Are We Truly Mates?

chapter 9


Before You knew it, we were already in his car driving to his place.


He doesn’t reply and continues to stare at the road. I call his name again and didn’t get a reply, so I just crossed my arms over my chest and leaned into the passenger seat, looking out the window

“Fine, be a dick then” You mumbles under your breath but he still heard you and grinned the steering wheel even tighter but still didn’t say anything

“I don’t get why you’re getting angry at me for, when I should be the angry one” You said a bit loader

He sighed as he pulled up at on a drive way at a house that you didn’t recognize. He looked at you but I just continued staring at the window.

“Baby, look at me please” You didn’t

He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to and buried his face into the crook of my neck.

“Y/n please....” I felt his body tremble against your own, his grip tighter

“Y/n.....Please don’t hate me, please say you don’t hate me” You didn’t know how much those words affected him, he felt his head and heart pounding furiously. The thought of you hating him was better than rejecting him but it still hurts him like crazy.

I just didn’t say anything, let alone look at him — my stubborn side taking over me. He got angry and let go of you and walked out of the car. I sigh and close my eyes, relaxing until You heard the car open, he unbuckled your seatbelt and threw you over his shoulder AGAIN!

You hit his back“KIM TAEHYUNG PUT ME DOWN!”

He ignores you yelling at him and preceded into the house and then he throws me onto the couch. You bounced twice and when you were was finally done bouncing, You look up at him; only to find him look down on you with angry eyes.

“What the fuck Taehuyng!” You stand up and yell in his face, he doesn’t do anything but continues looking at you entirely.

“Are you just going to continue staring at me all day or what?” He still doesn’t say anything, You scoff, being completely fed up with the situation

“Fine then, I’m leaving”

He raises his arm, stopping you from leaving and then tilts his head. He opens his mouth “What can I do to make you believe me?” You hear his voice crack

“Y/n, we’ve been together for month already and yet you make it seem like you don’t even want to be in anywhere near me.”

You freeze, confused on what he was saying

“Every time, I show you any bit of affection, you just shove it off” He continues to look at me but now he had tears in his eyes

‘He’s crying’ Your heart begins to hurt seeing him in tears

“Yes, I’ve been with many girls before you but that was BEFORE you ever appeared in my life and since then, I haven’t touched anyone besides you, haven’t shown any type of affection besides towards you” He was now on his knees crying, holding your hands in his, his head leaning against your legs

He didn’t want you to see him like this but he couldn’t handle the fear of you leaving him, if you did then he wouldn’t have been able to recover from it. The loss of a mate either through death or rejection has never lead to a good ending for a werewolf.

As much as he hated humans, he could never be able to hate you, you were after all his mate, his soul mate, his other half. Your what makes him feel whole but you weren’t aware of how much you affected him. You had no idea how much he loves you, how much he adores you. You were unaware of it all.

<End of Author’s Pov>


“Y/n, please tell me - what can I do to make you believe me?” He was still crying on his knees. My anger completely vanished in an instant and I quickly squat down and engulf him in a hug.

“I’m sorry”Was the first thing that I blurted out as I rub my hand up and down his back and brought his face closer to my chest as he wraps his arms around me.

“I’m sorry..... I’m sorry”

I kept repeating these words as he continued to cry in my arms “I’m sorry I made you feel like that, I never meant for you to feel that way”

I let go of his and cup his face between my hands “Taehyung, I-” I purse my lips in a thin line, unsure of what I should say.

‘I need to tell him, how I truly feel - he needs to know, how could I not tell him; when he practically breaking down in front of me’ I stare into his eyes

‘Even though, its only been a month that we’ve been together, I already made him feel like this, is true about what he said about the way I acted around him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him’

I stroke away his tears that continue to fall from his wonderful hazel eyes and I smile at him “Taehyung, I love you”

His eyes widen “W-what?” He choked out through his tears

I begin kissing his face, his tears, the sides of his face , his eyes, his lips

“I. said. I. love. You” I said in between kisses and when I finished speaking I move back and look at him, only to find him giving me his brightest smile that I’ve ever seen him have.

He wraps a hand around my neck and brings me closer to him and kisses me passionately. He breaks the kiss and gives me his famous boxy smile while leaning his head against mine.

“You aren’t lying?You really love me?”

I giggle, I stroke his cheek “Yes, I truly love you....I know it usually takes people longer to fall for a person But I think I was already in love you with you the moment you stayed with me on the roof top”

He looked into my eyes lovingly but suddenly his glazed over for a second and his facial expression completely changed. He seperated from me, making confused by his sudden change in behavior “Taehyung?”

He didn’t answer me, his facial expression completely cold, the innocent, sweet, crying taehyung that was with me just moments ago had disappeared. I felt a little scared on how easily he changed, I wasn’t used to this version of Taehyung that I’ve never seen before in the one month that we’ve been together.

He stood up and walked towards the door, opening it -- revealing Jungkook and Jimin and Yoongi. They saw me and smiled, especially Yoongi surprisingly.

They were talking to Taehyung by the door, whispering to each other - I couldn’t make out what they were saying. So I just sat there on the ground before he left me to go open the door. Taehyung was leaning against by the door while the other three were around him, judging from Taehyung’s expression becoming darker, it wasn’t something good.

Then suddenly there was a loud bang sound causing me to jump, only to find that it was from Taehyung, who had just punched the wall that he was leaning on just a few seconds ago.

“Tae?” I call his name, my voice quite. He quickly looks my way and his gaze softens. He makes his way to me and was about to touch me but I flinch causing his to stop his hand midair from me.

“I’m sorry” I hear him say as I avoid my gaze from him, but when I felt that he was about to move away from me. I quickly grab his hand, he stops but doesn’t turn around

“Taehyung, you just startled me thats all okay?” he doesn’t say anything, so I quickly pull him towards me, wrapping my arms around his body while his head was laying on my chest.

“I’m fine, I’m perfectly fine”

I say in a soothing voice while running my hand through his hair and I feel his body relaxing. He grabs my arms and gently pushes himself away from me, he strokes my arms with his thumps.

“Your shaking”I tilt my head at him confused, but then I look at my arms and indeed my body was shaking controllably. I just shake my head and smile at him

“Indeed I am, but does it seem its bothering me at all?” I ask him and I didn’t allow him to answer and just ask him another question

“In all honesty, I haven’t even noticed that I was shaking until you just told me, it just surprised me that even you can get angry to the point of punching a hole in the wall”

“So you aren’t scared of me?” He said in a low voice, his head hanging low. I giggle and he quickly looks up at me

“Of course not, How could I be scared of my TaeTae?”

He quickly gives me a hug and I instantly relax and I could already tell that I was no longer shaking. His warmth comes me feel calm, his presence makes me happy, I don’t know why he affects me this much but he does and I don’t mind it one bit.

*Cough Cough*

Me and Taehyung look up at the person who just coughed and saw it was Jungkook who had done it.

‘I forgot that those three were here the whole time’

I simply gave them a apologetic smile, which Jungkook and Jimin returned.

Yoongi was leaning against the wall by the door with his eyes closed. Taeyhung helped me stand up and lead me to the couch, which was a good thing cause I was starting to lose the feeling in my legs anyway from sitting on the ground so much.

“Y/n, I have to leave with the guys to go somewhere for a little bit” He said, while helping me sit comfortably on the couch. He gives a look to Jimin and then looks back at me, I watch as Jimin suddenly starts to walk off somewhere into the hallway and I hear a door open and close.

“You don’t mind staying here until I come back do you?”

I look up at him as Jimin reappears out of nowhere with Jungkook by his side with a tray of snacks and three bottles of water.Then Yoongi appears to my side and the next thing I knew the couch seat I was sitting on, moved back causing to fall back, my legs now risen on foot part of the couch.

‘How do they suddenly appear of no where without me noticing?’


Taehyung brings me out of my thoughts as I see him put the blanket that Jimin brought on me.

“Huh? yea, I don’t mind but how long will you be gone”

He takes a seat by my side while the others move back to their original spot by the door. He grabs my hand “Just for a few hours, I promise to back by dark if that makes you feel any better”

“You aren’t cheating on me are you”

He lightly flicks my forehead “No, you idiot - you know you wouldn’t cheat on you” He then gets up and kisses me on my forehead and then heads towards the door, the other three ready to leave as well.

“Wait, what should I tell Lisa?”

Jungkook turns around “Don’t worry, I’ll tell her for you” I just nod. They take a foot out the door one by one, taehyung was the last one to leave.

He gives me a smile and says “Love you, don’t do anything stupid, I’ll be back in a few k? Windows should already be locked as well as the back door. Cya soon” And with that he was out the door.

‘Now what should I do?’ I thought to myself looking around. I saw the TV remote in front of me, so I just started to watch some K-drama, while eating the snacks that Jungkook prepared for me.

‘Well, I guess I’ll spend the rest of the time getting fat while watching Tv till he returns’



I just left my private house with Jimin, Jungkook ;my two pack beta- leaving Y/n alone in the house. I didn’t want to leave her alone but I had no choice, I couldn’t take her where me and the guys were heading.

Suga stayed behind to guard the house from the outside, he called over Hoesek, despite me earlier order but I was fine with it in the end as long as she was guarded and only having one of my men by her side wasn’t enough to make me feel at ease.

“Jungkook, did you already tell Lisa that Y/n is with me?”

“Yes, though she said - that she would prefer it if Y/n had told her instead but she was fine with it either way since she knows you wouldn’t do anything stupid to her” I just nod in response.

We were sitting in Suga-hyung’s car heading to where the others members of my inner circle of my pack were at. I was slightly a bit more annoyed than usual about the situation that Jimin had mind-linked me about earlier when I was finally having an intimate moment with Y/n for once.

Me and Y/n had our foreheads touching and then Jin-hyung mind-linked me

Taehyung, we have rogues coming up to where you and Y/n are currently at’

‘What? Why haven’t you captured them already!’ Then Namjoon and the others joined in as well

‘They didn’t step into our land until a few moments ago and none of us were near them as they entered’ I hear Namjoon say in the link

‘Who was supposed to be patrolling the boarder!!’ I was starting to get mentally annoyed

Some of the lower pack members’ Hoesek responded

‘I’ll deal with them later, I can’t leave Y/n alone right now’

‘We know, me, Jungkook and Jimin are on our way there right now’ Suga said quickly

The rest of you, I want you to find them and capture them - when you do, keep them there until I appear. Understood?′

‘Yes Alpha’

The mind-linked ended

Simply said - I was pissed off thinking back to what happened earlier.

I was finally getting somewhere with Y/n and then a bunch of rogues decide that now was a good time to show up!

I let out a growl thinking about what Y/n and I could be doing right now.

“Tae, I know your pissed but calm down a bit would you or else poor ChimChim is going to piss his pants”

“Yah! I am not”Jimin smacks the younger’s head

“Ow,hyung What was that for?!” He yelled at Jimin who was sitting the passenger seat as I was the one driving and Jungkook was sitting in the back. We would have just transformed but I didn’t want to bother answering Y/n questions about how we get back.

“You!” Jimin was about to say something but I let out an annoyed growl, shutting them both up

“Enough, I’m not in the mood right now to be dealing with you two”

Their heads hang low “sorry”

was all they said and kept quiet for the rest of the ride to where we were going to meet the others. We finally arrived at the in front of the forest, I park the car as my betas get out of the car. We start to undress ourselves as it would be easier to continue the rest of way in wolf form.

My bones start to deform, cracking causing me to grunt as I feel my body changing. My body leans forward, hunching my back until my fingers are curled on the ground and my forefeet touch the ground. My fur coming out all over my body, I feel my face change shape, my mouth and nose becoming longer, my eyes changing color as well as my ears change as well.

When I had finished transforming, I raise my head to find Jungkook and Jimin looking at me. Jungkooks fur was almost like mine, since we were brothers but since I was the Alpha, my fur was black. Alpha’s fur color tend to change when they rise up to the position, so it was jungkook who was meant to be an alpha, then his fur would remain the same until he receives the position.

Jimin’s fur was an dark autumn color, which I find kind of surprising that his fur didn’t change color when he died his hair pink too. I know that sounds stupid but I honestly believed that it would change color if we died our hair but it didn’t. Jimins eyes are a light green hazel color; as for jungkook,he had light blue color as mine was were a bright yellow green color.

I look at them and then turn my gaze towards the forest and then back at them, gesturing to them that we should get moving which they nod their heads too. I bend my legs and then pounce of the ground and start running into the forest with both of them by my side, our clothes in our mouths as we run.

As we run, I feel the wind brush through my fur, the dirt in between my paws. The scent and the faint sound of the forest meet my scenes. My sight clear as go past our surroundings. I catch up on the others scent as well as the other rogues wolds and I snort at their scent.

I start to see a clearing, the others standing over four rogue wolves tied together by a rope. They step aside as they hear me approaching and bow their heads before attaching their attention back to them. The three of us walk behind the trees and transform back into our human forms and change into our clothes.

After coming out, my eyes glow a bright yellow green color as I approach them. The rogues tremble as they sense that I’m the Alpha of the pack. I smirk as I see the color drain from their face

I squat in front of one of them and lift their chin with my finger and give them a smile that doesn’t reach my eyes.

“Hi there, My name is V. Whats yours?”

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