Are We Truly Mates?

Chapter 13

<Author’s Pov>
Taehyung and his whole pack was on edge with knowing that the previous Alpha of their pack and also Alpha Manoban was coming to see them

Taehyung was sitting with the other guys and their mates in the living room

Then someone approaches them. It was one of Taehyung’s pack members that was help preparing everything around the house

“Alpha, both your father and Alpha Manoban have arrived”

He nods before saying “Bring them here”

The lower ranking wolf bows his head and leaves to carry out his Alpha’s orders and then soon afterwards Taehyung’s father and Alpha Manoban appear from the hallway and enter the living room

Taehyung heads towards them and give his father a hug which he happily returns and then shakes hands with Lisa’s father
“Welcome, I hope the trip wasn’t tiring”

Taehyung said to them as he lead them towards the couch as BTS sits or stands anywhere else in the living room area

“Haha, Its good to see you again Taehyung and no it wasn’t” Alpha Manoban answers

He nods and then turns to looks at his father “But Dad, why were you with him?”

“Oh, did you forget that me and Alpha Manoban are old buddies? Since I’m retired now, I asked him to accompany me for a trip until he has to attend the 3 monthly council meeting next week”
“I see”

Someone comes knocking on the door frame that was connecting the living room area to the hallway, the noise catching everyones attention. The person gulped but managed to drag out a full sentence

“Sir, Miss Lisa and Miss Y/n have arrived”

Taehyung noticed Alpha Manoban face lit up at the mention at the two girls names and quickly told the person to let them in and bring them to him.

The person happily agreed, feeling relaxed that he didn’t have to stay any longer since he was feeling really nervous about Alpha Manoban and the previous Alpha of his pack being here

Soon Lisa appeared and smiled towards her father and gave him a hug.

When she pulled back, she turned to Taehyungs father and bowed “Hello Uncle Kim”

He smiled back “it’s nice to see you again Lisa,you’ve grown up well I see”

“Lisa,where’s Y/n?”

Alpha Manoban asks his daughter as he looks for his niece,who didn’t appear with Lisa

“Oh well.....” Lisa scratches her check in a awkward manner
“she didn’t want to come in here since....”

“Since what?”

“Since and I quote Old Fart Uncle Kim was here”

Her father chuckled “yea that sounds about right”

Mr.Kim scoffs “That halfling hasn’t changed one bit I see”

Taehyungs eyes widen hearing his father say that and he starts to grow angry at someone calling

His mate that with such venom in their voice.
But he stomach his anger down since in this situation since it was his own father who was saying it

Alpha Manoban looked at his old friend “Don’t tell me your still sour about what happened last time?”

‘Last time?’ Taehyung thought to himself

Mr.Kim eyes widen but quickly forces them back to normal “I don’t know what your talking about”

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Lisa asks him

Alpha Manoban looks at his daughter “Oh, I think you were out with your mother for the weekend when he came to visit last time. So you weren’t there when he and Y/n got into a fight”

“I told you not to ever mention it again Manoban!” Mr.Kim quickly yells at his friend

“You got into a fight with Y/n” Taehyung asks

“Yes and he lost” Lisa’s father adds making everyone eye’s widen.

Taehyung’s father wasn’t known to lose in anything, especially fighting

“Yah! Don’t tell him that”

“But how do you know who Y/n is Taehyung?” Manoban asks him while cocking an eyebrow

“Oh,he’s Y/n’s mate” Lisa blurted our But quickly covered her mouth

“What!?” Manoban yelled out in and Taehyung looked at her surprised

“H-how did you-”

“Is that true Taehyung?” Manoban asks him in a serious tone causing Taehung to gulp

“yes, but how do you know that Lisa? Does Y/n know that I’m her mate?” Taehyung asks her

Lisa gives out a sigh and looks at Taehyung “Thats the problem, she doesn’t but to answer your question. I know your reputation at our school taehyung and lets just say its not really...pleasant but I can tell by the way you look at her”

Lisa gave him a kind smile “The way you look at her is the same way my dad looks at his mate and how the other BTS members look at their mate besides Jungkook”

“I see” Taehyung nods at her explanation

“But what do you mean that Y/n doesn’t know that Taehyung is her mate”

Namjoon speaks up while looking at her, now it was Alpha Manoban and Mr.Kim’s turn to sigh

Alpha Manoban speaks up “You know that she’s a halfling correct?”

Everyone nods “Well halflings are an interesting things about our species, they don’t feel the mate bond like we do”

“And that means?” Jin asks

“That means she’s like the humans in that aspect, she can fall in love with anybody she wishes and can live without a mate”

“W-what?” Taehyung crocks out when hearing this

“Thats right son, you see halflings....they don’t really feel the mate bond. You would have to establish a relationship with her on your own for the mate bond to truly click”

“And I can’t form a relationship?” Taehyung asks trying to keep a calm look

“Then, theres nothing you could do. She would just do what any other human does and thats falling in love with someone else long the line”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.....” Jungkook says before continuing “Thats fucked up”

“Is there anything else that he needs to know?” Jin asks worried about his alpha

“Y/n does have a inner wolf like the rest of us which is obviously why she’s Taehyung’s mate but she can’t feel her wolf”

“What? is that even possible?” Suga asks surprised

“It is, we even asked Y/n is she could feel or hear her wolf and her answer was always no but we know that its always there or else Y/n injuries wouldn’t heal as quick as ours”

“I have a question” Jhope asks

Alpha Manoban looks at him and nods for him to ask his question “I know that Halflings are different from us cause their not pureblood like us but whats the real difference between us and them”

Alpha Manoban thinks before answering “Well, they can’t shift and normally can’t tell that they have a wolf. They have the same strength and speed as us, along with healing. As for transforming their claws.....well that would take a lot of focus and will power. Thats about it really”

“But then how is Y/n an Alpha?” Taehyung asks after listening to their explanation

“I understand that werewolf blood is strong, thats how they become half-blood in the first place but that doesn’t explain how Y/n is an alpha” He continues

Mr Kim chuckles “thats what we’ve been wondering as well when we first found at about her having the Alpha talents”

He looks at his son “It turns out that her father was an alpha and she most likely inherited it from him”

“So I groomed her to be an Alpha even if she isn’t a pureblood” Alpha Manoban added

“I remember asking you if you groomed her so she could take over your pack” Mr.Kim says while looking at his friend

“No, of course not. I do have my own son after all. Though He and I did ask her once if she ever considered the Alpha position”


“She laughed in our faces and said that if she got that job, she wouldn’t be able to sleep as much as she wants anymore”

“Yea, that does seem like her” Lisa said while smiling at the thought of her cousin

“Oh speaking of Y/n, we should probably go see her now. Though I’m pretty sure she’s just sleeping at the moment at some random couch” Alpha Manoban said with a cheerful smile

Everyone nodded and headed out looking for where Lisa last saw Y/n. As they were walking Taehyung couldn’t stop thinking about him and Y/n’s mate bond

His father seemed to noticed his behavior and clasp a hand on his shoulder causing the younger to look at him with a confused look
“Don’t worry, I’m sure the two of you will be just fine”

Taehyung got onto what his dad was talking about and flashed him his box smile but it soon disappeared “Dad?”


“I thought you would hate Y/n since you know”

“Since she’s half human?” He sighed “To be honest, I did but that was before I knew her back story. But even when I knew, I still despised her but then she grew on me the more I got to see her grow”

Taehyung nodded at his father’ explanation but then looked at him again “Her backstory?”

“Thats something she’s going to have to tell you yourself, Tae”
He was about to say something else but was interrupted by Lisa squealing


<End of Author’s Pov>

<Y/n’s Pov>


“I didn’t do anything I swear!”

I yelled out due to being startled out by a loud voice calling out my name while I fell off the couch I was laying on, making my face come into contact with the floor

I got up using my arms to push my upper body up and I rub my forehead “What the hell Lisa!”

“Don’t you what the hell me! I worked hard on making sure you look presentable and here you are ruining it while sleeping on the couch!”

I got up and dust myself off while saying “I didn’t ask you to do that though”

“I don’t give a fuck! You need to dress up more.! You’re a girl for crying out loud”

Lisa came to me and help straighten up my clothes while making sure my make up was okay

“Thx Lisa, I’m not hurt or anything” I said scaracstly

“Oh shush you”

I heard someone let out. Me and Lisa separated and I looked at the person who was trying to catch our attention
“Oh yay! Uncles here”

He rolled his eyes at me but soon opened his arms and let out a warm smile. I return the smile while also walking towards him giving him the hug he asked for and then he pulled back and looked at me while raising an eyebrow
“Lisa, you picked this?”

“What?! She threatened to not make my favorite food at home anymore and no one can make it like her”

Alpha Manoban looked at with disbelief “y-you monster....”

I grinned “Thank you, but honestly you should be happy, I attempted to make it look fashionable”

“thank god you did too, I was worried that you would pick an outfit that make you look like an idiot”

I glared at her but she just shrugged “Well whatever I like it”
“Of course you would, it screams you after all” Lisa said while shaking her head

I look at Taehyung and saw that he was staring at me with his mouth open a little with wide eyes.

I smirked before making it go away and put on an innocent smile on my face “Is there something wrong Alpha Kim?”

Taehyung quickly snaps out of it and fake coughs trying to pretend that he wasn’t staring at me right now

“N-nothing is wrong”

‘Yea, nothing wrong my butt’ Lisa said to me in the mind-link making me smile even more

“Anyway Y/n, where your manners in greeting me too?” Mr.Kim says with a sour expression

I look at him and smile “oh, Uncle Kim! I didn’t notice you were there! It seems it’s true when they say that old people tend to blend into the crowd”

He glares at me while Taehyung and his pack members that were around us was looking at me like I was crazy

“Old people huh?” Mr.Kim says while letting out a dark chuckle

“Did I say something else or is your hearing begin to disappear old man?”

I said to him while crossing my arms over my chest, raising an eyebrow at him in a questioning look

He lets out a light laugh “It seems I need to reteach you on how to respect your elders”

“Oh so you admit that your old”

He glares at me again but I just laugh it off while shaking my head
“Besides if I remember correctly, you lost the last time you decided to teach me a lesson”

“N-no I did not!”

“Huh....Alpha Kim?”

Taehyung looks at me “yes?”

“Got any good alcohol?”

“Alcohol? What for?”


I get cut off by Taehyungs father “Just bring out our strongest alcohol Son. You’ll see soon why we’ll be needing them”

Taehyung just complies with his fathers request and orders someone to bring us their strongest drinks that could affect us
Since werewolf’s can’t really get drunk, we need the extra strong stuff for us to really kick the bucket


I call her the minute they appear with all the alcohol
“On it! Jungkook can you get us two large beer cups please”

Me and Uncle Kim sit down at the couch where the was a coffee table between us. I heard Jungkook leave but then come back with what Lisa asked for

Lisa took them from him and started opening bottles and mixing some Alcohol together

I just stare at Uncle Kim with a grin and he does the same in return

“Wait, are you guys....” I hear one of the guys ask

“Yup, we having a drinking contest!”
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