Are We Truly Mates?

Chapter 11

<Y/N’s Pov>

Taehyung had leave earlier saying that he had some business to take care of, so he left me alone at his house. He told me that he would be back as soon as he can, I just simply let him go since he seemed a bit off while telling me about it.

I was in the kitchen making some lunch when I got a phone call and to speak of the devil, it was the man himself

*On the Phone*

“Y/n, are you doing all right by yourself?”

“Yes, I told you I was fine a few minutes ago when you texted met too”

“I know, but still why couldn’t you just let one of the guys stay there with you?”

“How bout cause they don’t need to be here”


“Taehyung, I never knew that you could be such a worry wart”

“Believe what you want Y/n, but you’re my girlfriend of course I’ll worry about you”

“Yea, well this girlfriend of yours is telling you that she’s fine now bye!”

I ended the phone call ,setting my phone down on the counter. As I was about almost done with my food, I heard a wolf howl coming from outside. It sounded close so I looked outside the sliding door on the backyard patio

I notice a group of wolfs standing outside, hiding in the forest tree line. I open the sliding door and step out onto the patio as they start to walk closer towards me as well

I smirk and cross my arms over my chest as they start to lean on to their hind legs and get into a pouncing position

I shake my head and turn my heel and head back into the house, I heard them growl causing me to stop in my tracks as I was about to reach the door.

I look over my shoulder “Just give me a sec and I’ll get you some food to eat if your hungry”

One of them growls at me and then starts running at me with the others following his lead. Him aiming directly for my head.

<End of Y/N’s Pov>

<Taehyung’s Pov>

Me and the others had just finished interrogating Dan and the rest of his group. We had to separate the twins since they just ended up arguing with each other all most through out the whole first part of the questioning.

I was exhausted just trying to deal with them and was ready to see Y/n being her lazy self watching Tv or sleeping at this point since it was a little later in the afternoon.

The minute I take a step out the car, a strong scent hit my nose and my senses go on high alert. I look over at the others which was the rest of the bangtan boys. I looked at them and they nodded back at me before going into different directions surrounding the house

Suga was with me, Jimin and Jungkook went to the left side of the house, and the other three went on the right side.

We both entered the house and what first welcomed me was Y/n’s scent but her body wasn’t there. What was there was a wolf’s body with a knife sticking out of its side.

Suga sniffs the air and then looks at me ‘I don’t sense anyone else here and it seems like theres more than one unknown scent but its hard to tell with the smell of blood overpowering it’

I nod and then start heading out the back while mind linking the others

‘Is there any other luck with you guys?’

‘Nothing here’ J-hope answers

‘nothing here either but....’ It’s Jimin turn to answer

‘But what?’

‘Lisa’s scent is also here’

Me and Suga eyes widen and then we both look at each other for a moment

‘Jungkook’ Jin voice call him through our mind link

‘Don’t worry I’m fine’

I sigh and run a hand through my hair in frustration

‘Is there any sign of her and Y/n?’

My insides were churning on the thought of something happening to Y/n but now there was Lisa, my little brother’s mate

‘No, but there was obviously a fight going on here, come look’ Namjoon says

I go through the broken glass screen door leading into the back, noticing the a bit of blood on the patio. Namjoon was right, there was a struggle here

There were two more dead wolves with blood splattered everywhere on the dirt. One of was against a tree and another was just laying there on the ground.

Before anyone was going to say something about the situation, a rustling sound went off in the distance

‘Let’s go’

I tell them through the mind link and transformed mid air taking the lead, with the others behind my tail. Soon enough a view came into our sights and it was something I never would have expected.

It was Y/n and Lisa fighting off the wolves that had them completely outnumbered but the way they were fighting against them was like it was the most natural thing in the world.

The rest of Bangtan appeared and they stood there in shock just the same as me.

A wolf was about to attack Y/n from behind but she looked quickly jumped into the air, doing a back flip and landing right onto their back.

“Yah! Lisa, give me a knife would you?”

Y/n yells out and Lisa quickly throws a knife at her after side kicking a wolf knocking them all the way back to a tree, while Y/n was riding the wolf like a person would a on those mechanical bulls, tryin to stay on their back.

Y/n quickly stabs the wolf in the neck earning a wine from the wolf underneath her and she twist it to make the wound even deeper causing the wolf to automatically collapse onto the ground. Y/n gets off and dust off her clothes like what she had just done didn’t happen

The wolfs take a step back, not expecting them to kill most of them already. Lisa walks up the Y/n since she wasn’t that far from her. Lisa pats Y/n shoulder, her own hand bloody

“You good?”

Y/n finishes dusting her clothes and smirks at Lisa while running a hand through her hair “Are you kidding me? These pups here are nothing”

Y/n eyes glow into a bright silver color causing my eyes to grow wide. Lisa chuckles at looks at the wolfs who are also surprised but become even more shocked when Lisa’s eyes glow white.

“What do you say we end this quickly before the boys come home yea?”

Y/n tsk before sighing “Yea, and there's those bodies to deal with back at the house too”

They both begin stretching “Nobody told you to kill them there you know”

“Oh shut up, Its not like I wanted to kill them there anyway” Y/n retorts back

They get into position when they finished stretching and then take off running attacking whatever wolf was nearest and quickly twisting their necks, causing them to die instantly

We were just watching them, staying completely shocked at the scene before us. We never expected something like this, especially me. I never knew something like this could ever be from Lisa, let alone Y/n

I snapped out of it the minute I heard a large growl go through into the air, I turn my head and noticed another Wolf appearing from the woods with 6 others wolfs besides him. He had Amber colored fur and his eyes dark black. It was JB, the Alpha of Got7.

I knew that this was going to be even more troublesome now having to deal with JB, but I had the advantage since his pack members attacked on my territory.

JB growls at the others that wasn’t killed by Y/n and Lisa

Whats he doing here?′ Suga says in the mind link

I growl at the others and then quickly step out of the forest and position myself in front of Y/n, the others following suit.

I heard Y/n whistle “Well Well, if it isn’t JB, Lisa”

‘What she knows him?’

I then see Y/n walk by my side and the strokes my head, causing me to feel relaxed in an instant. I felt her squat down and whisper into my ear “I’ll explain later I promise”

I look at her from the corner of my eye and then looked back at JB, who was watching us.

“Why don’t you transform JB, you know that I can’t talk to you like that”

Y/n says while standing back up, and JB transform into his skin form, of course being naked

‘Great, thats something I really didn’t want to see’ I heard Jungkook groan

‘Deal with it until we get things cleared up’

I told the younger one with a stern tone through the link, reminding him of the situation.

<End Of Taehyung’s Pov>

<Author’s Pov>

JB transformed as to your request but the others remained in their wolf form. He smiles at you and you return the favor as you walk over to him.

You heard Taehyung growl, most likely warning you to stay with him but you just continued walking to JB, ignoring him completely

You whistle while walking around in circles, checking him out before saying “Wow, it seems you’ve been working out”

You stop in front of him and JB gently grabs your hand and plants a kiss on it, his wolf shinning through

“Its good to see you again Y/n,Lisa” He looks at you and then Lisa

Lisa giggles “Same here JB”

Y/n takes her hand away from him and takes a step back to look at the group of wolves behind him “Its always a pleasure to see you and Got7 but it isn’t a pleasure to be attacked out of nowhere by your pack”

You tell him in a calm tone while dusting off your sleeves as JB stares at you and then sighs

“Y/n, I’m sorry....I wasn’t aware of” You cut him off while raising an eyebrow

“You aren’t aware of your own packs actions?”

You hold your hands behind your back and walk behind him “Thats not the right answer, now is it JB?”

“I-no it isn’t” JB had his head hanging low

The others were watching you and JB converse and they kept wondering what type of relationship the two of you had, especially Taehyung. It was bugging him so much that he was starting to become annoyed to the point of wanting to rip of some’s head off

“And if it wasn’t me, then they would have attacked an innocent human or even one of his pack members”

You gesture to Taehyung and his pack that were present at the moment before continuing

“Wouldn’t they?”


JB says nothing, cause he knows what you were saying was true, if it wasn’t one of taehyung wolves then it would have been a human. but either outcome would have been bad but having it been a human would still have been better

If it was one of Taehyung’s pack members, it could result a war between the two packs. If it was human, they could cover up the mess and no one could ever figure it out but his pack was already on thin thread with the High Council and he couldn’t afford any type conflicts at the moment

“JB, it isn’t a good thing to remain quite like know how Y/n doesn’t like being not answered especially in the mood she’s in right now” Lisa says while hugging Jungkook by his neck and petting him earning a purr front the latter

JB eyes widen and he quickly lifts his head, noticing your silver eyes looking at him as if your looking through his very being causing him to gulp



“I didn’t know...” Was all he managed to let out

You let out a chuckle before saying “You didn’t know?”

another laugh left your lips “He didn’t know”

You sigh before turning your heel “Of course you didn’t but...” You quickly turn your body giving him a side kick to the face. Making him fly a good feet away from you, his body crashing into the ground on first contact

JB’s pack that were with him were ready to attack you but a shot was soon fired a good inch away from them, causing everyone’s gaze but yours turn to Lisa who was now holding a gun pointing at The rest of Got7

“Now Now, I wouldn’t want to shoot any of you and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to get shot with a silver bullet either” she says to them but then her gaze turns to one specific wolf

“Right Mark?”

Mark snuffs and the others back down as you make your way over to JB

“Lisa, I don’t think that would have mattered if you shoot them or not. They couldn’t do anything to us anyway unless they want to deal with Uncle and the council”

Lisa pouts “But that doesn’t mean I can’t have any fun though, party pooper”

Your roll your eyes before kneeling down and yanking JB by his hair, causing him to wince

“Now, JB. Your lucky that it was just me and Lisa or else wouldn’t be good for you.You do know that right?”

JB nods and you smile as you let go of his hair “JB, as much as me and my cousin like you that doesn’t mean that you have any favor with us. I’m sure you know that don’t you Alpha Lim”

JB quickly looks up at you, since you never called him that unless you were actually mad. Which was rare since you never like getting into things at all and would just leave things to Lisa

“Right? Or would you like me to remind you of what happens to those who wish to take advantage of us?”

JB gulps “N-no”

You squat down in front of him once more and look at him with a calm look while stroking his face with your forefinger before saying

“No what?”

He shivers at your touch, not going unnoticed by Taehyung who was ready to attack the male for being so close to you but that thought soon flew out the window when he heard JB next words

“N-no Alpha Min”

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