Are We Truly Mates?

chapter 10


“Hi, My names V. What’s yours?”

There was three males and one female, all rogues. The one I was speaking to seemed to be the mature one out of the rest of them. He had blond hair, most likely dyed since I can see that his roots are black and his eyes were black.The other two males were twins by the looks of it, both had torques hair but different eye colors; one brown and the other one had a faint hazel green color. The female is a brunet, black eyes like the one I’m speaking to.

He simply growls at my question. I chuckle and tap my finger against his cheek and then stand up and circle them.

“If you don’t want to answer me, then....”I stop at the female next to him and yank her head up to look at me

“Then how about you?”

She simply glares at me, causing Jimin to snarl at her. Warning her to mind her place, I look over my shoulder at him to tell him to keep quite which he obeys and then return my gaze back to her.

“I promise that I won’t bite”

She scoffs as I let go of her hair, I sigh as I put my hands on my hips and shake my head side to side. “Jungkook, tell me since this time we have a female wolf among us, what should we do with her?”

I see her freeze, as Jungkook looks at her and grins “Anything you want Alpha”

The male I was talking to earlier, growls “Don’t you fucking touch her, you bastard”

I chuckle and raise an eyebrow at him “And who are you to tell me what to do?”

He pauses and looks down “Dan, is my name”.

I walk over to him and squat down to his eye level. “Now that wasn’t so hard now was it?”

He just keeps silent, I pat his shoulder “Relax. We weren’t going to do anything to her anyway, it’s not our fault that you wouldn’t tell us your names at least”

He picks up his head in disbelief “You serious?”

I just shrug and rub my neck “How else was I supposed to get one of you to talk?” Dan looks at me and then the rest of the guys who simply just nodded their heads in an agreement.

“So you aren’t going to kill us?”One of the torques head speaks

‘They should have tried dyeing their hair a different color from each-other, wait maybe I should persuade Jungkook and Jimin to do the same thing for a week. Nah, they’ll probably kill each other but it is a nice punishment to think about one day’ I thought to myself

Jin-hyung speaks up “Well, we would like any other pack. But our Alpha here” He points to me “Told us to hold you until he arrives and so here he is”

They look at me with pleading eyes, I just look at them with a blank expression

“I’ll give you a chance like any other ones, give me a reason why I shouldn’t kill you for trespassing on my lands?” My voice dark

They look down until the she-wolf speaks “We were running away from our pack”

I turn my gaze to her and raised an eyebrow, signaling her to continue

“What pack are you from?” Namjoon asks

“The Black-Claw Pack” One of the torques siblings answers

I just stare at them, debating about their story which isn’t much. “Tell us your names, cause honestly I’m very tempted right now to call those ones, thing 1 and thing 2.” I pointed to the twins

“Isaac” The brown eyed one said

“Kai”The hazel-eyed one replied

“As you can tell, I’m Isaac twin” I just nod

Then I looked at the burnet “Lilia”She replied and then looked at the blond haired man “His sister”

‘Well, we got a group of siblings in a sense’ Jungkook said in the mind-link ‘Also Don’t think I didn’t hear that thought about me and jimin dying our hair the same color’

I shrug him off, as Jimin also gave me a short glare

‘There’s no way in hell, that I want anything of the same as him’ Jimin said in the mink-link

‘Yea, what are the odds of that?’ J-hope said listening in through the mind-link that we kept open between the seven of us since he and Yoongi weren’t here at the moment. I almost forgot about them to be honest

‘Well, if you guys don’t shut up about it, then it would happen’ I snap at them, becoming a bit annoyed

‘What do you plan on doing with them Taehyung?’

Yoongi finally said into the mind-link, I just sigh and run a hand through my hair and then look the group of four before me as they stare at me waiting for me to say something

“You’ll be coming with us, you can stay in our pact house under surveillance of course. There you can tell us the rest of your story”

“And afterwards?” Isaac asks in a calm voice but I could smell the fear radiating off of him. I turn around and start walking off while saying

“Afterwards, we’ll think of something to deal with the four of you until then I’ll suggest getting comfy since you’ll be staying with us for a little bit”

But then I stop as I was about to re-enter the forest and said in my Alpha voice, the voice I used generally on business or ensure that a wolf of my pack will listen to my orders.

After all, the Alpha was the highest rank of the pact, their leader. It tends to work on rogues too but it can be difficult to make them submit if you wolf isn’t powerful enough but I’m different.

My pack, BTS was the second strongest in all of Seoul.The Black-Claw Pack happens to be the first strongest pack in Seoul, which makes things difficult for us, if some of their wolfs had run away and entered our territory, just thinking about it is giving me a headache.

“Oh and You will not transform; while you’re here, you would remain in your human form — do you understand?”

My eyes glow as I looked over my shoulder to see them gulp but nod their heads as an understanding of what I meant of they disobeyed.

‘I’ll leave them to you two, take them back to the house and lock them up. Until I return, no one is allowed talk to them-Jin, you can take care of their needs.’ I said in the mind-link as Jungkook and Jimin walk back with me into the forest, heading back to where we had parked the car

‘Namjoon, make sure to mind-link those who have the next shift on boarder control to make sure that their sense are sharper than usual, I don’t want anymore disturbances tonight’

‘Yes Alpha’ They both at the same time

‘Suga,J-hope; how are things going over there?’

‘Everything is A-okay!’ J-hope says in a cheery tone in the mind-link

‘Ow! What was that for!’ J-hope suddenly yells into the mind-link, causing me to furrow my brows as we continue walking, passing tree by tree.

‘Sorry, I thought I saw a bug on your leg’ Suga says calmly into the mind-link

‘That doesn’t mean that you have to bite my leg off!’ I hear Jungkook and Jimin sinker

‘I said I was sorry, what more do you want? You cry baby’ I just roll my eyes at this dum ass conversation

‘Yah! would the both of just shut up already damn - I don’t want get a fucking headache right now’ Namjoon interrupts them

‘Language Namjoon!’

Jin calls him out and I could already Imagine Jin smacking him in the back of his head right now

‘Hows Y/n?’

Jungkook asks and I smile hearing her name. We made it back to the car, which took longer since we walked all the way back instead of running in our wolf form. I let Jimin drive this time, as Jungkook still sat in the back, as I took up the passenger seat.

‘Well, I heard the Tv be on since you guys left, so she might still up watching it’ j-hope answered his question

‘Or she could have fallen asleep but either way, she safe — there hasn’t been any problems, so don’t worry about her Taehyung’ Suga said into the mind-link reassuring me

‘What do you think about the situation about the Red-Claw Pack?’ Jin asks

‘Honestly It’s going to be a pain in the ass dealing with them, we managed to stay in good terms with them so far, but now that their wolfs ran into our territory. Theres going to be some problems soon’ Namjoon answered him

‘He’s right but for now, lets rest — its late and we’ll think of a plan about the problem dealing with Dan and his group and as well as the Black-Claw Pack.’ After that I switch off the link

I sigh and look out the window and thought to myself ‘This is going to be a pain the ass, I could already tell’



I was watching Tv, waiting for time to pass. I look up at the lock and noticed that it said 9:15pm.

‘Where is he? He said that he would be gone only for a few hours but then again he didn’t exactly say how long but simply a few hours’ I sigh

Taehyung had left around 3pm which was like 6 hours ago. I was getting bored and that just lead to me being sleepy. I was hoping he could come back sooner, so we could do something together. Then I slap myself

‘When the hell, did I turn into a winy girlfriend?’ I sigh once more

‘Maybe I should have some time away from Taehyung to get back to my normal self’ I stop thinking for a minute ‘Nah, I know that he wouldn’t stop bothering me if I did that and that would be a pain to deal with’

I yawn and fix the way I was laying on the couch to get comfortable and continue watching TV, noticing when I had fallen asleep.

I felt something warm and soft kiss my forehead and then felt like I was being picked up in someones arms. I snuggle myself closer to the person who had picked me up, feeling their warmth from their chest causing them to chuckle.

Then I felt my body being laid down onto something soft — a bed. I turn my body onto the side and bury my head into the pillow. Soon afterwards, the bed dipped by my side and arms placed themselves on my wast, my body was pulled against something warm. My body relaxes completely and I turn over and bury myself into his chest, knowing completely who had kissed my forehead and carried me to the bed.

“Welcome back you idiot, your late” I said in a sleepy voice, not bothering to look up at him

He lets out a light laugh as he rest his chin on my head and strokes my back with his hand as the other was under my head, stroking my head. “How did you know it was me?” He says in a soothing tone

“I just know” I yawn after answering him, he kisses the temple of my forehead and continues stroking my hair and back

“Sleep, I’ll make it up to you tomorrow. I promise” His voice sounded a bit tired.I just nod and snuggle closer to him, enjoying the warmth he was giving off and I felt his arms tighten around me as if to make sure that I was actually there with him.

I just let it be and slip into dream land, something that I haven’t done since the incident.

====>NEXT MORNING<====
I squint my eyes as specks of sun light come through the curtains. I raise my hand over my face to block out the light, I feel something brush against my neck and an arm around my waist.

I turn my head, already knowing who was sleeping next to me. I see a small little puff of brown hair and smile at the sight of him sleeping.
I turn my body to face his own,his eyes closed, plump lips slightly parted. His breathing light, I chuckle at how cute he seems while sleeping.

I run two of my fingers over his lips. ‘Why haven’t I asked him yet about how his lips are so soft?’

I just looked at him as my fingers were still touching his lips. My eyes gazing down at them, not even realizing that I had sat up at bit and started to lean down towards his lips. Before I knew it, I was already kissing him, my hand now holding the side of his face. As I lean back I see him looking at me which a smirk on his face.

I just froze and widen my eyes at him. I practically jumped backwards and almost slipped from off the side of the bed but thanks to Taehyung’s quick reflexes, he had warped his right arm around my waist as the other one was on the edge of bed; holding the both of us up along with the rest of his body.

My one of my hands quickly grasp onto his shirt as the other wrapped around his neck, not wanting to fall backwards, I sigh in relief knowing that I didn’t fall onto my head. I look up at him and found him staring at me and then a smirk appeared and I just looked at him confused about why he was suddenly smirking.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked him, while we both remain in the same position, oblivious about how close our body were together

“I never knew how much, you like kissing people in their sleep Y/n” I looked away from him

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

He pulled us up, making me sit on his lap. He placed his hands on my hips as my own remained in the same spot, not really caring or noticing the way we were positioned. My gaze was still anywhere but him.

Amused on they way I denied him, he leaned forward and placed a kiss on my neck, I unconsciously lean my neck back a bit to give him more room as he continued to place light kisses on it.

“What are you doing?”

“Returning the favor”

He simply stated as I bring my hands up to his head and run them through his hair


“For the kiss that you gave me and the gently touch of your fingers against my lips” He kissed my earlobe while saying this

I quickly push him away from me, so I could look at his face. “You were awake the whole time!” I semi-yelled in his face as he just had a grin plastered on his face

He chuckled as I started pouting about him not telling me that he was awake “How long?” I asked him while crossing my arms over my chest and looking away from him.

He wrapped his arms around me once more and buried his head in the crook of my neck

“Please don’t be mad, It just makes you cuter than you already are”He ingnored my question

I scoff and push him off of me, making him fall back onto the bed as I continue straddling him. He sat up the upper part of his body, using his elbows as a support. He looked up at me and continued grinning.

“What are you grinning about now?” I still had my arms crossed over my chest but had raised an eyebrow, giving him a suspicious glare

He licked his lips, his action causing me to feel shivers down my spine but I kept it hidden.

He placed one hand on my tight and slowly moved it upward, I tried ignoring his touch but it was becoming difficult as he continued moving his hand.

“You know, I just love the way you look right now but theres only one problem”

“And that is?” I asked him trying to not to become distracted with his movements. He properly sat up and brushed my hair over my shoulder as he leaned closer to my ear to whisper in a deep, raspy voice

“You still have your clothes on” I blushed but let out a low moan as he nibbled on my earlobe. I quickly place a hand on his chest in order to push him away but I didn’t

“Teahyung stop” I said, trying to keep myself together from this little seducing devil but he just ignored me. So I did something that I know he wouldn’t like one bit

I managed to grab some of his hair and pull on a bit - making him move back. I leaned closer to his ear and whispered in a sweet voice “Park - Jimin”

He quickly moved back from my grip and gave me a confused look “What?”

“I just said Park Jimin”

He sighed and ran a hand through his bed hair “Yea, I know but why?”

I just shrug and said “To ruin the mood, what else?”

He just gave me a dumbfounded look as I just sat there in front of him, looking as if I hadn’t done anything wrong in the first place. I grabbed a piece of my hair and played with it, waiting for him to say something else

“So you just decided to say out of no where Park Jimin?”


He scoffed and pushed me off him, making me roll on the my side of the bed that I had woken up on earlier. I quickly sit up and look at him as he went to the bathroom, grumpy while also mumbling something but I couldn’t hear him.

“Yah! What was that for”

“For saying Park Jimin’s name!”He yelled back from the bathroom

“Don’t hate on Jimin, he has to deal with being short as it is”

(A/N: don’t get me wrong, but I love Jimin as much as the rest of the members but I just couldn’t help myself with that one)

“That doesn’t mean you can use him against me like that in those type of situations”

" Who said it would be with you tho?”

I never ran so fast out of a room as soon as I saw Taehyung quickly open the bathroom door and glared at me. I could have sworn that he looked like he was about ready to bite me too.

“YAH! Y/F/N (your full name) get your ass back here and come say that again in my face”

“NOT TODAY!” I say running down the stairs and looking for a hiding place so he couldn’t find me the minute he came down stairs

‘God, please save me from my loving horny boyfriend’

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