Are We Truly Mates?

chapter 8




“Care to explain?”

Y/n and I had just entered my room, she hand her arms crossed over her chest. Her face neutral, not showing any type of emotion, if it wasn’t for her foot tapping on the floor showing that she was impatient; I would think that she didn’t really care about what had just happened.

“What do you want me to say exactly?” I snapped back at her, trying to contain my anger remembering what Alex babbled on about earlier but clearly failed

“Don’t you get angry at me! It’s not my fault you couldn’t contain your woman!”

She yelled out at me causing me to flinch a bit. I look in her direction and smirk

“My woman?” I raise an eyebrow at her, amused at what she had just said, even though she clearly told Alex that she was “my woman” and not her

“Yes, your woman!” She said angrily, turning away; her back facing me

‘How could she possibly be any cuter’

I walk towards her and back hug her, I move a piece of her hair out of the way from her neck and plant a kiss on it “Y/n, are you jealous?”

She scoffs and pushes me away from her “Me? Jealous? In your dreams Kim Taehyung”

She goes and sit down on my bed, her back still towards me, she looks out the window and continues to look outside at the snow, just like before in the kitchen before we had our *cough cough* make out session.

I sigh as I ran a hand through my hair, licking my lips, a hand resting on my side as I continue to stand in the same spot where Y/n had just pushed me away “Honestly, I didn’t think she would say that”

“Which part?” I hear Y/n say

“All of it”

I walk to her side of the bed and sit next to her and grab her hand and making little circles on it with my thump on the back of her hand. She doesn’t look at me but still lets me hold her hand, I stare at it.

‘Her hands are so small and to think they were grabbing onto me, her hands running through my hair, if we weren’t interrupted earlier, if she had just put her hands some where else then I-’

I shake my head trying to stop my train of thought before popping a hard on. I noticed that Y/n was looking at me weirdly and I just clear my throat and smile at her, she doesn’t return my smile and just went back to staring out the window.


“.....” She didn’t say anything, I leaned closer to her and it seem like her mind had wondered somewhere, like she was reliving a distant memory

“Y/n” I called her name again but a bit louder this time

“What?” Her tone cold

“Y/n, look at me” I lightly grab her chin and make her look at me, her expression was cold - it scared me, not knowing what she was thinking. I didn’t like that she wasn’t smiling or laughing how she was earlier. She just stared at me, her eyes empty, not like how they were earlier when they were filled with life.

I rub my thump over her chin “Whats wrong?” She doesn’t reply and just continues to stare at me with a blank expression

“Hey tell me, I promise that it will just stay between us and only me” I made sure to make my voice sound as calm and soothing as possible and it seemed to have worked since she closed her eyes and took a deep breath - debating on whether to tell me or not.

“I-” She started off, her eyes remaining closed but then she moved her head away from my touch. I tried contain myself from whimpering from the loss her touch, I look down - not wanting to see the pain in my eyes.

“I can’t” I hear her, sadness clear in her voice causing me to look up and stare at her.

She was fiddling with her fingers, her head hanging low as she was biting her lip. I smiled knowing that was still debating on telling me whatever was bothering her. I grabbed both of her hands causing her to look up at me “It’s okay, tell me when your ready”

Her expression changes and she smiles, her body instantly relaxing. She nods, feeling relived that I didn’t force her to tell me, though I really wanted to know but I didn’t want to upset her anymore than before so I dropped the subject.

“So you and Alex?” I tense up at her question

‘Shit, I thought she already forgot about that’

“What about me and her?” I began looking anywhere else besides her face, afraid what her facial expression is at the moment

“Are you...together?” I felt her playing with my fingers since my hand was still holding hers

“No” I answer back right away without thinking, bringing my gaze back to her — only to find her looking at me with a “really” look.

I brought the back of her hand up to my lips and planted a kiss on it before saying to her in all honesty “We weren’t together, not then, not now, not ever....theres only you Y/n”

She continued to have a blank expression but I could have sworn I saw the corner of her lips curve a little, a smile attempt to appear on her face. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how hard she was trying to hide her expressions but I knew how she felt even if she doesn’t show it.

After all, she’s my one and only mate.



“We weren’t together, not then, not now, not ever.....theres only you Y/n”

When I heard him say that, all honestly written in his eyes and facial expression, I felt my heart flutter and a smile threatening to appear on my lips but I managed to keep my expression a complete blank.

I just look at him and then down to our hands, which I slowly remove from his grasp and said “You, Kim Taehyung; are quite a charmer aren’t you?”

He smile at me while running a hand through his hair and licking his lips“Well, if I wasn’t then; how do you think I managed to capture you attention...My dear princess”

I cringe at the nickname he had just given me, it must have been obvious on my face cause then he started laughing soon afterwards.

I smile hearing his laugh, it was music to my ears. The way he smiles brightens up my mood instantly, he makes me feel loved, wanted. His whole presence is something that I couldn’t explain simply with words, for thing that I’m sure about — its that I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

Suddenly my stomach makes a grumbling sound, I look away from him — feeling embarrassed. He smiles, then stand up, grabbing my hand; making me stand up along with him. “What are you doing?”

He starts dragging me towards the door “If I remember correctly, I was supposed to make you something delicious to eat” He answers as we exit his room and head for the stairs.

“Yea, you were but then we got distracted by the snow and then you asked me-”

I suddenly stopped in the middle of the stairs; detaching my hand from his. Making Taehyung almost fall back but he managed to stable himself and look back at me

“You asked me if I could be your girlfriend”I blurted out, eyes wide and Taehyung just looked away while scratching the back of his neck awkwardly

“I was hoping that you completely forgot about that”

“You want me to forget that you asked me to be your girlfriend, rather than we were almost about to have sex in your bedroom or even in the hallway?”

“The hallway?” He gave me a confused expression

“I mean yea, I mean it didn’t seem like we would have made it to your room in time before we were to start stripping each other”His mouth makes an “O” shape, understanding what I was saying

“But No, I would have made sure that we made it to the bedroom first before anything. I wouldn’t want another guy to see you naked besides me” He said to me, checking me out while biting his lip

(A/N :Sorry couldn’t find one where it was just him biting is lip)

‘As much as that turns me on right now,oddly enough... I can’t let him distract me again’

I cross my arms over my chest and looked at him with a neutral face,not wanting to show how much he’s affecting me just by doing such little things.

“Don’t change the subject Kim Taehyung”

He pouts ” why are you suddenly using my full name today?”

I scoff “Does it matter whether I call you by your full name?”

“Yes!”He exclaims waving his hands in the air

“it matters - I don’t want you calling me by my full name!”

“Well I don’t give a fuck what you want since you keep trying to distract me from what I originally asked you”

He glares at me and then sighs “Fine! Yes, I asked if you wanted to be my girlfriend”

“Now that wasn’t hard” I say as I walk past him and pat him on the shoulder.

We enter the kitchen and Taehyung went back to where we left all of our ingredients out and began making me some actual food to eat.

“So you know that we’ve known each other for like what 3 weeks right?”

“And your point?”

I walked to the counter next to him and jump up to sit myself on top of it while he was making us sandwiches by the looks of it “My point is that I don’t think anyone would only date each other only after 3 weeks”

He shrugs “I’ve seen people go right into it only after one day”

“Seriously?” I raise an eyebrow at him and he nods while spreading out the ham on our bread

“Sometimes, its when they first met each other — for example, love at first sight” He pauses and looks up at me, wiggling his eyebrows. I just hit him playfully on his shoulder

“There is no such thing as love at first sight, unless your in some type of k-drama”

“Hey, don’t knock it till you try it” He simply said going back to our sandwiches, adding some spinach and tomatoes. It honestly looked really good, I couldn’t wait to taste it - even if it was a simple sandwich that anyone could make.

I just tilt my head at his response “Don’t tell me, that happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

He was now getting us cups and pouring some orange juice into them and a side of strawberries - my favorite

“The love at first sight thing”

I say plainly which cause him to tense up but he quickly recovers. I try grabbing a strawberry but he slaps my hand away, I retract it and glare at him

“Sandwich first, then strawberries and yes to dealing with the whole ‘love at first sight’ thing” He says as he puts out food and drinks onto a tray and then brings it to the dinning table in the next room. He puts the tray down and then places our food on the table and sits down at the head of the dinning table as if it was the most natural thing to do

“Really? With who?”

I ask while walk closer to the dinning table, not knowing where to sit really even though there was so many open chairs. He didn’t see me sitting down, so he got back up and gently grabbed my hand and made me sit next to him on his right.

“Who do you think?”He sits back down on to his seat and begins eating his sandwich


He chokes on is food, I automatically sit up and pat his back. He started pounding on his chest and I quickly pass him the orange juice, once he got his breathing under control, he glared at me and said

“Alex really?”

‘Why does he sound angry? I only asked if it was Alex’

I couldn’t help but feel curious at his sudden change of behavior

“What? I don’t know what type of history you two have together”I shrug and after making sure he was really all right, I sit back down and begin eating my sandwich

‘Ahhhh, this sandwich taste so good! Then again everything taste good when your hungry’

I thought to myself taking another bite of my sandwich, not noticing that Taehyung was watching me enjoy my sandwich with a smile on his face.

But he quickly snapped out of remembering about what I said about Alex being the one he loved at first sight and he growled at the thought causing me to look at him.

“Did you just growl?”

He quickly responded “N-no, I was just clearing my throat thats all”

I gave him a non-convincing look but I let it slide “So, is Alex the one you fell in love with at first sight ?”

He put down his sandwich and sighed. He looked up at me but I was still happily eating my beloved sandwich “Its you, you idiot”

Now I was the one choking on my food and in one quick motion Taehyung was at my side and gave me my juice, already patting my back helping me calm down. After calming myself I quickly look up at him

“You’re joking right?”

He kneeled down, so we could be at my height somewhat. His face becoming serious “No, I’m not joking”

I felt a lump in my throat, He took my hands into his -- still looking at me

“I’m serious Y/n, when I first saw you and look into those deep sparkling eyes of yours. I have fallen for you right then and there”

I just froze not knowing what to say, I normally would reject a person even before they could get the first sentence out. But with him, I always act different with him - He makes me act like a different person.

I’m supposed to be an anti-social type of person, the one who doesn’t really give two shits out others besides Lisa. A person who usually tells others to fuck off the minute they try talking to me and yet here I am, with this guy — here, talking one minute, almost have sex the next and then breakfast and now a confession.

This whole order is out of whack if you ask me, but then Life is truly unexpected. You never know what could possible happen next .

“Y-yah, stop it - I know your just messing with me” I said avoiding his gaze, my heart starts to beat faster all of a sudden

‘Why the hell am I suddenly feeling nervous’

His grip on my hands tightens “Y/n, I’m completely serious” His voice becoming deep and I look at him finding him being completely serious

I sigh “Taehyung, how am I supposed to believe you?”

He puts my right hand on his chest, making me feel his heart beat ‘It’s beating so fast’ I thought to myself as I feel his heart thumping quickly against his chest, almost if its about to bust out of him.

“Do you feel that?” I nod

“Only you can make heart race like this and no one else Y/n”I gulp as he continues speaking

“Give me a chance and I’ll show you how much I truly feel about you, I won’t ever hurt you -- not in a million years for as long as I live”

I laugh at that and look down at my lap “not in a million years? How do you know if we’ll even be together for that long”

“I’ll make sure that the only partner you’ll ever want in life is me and you would be the only one for me as well”

I looked into his eyes and could tell that he meant every word that he had spoken to me but I still felt uneasy - I don’t want to end up getting hurt by him, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to recover if he did.

‘He makes it sound so easy, but how could I could possibly trust him just by hearing him say a few simple words’

As if he was reading my thoughts and emotions, he let go of my hands and cups my cheeks in his hands and makes me lift my gaze from my lap and look at him

“Y/n, please trust me....I know we’ve only known each other for a short amount of time, but please believe in me when I tell you that I would never hurt you, I would love you with my entire being...please”

I looked at him, his face showing nervousness as if he was truly afraid that I would reject him — his eyes begging me to accept him. When I saw how he was looking at me, both nervous and afraid - I just couldn’t say no

’Aish, He’s just to cute for me to say no too especially when he’s practically begging me on his knees here — literally”

I took his hands into my small ones and removed them from my face “Taehyung”

He looks down quickly, thinking that I was about to reject him — which I wasn’t.

I wanted to laugh at how cute he seemed right now. I know messed up on how much I was enjoying him afraid waiting for my answer but I just couldn’t help it.

I lift up his chin, making him look up at me and I leaned closer to him and lightly brush my lips against his. He froze and I smiled and this time I pecked his lips and leaned back. His eyes wide, not saying anything — just frozen.I just continued smiling at him as I waited for his reaction but then he broke out of his trance.

He narrowed his eyes and me, as if questioning why I just suddenly pecked his lips out of nowhere. I just sigh, thinking that he was an idiot for not understanding why I just kissed him

“Taehyung that kiss was meant to be my answer”

He quickly grabbed my face between his hands, squishing my cheeks together and he said in an exciting tone

“It was?”

I chuckle and nod my head and he quickly lets go of my cheeks and hugs me, laughing. He pulls back from the hug and kisses me but I moved back and put a finger on his lips, causing him to stare at me in confusion

“I expect you to keep your promise to me tae” I said to him in a sweet voice.

He removed my hand from his face, his facial expression becoming serious again

“I promise and I intend to keep okay?”

I smile and kiss him, which he happily returns. After the kiss — we went back to eating. I told him that I needed to return home or else Lisa would be crazy worried about me and I wouldn’t be surprised that she ended up calling a search party for me.

He drove me home on his car, which I was surprised that he could even drive a car, he seemed more like a motorcycle type of person actually. Before he left my house, he walked me to front door my building

( A/N: I honestly couldn’t remember if I made Y/n and Lisa live in a house or an apartment)

he gave me a quick peck on the lips and literally yelled out ‘I love you’ while walking away.

‘Geez, this kid’

Was all I thought to myself I watched his car drive off after he saw me inside and I went straight to bed afterwards, not prepared for the future holds for us.

--------->Time skip<--------

Its been about a month, since me and taehyung started dating. Everyday he shows me affection and I never denied it once. Lisa and Jungkook also started dating soon after me and Taehyung, she told me that she didn’t want to date anyone until I did when we were younger and she did end up keeping her word. Heck those two are even more lovely-doovey than me and Taehyung, then again I’m not much of an affectionate person to begin with. Also that person who Lisa was supposed to meet up was Jungkook who asked her out to their first date which as you can tell ended up perfectly.

I get along with the rest of BTS just fine, I caught Yoongi staring at me once in a while but I shrug it off as nothing really, it makes me think that he’s just has a thing for staring. Lisa doesn’t really like leaving me alone with the boys, especially with Taehyung, Yoongi and J-hope. Tae, I could understand but Yoongi and J-hope, I don’t get.

I understand that she practically sees me as a sister and she is very overprotective to the point that she wouldn’t mind snapping at jungkook for making jokes about me, which she do a couple times since they started dating. Which I always laugh at him for cause I know that she generally ends up picking my side over his any time of the day.

She did end up scolding me about the time where I stayed with Taehyung while it was snowing. She didn’t asked what happened while I was there tho, I wouldn’t have her anyway to be honest. She was jumping around our home when I told her that I agreed to be Taehyung girlfriend saying ” Now I don’t have to worry about you being a loner for the rest of your life!”

Currently me and Lisa are heading out of class to meet up with the boys during lunch. We entered the cafeteria, they haven’t spotted us yet and we were almost there until someone just had to be an idiot and call us out.



Me and the boys were sitting in the other side of the cafeteria where the long vertical windows were. We liked to stay away from the humans, mostly I do, after what happened with my parents - I just tend to end up hating them.

At first Y/n was no exception but before I knew it, I was already drawn to her thanks to the mating bond. I wanted to avoid her but as you can tell I never did that did I?

I remember my parents telling me to cherish the mating bond, even if my mate turns out to be some bitch, which I thank the moon goddess that Y/n wasn’t like that. In all honesty she reminds me of Yoongi a little bit which aslways sends chills down my spine whenever I think about it. Her personality is usually a cold one but I know that she cares inside but doesn’t show it like he does which still sends shivers down my spine comparing how similar they are to each other.

“So how are you and Y/n doing?” Jimin asks out of no where, while playing with his food

The girls (Y/n and Lisa) weren’t here yet and the other guys mate went on a field trip that last a week. Funny how they’re all in the same class too for that to happen.

I look up at him from playing with my own while waiting for Y/n to show up. God I miss her

“We’re doing alright” I simply say

“I’m surprised”

I look at Namjoon and raise an eyebrow at him, waiting for him to continue what he meant. He raises his hands in the hair as a surrender.

“Hey, I don’t mean anything by it; it’s just” he sighs

“She’s human, Taehyung” Jin- hyung finishes for him after swallowing a mouth full of his food. I swear he looks like a chipmunk sometimes with those cheeks of his when he eats. I just want to poke them.

“And?” I felt myself getting a bit mad at the way they were speaking about her

“Tae, I thought you despised humans after what happen to our parents” I growl at Jimin for mentioning them, which he quickly lowers his head

“Tae, what we’re saying is that; we’re worried”

I sigh ” What is there to worry about, So what if she’s human?” I run a hand through my hair, making it messy

“Taehyung, you do realize that it’s nearly impossible for a human to a mate to our kind right?” Jungkook asks me, which is funny since Lisa;his mate is also human

“Yes, I know and yet here I am with a human as my mate but I’m not going to shun her for it”
I pause and look at Jungkook ” did you forget that Lisa is also human”

He was about to say something but quickly closed his mouth, knowing that what I said was true.

“But-” Jimin was going to talk about it again but I cut him off

“Enough!” I say causing them besides J-hope and Yoongi who were just listening the whole time, lowered their heads. I let out a growl while saying

“are you questions my wolf about his own mate? Are you questioning me, your Alpha?”

They quickly shake their heads “No, Alpha” they say all together at the same time

Then J-hope finally decides to join in “He’s right guys, our worlds always knows who they’re mates are when we first get a glimpse of them, just like how we found our mates. Don’t tell me you forgot what’s that’s like”

They lower their heads even more, forgetting that they have mates of their own. This time it was Suga- hyung who spoke up

“how would you feel if someone told you that your mate isn’t good enough just cause she’s different?”

“......we were sorry” Namjoon -hyung said for the rest and for himself. I just nod in response and then look at Suga- hyung and J-hope

“Thanks” J-hope smiles at him and Suga just patted my shoulder

“Hyung, I’m surprised that you spoke up for her; since you don’t like a lot of people” Jungkook said while going back to eat his food

Suga just shrugs “I mean, she’s meant to be our Luna; and I never had a problem with her anyway”

“You don’t have a lot of problems with a lot of people and yet you still act like a dick to them” Jin spats at him

Suga just roll his eyes, not even bothering to answer him back.

I was about to say something else until we heard something crash causing all of us to turn around. Only to find Y/n and Lisa confront a group of girls. One of the girls was on the ground and it was Alex’s sister, Jen.

‘Why don’t those girls ever give me a break?’

“Isn’t that Jen?”

Jimin asks watching her get back up and walk towards Y/n, who was protecting Lisa; having her stand behind her


was all I said, my attention being completely on my mate. Judging how Jen’s facial went all red in anger, Y/n must have said something to her face.

“What do you think thier talking about?”

I just shrug, there so much noise in here that it’s hard to make out what’s what in this place.

I continue watching until I saw Jen slap Y/n across the face and I automatically just lose it. I was about to stand up from my seat until I saw Y/n punch her directly in the nose.

“Damn, I think she just broke Jen’s nose”

I hear one of the guys say behind me, but I just stared at her, amazed that she just managed to punch a werewolf in the face like it was a daily thing.

I quickly stop staring at her and walk towards them after telling the guys to stay there but Jungkook stood up and walked with me. I didn’t say anything since I knew that Lisa was his mate and he wanted to see her, and also to make sure his future Luna, my mate was alright as well.

Jungkook, why didn’t you do anything when you saw Lisa in there with Y/n?′

I mind linked him while walking toward them; knowing that we can be very overprotective of our mates. But I know that she can stand up for herself so I stayed on the sidelines and it took so much will power but I couldn’t hold back anymore when Jen slapped her.

I could ask you the same thing

I bit the inside of my cheek ′touché

“You bitch, you broke my nose!” I hear Jen yell out

‘Wow, she really did break her nose’ Jungkook says in the link with an amazed look on his face

“Oh honey, after today; that won’t be the only thing that I’m going to break”

Y/n said with a cold tone but her face blank, making her unreadable.

"Dang Y/n, I didn’t know my girlfriend could be this violent"

I say before putting my arm over her shoulder and giving her peck on the check

“V Oppa!”



“V Oppa!” This girl called Jen said standing up from the ground and started to cling to Teahyung

’V Oppa? She didn’t’ I cross my arms over my chest and look at them

“Yah, I didn’t know you had another girl V Oppa” I said in a sickly sweet tone. Taehyung quickly pushes her away, causing her to fall on her ass.

He quickly comes to me and cups my face between his hands and starts planting kisses on my face.

*in between kisses*

“Baby. There’s. Only. You” he stops and looks at me in the eyes “you understand?” He raises an eyebrow at me with a questioning look

I push him off “whatever” I simply say but he wraps his arms around around me

“Baby” I look away from his face

“Don’t baby me Kim Taehyung” he gulps, realizing I was angry.

During this one month being together, he figured out that I only called him by is full name when I was truly pissed off. Of course he figure out others things about me, but as to what else; I wouldn’t know.

“V Oppa, this girl broke my nose!” Jen calls from behind us, fed up with being ignored

Taehyung quickly snapped his neck towards her direction and said ” I thought I told you not to call me that”

She looked shocked for a moment but recovered “but why? You always allowed me to call you that when we were all together”

I scoff ′how many of these girls of his were there before me?′ I push him off me again

“Another one really?” I looked back at me with sad eyes, he grabs one of my hands - making my crossed arms undone

“Baby please”

“Tell me the truth, how many?” He scratches his neck awkwardly

“Maybe all the girls in the entire school?”

I yanked my hand from his ” I can’t believe this”

Jen laughs “you honestly don’t except a guys like V Oppa to stick with one girl did you?”

I looked at her pissed, she continued talking “Everyone knows that him and the rest of BTS are playboys. Well mostly these two after the rest stopped since they got their girlfriends”

she pointed to both Taehyung and Jungkook. Even Lisa looked pissed when hearing this, now it was Jungkook’s turn to gulp.

I chuckled and looked at him “only me huh?”

I grab Lisa’s hand and start to walk away but he grabbed my arm preventing me from walking away any further.

“Y/N listen to me” I yank my arm out of his grip

“How about Hell no” I said and start walking away again but before I could take another step, I felt myself being lifted off the ground.

Then I was lifted and thrown over Taehyung’s shoulder like a sack of potatos. “Yah, Kim Taehyung put me down !!- I hate you right now”

I don’t care if I’m over reacting right now and I honestly don’t care. Knowing that he touched so many girls before me, pissed me off cause I wanted him to touch me even I hated to admit it.

He slapped my butt causing me to yelp, I was about to yell at him but he slap me my ass again and said

“Shut up and stay quiet” I froze, he was angry and he never got angry with me before despite my port attitude most of the time.

He looked over his shoulder once he saw that I stopped resisting and said to Jungkook ” Me and Y/n are ditching school for the rest of the day, you know what to do right?”

Jungkook nods and then looks at Lisa, trying to figure her out on whether she’ll talk to him or not. Then Taehyung looks at Jen and I saw that she was scared at the look he was giving her but I couldn’t see it since you know, I was on his shoulder.

His tone still had anger in it “And you, I’ll deal with you later” and with that he walked away with me over his shoulder.

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