayquaza!" Cole choked on the words, the air was so thin, it hurt to breathe.

"It will be mine!" Holland and Charizard burst upwards.


"AAAAAAHHH!" Dropping to the shaky floor, Elisa screamed as Sealeo deflected a high-powered Flamethrower, the jet of fire exploding at the floor beneath them. Aggron roared out, slamming its thick tail into a barrage of attacks that rained from above.

'We're almost there, Elisa! Keep moving!' Lucario growled, dodging Magmar's flaming fist before sending a roundhouse kick to its back. Hissing from the burning sensation in its foot, it turned to Elisa who got to her feet.

"...I know!" Shaking the fear from her legs, Elisa quickly turned back to the battle between her mother and Tori. Ninetales and Houndoom were practically in sync to her surprise, defending each other while countering the trio of Froslass, Sneasel and Poliwrath.

"There it is!"


The young researcher snapped her attention to a man who lay under a pile of rubble. She gasped once she noticed Jin's beaten face. "What happened?!...I've got you!" Her voice ragged, Elisa pulled the rubble from the man's leg, earning a pained cry in return.

"T-Thanks-" He groaned before turning to a large dog and armadillo that lay beside him. "I tried…to fight them off...but that airship is stopping me from getting any closer!"

Elisa turned her attention to the massive blimp. It's remaining lights were focused on the Earth Plate that continued to spin with incredible speed.

"They're incredibly durable..." Jin swore. "How are we supposed to destroy them…"

"There must be some way!" She bit her lip as Lucario landed by her side.

'Here they come.'

Before Elisa could react, the air was suddenly incinerated around her. She gagged, dropping to the earth and shielding her head as the flames intensified. Magmar and Torkoal continued, their Flamethrower attacks relentless to Tori's dismay as she glanced from her own battle.

Elizabeth turned to the Earth Plates location, smirking once the flames engulfed Elisa. She quickly raised her hand to Tori's surprise before pointing it at her. "Fire!"

"What-" A sudden force of wind lifted the woman from her feet. It was an explosion of wind and water, Tori quickly realized as Claydol snagged her from the air with its psychic energy. "Those damn idiots!" She swore as her attention moved to the multiple grunts that stood at the end of the airship with a few pokemon. 'There are too many enemies! I can't even move from here!' She hissed once Claydol lowered her to the ground.

"Sneasel, Ice Shard!"

Houndoom and Ninetales glanced up, but could only watch as the Dark/Ice pokemon leaped high into the air before two large ice bricks formed in front of its body. With their attention focused on stopping Froslass' Blizzard, they tensed with fear as the shards were launched towards Tori.

"Huh?" Amethyst eyes bulging from the horrible sound of tearing flesh, Tori slowly turned around. She remained still, then gasped once a body of white fur dropped to the ground.

"That's one down." Elizabeth smirked.

"H-How...I-" Holding her hand out to Absol, Tori moved her dry lips. '...So this is it...' Crestfallen, she pressed her hands against the fur matted with blood. "...You protected me."

"You're just ensuring your demise by facing us...Tori." Elizabeth scoffed, she was in control. "She's lost her will…Finish them off, Ice Beam!."

Houndoom and Ninetales grunted with pain as the flames dwindled, the combined power of water and ice crept closer with each second.

"Light Screen!"

Elizabeth's faded hazel eyes flashed with complete shock before a jet of fire rained down on her side of the field. Gasping in shock, she and her pokemon ducked for cover as the surprise Flamethrower attack scorched the earth around them.

"Thank you, Metagross!"

Houndoom blinked from the familiar voice before a brilliant wall of light cut between the raging attacks, halting Poliwrath and Froslass' onslaught. It quickly turned its attention to the smoke that entangled the air before a vague figure materialized.

"...They just keep popping up." Elizabeth swore as a massive steel spider-like pokemon descended. She took a small step back once she noticed the familiar faces hop off Metagross.

"Looks like Team Sky has been having issues with their own!" Kyra smirked as she landed beside Tori who stared at her with shock.

"Y-You're-" The ex-Magma Admin gasped once Absol slowly rose to its feet. It panted heavily but stood its ground.

"If Houndoom's with you, then it means Cole must trust you too." Kyra smiled at Tori before reaching for a Pokeball.

"Wartortle let's go!" Noah yelled as a Pokeball spun through the air before releasing a turtle-like pokemon. "Carvanha, Wingull you too!" Noah's eyes hardened as he watched the screen of light disintegrate, revealing Elizabeth's icy stare. "We gotta help Elisa destroy the plates!"

"Looks like we got movement!"

Aqua blue eyes flashed with fear as they shifted to a massive beast that suddenly began to lift its hulking figure above the raging waters. Phoebe tensed as her Dusclops tightened its grip around her waist. "Drake! Get ready!"

"I know!" The Dragon Master roared over the pouring rain as his Salamence ascended above the ancient pokemon. "Salamence, give it a Dragon Pulse!" He hissed in pain from his injuries but pointed towards Kyogre as its broad fins slapped against the surface of the ocean, releasing gigantic waves. Blinking in disbelief, Drake could only stare as Kyogre swung one of its fins to shield from Salamence's attack.

"Manectric, I need a Thunder attack now!" Wattson ordered as he stood with two other Gym Leaders on an isolated beach.



"Increase its power with Psychic!"

"What a killer combination!" Brawly gasped in shock as he surfed along the raging waters with a surfing Hariyama by his side. A brilliant bolt of lightning ascended towards the clouds, dancing among the air before dropping at a speed faster than his eyes could track.

"That must have stopped it!" Winona, Gym Leader of Fortree, cheered as a bolt of lightning fell from the skies before striking Kyogre's massive body. "What?!" She quickly choked on her words, her Skarmory gasping along with her as the Sea Basin pokemon growled as the ferocious energy circulated its body. Its deep golden eyes flashed with anger, but it remained focused towards the East.

"That was a super-effective hit...yet it's still charging some attack?!" Wattson flinched as Kyogre screeched to the skies. He, along with the Gym Leaders and Elite Four gasped once an enormous ball of energy began to materialize within its opened mouth. The storm was deafening, claps of thunder and flashes of lightning blocking their view as Kyogre rose higher. It howled over the raging winds and rain, becoming denser with each second as the leaders of Hoenn shook with uncertainty.

"...Where is it aiming-" Phoebe screamed once Kyogre fired the overwhelming energy. Like a bomb, Phoebe held her breath as the force of the attack propelled her and Dusclops back towards the rocky beaches.

"No!" Drake cried as Salamence fought against the tidal waves of energy that pushed it back.

"How can it have that much power?!"

Flannery's red eyes shook with fear. Her hands tightened around her Torkoal as it lay unconscious. The other half of Gym Leaders and Elite Four could only stare in awe as an unbelievable attack was fired from the ruler of land. Cracking the earth from the force, the heavy beam of energy spewed from Groudon's jaws. The sands of the earth shook from the attack alone, the sky set ablaze with light as the only thing they could do was watch.

Steven bit his lip as Skarmory continued to fight through the raging winds. Above the dense storm clouds that now covered half of Hoenn, the former Champion prepared himself as Sky Pillar stared at him in the distance.

'I knew Drake was tough, but setting off to fight Kyogre even though he's still injured.' A small smile dawned his lips before he shook the old man's grumpy image from his mind.

"They're dealing with Groudon and Kyogre so I can't waste time-" Words slipped from his mouth as a beacon of light caught his attention. Narrowing his eyes, his heart suddenly thrashed in his throat once he identified the object.

"...No…No! I won't make it in time!"

"Give up Cole!"

'Shut up!' Holding his breath from the sudden pressure squeezing against him, Cole and Flygon rolled across the winds, dodging another intense jet of hellish green fire. The attacks were predictable to dodge, but that was the only thing going for the man at the moment as Flygon panted. Cole glared at Holland as they ascended higher, attempting to reach the legendary dragon.

'It's using the energy of that orb to increase its firepower.' Cole watched closely as the bands similar to the ancient pokemon glowed along Charizard's body.

'How are we supposed to get closer to them?' Flygon asked as it flapped its wings, trailing Charizard.

"I don't know-" Cole cursed, his grip tightening on the Green Orb. "If it hits us-"

Use my power.

Cole flinched once the Green Orb began to radiate a brilliant green, engulfing Flygon with light to its surprise once again. A sudden rush of needles began to prod into his arm. "I won't use you!" Cole swore, grinding his teeth to suppress the energy. "Flygon, Dragon Pulse!"

"He must be deaf and blind." Holland glanced behind him as a whirlwind of energy tore through the air towards him. "Charizard-"

"What?!" Cole gasped a sudden flash of green light erupted from above. Trainer and pokemon could only stare in shock as the Flamethrower tore through Flygon's attack before slamming into the sand dragon.

Cole screamed out, but the raging flames drowned out his cry as they propelled them down towards the dense clouds.

'The Orb!' Snapping his eyes open, Cole felt his heart stop once the Green Orb was knocked from his fingers.

Flygon gasped in shock once it suddenly felt lighter. Opening its eyes in confusion, it screeched once it noticed Cole falling towards the clouds, a faint glimmer of green just below him.

Tearing through the thin air, Cole tucked his arms to his sides, his legs together. A faint feeling of hope rose within as he felt his speed increase, heading straight to the earth as gravity pulled him closer to the Green Orb. 'I can't lose it here!' Fighting the urge to vomit his insides, Cole felt like his skin would be ripped from his flesh as he fell faster.


He tucked his head in further.

Get it. Get it. Get it. Get it. Get it!

He would be hitting the clouds soon.

Come on!

Cole extended his body to its limit as he threw himself forward. A cool sensation washing over his numb fingers, Cole felt the planet lift from his shoulders before he pulled the Green Orb to his body. The moisture of the clouds suddenly embracing him.


He was not going to die here.

He was falling. But he refused to accept death's offer as the screeching winds pierced his ears. He was going to live. He was not going to fail this time!

'Grab on!'

Hearing the reassuring words, Cole opened his arms before a flash of green obscured his sight. Flygon roared as Cole wrapped his arms around the dragon's neck. The two held their breath as Flygon fought to balance itself from their incredible speed.

They were not stopping.

"That's-" Elisa gasped once something exploded through the clouds. "Cole!" She screamed his name as Flygon extended its wings to break the fall.


"What the hell was that?!"


What the-"

Tori, Kyra and Noah screamed out as a deafening explosion rang over the top of Sky Pillar. "Something fell from the sky?!" Noah coughed heavily as he held onto his Carvanha. "I can't see it!"

"Use it as a chance!" Tori yelled as Houndoom dodged a beam of ice. "Go help your friend! I can handle Snider!"

The pair of teens looked at one another before nodding in unison. Taking the shaking earth beneath them as an opportunity, Kyra and Noah sprinted towards Elisa and Jin who remained up against the wall with Koji and the rest of the Team Sky's pokemon.

Elisa stood in place, the raging battles around her on mute as the massive stones tumbled to the floors below. There was a massive crater in the center of Sky Pillar where Cole and Flygon had fallen into. Her chest rising and falling with each second, she fought for her legs to move.

"The fool." Holland smirked as watched the green flames disappear into the darkness of the night. "If he can't use Rayquaza's power, then he has no right to fight me!" The leader of Team Sky quickly turned his attention to the skies where Rayquaza circled around the battle. His dark green eyes hardened, annoyed by how the pokemon simply watched the entire ordeal, as if judging them.

It suddenly turned before releasing a powerful beam of energy towards him.

Thrusting its wings into the air, Charizard ascended, dodging the Hyper Beam attack with ease as the legendary dragon glared at the pair.

"Rayquaza!" Holland raised the Jade Orb to the dragon, dark light shining brilliantly from its body. "With the power of this treasure, I control you! Eliminate all who oppose me!" A sinister smile rose on the man's face once the dark figure above began to twist and screech out, its roar deafening.

But the thrashing soon stopped, its body hovering, it shook its head before it turned towards the clouds below.

"Yes...with this orb...You see what I see. You can feel my enemies as your own. Go!"

"Cobalt! Hydro Pump!"

Distracted with the challenge of Lucario, Sealeo and Rotom, Koji's Magmar and Torkoal could only scream out in pain once a thick outburst of water slammed into their sides. Crying out in pain, the pair of fire types dropped to the stone floor once the Hydro Pump exploded into the pillars side walls.

"Elisa! You okay?!" Noah ran to the woman's side, but her attention was elsewhere. Following her gaze, he froze once he noticed the crater in the middle of the tower. It did not take him long before he put the two together. "No…He's not-"

"Hey!" Kyra yelled as she ran to their side. "We don't have time to be standing around! How are we going to stop these things?! Cobalt look out!" Focusing her attention on the Trainers and pokemon above, she growled as Cobalt deflected a few attacks with its arms.

"...I…" She blinked, coming back to the world from the shock. She quickly turned to Kyra, surprising the girl. She promised Cole, they would not hold back anything from each other. His battle was not over.

Neither was her's.

"...Jin told me that the Earth Plate resisted Armaldo's attacks." She clasped at her head, thoughts raging without any sign of stopping as she tried to find an answer among all the chaos. It did not even get a scratch. She opened her eyes before turning to the Earth Plate that continued to spin with incredible speed. It was just like back in the Desert Ruins. When Regirock used that attack on them…An Electric attack...

"That's it!"

Kyra, Noah and Jin blinked in confusion as Elisa suddenly ran to Sealeo. "Ocean…Earth...Sky." She cast her eyes over the large seal pokemon before turning to the remaining members of their party. They were all panting heavily, but still had fight in them.

"What? What is it?" Noah blurted out.

"The plates! Ocean, Earth and Sky!"

"What are you talking about?" Kyra asked.

"Rayquaza told us...back then...That the plates represent the natural energy of our planet itself. It's in their names!"

"Huh?" Kyra and Noah jaw's dropped but that did not stop the woman from pointing Sealeo towards the Earth Plate.

"It's just like what Pokemon Trainers do! We need to find the advantage, Sealeo Water Gun!" Gasping from the surprise attack, Noah, Kyra and Jin looked on as jet of water slammed into the spinning pillar of light that held the plate.

"They're still attacking it?" Koji laughed as Sealeo struggled to keep up its Water Gun, droplets of water splattering in every direction. "What are they getting at? They're pokemon are too weak," He turned his attention to the crater that held Cole and Flygon. "Only two people right now have the power to do anything right now anyway."

"Seeeeeaaaaaaa-" Dropping to the floor, Sealeo let out a tired huff of air. As the last droplets of water began to freeze on the stone floor, Elisa wrapped her arm around her pokemon's head for support as she focused her attention on the treasure.

"Come on…"

It was spinning.

"...Come on." It continued to spin. "Come on!" Hazel eyes flashed with excitement once they noticed it.


Jin rose to his feet, emerald eyes shaking with bewilderment once the incredible rotation of the Dragon Plate slowed. It was minor, but enough for the man to surge with a rush of adrenaline. He snapped his attention to Elisa who hugged Sealeo. He knew she was special when he first met her. "You're something else…" He breathed as Noah and Kyra gasped in shock.

"Thank you so much Sealeo!" Elisa cried, hugging the Ice/Water pokemon. She jumped once the ground shook beside her.

"You're really smart Elisa!"

The young researcher blinked in awe once a large mud fish pokemon laid its hands onto the stone floor, locking itself in place. Cobalt glared at the Earth Plate, opening its mouth wide.

"Thanks for figuring it all out!" Kyra continued, smiling at the older woman before turning to her pokemon. "Let us take it from here-Cobalt! Hydro Pump with everything you've got!"

"Wartortle, Wingull, Carvanha! It's your time to shine!" Noah roared, gripping onto the large fish pokemon in his arms. His three pokemon nodded in unison before taking a deep breath with what little air was left.

"Water Gun!"

Elisa screamed, covering her face as powerful jets of water erupted from the pokemon, tearing through the air before slamming into the Earth Plate.

She had figured it out.

"You can do it guys!" Elisa cheered, lifting herself to her feet before a sudden of rush of wind nearly knocked her back to the ground.

"What was that?!"

Kyra glanced behind her, holding her breath once she noticed a trail of green shards of light falling to the ground. It moved at an unbelievable speed, but she could tell who it was. '...We're doing everything we can down here...You better not quit either!'

Dark green eyes widening in shock, Holland snapped his attention to the clouds below. They scanned the ocean of silver and grey as if looking for a needle in a haystack. A small smile suddenly crept onto the man's face once the Jade Orb began to glow a dark green once again.

"That's it Cole..."

Like a volcano spewing lava to the heavens, Cole and Flygon erupted from the clouds. They were moving at a speed he had never seen in them before. Holland's eyes narrowed once he noticed the green aura around the pair, along with golden markings etched in the dragon's scales.

"...use its power."

A monstrous typhoon exploded from Flygon's mouth, Charizard quickly dropped from its position, dodging the attack before the Ground/Dragon made a u-turn in the sky, diving towards them again.

Like a clash of swords, Flygon and Charizard slammed into one another with their new found energy, exchanging blows and blasts of draconian energy and fire from their jaws in an attempt to get the upper hand. Fire...Wind, the attacks continued, lighting up the sky in an array of colours as the deafening roar of the explosions intensified. Charizard flung its thick tail downward, slamming into Cole's leg with such force he screamed. Just as Charizard connected, Flygon tore its fangs into the fire dragon's underbelly, sending both pokemon backwards. Ignoring the flaring pain, Cole hardened his gaze, all of his attention focused on bringing this man to his knees as Flygon released another Dragon Pulse.

Charizard released an incredible green Flamethrower, the attacks collided, exploding on contact to release a spectacular burst of fire and electricity over the sea of clouds. The heavy crackle of an explosion ringing in their ears, Flygon and Charizard slammed into one another again as the debris was washed away by the force. Diving towards Holland and Charizard who were now on the bottom, Cole yelled out another attack, a powerful jet of green fire torpedoed down to Charizard.

Gasping from the incredible speed, Holland cried out as the attack hit dead on, sending the pair downwards. Cole did not stop, rage clouding his eyes, he yelled out another attack as Charizard tried to regain its balance.

A Dragon Pulse rained down from above, but this time Charizard was ready, releasing a Fire Blast to Cole's surprise. With the added power, the fire star fought with the jet of fire before another explosion ripped through the still air. Coughing from the choking atmosphere, Cole glared through the smoke for his prey. The heat and debris were stifling, but he didn't care.


Both Trainers remained still as the thick black clouds blocked their senses.

Cole and Flygon suddenly rose higher, above the dense cloud of debris and fire before they locked onto Holland and Charizard. They were defenceless. They could not see him. A sinister smirk rose on the man's lips as he pointed towards them. He would…


He would…


He would…

A flash of black caught the man's attention. Stopping his order midway, Cole snapped his attention to Rayquaza who screeched, a pained cry so deafening it ripped the man from his drunken fill of power.

Cole blinked in shock before he looked at his hands. Shaking violently with the intent to kill, the ancient markings of gold ran along his veins, burning his skin as the green light blinded his own thoughts. This was power.

Absolute power.

It was blinding, so thick that it took all his senses from him just moments ago. Blind...deaf and without words.

"...No." The words sputtered from his lips.


He had to fight!

You had the power before to make a difference…

"I'm…" Flygon roared with pain, "I'm not…" the golden markings like chains to his being.

Don't waste your chance.

"I'm not your slave!"

Holland snapped his attention upward, shock written all over his face once he noticed Cole and Flygon. A cold shiver ran down his spine as the realization hit him. He had the advantage, yet he…


'Cole!' Flygon cried out in pain, catching the man's attention. '...It hurts!'

"I know." Cole exhaled before placing his free hand on the dragon's back, calming it. "This power is not ours…It was never meant to be ours to use…But I have an idea."

"You had your chance Cole to finish me!" Holland yelled upwards as Flygon circled them. "So talented as a Trainer, yet so pathetic as a man! You said you wanted to stop me, where's your valor!"

Holland shut his mouth once Flygon suddenly dropped from its high point. Green eyes narrowed once they noticed that the dragon was picking up its speed. They were coming straight down. A death wish that only he could grant.

His lips curled.

"It ends here." Holland slapped Charizard's neck, "Fire Blast!" Like a heavy cannon, Charizard was pushed back as a massive star of fire exploded from the pokemon's gaping jaws. It cried out in pain from the ferocity of its own attack. Sparks of electricity and fire entangled with the air, the power of the attack painting the sky red as it continued on a collision course with Cole and Flygon.

With their speed, Cole would not be able to avoid it at all. Holland felt his heart slam against his chest so quickly, it was hurting. He would not be able to dodge it.

Cole's dark eyes widened as the fire star zoomed closer, his family, his friends, his pokemon. All of them flashed before him as death graced his being.


Letting go of all fears, Cole released himself from Flygon before the dragon spun in the air. In one swift motion, it flung the man towards Holland.


Cole roared with all his might as Flygon threw the man in between the gaps in the large star. His lungs stung from the intense heat. His beaten leg grazed the fire star, stabbing it with a pain so brutal he would never wish it upon anyone. But his feelings were elsewhere as he zoomed to a stunned man who remained in range.


Bone, flesh and skin collided with one another with such force the leader of Team Sky gagged. Cole connected his fist with Holland's face, knocking the man from Charizard's back. His eyes focused on the dark orb released from Holland's grasp, Cole quickly contorted his body to grab the Jade Orb.


Screaming with all his might, Cole pulled both Green and Jade Orbs to his chest. With the speed of their fall, Flygon blitzed past a stunned Charizard who turned for Holland instead who fell towards the clouds below.

'...I'm never doing that again!' Flygon complained as Cole latched his arms around the dragon's neck before they swung in the air, ascending quickly towards Rayquaza's rampaging form.

Cole attempted to laugh, but only choked for air as they neared the Sky High pokemon. "...I don't know if this will work either...But I have to try!"

Gasping in shock, Flygon dove as a beam of intense energy was released from the legendary dragon. Glancing back at the brilliant light that speared the sea of clouds, Cole shook his head free of anymore fears as Flygon powered its way through the cold air.

'...What if he doesn't listen?'

Cole's dark brown eyes hardened as Flygon neared Rayquaza's lengthy body. Regret and shame washed over the physical pain his body endured as the black markings around Rayquaza's body continued to spread. Their battle. The battle between Green and Jade Orbs along with the activation of the Ocean, Earth and Sky Plates…

It was his fault.

Flygon struggled for air as it neared Rayquaza's being. With each movement, his muscles were screaming to stop, but he would not give up. Flygon's speed slowed, its vision beginning to blur the closer they came.

You knew the power of a Legendary pokemon was beyond imagination, yet you did nothing.

'It's Air Lock.' Cole concluded, stuffing the orbs into his pockets as they rose in sync with the Sky High pokemon. Nodding to his pokemon, Cole held onto what little air remained in his lungs before jumping from Flygon's back.

Take responsibility for your mistakes…

The scales were like a cliff face. Hard and cold, Cole scaled the legendary dragon's body as it rose higher, with a speed like no other. His breathing slowed, he could feel his heart fading was so cold. He could only watch as his fingers began to freeze over with ice. The world around him fading to black.

….and die with them.

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