The Forbidden Trio: Sail to the Sky Dragon

A Place in Life

It was hot.

Ridiculously hot. Hidden among the sea of men and women, blue eyes analyzed a figure enter from the darkness to stand tall in the middle of an aged Colosseum. The massive stone pillars that resembled fingers cast a shadow over most of the battlefield, but the man's figure became clear as he shielded his face from the winds. He was built. Tall and strong, a must to even travel in the Orre Region. He held a certain aura that was different from the rest. His face was hard, black stubble along his jawline as he eyed his opponent with sharp brown eyes. His equally black hair was matted to his forehead in sweat, but it did not seem to bother him. Along with his dusty white t-shirt, blue eyes hardened upon the strange white bandages that wrapped up his right arm all the way up to a sandy coloured vest that hugged his body. Accompanied with it, a pair of blue jeans and black boots. Standing by his side...a dog. Its fur was pure black, like night, it was almost mesmerizing to look at along with those sharp horns that curved to the back of its neck. What truly piqued the person's interest was the deep red collar that hugged the hound's neck.

A stone.

Yes, a familiar stone, a mixture of red and black radiated from the center of the collar, up and down with each step as they took their side of the Colosseum. It was a Houndoom…

With a Mega Stone.

"Welcome to the Grand Finals of Orre Colosseum! Both challengers have stomped the competition to reach this far, but only one will stand as the victor of this Double Battle Tourney!" The crowd roared with excitement as another man emerged from the other half, his face confident as he eyed his opponent.

"From the Kalos Region….We have Samuel Bellanger!" A young Trainer by comparison, dark brown eyes glinted in the harsh sun as his challenger waved his hands to the crowd, earning a mixture of roars and calls.

"And from the Hoenn Region… Cole Hughes!"

That was his name? Blue eyes ignited from the words as the man in the pit of the Colosseum smirked. It was easy to see…The way he held himself, the fire in his eyes, the experience oozing from within...He was no ordinary Trainer.

...I can sense two here.

His eyes focused on the opponent ahead, Cole nodded from the words before leaning down to his long time friend.

"Do you see them?"

Houndoom's red eyes quickly jolted to the right. Hardening its gaze, the fire hound let out a soft bark. Hidden deep within the masses, blue eyes widened with shock before disappearing among the chaos.

'Houndoom sees them. Looks like they have the potential to connect…We'll pay them a visit after this.'

Good… Thank you, Cole.

The words rippling like a stone dropped in water, Cole smiled from the dragon's words. Ever since that day...he'd been busy. That was the only way to put it.

The crowd was deafening, roaring with anticipation for the grand finals, he took in the pure beauty of this Colosseum that withstood the test of time. His hand moving towards his chest, Cole pulled out a necklace from underneath his shirt, his fingers pressing into its perimeter to reveal a small picture. His smile grew as the sunlight fell upon the surface. It had been a couple of years since they were all together, but this always eased the pain.


"Let the battle begin!"

His motion so fluent, Cole snapped two balls from his belt. One, black with yellow stripes on each half, the other a deep silver that glinted in the sunlight. They were still new to the family, but five years of training really brought them together. Besides...

His life was just beginning.


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