Are We Truly Mates?

chapter 12


“No Alpha Min”

I smirked at how he was addressing me by my title, true he was also an Alpha as well. But this was business and not a social club

I was also a bit pissed that JB didn’t keep his pack members under control

I get up “Good, now get out of here before things truly get ugly”

He quickly gets up and turns, shifting into his wolf form and running off with the rest of his pack behind him. Their figures disappearing into the forest

Lisa was standing beside me looking at the same direction I was which JB and his pack had taken “Y/n, I’m pretty sure he’s going to send word to my father about us making an appearance here”

I scoff and cross my arms over my chest “Let him, Uncle knows why we’re here anyway so whatever JB has to say won’t freakin matter”

Lisa was about to say something else until we were interrupted

*Cough Cough*

Me and Lisa turn around and spot 7 naked boys in front of us. It was Jin who had interrupted us and I simply whistles checking each one of them out, one in particular - Kim Taehyung

‘Like Damn, why have I not gotten him in bed yet?’

Lisa blushed from seeing them all naked but my face remained completely neutral, maintaining the same stance as before

“U-um” Lisa began to speak but was over taken by someone else

“Who are you?”

Taehyung asked us, his voice completely cold, eyes narrowed at us as if determining whether or not we were a threat to his pack

I just stared at him “What's wrong Alpha Kim? We haven’t caused any problems here and if I’m not mistaken.....we just simply help preventing a war”

Taehyung eyebrow twitched slightly “Answer my question”

I bring up my hand and mess with my long nails, just ignoring him. Lisa and the others were just standing there watching and waiting to see what happens next

“ANSWER ME!” He yells out in his Alpha tone causing the other BTS members to flinch along with Lisa, since she wasn’t an Alpha

I scoff and then did a pretend crusty “Oh how rude of me, I’m Alpha Min and you of course is the all mighty young Alpha Kim”

Taehyung was starting to become annoyed with my behavior but it didn’t bother me in the slightest with the glares he was giving me

“Why are you here?”

“Education purposes, and don’t worry we don’t live on your land but neutral territory”

I was now trying to make sure that there wasn’t anything under my nails in a lazy matter, waiting for this conversation to be over with completely

“Education purposes?”

“That's what I said, Are you deaf?”

“Why you-”


Taehyung stops speaking and listens into the distance , I do the same as I hear tree branch break. Then a man steps out from behind a tree and he was shirtless but had camouflage pants on with black combat boots

Taehyung looks at him and instantly recognizes him “Shin?”

The man called Shin looks at him and then looks back at me. Once he sees me, with Lisa by my side; he comes out and lowers his head at us

“Alpha Min, Miss Lisa....”

BTS eyes widen seeing Shin lowering his head at us. Shin is a warrior but is highly respected within the werewolf community for his knowledge, battle and strategic skills. He is also recognized by the council, he trained the pups in Lisa’s pack. He had slick back dirty blond hair, a man in his early 30s.

Since Wolfs age growth tends to slow down expectenationally when they reach 21, he still looks pretty young, he even could pass for a high schooler. There are some rare cases where a Werewolf stops aging all together but that doesn’t mean that their immortal, they can still die by Wolfs Bane and Silver.

It will take a few years though to figure out if that person truly stopped aging or not due to how slow we usually age, which is typically a pain in the ass as far as what I have learned

I just scoff and walk off to lean against a tree as Lisa begins to talk to him.

“Shin, What are you doing here?”

Shin stands up straight and answers Lisa “I was sent here to inform Alpha Kim about the next summit meeting that he would need to attend to and to also check how you are fairing here”

Lisa chocked her head “just me?”

Shin looked at me while I was just playing with my nails and BTS was just standing there listening to their conversation and then turned back to Lisa

“Miss Lisa, I was under no impression that I would need to care for something like that”

Lisa clenched her jaw, clearly annoyed with his answer while Taehyung’s eyes widen and was ready to say something but Namjoon held him back by putting his hand on his shoulder.

“And honestly” Shin shakes his head before continuing

“I couldn’t understand why you or your uncle would continue looked after the pitiful thing, after all.....she’s just a mere halfling”

“H-halfling?” Jungkooks voice was heard and I looked up from my nails and noticed the boys looking at me

Halflings, the combination of a human and werewolf couple. They are rare since werewolf had mates and yes, there can be human mates but they would need to be bitten by their mate in order for the mating process to be completed.

But again there are certain cases where the wolf can fall in love with someone else and have a family with that person before ever meeting their mate. Its looked down upon and has been a law that no wolf could ever mate with a human unless they were your mate.

My mother wasn’t my fathers mate, his mate died before he meet her. I had an older brother as well but I don’t really remember him.

Our parents died by the council’s lapdogs, I found out that my parents begged them to spare us since it was their fault alone. They agreed through to the reason that we were related to Lisa’s father who was the founder of the High council

The council oversees the whole wolf community. Alphas gather together and report about their territory and such. Each Alpha of a pack is a member but their is also rank due to how long you’ve been active.

Lisa’s father is still active within both his pack and the council, he is held in very high esteem , though he could be strict, he is also caring and selfless. A excellent role model of a father for me as well

He took me in and raised me as his own, he doesn’t see me as someone lower than him but rather as a daughter.

“I would watch your words” Hosoek says noticing how pissed of Taehyung looked

Shin arched his brow at him “And why should I? You should know how Halflings are below us J-hope”

I laughed at that comment causing him to look at me oddly

“Whats so funny Halfling?”

I stand up and made longs strides towards him until I was just a few steps in front of him. I crossed my arms over my chest and smirked

“Below you say? I certainly remember you being below me during training not too long ago Shin”

His eyes widen and he lets out a growl only to earn one back from a dark brown hair boy who was now standing in front of me. HIs figure hovering over the older man in front of him.

It was Taehyung

‘I honestly think that Shin is shorter than Jimin, Lisa’ I thought to her in the mind-link

’Are you seriously thinking about that right now Y/n?

I looked at her only to be looking back at me like I was crazy

‘I’m serious, just look and compare the two’ I gestured with my head at them while still looking at Lisa

She rolled her eyes but still did what I asked ‘Oh my god, I think your right!’

‘We finally found someone who is shorter than ChimChim, who isn’t a girl!’

Lisa and I let out a snort causing everyone to look at us

‘Shit, quick think of something’ Lisa shouted at me through the mind-link

‘What?Why me?’ I glared at her

“Are you seriously laughing right now?” Taehyung asked looking at the both of us

“Uh,.....noooooo. Its Y/n’s fault”

Lisa pointed her finger at me which only earned her a smack at the back of her head from me

“Yah! So not true. I was only telling you that I think he’s shorter than Jimin!”

“Why is my height suddenly being brought into this!” Jimin yelled while pouting before mumbling under his breath “I’m tall enough, so shut up”

Me and Lisa snickered while the others looked at the both of us like we had grown three heads or something

Shin shakes his head at us and looks at Lisa “it seems that being around a halfling has been a bad influence on you Miss Lisa”

Lisa snapped her head at him “What is that supposed the mean?”

He looked at her innocently “oh nothing”

She was about to say something but I interrupted her “if your done then please leave, unless you enjoy looking at 7 naked men?”

He looked at me with a blank look and I returned one to him

“Miss Lisa, I think it would be best to return home before it’s too dark out”

He said as he turned his heel and left the scene not bothering to look back but mind-linked the two of us

‘I’ll be back soon’

<End Of Y/n’s Pov>

<Taehyung’s Pov>

“So you going to tell us or what?”

I asked both Y/n and Lisa as soon as we reached the house but my focus was on Y/n after putting on a change of clothes

Jin was checking them, seeing if they had a serious wounds. But they only had minor cuts on their bodies which relieved me.

I was still pissed about the whole situation though

Y/n sighed and looked at Lisa who nodded as Jin was about done wrapping their wounds with bandages.

“What do you want to know?”

“I don’t know, how about the part where the both of you are werewolf?” Jimin answers her question sarcastically.

“Actually I’m not” Y/n answers him looking bored

“What do you mean?” Jin asks this time

Lisa looked at him like an idiot “You didn’t hear what Shin said earlier about Y/n being a halfling?”

Jin smiled at her shyly but Lisa just shrugged him off “Anyways as stated earlier we are werewolves, We are from the Sun Pack and-”

“THE SUN PACK!” Jimin shouts out, the others including me looking at them with wide eyes

Y/n just sighed and leaned her head back on the couch that both her and Lisa was sitting on with the seven of us standing in front of them

“You mean the pack whose Alpha founded the High Council that oversees our whole entire society ?”

“Yup” Lisa said making a popping sound at the end

Y/n then pointed her finger at Lisa wile saying “That same Alpha is also Lisa’s father, which means that he’s also my uncle”

My eyes goes even wider

You got to be shitting me right now’ I hear Jungkook’s voice in the mind-link

“What are the two of doing here?”

Lisa sighed “Like Y/n said earlier, we really just hear to go to school and nothing else and besides my father should have sent you a letter about this matter”

She looks at me ” telling you that we would be staying here until we were done with our education and we were told that you had agreed with it”

I run a hand through my hair “I do remember about Alpha Manoban asking about something involving his daughter and niece”

I sigh “I’m guessing he meant the two of you then”

Lisa nods while Y/n still has her head leaned back against the couch. I couldn’t tell if she was awake or not since she hasn’t made a single move or sound since she last spoke

The only thing I could hear was her steady heart beat and breathing, which helped calm me down

“Y/n” Suga calls her name but there wasn’t a reply

‘I think she’s asleep’ Jhope says in the mind-link

Suga was about to say something else until Lisa decided to get up, catching all of our attention. Next thing we knew


Lisa had just punched Y/n in the stomach causing her to instantly cover her stomach with both her arms and fall forward and then looked over at Lisa

“Why?” She whimpered out as my body automatically make its way to Y/n to support her as she sets back up onto the couch

Lisa crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Y/n

“What do you mean why? We were having a serious conversation and your sleeping”

Y/n shrugs her shoulders in response “I do this all the time at all the other meetings we have at home with the pack and you’re only lecturing me about it now?”

‘Geez, I think she’s even worse than Suga’

Jungkook states only to earn a glare from the older

I raise an eyebrow at her but she just shrugs her shoulders again at me causing me to shake my head at her

“Anyways what did you want?”

“Suga is trying to ask you something” I told her and she looks at him, coking an eyebrow

Suga clears his throat before speaking “Y/n, do you have an older brother?”

Lisa tenses and Y/n just stares at him. The others look at him questioningly not knowing the direction he was heading in.

“What does it matter if I do or not, its not any of your business”

“Can you just tell me?”

She sighs “Yes, I do but it doesn’t matter”

Suga narrows his eyes at her “Can you tell me why”

She scratches her head averting her eyes from him but sighs and then answers him “Because we have been separated for years thats why”

I looked at him “Why are you suddenly so interested about this Suga”

He looks away “Just curious”

Y/n pats my shoulder since I was sitting right next to her “Its fine, I don’t mind him asking, so just let him”

I saw Lisa give a questioning look but it soon disappeared and her facial expression was normal

“Go ahead Yoongi ask me, its fine”

“If....if you got the chance would you want to meet him again?”

Y/n just gives him a look saying ‘Are you stupid?’

Suga clears his throat again catching her look “Let me rephrase that, have you tried searching for him?”

Y/n just stares at him with a blank look. I felt like something was off with her, so I put an arm around her waist and she looked at me with a soft expression and then she looked back to Suga

“I already found him along time ago, I’ve known his whereabouts for a long time but I’ve never made a appearance before him”

I look at Suga and noticed his surprised expression “W-what? So you know who and where he is but you haven’t bothered to meet him?”

She sighs and closes her eyes but opens them back quickly and then looks at Lisa

“Lisa, we need to go home”

Y/n gets up from the couch and fixes her outfit, completely ignoring Suga’s question

“What why?”

Y/n looks at Lisa with a unreadable expression “Your father is coming to see us in a few hours”

My eyes widen and so does Lisa’s eyes. Everyone else just became froze


“Shin, told him what happened and now he’s coming to check up on us personally. We need to get home to freshen up”

Y/n then looked over to me “Taehyung, he says that he would be meetings here in at your pack house”


“Your father is also going to be with him as well,Taehyung” Y/n says and then grabs Lisa by her wrist and starts walking out

“Wait Y/n”

She stops walking and looks over her shoulder at me


“We aren’t done here, you know that right?”

“I know, now you should properly prepare the place for when Alpha Manoban and your father gets here”

With that she left, dragging Lisa behind her

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