Are We Truly Mates?


BTS Werewolf Au "Tell me, why did you abandon me?" "..........." "If you never loved me, then you just have just let me die from the beginning!" -⭕️Description ⭕️--- She is human and yet he is a WereWolf. Y/n had just moved to Seoul with her cousin Lisa to attend high-school. Y/n never wanted anything in life, like it the way it was-boring and yet simple. Until she meets a young werewolf who knows that she is his mate. Y/N at first showed no real interest in him like the rest of the things in her life but was soon drawn to him without even realizing it Y/n also has her own secrets to keep, So taehyung isn't the only one who's keeping secrets from her about being a werewolf. They come face to face to different challenges as they also get to know each other. But since she's human and him a werewolf....can they truly be Mates? ---------- ‼️Warning‼️ This story contains strong Language and also mature content, read at your own risk! Created:4/12/18 Ended:

Fantasy / Romance
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This is indeed a fan-fiction

So the characters are actual people from the k-pop band BTS (BANGTAN BOYS) or from another k-pop group but if there is any unknown characters then they are indeed made up from the authors imagination.

I do not own any of the Bangtan Boys!

The plot line, theme, personalities and setting are of the author’s imagination.

Images that are also in the story can be searched from google images

If you wish to translate this story into your own or borrow certain scenes,etc. Please contact the author for permission.


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